My Blind Master chapter 7

Seeing is Believing

Lowell’s POV
When the bandage that covered my eyes were unwrapped, the first thing I saw was a light that was too bright for my eyes.

I closed both eyes as tight as I could.

From my actions, everyone around me cheered with relief. It looks like the operation was successful.

“Lowell-sama… how is my master’s condition?”

I heard a nervous voice of Trill coming from the right, and I fluttered with fear. My eyes that were just getting used to the light started to focus. My elder brother came into view with a serious expression but somehow he was smiling just in front of me, there was Trill next to him, and a lot of people whom I didn´t know standing sparsely in the large room.

But, what worried me was that there wasn’t a person that I thought could be Franelle.

Is she attending other stuff? Even though she told me she was going to wait for me to recover from the operation…

Just then my older brother who had deep wrinkles between his eyebrows opened his mouth a bit concerned.

“So, can you actually see?”

I nodded.

“Yes, I can see… how old have you become.”

My brother was surely older than the last time I could see him, but, despite this, I could still remember the childhood features my older brother had in the past.

But, that’s for sure also the same for me.

“You too, little brother”


While I was still seated on the chair, I looked around my surroundings, then looked at my hands and feet. This large manly hands, those polished shoes, typical for a man of my age… It was as if I couldn’t still grasp that this was actually myself, how I looked.

“Let’s bring you a mirror.”

My brother signals Trill to bring me a mirror.

“No, I can walk on my own.”

I said, while still using my stick to pace my walk, and started to walk towards the direction where the mirror was.

A man I couldn´t recognize was reflected in a large mirror, He was too tall for his shape that the mirror could not reflect his body completely from head to toe. This man was looking back at me without any signs of laughing or crying. His face… Two eyes, a nose in the middle and a mouth underneath. It’s just a plain and uninteresting face…

Did she really like this face?

While thinking about that, I returned to my chair. My brain could not keep up with the amount of information that was again transmitted from my eyes while walking, my head was shaky. It looks like it would take me some time to get accustomed to walking while looking again…

“Please refrain from doing intense exercise. Please just walk and start to get yourself used to it.”

Trill was writing in a paper with small womanly handwriting; all the instructions that the doctor was explaining. It looked like it will take some time so I just keep quiet and waited for them to finish.



“What about Franelle, where is she?”

Trill looked at me with a surprised look.

“If Lowell-sama needs anything, I could take care of them”

“No, I need to ask Franelle something directly.”

As I said it, I couldn’t help but feel my heartbeat accelerating.

What does she look like?

I think she’s someone much smaller than myself, just by the feel of her and also back when I grabbed her shoulders.

“Would you please call her?”

Franelle always took care of me since she first started working in the mansion. How can I express my thanks to her that would convey all my gratitude? How could I make her happy? After all, I really had no idea what girls her age want or even need, so all my ideas couldn’t be as accurate as I want them too…

Oh, well anyways, I just need to not act rudely to her.

As I was getting more anxious about thinking of seeing her, Trill just looked at me with a cold stare.

“My deepest apologies.”

With a feeling of sorrow and an exhausted voice, Trill continued talking.

“If my master is looking for Franelle, she retired from the mansion as of today.”


“Suddenly, she just said that she needed to quit.”

As I heard that, I felt as if my whole body just froze, and all my blood went away from my head, then Trill just sighed as if she was silently complaining about something.

“That girl. For her to quit and not even say a departing greeting to Lowell-sama… Really, that’s why we shouldn´t have employed more personnel without any background.”

“… A girl without any background?”

When I asked in a low voice, Trill looked as if she had suddenly regretted her words…

“We didn´t have enough staff, so we resorted to hiring people that didn´t even have that much of a background, let alone an introduction letter. She was not the only one who was hired like that… Even the master knows about this.”

I just frowned a bit while feeling frozen. Not even a defeated laugh could come out of my mouth.

I knew no one really wanted to take care of me, and I didn’t mind even if the one attending me was a top-level servant who had a lot of experience. Furthermore, it was just because it was like that that I could have to chance to see Franelle.

But that’s not important now.

“So, Where is Franelle right now?!”

I was so nervous I didn’t even noticed that I raised my voice more than I have ever done before. Trill just shrinks in her place.

“I don’t know, She just said that she found another place to work at.”

“A new workplace?”

Blood seemed to rise on my head.

“Where is she working? How much are they paying her?! I will pay as much as she wants so that she will return!”

“…Lowell-sama, please, calm down.”

Surprised by my screaming voice, everyone, including my brother stared astonished at me and they were shaking their heads.

“What is it?”

“We don´t know anything…. We don’t have a single clue who is this new employer of hers?”

“Is this an after effect?”

“Helpers, sedatives please.”

I resisted, but couldn’t compete with the power of three big men, and was easily submitted. The size of my hand was that of an adult but my strength was that of a child.

They pressed me down on a bed and fiercely rolled up my sleeves. A wise-looking doctor took a syringe from a black bag and without hesitation injected the liquid into my arm…


I just looked at my hands….

I was so weak, they didn’t even need to apply that much force, I just felt sad and it was deplorable…

Social Gatherings are always full of color and sound.

“Ah, look over there!”

“Hey, He’s Lowell-sama from the Wendell family!”

A luxurious chandelier. Paintings of naked angels depicted on the ceiling….

“It´s amazing!”

“Truly, I’ve been sick for a long time, but now I’ve been cured.”

Meals that were decorated with such art and perfection and Noble ladies with dresses that looked just like beautiful flowers.

“They say his older brother took care of him all this time….”

“Oh that reminds me, it´s true that Count Wendell had a brother…”

I lost my train of thought by the loud whispers of the noble ladies around me… They were all different, their voices and tones had different varieties. But what I really wanted to hear was that weird scream and that bright, carefree tone that someone had.

I just really wanted to hear Franelle’s voice.

After getting accustomed to seeing the light in my eyes, six months have already passed without me being able to meet Franelle at all.

I tried my best, but when I traced her résumé and visited the employment agency we used when hiring her, they just shook their heads… Truly no one knew anything about her.

I just want to express my gratitude, where are you? I just want to at least tell her a single word… even a simple ‘Thanks’ would suffice.

Where are you, Franelle? I really hope you’re doing fine… For the past six months, I have been steadily regaining my strength, worked out and got educated in a prestigious school and, just recently, returned to work.

Recently, I also started to attend social gatherings. I´m living every day as if I was just starting a new life.

Even though I continued to have a delicate and strained relationship with my brother, I felt grateful for him for taking care of me all this time, and even though it was all just for his own benefit, I can´t but help but still feel a bit thankful for helping me regain my sight.

I am still studying so that one day, I would be able to assist my brother with his work.

The world really is beautiful. The sky is just as blue that it would make me tear up a bit just by looking at it. But…There’s…Just one thing….

One thing that always makes me feel pain on my chest… I just really wanted to know where she is and what is Franelle doing right now…

According to Trill, Franelle had light brown hair and blue eyes…. And then, she told me that there was a deep scar on her face. I think it’s just a bruise from the acne that Franelle mentioned before but…

Trill assured me that she wasn´t really a lady you would call cute.

But, I couldn’t really care less. I just continued to search for her everyday…

I just… I just really want to see her.

My Blind Master

My Blind Master

Moumoku no Aruji, もうもくのあるじ
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A poor girl, Franelle, finds a new job that entails taking care of a blind man named Lowell. Lowell, who was abandoned even by his own relatives, was kind and friendly, and while they were living together, Franelle finds herself attracted to him. However, one day, Lowell’s eyesight recovered thanks to magic and Franelle suddenly disappears.


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