My Bed chapter 4

Chapter 4

True to his word, after borrowing a shower and some clothes (which for some reason fit me perfectly), I left his room. The city was still shrouded in the morning mist, and the whole place seemed to be moist and wet.


Vice-Minister Weljeune touched my cheek regretfully and took the trouble to see me off to the entrance. The only thing left to do was to meet him by exchanging the clothes I was wearing, which had disappeared somewhere, for these clothes that I borrowed. That was it.


I entered the cafe when it opened, and for some reason, the staff gave me a warm look. I guess they thought that was on my way home in the morning.



I let out a deep breath. Things have changed a lot since yesterday. The guy I’ve been going out with dragged his secret lover into my bed, and the temptation of a great bed led me into the bed of the Vice-Minister, only for him to then confess to me. However, we’ve never even spoken before.


“What should I do now? That’s right, I need to find a new bed. I wonder if he took the bed with him when he left.”


It was yesterday. I used to make excuses, but for whatever reason, I would never forgive cheating. What’s more, in my precious bed!


“Ah… If I remembered that I felt sick again! How much should I charge him for compensation?”


I left the cafe, where I had lingered for a little while, and headed for work, having no place to go even though I had come to the office very early.


“Please, Rain! Please, please listen to me!”


“Shut up! I don’t care about you anymore! I don’t give a shit about you! Get out of my room with your bed. And take that stranger with you! And make sure you return the duplicate key!”


At the end of the workday, Jake came crashing into my office and kept on asking me to listen to him and repeatedly telling me that it was all a misunderstanding.


“Then I’ll ask you, isn’t there any difference between taking it to that room and doing things in my bed while I wasn’t there?”


I was getting annoyed, so instead of listening to him, I decided to ask him a question.


“So for that …”


“No excuses. Just give me the facts.”


“…… He was walking by the roadside, crouched down, not feeling well, and I brought him home to rest. I didn’t want to put him in bed at first. Then all of a sudden, you know, I got this vibe. ……”


“What do you mean by ‘suddenly’? You did it in my bed after all, didn’t you? Otherwise, why would he be lying around in my bed with nothing but a shirt on?”


Jake went down and was struck speechless. I forgot in the heat of the moment that this was my office. Oh, this is going to be uncomfortable tomorrow.


“But I’m not going to start over. As I said yesterday, you have until tomorrow to clean up your room and get out of here.”


“Rain…… I’m…….”


“Are you finished?”


Suddenly, I was pulled up from behind and heard such a voice above me.


“What? What, Alex, are you……?”


“Yes, Rain. It’s late and I’m here to pick you up. I know you’ve finished your work, now let’s go home.”


I didn’t promise to come home with you. With the appearance of an unbelievable person, the workplace became quiet and attracted even more attention. This person was not…


“Weljeune, the Vice-Minister? Why are you? What kind of relationship… do you have with Rain?”


Jake looked from me to him, a look of astonishment on his pale face.


“Uh… it’s………”


“I’ve had a crush on Rain for a while now, but I officially asked him to be my lover yesterday. I haven’t gotten an answer yet, but he’s been staying at my house since last night, so I came to pick him up.”


“Wait! You don’t have to spout off about that!”


“It’s true that you stayed here last night, right? Oh, don’t get any ideas. I’m not forcing myself on Rain, who is not yet in a formal relationship with me. Not tonight, of course.”


What the hell is his mouth spouting out right now? Do you think that’s not being rude?


“Yes, I would never do anything Rain would not like. Well, let’s go, shall we? I have a carriage waiting.”


He grabbed my arm and stopped me as he tried to lead me out of the place as if he were holding me. I stared up at him, and after a moment he shrugged and relaxed his hold a little, and I looked back at Jake.


“Jake, let’s not talk about that right now. It’s true that I relied on him to provide me with a bed last night. However, I’m not really in the mood to cuddle with anyone right now. You know, I’m hurting, too. I’ve just come back from a long trip and I’m in such a mess. You have to consider my feelings. So please don’t hang around me any longer. Do you understand?”


I feel much calmer than yesterday. Well, I’m still angry, and the argument I made earlier was serious. But now, when I heard the word ‘hurt’ leaving my mouth, I thought so. I was as hurt as I was angry. I was so angry that I couldn’t understand my pain.


“Oh, Rain, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”




I noticed the tears running from my cheeks.


The next moment.


“Uwaa! Alex!”


He was silent and suddenly held me to his side and quickly headed from the room to the hallway. I was so startled that I clung to his chest.


“Keep your face down on my chest. I don’t want to show your crying face to others.”


His voice was low and sounded angry. I nodded my head, unable to say anything.


When we got on the carriage, he made me sit on his lap. When I asked him to put me down, he didn’t listen. Instead, he hugged me with all his might.


“Please don’t cry in front of people. Your crying face is so beautiful that more people will…… be attracted to it.”


“No, that’s not true.”


“It is. You should know your own charm. But for now, please keep calm and be quiet. I’m trying very hard to control myself right now.”




I was surprised. Vice-Minister Weljeune, who was known for his calmness and composure. You’ve gone that far for me.


That’s right.


 This person…… Alexis really, really likes me.


 He’s had a crush on me for six years and it’s gotten worse.


Hahaha…… that’s funny.


“Are you sure you’re not crying?”


Alexis peeked at me softly, noticing that I had a small smile on my face.


“Yes, I’ve stopped crying. I’m sorry about that. I didn’t think I’d cry there either. After I said it, I realized that I was hurt. I was angry before I was sad, so I didn’t cry.”


Alexis’ hand was gently stroking my hair. I don’t know why, but I’ve already allowed these hands to touch me. I feel comfortable.




“Yes, what is it?”


“Well, you know. Do you mind if I, uh, visit your bed…… tonight?”


“Yes, with pleasure. I’d be happy to stay here with you forever.”


“That’s…… something I’ll have to think about. You know, though…….”


Alexis seemed to be trembling as the words he spoke with his voice.


“This is…… quite a painful process…….”


Ahaha… It was a bit cruel.

My Bed

My Bed

Boku no Bed, 僕のベッド
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tired from the expedition, I came back to my room where my favorite bed and my lover waited for me… I was so angry at what I had witnessed that I stormed out of the room and fueled up on alcohol.


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