My CEO Goes OoC chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

While most people are dissing about Mary Sue or white lotuses, Lin Mu himself doesn’t really feel anything in particular. He really usually doesn’t care about such things when it doesn’t involve himself. However, one day he’s got a new subordinate. After interacting with this Xiaobai (TL: lit. Little + white, but ‘xiao’ can also be an affectionate thing to add before one’s name, so the name is not necessarily Xiaobai, but who cares), Lin Mu suddenly realises, that this seems to be a legendary white lotus!

Today, our friend Xiaobai is late, and happens to bump into Lin Mu.

One can imagine what happens when one is late and also bumps into their boss.

What surprises Lin Mu is that before he even says anything there’s already a bunch of people here to save Xiaobai.

“Director! Are you alright?! Xiaobai, quit messing around and get back to work!” This one is indirectly saving him.

“Director, XX is asking for you.” This one is not right in the head. How ever could one explain their way out of this later.

“Xiaobai, didn’t you call in sick? Why are you here?” This one is using a ruse.

“Get back to work, all of you!” This one is… the CEO!

Lin Mu has nothing else he could say, “good morning, sir. This way.” He makes a guiding gesture as he leads the CEO of the Lin corporation, Lin Tianji to his office.

“Quite the lively beginning to the day,” Lin Tianji seems to be intrigued, “and, that guy earlier, what’s his name? Xiaobai? He stopped and fed stray dogs on his way to work this morning.”

This plotline… Lin Mu is a bit speechless, “Xiaobai is quite kind and has a good relationship with his coworkers.” Well, he’s his subordinate after all. He could scold him afterwards but it wouldn’t do to blow this up all the way to the CEO.

Lin Tianji’s expression grows ominous, “is that so? Seems like you view him quite favourably. Give me his details.”

This is certainly headed to be a romance… uh, not just that, a BL romance novel with the bossy CEO and a white lotus and shit.

Whatever. The CEO is the CEO. Lin Mu pulls up the details and hands it over.

Lin Tianji looks them over and furrows his brows, asking, “who let him in with this kind of education?”

Lin Mu is spooked as he takes a peek as well. University A, a second-tier university? He’s not even a postgrad? Shit, who let him in!

“My apologies. I will deal with this immediately.” Lin Mu immediately distances himself from this incident. Lin Tianji looks at him for a short while before handing the details back. Lin Mu immediately walks out after receiving it.

Lin Tianji sighs in relief in his office. Seeing that Xiaobai leaning on Lin Mu right after entering almost made him rush forth and throw that guy out. If it weren’t an accident… Hmph! And Lin Mu even covered for him! Hmph! Kind? Hmph! Such a person trying to stay in the company? Hmph!

Lin Mu isn’t aware of why Lin Tianji is this mad, but it is obvious HR needs a shakeup! Of course, Lin Mu, a managing director, wouldn’t have to deal with this personally. He only needs to throw the details at the head of HR and ask “well?”

Xiaobai is, of course, dismissed immediately, but! Lin Mu’s expression grows twisted as he looks at Xiaobai crying to his CEO about how he’s accidentally late, about how he couldn’t help but have bumped into and made enemies of the managing director, about how he really needs this job and please give him a chance.

Fuck! Lin Mu heads straight for the CEO and plucks the person off with a dark expression, saying, “apologies. I will handle this.”

Xiaobai seems to have lost his bravery as he just eyes Lin Tianji with this pitiful expression.

Lin Mu couldn’t care less. This Xiaobai has made enough trouble for the day already. God knows how he managed to get to these restricted floors in the first place.

Lin Mu, finally having dealt with him, returns to Lin Tianji.

“Come with me if you’re done,” says Lin Tianji.

Lin Mu follows behind him as usual and enters the car.

Lin Tianji asks while driving, “your ex isn’t bothering you anymore, right?”

That was an accident too. Lin Mu’s last boyfriend was not a virgin, and so Lin Mu immediately broke off with him after learning about this. Of course, they would be frustrated, so Lin Mu explained that he had a rather severe psychological repulsion on this, but it still didn’t end well and the ex had made trouble for him in the past on his way off work. It was the CEO who came to save him that time too.

“No, I haven’t seen him recently…” His voice trails off.

Curious, Lin Tianji stops the car on the side of the road and turns around to find Lin Mu’s ex, Gu Tian there.


“It’s probably just a coincidence…” Lin Mu says, sounding uncertain.

Then the person walks over.

Fine! I didn’t say anything! Lin Mu thinks when he sees Lin Tianji looking oddly at him.

Gu Tian walks over and says, “Lin Mu, man up and get out.”

So Lin Mu does, and Lin Tianji follows.

Gu Tian smirks coldly at Lin Tianji, “Lin Mu, you broke off with me for him, didn’t you. It was him the last time too; what ‘psychological condition’? Come up with a better excuse. A guy like this is definitely a well-used rag.”

“That’s nothing to do with you. We’ve already gone our separate ways,” Lin Mu says calmly, “I remember you’re a candid man. Besides…”

Lin Mu turns around and takes Lin Tianji in his embrace, “I know better than you whether he’s used or not.”

Lin Mu has started regretting as soon as he embraced him. He shouldn’t have bluffed. The CEO wouldn’t pick on him for this, right? Lin Mu can only stare straight into Gu Tian’s eyes and doesn’t dare turn his head around.

Which is why he missed Lin Tianji’s intensely blushing cheeks.

Gu Tian seems to have said something with an odd look, but Lin Mu didn’t really listen. His mind is filled with things like Lin Tianji’s waist is so small, and it kinda feels soft. He couldn’t help but get a bit touchy-feely.

Then he sees Gu Tian turns around and leaves. He’s straightforward, alright, like he was when he told him they should break up back then. It was exactly because of this that Lin Mu felt odd when they continued to bug him after they broke off. And the CEO was there every time too…

Wait, isn’t this just like those dramas with ridiculous plots? This is reality, though, and where they’re heading is of course not something people can find out easily. At least, not Gu Tian. But, it seems like he knows where he’s headed, and that reaction at the end…

Lin Mu finally looks back at Lin Tianji whose face is now beet-red. Lin Mu narrows his eyes and clamps Lin Tianji’s head, turning it his way, “what did you do?”

Lin Tianji stutters as he looks at the face right in front of him, “no… nothing!”

“Gu Tian isn’t someone like that.” Lin Mu says confidently. He’s hugged him and touched him on the waist now. It’s probably that.

Lin Tianji suddenly kisses him after staring for a bit, “I just want you.”

Yup, that’s it. Lin Mu holds onto Lin Tianji’s head and kisses him back.

“Speaking of which, what’s to follow is our parents objecting and then we getting sent out of country, right?” Lin Mu asks, puzzled.

“We’re both orphans, you know.”

“Oh, you’re right. I forgot.”


And Gu Tian? He just got a cheque from CEO Lin.

My CEO Goes OoC

My CEO Goes OoC

我家总裁画风不对, 我家總裁畫風不對
Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Protagonist is the Top.Lin Mu (Top) x CEO Lin Tianji (Bottom)Bottom pursues Top. One-chapter-long flash fiction.For people who like Tops.


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