My Bed chapter 3

Chapter 3

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In a word, a good night’s sleep.


A high-quality mattress that didn’t even make a creaking sound when I turned over, and sheets that felt good against my skin. I woke up surrounded by a gentle scent, but it was still dimly lit outside my window.


“Hmm … where is this?”


I rolled over and looked to my right, which was strangely warm, and stopped thinking.


…Who is this person? Did I do it with them? With an unknown partner …?


 No… my body is not like that.


 But… then why are we sleeping together?


“Hmm… something seems to be confusing.”


“……!! Vice-Minister Weljeune-dono.”


Yes, I remember.


I remember what happened yesterday in the military cafeteria. I was drinking more than I was eating, so I was both tired and drunk.


“Um, what’s happening……?”


“Did you forget? We talked about me providing a good quality bed.”


He opened his eyes and smiled a super beautiful smile at a very close distance.


Vice-Minister Weljeune was a venerable family member with the title of the second son of the Marquis family, a well-faced person with platinum blonde hair that fell to the middle of his back and deep blue eyes and long-cut eyelashes.


“I remember that, but… I don’t understand why you are here as well.”


“Oh, that’s easy. This is my bed and this is my room.”


Even though I woke up, I smiled refreshingly and got rid of the poison.


 What’s with this guy……?


“You don’t agree?”


Then, in a word, the Vice-Minister Weljeune raised his upper body.


He lifted my left hand and suddenly dropped a kiss on the back of my hand.


“…What are you doing?”


“It’s a kiss. I’m going to confess to you now, and to swear that I won’t lie to you.”


“I’m not sure what to say or do. Confessing, you mean?”


“Yes. I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, Rain Lansir. I swear by the name of Alexis Weljeune that I love you more deeply than anyone else.”


He smiled at me and kissed me on the ring finger of my left hand.


“……Did you and I have a point of contact somewhere?”


“No, there’s no connection between us at all.”


“Then why me?”


“Well, let’s just say it was love at first sight.”


Love at first sight. I wonder where and what he saw me doing that made him feel that way.


“The first time I saw you was at your enlistment ceremony. You were a civilian at the time, working on the text for the ceremony, and I attended the ceremony. I was at the end of the line.”


“It was about…… 6 years ago. Well, we haven’t had any contact since then, maybe this is what you would call unrequited love?”


“Yes. I’m not a sensitive person, so if I fall in love with you, I won’t be pining for anyone else.”


Well… I believe he’s three years older than me. I’m 24 now, so I’d say he’s about 27 or 28. A person of that age has had a crush on a younger man for six years? I’m afraid there’s more to it than that.


“Well… so you happened to see me at the cafeteria yesterday, and apparently I was drunk, so you decided to take me home… is that it?”


“Takeaway… Hmmm, that’s a cute way of putting it. Yesterday, I happened to see you in the cafeteria, so I wanted to talk to you and approached you. Well, as it turned out, I ended up taking you home. But you weren’t lying about the comfort of the bed, were you?”


“…Well, sure. I slept very soundly. I know because I slept on it overnight. It’s so high quality, it’s like…… I don’t want my bed.”


“I’m glad you like it, you are welcome to stay as many days as you like. It’s okay if you live here as it is.”


“No, you have a problem! We’re not even in a relationship! We haven’t even spoken properly yet, we just talked for the first time yesterday.”


I’ve never even seen him before. It’s not uncommon to ask someone to live with you when you don’t even know who they are.



I’m not sure what to say to this person who was still holding my left hand and had a beautiful smile on his face.


“……For now, can you let go of my hand? Sleep a little longer and we’ll talk in the morning.”


“Are you going to sleep?”




“With all due respect, if you let me change your clothes that you had fallen asleep in the carriage last night…… it would be a little better.”




“I didn’t do it because I wouldn’t undress someone who is sleeping, but…. still the same?”


I should be praised for not screaming. What the hell is this guy? A pervert disguised as a nice guy?


“I sleep like this often. Especially after an expedition, I’m usually too tired to handle it.”




“If you don’t mind, I’d like to help.”


“Mr. Weljeune, Vice-Minister.


“Please, call me Alexis…… or Alex.”


“Vice-Minister Weljeune, do you think I’m a slut or something? My principles only allow me to do that with the person I’ve had a good relationship with. You have indeed confessed to me. But I haven’t responded to a single word yet. So, there is no need for such concern!”



It’s not good that I was lying down, I thought, so I raised myself to face him, made eye contact with him, and told him so.


 And yet.

 Why is this happening?


“Ah… so suddenly…”


For some reason, I was held from behind by Vice-Minister Weljeune on the bed, my legs were opened wide and my important parts were touched directly. Even though it has a manly bone, it was wrapped in supple hands and handled loosely, and my waist seems to rise to his movements unintentionally.


“Oh, it’s really hard. And… here too.”




The top of his chest is pinched from the soft nightwear, and the feeling evoked indescribable pleasure.


“No… hand, let go … oh, oh, that’s no good.”


“You’re so cute, your body is responding so honestly. It feels good, doesn’t it? Now focus on me.”


“Ahh, hmm.. no! No, stop, don’t grope there!”


I’m getting more and more excited as he pinpoints the right spot. What should I do? It feels so good that I’m going to release early. Why is this happening…


“Rain, your ears are bright red and cute. Is it going to go? Okay, I’ll do it out once or twice until you’re satisfied.”


“Ahh… that’s enough… ahhhh, no, no.. “


While whispering in a low-pitched voice in my ears… I couldn’t resist the pleasures and let him pop the cloudy liquid into his hands.


I was kissed on my ears as my body trembled due to the stimulus. In a state of absentmindedness, as I had just come. In my disheveled state I reclined embarrassingly against his warm body behind me, breathless.




“Please show me your face when you go this time.”


What the hell is he talking about? I’m not saying we should go out or that you should be allowed to touch me.


“…Is it rape?”


“Oh, I’m out of my mind. I just wanted to help you get a good night’s sleep.”


“I wouldn’t this be rape as this was done without my consent. I’ve never done this with someone I haven’t dated…”


“I would like you to associate with me on the premise of marriage, but you haven’t decided yet. If so, how about going out with a trial?”




“Although the order of events may be a little back and forth, physical compatibility is very important in marriage. How about we check each other’s physical compatibility first, and if we are satisfied, we can start dating…… and prepare for marriage?”


“You sound very confident. If we are incompatible in the first place, there will be no need for marriage. I’m not sure if I should allow you to have my body for that reason. I can’t keep up with my primary emotions.”


“Men are more concerned with how to feel pleasure than emotions, right?”


“It’s so immediate.”


I’m wondering what the guy who was drawn into pleasure right now says.



Finally, my head became clearer and I pushed his hand away from me and got some distance. I only feel ashamed that I was made to cum without any romantic feelings. Oh yeah. After all, it is impossible.


“Can I use your shower?”


“Oh, now? Wouldn’t it be better to get some sleep first?”


“No. No. I slept very well and was able to get it out of my system, so I feel refreshed both physically and mentally. Now if I can just borrow a shower, I’ll wait for the morning market to open, even though it’s a little early.”


He should know that I’m going to leave the room.


“That’s a problem. It’s the middle of the week and the morning market is closed.”




 Oops.. I forgot. I forgot that the morning market is only open on weekends, but it’s only closed during the middle day of the week, and that’s today.


“Please come and have breakfast with us.”


“Even if the market isn’t open, I can wait until the cafe opens.”


When I stubbornly replied, Vice-Minister Weljeune looked at me with an incredibly sad face. The look on his face made me feel like I was saying something terrible.



 What? Am I the bad guy?


“That’s right… I thought you didn’t seem to be like me, but I’m not a bad guy. So I’m the sinner who did something terrible to you, like rape. I’ll turn myself in to the guards in the morning.”


“It’s fine if you want to, but I’m not going to sue you. In that case, what will happen to me?”


“Well, let’s see. At any rate, if you listen to my complaints, there will be an interview with you and the facts will be confirmed. I’ll tell you everything that happened here without hiding anything, so please don’t hide anything from me and tell me the truth.”


Was this a threat? What, you’re going to tell this embarrassing thing to others? If I’m asked, I’ll have to answer too, because if I lie, I’ll be arrested for falsehood.


“Oh, you’re going to use the shower, aren’t you? It’s behind the back door here, please use it. I’ll have a change of clothes ready for you.”


“Um, are you serious?”


“Yes, you’re going to use the shower, aren’t you? There will be a change of clothes, as I told you yesterday.”


“No, that’s not it! You’re going to turn yourself in to the security services.”


“Yes, yes, I’ll be there in the morning.”


I didn’t know how much of what he was saying was the truth. I didn’t understand.


“Well, you don’t have to report to the security team. It was like an accident. I’ll forget about it, so please forget about it, too.”


“Forget it? How can I forget the warmth and arousal of your touch and the sweet sound of your voice? I will keep those feelings in my heart like a treasure for the rest of my life. I will not tell anyone about it. It’s for my own self-gratification.”


The lonely smile on his face was also very picturesque. Oh, how did I get into this mess?

My Bed

My Bed

Boku no Bed, 僕のベッド
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tired from the expedition, I came back to my room where my favorite bed and my lover waited for me… I was so angry at what I had witnessed that I stormed out of the room and fueled up on alcohol.


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