My Blind Master chapter 3

Too Late for Regrets

“I’m really sorry… Just now… Umm, I didn’t intend to compare you to a dog.”

Once again, like the angel he is, Lowell-sama did nothing but smile and forgave me for my inappropriate words, like he did countless times today. At this point, he was like a divine being for me.

“It’s fine, really. More than that, thank you for washing my hair for me. It felt great.”



I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I looked at the smiling and contented Lowell-sama, glad that I escaped getting fired on the first day.

He sat on a chair and I went behind him to dry his hair.

“Please excuse me.”


“Thank you”

Lowell-sama has nothing to envy women’s hair for it really felt like silk.

That day, I was only able to wipe his body. Next to his private room stood a big bathroom, in the same state as the whole mansion: uncleaned for many years to the point it was impossible to use. The ceramic bathtub was dirty, the window closed, and the unpleasant smell would sting right through your nostrils.

Noticing this, I couldn’t help but wonder if Lowell-sama didn’t like taking a bath. I tried to ask him that as casually as possible, as I thought it was my job to grasp the likings of my master.

And I regretted it.

“It’s not like I don’t like it… It’s just a bit troublesome with these eyes of mine.”

His tone of voice sounded like he had already given up on it and it hurt me to hear it. I’ve offended him again with my indelicate question. I really hate myself for being so tactless.

How could I ask such a stupid question?

“…I’m sorry.”

“Ahh, you don’t need to worry about it. I’m already used to it. I’ve been like this since I was seven years old.”

“Was it an accident?”

“No, it was an illness.” He answered as if it was nothing. Maybe he didn’t want me to probe more into his past?


I can see only the back of his head. But I’m sure he’s wearing a smile as if all that happened to him was about someone else.

While combing his hair, I looked at the corners of the decaying mansion. The careless cleaning, the cobwebs hanging on the ceiling, the candelabrum now useless and unable to hold a candle.

My mood fell as my mind started to assume an explanation of this scenery.

Don’t tell me, he’s been living here in this mansion since he lost his sight, since he was seven years old? All alone by himself. Even though he was just a child? How about his parents? His family?

“Please do not step outside.”

Now that I think of Trill-san’s words, it seems people from the main mansion didn’t interact that much with Lowell-sama.

He should have been so lonely. No, there’s no way he didn’t feel alone all this time. I’ve only met him a few hours ago, so I can’t understand his feelings completely. But, I could imagine. Being blind… I wonder how hard it must have been.

Not knowing where anything is. Not knowing whether it is noon or night. Not knowing who is there…What a terrible fear…

He must have struggled hard before accepting this sad reality. What kind of dark thoughts has he been through to be where he is now?

I covered his hair with a cloth so it wouldn’t get damaged.

“Does it hurt?”

“NoーIt feels great.”

Lowell-sama said with a little dull voice. Maybe he was feeling sleepy. I was gently wiping his hair, almost caressing.

“If you want me to do something, please tell me. I’m here for that after all.”

“Okay…Thank you.”

I don’t know how long I will last here but I have a feeling I can get along with him. Even if I’m ugly, and crumbling under debts.

My Blind Master

My Blind Master

Moumoku no Aruji, もうもくのあるじ
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A poor girl, Franelle, finds a new job that entails taking care of a blind man named Lowell. Lowell, who was abandoned even by his own relatives, was kind and friendly, and while they were living together, Franelle finds herself attracted to him. However, one day, Lowell’s eyesight recovered thanks to magic and Franelle suddenly disappears.


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