My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled chapter 5

Chapter 5

The shelter was full of injured people. Doctors and nurses rushed to provide treatment.

Melissa used to heal injuries with the power of the saint, but as of the present, she was useless.

Even if she could provide first aid, they needed a specialist. Melissa left the scene once she confirmed the arrival of the medical staff.

Jill silently followed her.

He said something, but Melissa pretended to not have heard him,

“Lord Jill, judging from the current situation, we no longer have to go to the royal castle, correnct?”

“His Highness will arrive here soon.”

“Well, that’s a problem. I’m worried about the village, so, I’m going home.”


“As I’ve saint, I’m not the—hm?”

That wasn’t Jill’s voice.

When Melissa turned around, she saw a woman surrounded by knights.

She had pure white skin and straight black hair. She wore a delicate expression.

Melissa realized it was none other than Monett, the new saint.

She was trembling and crying. She stubbornly shook her head when requested by the knights.

“Hurry up and treat the people!”

“I can’t…! I can’t…!”

“We need the power of the saint!”

“I’m injured, too! You should’ve prioritized my treatment!”

“If it were Lady Melissa, she’d certainly treat the people first!”

“You guys are always comparing me to her! ‘Lady Melissa this, Lady Melissa that—!’ Did you forget that I’m the new saint!?”

“Then, please use your power as the saint to help the people as soon as possible!”

When Melissa heard her own name in the quarrel, she shook. But more than that, she was worried about Monett. The new saint was trembling at the words of the knights.

It seemed that the new saint had injured her leg. She was painfully dragging her red, swollen, ankle. The knights should’ve noticed—and yet, that was how they behaved.

Also, judging from Monett’s words…

Melissa pondered.

“Lady Melissa—”

She approached Monett without heeding Jill’s call. The knights around them were surprised to see Melissa and opened a way.

Monett’s eyes widened.

“Nice to meet you, Lady Saint.”

“Lady… Melissa?”

Melissa bowed her head deeply to thank Monett. She approached Monett’s side and bent hdown. She touched her ankle with her thin fingers. It was red and swollen—even standing seemed to be painful for Monett.

“Lady Saint, please sit down.”


“That’s right. Your leg is so swollen. This woman seems to be in pain, and yet the knights are being utterly ruthless.”

The knights trembled at Melissa’s words. They didn’t seem to have noticed Monett’s injury until Melissa had pointed it out.

“Lady Saint, do you perhaps still not know how to use your power? It’s okay, I was also confused at first. That massive earthquake must have surprised you… it was quite scary, after all… you will be alright…”

“…Lady Melissa.”

“Alright, let us try it. Put your hand on the wound. Good. Then, pray in your heart—‘May the pain go away. May the blood stop. May the wounds heal.’ Do you feel your hand getting warmer? Is your pain getting relieved? Pray from the bottom of your heart and believe. Imagine light gathering in the palm of your hands. Good. Just like that. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt…”

In response to Melissa’s words, Monett closed her eyes. A soft light shone in her palm. Surrounded by gentle light, the swelling of her ankle slowly disappeared.

It was the same power Melissa had used back when she was still the saint.

In front of the miracle, the knights sighed in admiration. Jill bit his lips.

“The pain is gone…”

“You did well. Good girl, good girl.”

Melissa gently stroked Monett’s head. Not only was Monett eight years younger than Melissa, she also resembled her deceased little sister.

As Melissa stroked her head, Monett gradually relaxed and started crying. Her tears kept overflowing.


“Good girl. You just didn’t know how to use your power, it’s not your fault. You can do it. For you to be able to cast such a spell in a matter of seconds, you’re better than me. You’re truly excellent.”

Monett cried loudly and clung to Melissa. It seemed as if a dam had broken.

The knights awkwardly looked at the scene. Melissa was sure they no longer doubted Monett’s power as the saint.

Even though that shouldn’t be the case.

It took Melissa years to finally master her power. A girl as young as 16-years-old shouldn’t be carrying such a heavy responsibility.

Back then, His Highness Jeid would accompany me.

Melissa felt a little angry because the prince wasn’t at the side of the new saint.

“I, I can’t be like Lady Melissa…”

Monett began to speak, her words were mixed with sobs.

“The Goddess… suddenly bestowed me with this power. I don’t understand how to use it…”

“Yes, the same went for me. It was so sudden. It took me a long time to master my power. It’s true. There were many times when I couldn’t save the lives in front of me, so I cried every day… I’ve been were you are.”

“Lady Melissa, too?”

“I was unfamiliar with the power, so it took me a long time. Nobody else could teach me. The Goddess was also merciless. Still, I wanted to save all the lives I could save. It was greedy of me, I know. But the power of the saint isn’t absolute. It took me a long time before I could achieve my goal.”

To be precise, it took her eight years. There were many lives she couldn’t save. However, His Highness believed that there were many things she could accomplish, so she managed to do it.

“That was such a terrible earthquake, but I don’t have the power anymore. Forgive me for entrusting it to you.”

“Lady Melissa…”

“You don’t have to save everyone, but you can save as many people as you can. Alright? After all, you’re the strong and kind child chosen by the Goddess. I believe in you.”

Melissa peered into Monett’s face and gave her a beautiful smiled. Monett’s tears vanished as a new expression appeared on her face—

—it was the face full of determination—the face of a saint.

Monett firmly stood up and bowed deeply to Melissa. With her head down, she said in a quivering voice.

“I’ll do my best. But, if I feel like crying, can I go see Lady Melissa again?”

Melissa laughed at how Monett clenched her clothes.

“Sure, if that’s what you want, I’ll listen to you. Would you like a hug along with that?”

Monett was caught off guard and started laughing. Then, she walked towards the shelter. The knights also bowed to Melissa and followed Monett.

Watching the entire scene, Jill narrowed his eyes in admiration. It was as if he were perceiving a divine sight—one that didn’t belong in that world.

Who would’ve imagined that Melissa would meet the new saint that way?

The report said that the new saint was childish, selfish, and unwilling to listen to the knights’ advice—unlike Melissa.

It seemed that what actually happened was that the new saint was discouraged because she kept being compared to Melissa.

Had they ever considered Monett’s feelings?

A 16-year-old girl was suddenly bestowed with the saint’s power. Just because she was unfamiliar with her newfound power, she kept being compared to Melissa. Because of that, Monett may had endured a lot of anxiety and stress—did anyone ever bother to listen to her?

Jill regretted his shallowness.

“As I thought, this is why you were the saint.”

Jill muttered at the unchanging Melissa.

***T/N: M-Melissa Onee-sama!!!

My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

Seijo no Chikara ga Nakunatta node Kon'yaku Haki Sareru Mae ni Tachisarou to Omoimasu., Since my Power as a Saint has Disappeared, I’ll Therefore Leave before my Engagement is Annulled, 聖女の力が無くなったので婚約破棄される前に立ち去ろうと思います。
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“It must have been difficult for you all this time. Let me free you from that power.”Melissa, who served for her kingdom as a saint for eight years, lost her power that day.‘My role is over.’Then, there was no reason for her to be there.The new saint had become His Highness fiancée, and she was no longer necessary.Therefore, to spare herself the pain, she decided to leave before her engagement was annulled.


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