My Blind Master chapter 5

They Say Blood is Thicker than Water But…

Lowell’s POV

I wonder how long she will stay here with me. Today again, even when I’ve tried not to have high hopes, I waited for an angel’s voice. That kind, clumsy and cute angel that appeared a week ago.


She screamed again. Did it come from downstairs? I was still lying in bed, even after being woken up by the angel’s scream. Well, I said I woke up but all I could see was darkness though.

I rose up and sat on my bed trying to guess what kind of mistake the angel had made again. Did she mix up salt and sugar? Did she fall down the stairs? Or did she buy the wrong brand of perfume again? All of these were insignificant, but she would always feel bad for them.

”It’s because I’m like this that I got fired” She would say.

From what I have heard, her clumsiness caused her to change her workplace a lot. But I couldn’t bring myself to understand how people could fire someone as kind and hard-working as her.

Everyone makes little mistakes.

When I told her that, she replied “You’re like a god…” or something similar to it with a tearful voice. She must have gone through a lot. I felt sorry for her to have to take care of someone like me, but if she doesn’t mind, I’d love for her to stay here forever.

“But I shouldn’t put my hopes too high, right?”

I broke into a smile as I felt the texture of the brand new bed sheets that the angel had washed for me. The fragrance of the cleaned room filled me with happiness.

He wouldn’t be able to see anyway.

Until now, they would all ignore me, no matter who it was. But the angel has been the only one to work so briskly and clean every corner. I could hear birds chirping and feel the hot wind coming from the window she opened last night, telling me it was already summer.

She has been treating me as a human, and she probably doesn’t know how much it made me happy.

My head became much lighter after she cut my hair. Thanks to that, I can now toss around in the bed without having to worry about stepping on my hair. It wouldn’t annoyingly hang over my head either. She also helped me shave my itchy beard with her little hands. And I don’t have to worry about dirtying it during a meal anymore. The angel also said she liked my face with a little cute exaggerated reaction. I felt so much happiness to the point I couldn’t contain it. If she liked a face like mine, I’d want her to look at it as much as she wants.

Well, it was probably impossible though. 15 years have already passed since I lost my light. I had been continuing to live on emptily, after overcoming that feeling called fear a long time ago.

As long as I stayed within this mansion, I could walk along the walls. (It often happened to me to bump into a bucket the maids forgot to clear away, or bump into the furniture they moved without telling me).

The maid in charge of this mansion had changed frequently. It became especially more frequent when I turned into an adult. After all, who would like to take care of a hermit. I wouldn’t have done it either.

“She’s the new maid.”

Trill, the maid in charge of the main mansion, had brought many maids in the past, and not one would try to approach me. They would nervously keep a distance when serving meals. The conservation was also cut down to the minimum necessary. Days when I wouldn’t speak at all weren’t rare.

That was why I didn’t expect anything when the angel arrived that day. It couldn’t be helped if she felt uncomfortable seeing my beard and smelling the unpleasant odor emanating from my body as a result of not taking a bath for days.

I wondered if my life has any meaning. Was there anyone whose life had some meaning to begin with? I lived day by day, having lost track of the time, in idleness, lost in my philosophical thoughts. If it wasn’t for that mission I had to carry on every month, I would have already broken down. That one duty, given to me by my elder brother.

That’s right. The extraction of mana.

“I thought you were his doppelgänger.”

The angel said something funny again. In contrast to me, who’s trying not to burst out of laughter, my brother asked with a serious tone of voice.

“It’s … a monster from foreign tales, right?”

“Yes. It’s the phenomenon that consists of dividing your soul in two. It is said that if you ever see your double, you will die! That is why I was taken aback when I saw you. I thought I couldn’t let you meet the real Lowell-sama. But I’m glad to see you’re just his brother. I’m embarrassed for having the wrong idea about you. Since I heard Lowell-sama walking on the second floor, changing his clothes, I thought you must be his doppelgänger.”

“I see…sorry for getting your hopes up.”

I couldn’t hide a smile, noticing my brother’s confusion. So my brother was the reason why Franelle screamed. Her way of thinking was so adorable. I was somehow able to suppress my laugh and turned to where I supposed the angel was standing.

“Franelle, me and my brother, do we look like that much?”

“Eh. Ummm….Hmmm…No. Now that I see you two together, you do look a little bit different though.”

“I suppose. This is the first time I got mistaken for my brother.”

My brother agreed. It seems she bowed her head down again.

“I’m sorry…I’m terribly sorry.”

“No. That’s fineーby the way, are you the one who cut his hair?”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

“You don’t need to do unnecessary things.”

At that moment, I knew that Franelle must have looked stupefied, hearing my brother’s cold words. He ignored her reaction and continued to speak:

“He can’t see anyway. And if you tried to gain his favour to raise your salary, remember that I am your employer.”

“Eh? Eh, Umm, I didn’t do it for that reason…”

“And you’re too talkative for a servant. Be careful.”

“I…I’m sorry.”

This exchange hurt me and I was sure that Franelle must be shrinking away right now.

“Brother, she didn’t do it for that reason. She did it out of good will…”

“What? Out of good will?”

He scornfully repeated what I said.

“Don’t tell me she fooled you with her kindness? You don’t even know how much women can be deceitful.”

I couldn’t find a way to refute the words he spat out at me. He was right, I didn’t know anything about the outside world. However, I was still very disappointed and angry that he slandered Franelle for her good deeds. I tightly clenched my fist as I tried to suppress my anger.

“Franelle, could you step out for a bit? I have something to talk about with my brother.”

“Ye…Yes, Yes.”

Franelle obediently went outside. What if she quits after this incident? What should I do? I should be used to people quitting but my heart squeezed at the thought of her leaving.

Every month, my brother would come and extract my mana. That was it, my duty I should complete every month. To give away my mana.

“…Can’t you quickly do it and just go back?”

“You don’t need to tell me that.”

He a big syringe to my right arm. It pierced through my skin and blood vessel and that dull pain twitched my body for a moment. My mana was extracted along with my blood. This process made me feel dizzy. Perhaps it was the price I had to pay for losing my sight. Ironically this was also the reason I couldn’t use mana even though it flew within my body.

My late father was the one who decided it was a waste of mana, since then, I was ordered to have my mana sucked out like this. The extracted mana would be sold or given away to the country as a tax. Mana was very useful in this country. It could be used to grow crops or to make medication. Perhaps, it might also give me back my eyesight someday. I strongly believed in it and that’s why I continued to provide mana.

My only wish is to regain the light of my life.

In order to be free from this house.

My Blind Master

My Blind Master

Moumoku no Aruji, もうもくのあるじ
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A poor girl, Franelle, finds a new job that entails taking care of a blind man named Lowell. Lowell, who was abandoned even by his own relatives, was kind and friendly, and while they were living together, Franelle finds herself attracted to him. However, one day, Lowell’s eyesight recovered thanks to magic and Franelle suddenly disappears.


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