My Colleague Introduced Me to a Blind Date chapter 4

Chapter 4

Li and I simultaneously looked at him in shock. Then he let go of Li’s hand, wanting to come over and hold mine.

I don’t know what I thought, but I withdrew my hand behind me and stepped back. I awkwardly said, “He-he’s just joking. This guy really likes to joke around. So funny, isn’t it, haha.”

Shen looked at me, and I felt that he seemed upset, but he turned to Li and smiled as he said, “That’s right, did I fool you?”

I don’t remember what Li said nor what I had hastily blurted out in response. Once I calmed down, Li said to me, “Then, see you tomorrow!” Then she waved her hand and left.

After she left, Shen and I looked at each other, not saying anything.

Finally Shen said, “Let’s go back.” He turned and walked out.

I subconsciously went to grab his hand, but he was already a bit far away. An awkward silence filled the space between us as we were going back. Once we reached my front door, I silently looked at him then asked if we wanted to come up to sit for a bit. He looked at me and smiled, saying that it was too late and I should go back and rest early.

Right now, it’s been an hour since I got home. I’m sitting on the sofa and just finished editing today’s story.

I thought for a moment and finally sent a message to Li. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I can go tomorrow. My boyfriend is a bit jealous.”

She replied and said, “I knew the reason you didn’t like was that you’re gay.” “I’m just joking. Your boyfriend seems like a good person.” “I wish you guys happiness!”

Despite the blessing, our story may have to end here. Because of my cowardice, I’ll have to lose a good person.

Let me be the star on your chest1.

Thank you for your concern, everyone. We have officially become boyfriends. Right now, he’s sleeping because he’s tired. We’re both adults, I won’t explain further.

Everything that happened today was planned beforehand2. I’m as clueless at art as he is. All I wanted to do was kiss him. Men, you know. All the girls out there should remember this sequence of events.

What Andy Warhol? What Jeff Koons? I was just making a desperate, last-minute effort. Before I went, I thought I should learn a little bit about art.

In the end, because my “make up classes” weren’t comprehensive enough, I failed3.

Actually, I can understand the little orange’s moment of cowardice. To frankly and sincerely face your past and express what’s truly on your mind is very difficult. Especially facing a future he had never thought of before. I thought, I’ll wait for him.

I didn’t expect my little orange to be so brave. I had already almost arrived home, and when I saw the message, I immediately took a taxi to his house. I ran all the way up the stairs and finally got this happy ending.

Thank you everyone for encouraging and keeping the little orange company. And thank you to the most important NPC in our lives!

Finally, I hope everyone can love what they love, be loved, wait patiently, be comforted in times of loneliness, have courage in times of cowardice, and have a lover to be happy with.

I hope you can all stay healthy and safe.


Translator’s Notes

  1. It’s not very clear, but I think this is the message that the narrator sent to Shen.
  2. Starting from here, Shen is the one narrating.
  3. The phrase used here describes someone who acts pretentious, tries to show off, etc. then ends up failing and getting exposed. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s referring to how he didn’t know who Joseph Beuys was (the artist of the piece the narrator was looking at before they ran into his ex).

My Colleague Introduced Me to a Blind Date

My Colleague Introduced Me to a Blind Date

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I heard from my colleague that this forum can be used to talk about matters dealing with love, so I want to talk about my blind date.


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