My Colleague Introduced Me to a Blind Date chapter 3

Chapter 3

As a result, he said, “Not allowed.”


I seemed to like him a little more than a little.

I don’t remember how we finally said goodbye or goodnight to each other, but I was very happy that day.

The next day, I was getting ready for work as usual, and I heard Cigarettes After Sex’s “Sweet” playing as I was walking to work. When I had almost reached the entrance, I saw Shen standing there, and I jogged over to him. He stood beneath the sunlight and smelled like tea.

He smiled at me, then handed me a cup of milk tea. I seemed to like him a little more today.

We parted ways once we reached the third floor on the elevator and had arranged to have lunch together. I went to my work space and saw xx pick up a book, take a serious look at it, then flip through it on her desk. I thought it was very funny, and pretended I didn’t notice she had picked the book up upside down at first. After a while, she timidly came to find me so we could work on the project we were responsible for. I watched as she tiptoed over and typed as if she was a thief. I couldn’t help laughing. “Is it because I’m straight and you want to break off any relations with me?” I felt as if xx was about to cry, and she said a pile of nonsense. I said it’s alright and that we decided to be friends. I think that because xx is the one who recommended this forum to me, she’s probably going to see this post.

I’m sorry, a few days ago I’d straightened things out by explaining I was straight, so I was too embarrassed to say anything about how I kind of liked Shen.

These days, we were always together, playing games together, watching movies together, and eating together.

Speaking of eating, I wonder if I should learn how to cook. On Sunday we’re going to go to the art museum together to see an exhibition. Forget it, I’m going to go play games with Shen!

Get some rest everyone!

Shen and I planned to see an exhibition together. I’m actually a big homebody. Oftentimes when I agree to hang out with friends, I regret it the second it comes out my mouth. I didn’t know why, but with Shen, the second we set a date I’d count down in anticipation of that day.

We agreed to meet at the cafe from last time. Sometimes, life is full of wonders. The group of people with the strange toys from before also happened to come that day, and it seemed like they had recognized me. They began to whisper, probably trying to guess if I was gay or not. I pretended not to notice, and silently sat there waiting for Shen. I ordered two cups of french vanilla, believing he would come soon. As expected, he arrived before the coffee turned cold. I smiled at him and waved the coffee in my hand. He smiled back and took it. He drank a sip then set it down, looking as though he wasn’t very fond of it. I was a bit puzzled, then I remembered a comment on the forum from I don’t remember who saying, could it be that we didn’t have as much in common as I thought, but he just knew me well?

I still think about it. He looked at the time and said we should leave. I stood up and followed him outside. The wind was very strong that day. I wanted to say something, but when I opened my mouth to speak, there was a blast of cold wind. He pulled me behind him and held my hands onto both sides of his clothes. He was walking in front, and I was following him behind. We were like a train with only two carriages. I felt as if the wind had lessened a bit, but I didn’t know if it was just my imagination.

We walked through the intersection we had gone to before, then planned on taking a taxi to the art museum. He pulled out one of his hands to flag down a taxi, his other hand naturally leading me along. He still didn’t let go after we got into the taxi, and I didn’t bring it up. After we got out, we continued to hold hands and walked toward the museum.

This museum was shaped like a very large, white honeycomb. Because we arrived early and had also made a reservation, we were quickly permitted to go in. Just as we got in, he dragged me over to make a reservation for the Infinity Mirror Room. It was a very popular work of Yayoi Kusama’s, so everyone had to make another reservation when they got into the museum before they could get in line to see it. Although we had quickly made a reservation, we decided to walk around first.

I looked at the fancy balloon dog in front of me. It was very large with a glossy surface1, and I felt like it looked familiar. Shen explained that it was Jeff Koons’s work, and I figured it looked familiar because I’d seen many reports about it, and this balloon dog sculpture was collected in many places. We continued walking and passed a wall that hung one of Takashi Murakami’s works. Although I don’t know how to define the value of modern art, his art really did seem to make people happy. We also passed some of Andy Warhol’s work. Although all I could see was a picture of a can, Shen recognized all of them and told me about a famous painting of his called “Four Marilyns,” and the one I had seen before was “Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

Shen explained all of this to me, and I thought he knew quite a lot. On the other hand, I just went where the crowds were, so I couldn’t help but feel dejected.

To get to the Infinity Mirror Room, we had to take a vault elevator downstairs. On the way to the elevator, we passed a mirror. I really liked what was written on it, so I took out my phone and took a picture as we walked past. Afterwards, I looked over the picture I’d taken, and in it, Shen just happened to be looking at me, and I was looking at him through the mirror. Written on the mirror, it said “when we’re thinking about lovers”.

I decided once we got back, I would make it my screensaver.

Soon we were lining up downstairs to visit the Infinity Mirror Room. Shen said, “You stay here, don’t move.” Then, he hurriedly walked over to a girl in a uniform at the front of the line. I looked at him suspiciously, not knowing what he was trying to do.

Wait a second, was he taking advantage of me just now?

I saw him say something to the girl and point at me. I couldn’t exactly tell what he said because his back was to me, but she seemed to look embarrassed. I felt a bit awkward. Although I knew he didn’t like girls, what did he abandon me to talk about with her! He said something, and the girl smiled. Shen turned and looked at me, and I could then see the girl was wearing a name tag on her chest, so she must have been one of the staff here. She nodded her head. Shen quickly walked back over, wearing a smile. I curiously asked what he said, but he said he had to keep it a secret and wouldn’t tell me.

The line moved very fast. Because it was a sealed off space, every person was only allowed to go in for forty-five seconds, and once your time was up, a staff member would remind you to leave. Since it was almost our turn, I wanted to discuss with him which one of us was going to go in first, but he didn’t say anything and only smiled at me. When the last person before us came out, he pulled me toward the room with him.

I was shocked. None of the staff stopped us and only looked at us with a smile. After we went in, the door shut, and the whole room filled with numerous lights of all sizes. With the effect of the lights and mirrors, the entire room stretched endlessly before us, as if the entire galaxy had unfolded itself in this small space. I grabbed Shen’s hand in astonishment and looked at him. In that instant, I realized my analogy was not wrong. Even though the galaxy was filled with a multitude of gleaming stars, he was still the brightest one.

I stared at him unblinkingly. As if in slow-motion, he leaned forward and lowered his head. Until I felt a soft touch on my lips, I kept my eyes open as I kissed him in the center of the galaxy. It seemed to last forever yet only for an instant. He let go of me and stepped back, just as the door slowly opened. He grabbed my hand and led me outside, saying a word of thanks to the staff. I think I knew what they were talking about.

My face was definitely red.

The gift store was right next to the Infinity Mirror Room. We chose two Takashi Murakami printed sweatshirts and prepared to leave.

Finally, we passed by a strange piece. It was distinctive but within the modern art gallery, it appeared too ordinary, as if it had suddenly appeared here. I looked at Shen, and he looked back at me. After a moment of silence, he said, “Sorry, I don’t know whose piece this is.” I was about to say “It’s alright. In this entire building the only one I’d heard of was Yayoi Kusama.”, when someone suddenly called my name. I turned my head, and realized it was my ex-girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s funny, our relationship together was merely perfunctory. She confessed to me, and I thought she was cute so I agreed. A few months later, she went to study abroad and broke up with me beforehand, the reason being that she didn’t feel that I liked her. I thought I was a qualified boyfriend, so although I couldn’t make head or tail of it, I agreed due to her insistence.

A few days ago, she contacted me saying that recently she was preparing to come back, and that she hoped we could meet sometime. I agreed without thinking but quickly forgot about it. I didn’t think I would meet her here today.

She said, “I didn’t know you liked Joseph Beuys, but I think his work is suspected of being over-interpreted, thus exaggerating their artistic value.” I said, “You know quite a lot.” She looked at me a bit helplessly. “I’m an art student.”

How embarrasing.

She laughed, looked Shen up and down, and said “You’re not going to introduce me to your friend?” I quickly said, “This is my friend. His name is Shen.” I then turned to Shen and said, “This is my friend, Li. She just came back from abroad.”

She extended her hand toward Shen as she corrected me, “Ex-girlfriend.”

I looked at Shen, who smiled and grabbed her hand. “Current boyfriend.”

My Colleague Introduced Me to a Blind Date

My Colleague Introduced Me to a Blind Date

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I heard from my colleague that this forum can be used to talk about matters dealing with love, so I want to talk about my blind date.


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