My Bed chapter 1

Chapter 1

War may be a little overwhelming. The trouble with the neighboring country occurs near the border. Even before I was born, these small conflicts had been recurring. As I grew up and became a member of a medical team in the military, I had experienced several expeditions to places of conflict.


And every time I came back, I thought,  ‘Since I was going to sleep at home, I wanted a comfortable and spacious bed. I wanted a mattress that was neither too soft nor too hard, that would soothe my fatigue.’


So I splurged and bought my ideal bed. I couldn’t tell you how happy I was when I went to sleep every night.


This expedition took about two months, but I think our group was able to accomplish quite a bit without too many injuries.


I’m still mainly a medical team member in the rearguard, though I’m saying it like it’s a big deal.


Still, the tension of being on the battlefield is the same.


My body was very tired, and I’ve lost about a pound from my naturally lean body. For now, I just wanted to go back to my room as soon as possible and rest on the bed I spent so much money on, and then eat some delicious food. I wanted to spoil my lover who was waiting for me in that room.


My body was exhausted, but my steps were light as I walked to my room.


“I’m home…….”


I unlocked the door and entered the room, and sure enough, there was Jake, my boyfriend. But for some reason, he was looking at me perplexedly.


“Hey, Rain…… welcome back…”


“What’s that attitude you’re showing your lover that you haven’t seen in a long time?”


“No, I mean, I wasn’t told that you were coming home today…….”


It’s strange, he was clearly in a hurry and trying to cover something up… to hide something. He moved his feet and tried to hide behind…


“Yeah? That’s right. That’s what it’s like to be back from an expedition. Oh, I’m tired, so I just want to take a rest.”


“R-rrain! Wait, wait! I’m a little disheveled, and there’s a mess over there. I’ll clean it up in a minute.”


While saying that, he heads for the door he was trying to hide behind.


“No problem. I’ll take a shower first. I’m just going to sleep with the mess.”


“No, but!”


I pushed him out of the way and pushed the door open.


“Hey, Jake, I’m hungry…….. Who’s that?”


“Who’s that? ‘Who?’ That’s my line. Who are you? I’m in my bedroom. Why is a stranger lying on my bed without my permission? And why are you dressed like that?”


“Rain! No, he’s not!”


Jake grabbed me from behind by the shoulders, but I immediately twisted his arm. He’s a military platoon leader class soldier, but unfortunately for him, I’m strong enough to defend myself too.


I turned to Jake, who screamed and fell back, then stomped his shoulder with my dirty boot as he crouched in pain.


“What are you doing dragging a bitch into someone’s room while they’re out on an expedition? This is my room, and that’s my bed. Who said you could drag a man in there without permission? What are you going to do? I can’t use that bed anymore, it’s disgusting!

Listen, you’re gonna pay for this! Now take that idiot and get the bed and get out of my room!”


“Well, even if you say that. I’ve already disposed of my room…”


“What? I don’t know anything about that. Listen, you have time until noon the day after tomorrow to remove your belongings, that idiot, and the bed from this room. I’ll make a formal claim for compensation from the army later!”


I glared at the man under my feet, who had turned pale, and once again stomped down on him with all my might.


“I don’t like jealousy. I just asked him to let me into his bed for the night.”


“… Please feel free. I have nothing to do with this person anymore. But this is my room. Please disappear quickly.”



He slipped past Jake, who was still crouched and reached for the door he had just entered.


“Oh, hey, Rain! I like you, Rain! There’s a reason I’m doing this.”


“I’m not going to listen to you. From now on, do not speak this informally to me in the future.”




“Shut up! I’ve just come back from an exhausting expedition and I was looking forward to seeing my lover for the first time in a while! What the hell is wrong with you? That’s enough!”


I opened the door and walked out, letting the voice of the man chasing me fade as I closed it with all my might.

My Bed

My Bed

Boku no Bed, 僕のベッド
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tired from the expedition, I came back to my room where my favorite bed and my lover waited for me… I was so angry at what I had witnessed that I stormed out of the room and fueled up on alcohol.


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