My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled chapter 1

Chapter 1

“It must have been difficult for you all this time. I shall free you from that power.”

In a dream, the Goddess who appeared before Melissa gave her a beautiful smile.

Eight years ago, that was how the Goddess manifested herself within Melissa’s dream when she gave her the saintly power. Contrary to a floaty sensation, her consciousness was clear, albeit the dream itself felt mysterious. Melissa was confused but accepted it as reality.

Around that time, the kingdom was in poverty due to a natural disaster that was said to occur every 100 years. Melissa’s househoud, a rural aristocrat, was no exception. Food and money were becoming exhausted. With the downfall of her family, painful days began.

The Goddess who appeared before Melissa, someone who couldn’t see any kind of hope for tomorrow, bestowed upon her a lifechanging miracle.

It was none other than the power of a saint.

She had the power to heal wounds, to bestow divine blessings, and enrich the kingdom.

Melissa, who had learned to help the famine-stricken people, had been praying to the Goddess for the past eight years. The kingdom became richer and the people were saved by the power of the saint.

A few weeks ago, a ceremony was held all over the country in honor of her achievements.

The mediocre Melissa, who had nothing, was able to help others with the power of the saint. She was able to save their lives.

For Melissa herself, it was also an honor.

She felt that she had finally found her place.

“I shall transfer your power to a new saint. You’re now free.”

Melissa’s heart was constricted by the Goddess’ words.

A new saint appeared. Someone that wasn’t Melissa would assume over all her titles and duties.

My role is over.

Eventually, a radiant light enveloped her as she woke up from the dream.

For a dream, it felt truly vivid.

She could certainly feel her saintly power diminishing.

Melissa woke up, got out of her bed, and went to the wardrobe. Fortunately, her belongings could be counted by hand. The clueless Melissa began to pack her things.


“Lady Melissa, where are you going!?”

“Maria, if you move with such haste, you will fall.”

As she walked down the hallway with a large bag, she was approached by her maid, Maria.

Worried about the breathless and pale Maria, Melissa reassured her with a smile.

“Be good. Your hair is truly messy right now, your precious beauty is ruined.”

“Lady, Melissa… that luggage… I, couldn’t find any of your personal belongings in your room…”

“I apologize. You must be surprised. I was considering telling you, but I decided against it knowing that seeing you will shake my resolve.”


Melissa’s smile remained unchanged. Maria’s lips quivered.

Since she came to the royal castle, Maria had devotedly taken care of her, someone who hailed from a low-ranking family. Whenever Melissa felt tired, the kind of cute Maria would brew a warm herbal tea and accompany her.

As a maid, she’s very sharp. She deserves better than to take care of someone like me…

Eight years.

Melissa felt remorseful for almost leaving without a word for Maria. Although it was brief, Maria, who had doted on her like a family, gave her a happy, warm, life.

“I can’t stay here anymore. Maria, you don’t have to care for me anymore either.”

“Lady Melissa…?”

“A new saint will appear. She’s better than me. I’m sure she’ll support His Highness.”

“New saint? What do you mean?”

“My role is over. I’ve lost my power as the saint. As I am now, I’m useless to the kingdom. I’m sorry. It’s sad and painful for me to leave His Highness. Forgive me for having to leave you, Maria.”

That was right.

The most regrettable thing was His Highness.

The emergence of a new saint meant Melissa was no longer his fiancée.

Being a saint was a requirement for becoming the fiancée of His Highness, Jeid.

The day after Melissa received her power, a letter came from the royal capital.

It was an invitation from His Highness Jeid.

A letter directly from the prince. She understood that it wasn’t because of her heritage, but because she had acquired the power of a saint.

She went to the royal castle, and as soon as she met His Highness Jeid, she was told of her mission. The situation of the kingdom was rigid.

His Highness Jeid spoke to Melissa to ask for her help.

His Highness Jeid was quick to act. After having invited Melissa to the castle, he also moved the military and sought to restore order in various parts of the kingdom.

The devoted support of His Highness Jeid had helped minimize the damage, and he led the kingdom to peace.

After a while, once the economic situation had settled down, the story of her engagement with His Highness Jeid came up.

Even though she was a noble, she was still a low-ranking aristocrat. As such, under normal circumstances, there was no way Melissa could become engaged with him. However, contrary of being ashamed of Melissa, the king and the queen generously spoke to her.

Everyone said that she would be a suitable partner for the prince, for she was a saint.

In honor of her achievements, no aristocrat was against her engagement.

Regardless, Melissa was in dilemma. She just couldn’t think of herself as a member of the royal family.

But, her feelings for His Highness Jeid had already grown so much by that time, she couldn’t refuse.

She was delighted to stand next to him as his fiancée.

At that time, I should’ve refused properly…

His Highness Jeid had always been gentle and kind to her.

Despite being busy with public affairs and duties, he still came to visit Melissa.

Now that her power as the saint had disappeared, would His Highness Jeid still treat her as he had always done?

More than anything else, Melissa was convinced he deserved to be with the true saint.

“Melissa, at the very least, speak to His Highness once.”

“Maria, I’m sorry. I don’t know if I want to meet him. I don’t want to be rebuked by him. Even if I’m gone, the new saint will come soon, there’s no problem. Thank you for everything. I’m happy to have met Maria and to have spent time with you. Truly—thank you.”

As tears came to Maria’s eyes, Melissa also felt teary.

Melissa left the royal castle while stifling her sobs.

The sun was rising.

Inhaling the clear air, Melissa began to walk ahead.

My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

My Power as a Saint has Disappeared, Therefore I’ll Leave Before my Engagement is Annulled

Seijo no Chikara ga Nakunatta node Kon'yaku Haki Sareru Mae ni Tachisarou to Omoimasu., Since my Power as a Saint has Disappeared, I’ll Therefore Leave before my Engagement is Annulled, 聖女の力が無くなったので婚約破棄される前に立ち去ろうと思います。
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“It must have been difficult for you all this time. Let me free you from that power.”Melissa, who served for her kingdom as a saint for eight years, lost her power that day.‘My role is over.’Then, there was no reason for her to be there.The new saint had become His Highness fiancée, and she was no longer necessary.Therefore, to spare herself the pain, she decided to leave before her engagement was annulled.


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