My Lady chapter 6

Chapter 6

“In my lady’s eyes, what is this servant to you?”

“I asked you first.”

EunSeo shut her eyes.

Her eyelashes were exceptionally long and thick.

That’s why they were all the more beautiful.

“How do you think I see you? I see you as a person.”

Her red lips slowly moved.

“I see you as a man.”

When he heard her say that she saw him as a man, MuGyeom quickly pulled his hand off her thigh.

Then he moved and sat down in front of her face.

“How can a servant be a person?”

MuGyeom went silent for a moment before continuing.

“How can a servant be a man?”

EunSeo chuckled softly.

Every time she smiled, a dimple would form on her cheek.

MuGyeom found the dimple so beautiful.

“As long as you’re a man in my eyes, that’s all that matters.”

When she said this words, MuGyeom lost his breath.

“I told you that I didn’t know what to do if my legs became well again.”

EunSeo slowly turned her head.

Her eyes looked into his.

“Can I just live here with you? Even if I can walk again?”

“I’ll make sure you walk again.”

MuGyeom stretched out his hand and grasped her chin.

“However, even if you can walk again, please do not leave.”

That’s what he had wanted all along.

He didn’t want EunSeo to leave.

He wanted her to stay by his side even when she could walk on her own two feet.

MuGyeom wanted her to live with him in this house.

He didn’t dare wish for something so selfish, so he never let those thoughts leave his lips.

“Are you going to scold me for having such selfish thoughts?”

“Selfish… I think I’m the one who is being selfish…”

He couldn’t take it anymore.

MuGyeom couldn’t bear hearing her finish her sentence.

If he waited any longer, he didn’t know what he would do.

He grasped EunSeo’s chin and bent down.

As he bent down, his lips swallowed hers.

He pulled her lower lip between his own and opened her mouth. When EunSeo let out a sigh, her breath flowed into his mouth.

It was still raining outside, and the door was still open.

However, the walls were so high that no one would be able to peek inside.

MuGyeom and EunSeo were the only ones within this large house.

And due to the heavy rain outside, even the heavens had closed its eyes.

MuGyeom’s tongue plunged inside EunSeo’s mouth.

Her flavor wound around his tongue as if it had been waiting for him. He began to suck.

Since when had this burning passion lurked inside him?

When did these feelings begin to grow so large within his heart?

Was it when he saw her trembling shoulders within the palanquin? Or when he had carried her out of the palanquin and into her room?

If these feelings were the result of a seed that had taken root within his heart, when had the seed fallen in the first place?

When he pulled her away from the well as she tried to kill herself? Or when he promised her that he’d help he walk no matter what?

It might have been all those moments.

All those moments had spread its seed within his heart, and now the buds had bloomed. His whole body and soul was filled with selfish thoughts of having her.

Greedily devouring her lips, MuGyeom lowered his body next to hers.

As he leaned over her, his hand began to travel down her body.

As his hand burrowed underneath the blanket, he felt the thin cloth of garments.

It was the hem of EunSeo’s skirt.

He heard the crunch of the fabric as his hand plunged inside.

His fingertips brushed against tender skin.

MuGyeom was aware of what he was touching.

Whenever he washed her feet, he would feel this tender flesh with his own hands.

Whenever he had touched the soft and tender skin of her feet, toes and calves, he was filled with a masculine urge.

However, he suppressed those urges because he didn’t want to become a beast.

When EunSeo fell asleep at night, he would cover her body with the blanket and leave the room. Then he would stare at her door in the darkness until dawn. Did she know?

Even as the cold dew drenched his hair and shoulders, he wouldn’t move. He’d merely remain rooted to the spot as he stared at her bedroom door. EunSeo would probably never know that he did this.

Therefore, in this moment, MuGyeom felt like he was losing his mind.

Right now, he was stealing her lips and her breath.

His hand was stroking her soft skin.

He could hardly believe that this wasn’t a dream.


After he pulled away, a scorching moan escaped her lips.

MuGyeom’s hands slid down her smooth bottom before burrowing between the cleft.


EunSeo’s hips flinched.

The man’s large fingers had pushed against the thin cloth of her underwear and entered inside her.

MuGyeom felt his fingers grow wet.

EunSeo’s underwear was damp.

And MuGyeom was the same.

His hardened staff was painfully pushing up against his pants and had created a wet spot.


MuGyeom swallowed her lips once again as he pushed his fingers underneath the thin fabric.

Because she was still unable to move her legs on her own, they opened without any resistance.

Burrowing into the moist valley of her cleft, the palm of his hand began to stroke her sensitive flesh.

Her essence began to to smear against his hand.

Every time his hand rubbed against her cleft, the wet sound grew louder.

Her hot breaths filled his mouth.

The scent of camellia blossoms wafted in the air.

All this time, he had thought that it had been coming from her hair, but it was actually coming from her lips and skin.

Whenever he cleaned her body, the faint scent of camellias would linger.

No matter how many flowers had trembled as they tried to seduce him, MuGyeom had never given in to their temptations.

He finally understood the reason why.

He was waiting for his own flower.

The flower that would bloom for him within his embrace. Therefore, he lowered his eyes and waited.

“My lady.”

He pulled his lips away and sat upright.

As he pulled his hand out of her underwear, he saw that it was covered in a sticky fluid.

MuGyeom got on top of her.

Underneath him, her face was flushed.

His eyes swept over her blushing cheeks. Her parted red lips panted for breath. MuGyeom realized that he was the same.

He could see his own reflection in her eyes.

His expression looked the same as the one on her face.

While he wasn’t completely sure, he thought that she probably felt the same way as he did.

Looking down into her eyes, MuGyeom began to take off his clothes.

After throwing off the suffocating garments, MuGyeom began to untie EunSeo’s top.

He took off her clothes as well as his.

Once they were completely naked, he touched her.

Now that they were naked, they were no longer noble and servant.

They were merely a man and a woman.

* * *

“Haa…! Ah, aaah!”

EunSeo’s hands grasped the mattress.

If not the mattress, she would probably have pulled out MuGyeom’s hair instead.

MuGyeom’s sturdy, naked back was shaking between EunSeo’s legs.

His two hands were holding EunSeo’s thighs as he kept them apart. His lips were buried between them.

Every time he nibbled her tender flesh, a hot warmth would surge out of her entrance.

The bridge of his nose kept burrowing between the cleft as his tongue lapped and sucked all the essence she released. The lewd sound of his sucking lips was mixed in with the pouring rain.

“Ah, haa… Mu-MuGyeom… Ah…!”

MuGyeom’s tongue plunged inside and burrowed deep. EunSeo’s soft cries traveled outside.

His tongue greedily dug deeper and deeper.

Although it was pouring outside, MuGyeom was thirsty.

No matter how much he drank, he grew thirstier and thirstier.

The only thing that would satisfy his parched throat was EunSeo.

EunSeo was the only thing that would quench this uncontrollable thirst. She was like rain in a drought.

As his tongue thrust in and out of her entrance, a sticky sound escaped the seam of his lips.

“Haa… haa…”

Finally pulling away, MuGyeom thrust a finger inside her.


Unlike his soft tongue, his finger was a lot more stiff. As he rubbed his finger inside her, EunSeo gasped.

She lost her breath.

His finger continued to push through her tight entrance as it paved a path.

Her hot walls eagerly welcomed his finger.

When he felt them greedily stick to his fingers, MuGyeom pulled his hand away.

He widened her until she could take in three of his fingers.

But three wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t enough. MuGyeom’s staff was the width of four fingers.

Even if she could take in three of his fingers, she wouldn’t be able to receive all of him.

Because of his large girth and length, there was always a bulge in the front of his pants.

‘Are you carrying some kind of weapon inside your pants?’

Those around MuGyeom would ask questions like that.

Of course, MuGyeom was already aware of the fact that he was larger than the average man, but he never expected that it would be a problem in the future.

He was large, and EunSeo was small.


MuGyeom bent down and began to suck the swollen, glistening peaks of her breasts once again.

He rolled the nipple with his tongue before lightly nibbling down. EunSeo’s hips flinched underneath him.

Their lower bodies were touching, and it was a complete wet mess.

He began to grind himself against her wet entrance before grabbing her legs and pulling them wider apart.

MuGyeom could feel that her entrance had relaxed enough to take four of his fingers.

He was going to put it in now.

Just the thought made him want to burst.


The head of his penis had only breached her entrance, but EunSeo’s hips arched at the pressure.

MuGyeom slowly pushed inside. Her tight entrance couldn’t properly take him in, but he continued to open up her body.


Her wet entrance made a wet sound as it opened.

Her warmth was opening up to him.

Her tight, scorching entrance opened, and as his staff slowly plunged inside her, the sticky sounds rang in the air.

Every time he entered further inside, her slender body convulsed.

However MuGyeom didn’t stop.

A little deeper… Slowly… until the end… Only when he had entered to the hilt did he let out a deep breath.

Once he made sure that he had reached her deepest place, he looked down at her.

He was kneeling as he held her legs wide open. EunSeo looked up at him with trembling lips.

However, her eyes were filled with a scorching heat.

They didn’t show any sign of pain. Only pleasure.

He was giving her pleasure.

When their eyes met, EunSeo’s eyes crinkled as she smiled.

Seeing her trembling lips smiling at him, MuGyeom gave her a smile back.

As they laughed, MuGyeom pulled out before plunging back inside again.


MuGyeom completely pulled out before thrusting back in. EunSeo’s back arched as a moan burst out of her lips.

MuGyeom didn’t know how to describe the warmth that completely enveloped him.

Thrust, thrust!

Every time he pumped his hips, her sticky, wet walls clung to him.

Every time he plunged into her wet entrance, a sticky sound rang in the air.

“Haagh! Ah! Ah, aagh! Ah!”

MuGyeom’s hands held her legs up along with her bottom. A sticky fluid dripped down the seam of her legs.

So much fluid was dripping down… almost as if his staff was pumping it out.

“Haa, ha, ah, ugh…!”

MuGyeom’s ragged breaths burst out of his lips.

As her walls clenched around his staff, he felt his body shake.

A shiver traveled down his spine.

He hands moved from her thighs to her ankles. He pulled her body underneath him and began to grind down on her.


Every time he pierced into her, EunSeo’s cry merely served to heighten MuGyeom’s arousal.

Was he taking her or was she taking him? Or were they taking each other? He couldn’t tell. MuGyeom’s body trembled in bliss as he plunged into her tight heat one last time.

Once he had reached her deepest place, MuGyeom poured out his seed. His vision flickered due to the uncontrollable ecstasy coursing through his body.

The essence that had been itching to burst out of him was now filling EunSeo’s womb.

He slowly pulled out of her body, and a white fluid trickled out of her entrance.

When MuGyeom saw the faint pink mixed in with the white, he finally realized what had happened. He had been her first.

My Lady

My Lady

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
White like the snow and rosy like a flower. She was so lovely, but how could this have happened to her?It doesn’t matter how lovely she looks on the outside. When one has a glimpse of what is inside, they will see all the dirty, lustful thoughts.EunSeo, the youngest daughter of Lord Yoon YeoPyung, has been abandoned by her husband and has returned. She has come to recuperate at the family’s country home. Within half a month, the elderly housekeeper has hurt her hip, causing her to leave. And for the next ten days… She must live in this secluded house with the robust young man, MuGyeom. Just the two of them.


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