My Bed chapter 2

Chapter 2

I was in a bad mood.


I didn’t want Jake to look for me, so instead of going to one of the many bars around, I came to the military cafeteria. It wasn’t like I could stay here forever either, but I figured it was a place where I could drink and fill my stomach, so this was where I went.


Some of my acquaintances tried to talk to me, but I refused because I wanted to be alone, so I just drank and ate, reminiscing while complaining.


“I can’t believe it! I don’t want to wait here for you to come home, you idiot!”


”I want to be the first to welcome you home. You’re probably tired, so I’m going to help you heal.” Before I left for the expedition, he sent me off with a sweet look on his face.


Maybe it was because that bed was so comfortable.


If he just got rid of his room, he wouldn’t have had to pay rent. He was a ridiculous guy.


“He had the nerve to drag a man into someone else’s bed. I’ll charge you a high compensation fee!”


That’s right, I need to find a place to stay for the night. But there’s no such thing as a comfortable bed in a cheap hotel. Let’s just stay at a high-class inn, shall we?


“Let’s do it! That’s your punishment for taking my bed! I’ll charge you for the whole stay!”


“Have you been robbed of your bed?”


When I looked up in surprise at the voice that suddenly interrupted my monologue, I saw a man sitting in the seat in front of me.


“What? When did you ……”


“Well, you said quite loudly, ‘He had the nerve to drag a man into someone else’s bed. I’ll charge you a high compensation fee.’ If you excuse me, I refused a word, but…… it seems that you did not hear it.”


“Yes, I did not hear. I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone right now, so could you please move to another seat, Vice-Minister Weljeune?”


“Oh, you know who I am? I’m glad you know me, Mr. Rain Lansir, Chief of the Medical Unit.”


“I didn’t know you knew my full name. Did I do something to offend you, Mr. Vice-Minister?


“No, not particularly. But I’m very interested in you.”


Interested? Me?


“I hear you’ve been deprived of your bed, so you won’t be able to rest your tired body after your expedition.”


“…… Please don’t remind me.”


“But that’s the way it is, isn’t it? If you’d like, I can provide you with a bed that will be more comfortable than your own bed. How about it?”


“Huh…? Can you recommend a place for me to stay…?


“Yes, no matter how many days you stay there, you won’t be charged and you don’t have to worry about anything because we know who you are. If you want, I can provide you with a change of clothes for a few days.”


“… Is there such a perfect inn…?”


The amount of alcohol I drank was not much. But it seemed to have affected my tired body, so I could only see the blurry figure of the person in front of me.


“Fufu, did you get sick when you were tired? Then why don’t we move before you fall asleep?”


“Eh … oh yeah, that’s right. Then I’ll take your word for it and ask you to introduce me to that place…….”


I stood up unsteadily, aware of my sudden sobriety.


“Ah… the bill…….”


“I’ve paid for it. Come on, this way.”


I left the cafeteria without being prompted and wandered down the corridor leading outside. I stumbled over something along the way and was scooped up by Vice-Minister Weljeune, who was walking next to me. He was taller than me and apparently had some solid muscles for a civil servant.


“……You’re light. You’re a little too thin. I’m going to support you like this. I’ve got a carriage waiting outside.”


“Ah… yes, sorry.”


My eyes were watery. I was feeling weak … I was laughing at the sense of security that my body felt as it was firmly supported, thinking that it was off the mark.


“This is a feast for the eyes …….”

T/N : The joy of beholding a beautiful/rare sight.




“No, come on, to the carriage. Can you get in? Would you like me to carry you inside?”


“You’ve got to be kidding me. I can do that myself.”


I grabbed the handrail and put my feet on the platform. I suddenly felt light-headed and found myself in a carriage.




“Please sit down. We’ll be there soon.”




The jolting of the carriage was comfortable again. The seat was well-cushioned and of such a high quality that my buttocks didn’t hurt.


In a blink of an eye, I became drowsy and felt myself guided to the warm body temperature next to me.


“You’re a bit too naive, you know. Well, I won’t let you go now.”


I didn’t know anything about such murmurs or the warmth of the hand brushing my hair because I was asleep.

My Bed

My Bed

Boku no Bed, 僕のベッド
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tired from the expedition, I came back to my room where my favorite bed and my lover waited for me… I was so angry at what I had witnessed that I stormed out of the room and fueled up on alcohol.


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