My Master Raised Me to Death chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

-Master picked me up

There was a lot of rain on the day that Master picked me up.

Master was dressed in white and held an umbrella when he appeared in front of me.

He looked at me a few times,

He left.

He came back after a while.

He asked me, “Boy?”

My face was wooden. I didn’t want to answer him.

I thought, ‘Are you blind?’

But I considered the problem of hunger and said to him, “Uncle, give me something to eat.”

Master was silent for a while before he spoke.

“…… I am not your uncle.”

He said a few more words.

I didn’t understand, so I ignored him.

When he bought a meat bun and handed it to me, I quickly changed my words.



I followed my father.

I looked forward to the great business of meat buns.

-The first day

The rain stopped.

Master gave me a bath.

It was cold water.

I was so cold that I constantly shivered. I couldn’t even speak.

Master said, “A Daoist practitioner can endure the cold.”

He washed my whole body clean, without letting even a trace of hair off.

He changed the water again and again.

I was finally clean.

But it wouldn’t do.

I was half-dead in bed. I thought, ‘If I really can’t eat meat buns, just one can kill me.”

Wuu…… I wanted two more.

Master felt my forehead and pinched my arm. He frowned. “Why is your body so weak?”

I turned my head and vaguely muttered.

“Father, I want to eat meat buns.”

I thought I was dreaming.

In the dream, father was very nice. He bought me two meat buns.

It was steaming and filled with stuffing.

-The second day

On the bed.

-The third day

Master invited a doctor.

The doctor was shocked. His eyes seemed to ask why I was still alive.

I slumped on the bed and heard the doctor talking to Master.

“…… Just end it.”

Master returned one word, “Scram.”

The doctor quickly ran away.

He left behind a very bitter medicine.

I didn’t want to drink the medicine.

It was too bitter. I wanted to vomit just smelling it.

Master said, “I’ll give you meat buns if you finish drinking it.”

I thought, ‘I can’t be dispatched with just one meat bun right now.’


Master nodded. “Okay.”

-The fourth day

I felt much better.

I could get up.

I got out of bed and went to drink water.

Master came in and looked at me. “Get dressed.”

My stomach was rumbling.

“Father, I’m hungry.”

Master corrected me again. “I am not your father.”

“Oh. Mother?”

Master: “……”

He exchanged three meat buns for me to call him “Master.”

I was very happy. The great business of meat buns was about to be achieved.

Master leaned down and carried me to the bed.

“It’s not suitable to devote yourself to spiritual development if you eat too much. Don’t eat tomorrow.”

I looked down at my three buns.

Half of one each day.

Good. I wouldn’t starve.

Master was tidying up my clothes.

I seriously split one bun in half. Even the stuffing was carefully split in half. I was prepared to save it to eat tomorrow.

Master looked at me. He reached out and took the other half of the bun.

“Thank you.”

I watched the other half of my bun. It was gone.

I…… had nothing left to live for.


Master patted my head. His lips imperceptibly curved.

“Good disciple.”

The End

My Master Raised Me to Death

My Master Raised Me to Death

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
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