My Fiancé is Breaking our Engagement Every Week, but… chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“I’m breaking my engagement with you!”


Colorful dresses fluttered along with the tune of music.


The air smelled like tobacco from the gentlemen’s pipe mixed together with perfumes that sprayed all over the ladies’ hair.


That frigid voice echoed in the evening party filled with gaudily dressed men and women.


Everyone came to a silence and stopped in their tracks. Their attention went towards the direction of the voice.


However, once they found out who the voice belonged to, they went back to what they were doing as if nothing happened.


And the Marquess’ daughter Judith, who was just told her engagement would be annulled was no exception.


“I understand. Then please convey it to His Majesty the King.”


She replied and went back to stare at the desserts that lined up on the table.


The desserts that were served at the royal castle’s evening party were quite exquisite.


Seasonal fruit tarts, tender mousses, crispy pies with buttery aroma.


She wanted to have a taste of each of them, but if she ate too much, she would gain weight.


“I already notified my father. Jude, this time I will really get our engagement back to a blank paper!”


The one who raised his voice in front of her right now was the Prince, Orlando.


He had shining golden hair and refreshing green eyes. His youthful body was like a fawn freely running through the forest.


He was clever and gallant. His beautiful appearance was said to be a masterpiece created by God. Even his smile had held many women captivated. He was the pride of the King and Queen. All his servants and citizens of the Kingdom held respect for him.


“Are you even listening to me?!”


“I am, Your Highness.”


Judith replied and took a notice of one single dessert.


It had a unique color.


If she told the waiter “that one”, the plate with the desired sweets will be placed in front of her immediately.


“Your Highness, please take a look at that. That dessert has the same color as Your Highness’ eyes. I wonder how it tastes like.”


“That one is made from unfermented tea leaves. It has an unusual bitter taste to it.”


“As expected of Your Highness the Prince. Your Highness knows his stuff well.”


Orlando was a very curious boy. If there was something that he was interested in, he immediately looked for its information. Sometimes, he even felt empty unless he experienced it himself.


Though she already knew the Prince’s temperament, she regretted not talking to him earlier.


After all, the fun would be halved if she spoiled it before eating.


So, Judith wanted to tease him a little.


She cut the glossy cake which was glazed in jelly with her fork, and held it against Orlando’s mouth.




“How about taking a bite, Your Highness?”


“Huh? Wha… what are you…”


“Please enjoy.”


When Judith brought the fork closer to his mouth, Orlando bent back.


“Jude, wa… Wait…”


“Your Highness doesn’t like it?”


“, I…”


Orlando took a step back in bewilderment. His face turned crimson red.


Orlando’s gaze wandered around for a while, before he finally decided to close his eyes and open up his mouth.


Judith shoved the cake to Orlando’s wide opened mouth.


“How is it?”


“Bitter! No… This bitter taste is certainly addictive…”


Orlando furrowed his eyebrows.


Orlando wasn’t fond of anything bitter. Judith knew it well, though Orlando seemed to be hiding it.


So, before she ate the cake herself, she gave it to Orlando to return his favor. She only did it on a whim.


“I’m glad.”


As Judith smiled, she cut the rest of the cake with her fork, and put it in her mouth.


It was certainly bitter. However, once the cream and tea leaves mousse which layered in between the sweet sponge got mixed together, the taste was perfect.


“It’s really good! I feel like I can eat as much as I want since there’s a bittersweet taste after the plain sweetness.”


She looked towards Orlando.


Judith had anticipated Orlando to put on a strong facade and said, “Yeah, I also think so too.” But Orlando was pointing at Judith’s cake with a bright red face.


“Th…that’s…. indirect ki…”




Was that the name of the tea leaves?


Judith tilted her head. At that moment, Orlando’s face which was already bright red turned ever more red.


“It’s…. it’s nothing! Forget it! It’s a matter of life and death to the Prince! And remember that I will cancel our engagement!”


Orlando quickly said and turned his heel to leave through the hall where the ladies and gentlemen had their dance.


Judith gazed at Orlando’s back who eventually disappeared in between the crowds.


“I’m breaking my engagement with you!”

It was exactly seven days after the evening party where Judith had that green colored cake.

Judith who was attending the Queen’s tea party was being told so by the Prince who just suddenly appeared.

“I understand. Then please convey it to His Majesty the King.”

Judith placed her cup of tea on the table and replied with the same words seven days ago.

This is the tenth time that Orlando had told her to annul their engagement.

First time she heard it, she was surprised and sad.

This engagement was determined from the day Orlando was born.

Judith always heard that she would be the Queen from her surroundings and even took a lesson for it. She always believed that she would someday be Orlando’s wife.

She also thought that she was quite close to Orlando. She always played together with Orlando who was a year younger than her, ever since he learned how to walk. Sometimes they would bicker, but whenever Judith came to visit, Orlando would always greet her happily.

Though she was surprised by Orlando’s words, Judith’s reply at that time was still the same.

“I understand, then please convey it to His Majesty the King.”

Ever since when, Judith had her head hung low. All she could see were the grass and her own dress. Tightly gripped her dress, Judith looked up.

She might no longer meet Orlando. She could still see Orlando from afar, but there will be no more chance to be by his side like this anymore. Thus, she wanted to take a last look at his angelic lovely face.


For some reason, Orlando’s face turned pale. Judith was perplexed by Orlando who clearly looked hurt.

Although it was Orlando, himself, who wanted to annul the engagement.

They went silent.

Judith was flustered as she didn’t know what to do, and Orlando stood still.

Then, a voice sounded behind Orlando.

“What a stupid son.”

A crude word no one ever expected coming from that person. Judith was so surprised that her eyes widened.

Behind him, was the Queen who was clearly unhappy, holding a fan in her hand.

Just like today.

The Queen who left her seat urgently, smiled and knocked her fan to her hand.

Orlando clutched his head and looked up at the Queen behind him.

“Mother, just now…”

Judith thought that he sounded more hurt than the first time.

“Just stop. There’s no need to be so persistent. Your words alone won’t be enough, and it’s already settled!”

“Father said, a man should show it by action…”

“The King huh?”

The Queen looked even more displeased.

“Then prove it. I will arrange you to do sword training with the Knight Commander starting from today.”

Demon Commander. That nickname spreaded around due to the Commander’s personality.

Judith also knew about that rumor.

According to the report, half of the new recruits fled within a month.  He pushed the remaining recruits from the cliff to the Enchanted Forest and when those who barely survived came back, he said, “Welcome back, go have fun and come back after a month.” And then pushed them down again. He always did outrageous things.

Orlando’s face turned pale.

It was too excessive to entrust the Prince to the Knight Commander.

Judith stood up, intended to persuade the Queen.

“What? You don’t want to? I thought you want to be strong just like him.”

However, the look in Orlando’s face changed due to the Queen’s words.

“Like the Knight Commander? What a joke, I’ll show you that I will be stronger than him!”

“Well said. Now, that’s more like a real man.”

The King was known for being a poet, but he was more famous for being courageous. And the one who stole that King’s heart was the Queen.

If Orlando couldn’t be as strong… He wouldn’t be able to tell Judith.

“This kid has a foul mouth, I’m really sorry for that. How strange, I wonder who he got it from?”

To make advances towards the Queen, the current King sent a sweet poem enough to cause heartburns. Thus, maybe it was the former King who was straightforward and rather reserved.

Judith didn’t need sweet words, but being inarticulate was also problematic.

Judith recalled the day she was told to annul the engagement.

Orlando who was hit by the Queen’s fan was pressed for an answer on why he thought of that. He said,

“You don’t want to be the wife of a man you don’t love, right? That’s why I’m saying you should choose freely.”

He bit his lips, while his face turned to a regretful expression.

Judith was taken aback after hearing Orlando’s words.

Orlando’s declaration to annul the engagement.

Perhaps, it started because of Judith’s fever.

When Judith had an unexplained high fever, doctors all over the kingdom were called. But when everyone almost gave up, the old woman who last examined Judith said,

“She might be better if she drink boiled Lihellaha flower that blooms deep inside the Enchanted Forest.”

It was the forest where the Knights barely survived, even when they were only at the skirt of the forest under the cliff.

There was no guarantee anyone would be back alive. Judith’s father, the Marquess was in agony. He wanted to save his daughter. But was it okay to sacrifice others just to pick a flower that no one knew whether it would be effective or not?

On the night when the Marquess told the King that his chest was really painful, Orlando disappeared from the castle.

Orlando left a letter saying that he went to the Enchanted Forest to search for the flower…

And the outcome was,

Lihellaha flower was found, and Judith’s life was saved.

However, the one who found the flower wasn’t Orlando. It was the Knight Commander who found it. He entered the forest in search of Orlando.

The Knight Commander rescued Orlando who was about to be attacked by a Demonic beast, and escorted Orlando to the inner part of the forest due to Orlando’s stubborn refusal to go back unless he found the flower. At last, they found the flower and came back with it.

“It would have been easier without His Highness, though.”

He said that when the King praised his achievement. He was certainly quite strange after all, Judith thought.

The Knight Commander was originally not very popular with women due to his crude manner. However, after this incident his popularity rose considerably.

His rough speech and behavior were seen as being strong. And his rude attitude was perceived as fearless and brave.

The ladies around Judith were no exception. Their conversation often mentioned the Knight Commander. “The Knight Commander is such a wonderful man, don’t you agree Lady Judith?”

He did save both Judith and Orlando. Therefore, Judith who couldn’t deny that fact nodded and said, “Yes, he is.”

That couldn’t be, right?

Seven days after the Queen’s tea party.

“I’m breaking my engagement with you!”

Declared by Orlando who visited the Marquess residence on Judith’s birthday. Judith had a large gemstone for her hair ornament and a necklace made of a seed picked from the Enchanted Forest.

“I understand, please convey it to His Majesty the King.”

Judith replied while looking at her necklace.

She was busy thinking about what kind of tree the multicolored seed would grow to since she had never seen this kind of seed anywhere before.

“I said, I already notified the King, but it hasn’t been processed at all. That’s why I need it from your side too.”


As Judith turned away from the necklace and looked up to Orlando, Orlando looked bewildered and turned his gaze away from Judith.

“You don’t want to be a wife of a man you don’t love, right? That’s why I told you to choose freely.”

“Why do you have such thoughts?”

“Even if you ask why… Jude,… aren’t you in love with the Knight Commander?”

Orlando furrowed his brows and loudly exhaled in a hurtful face.

As she thought, Orlando heard the ladies’  conversation. Judith’s gaze fell on the necklace again.

“I think the Knight Commander is a fine man, but I never hold romantic feelings towards him.”

Orlando made a gulping sound.

“The one that I love is…”

For example, someone who unhesitatingly went to the Enchanted Forest to save his Fiancé. Or someone who gave her a necklace made from a seed that he picked up himself as a birthday gift rather than expensive jewels.

“Wait! I don’t want to hear the name of a man that you love from your mouth!”

Orlando interrupted Judith’s words strongly.


Judith was getting tired of being told to break her engagement.

Judith thought that it was the right time to move on.

But, how could she convince this evil Fiancé of hers?

Orlando pointed his finger towards Judith who was still in thoughts.

“And I will never give up on marrying you, Jude! I just want to return the engagement that our fathers decided on their own accord. One day… When I become stronger than the Knight Commander, I will make you fall for me. That’s why, I want to break my engagement with you!”

Judith was taken aback.

She gently stroked the necklace in her hands and let out a smile.

“Then… I am looking forward to it…”

The End.

My Fiancé is Breaking our Engagement Every Week, but…

My Fiancé is Breaking our Engagement Every Week, but…

Konyakusha ga Shuu ni Ichido Konyaku Haki wo Sengen Shitekuru no desu ga......, 婚約者が週に一度婚約破棄を宣言してくるのですが……
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The fiancee of Judith, the daughter of a Marquis, is Crown Prince Orlando, who is blessed with golden hair and refreshing green eyes. Once Judith marries Orlando, she believed that she would eventually become queen…


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