My Archenemy Suddenly Went OOC chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

1: Archenemy


I have an archenemy. His name is Mu YuSen, and he happens to be my uncle. An uncle in name only.

He’s just six years older than me, but he’s already the chairman of the Mu Group and a gilded bachelor in the eyes of high society elites.

Oh, if you don’t quite know what the Mu Financial Group is all about, don’t worry. All you have to do is glance at the global wealthy list to see its ranking.

As for how this big shot became my archenemy, I’m not exactly sure.

I think it’s probably because he recently became my uncle. Not long ago, my mother got married to a man who was previously married to Mu YuSen’s long-deceased sister. That means I’ve been assigned the role of a vicious stepson, broiling with sinister intentions to fight my stepbrother for the family property.

While I myself don’t think I have the ability, guts, or desire to compete with Mu YuSen’s nephew for the family fortune, countless novels and TV dramas proclaim this is my role.

And in reality, people like that really do exist, and that’s the assumption most of the public will make, which means that I, very unfortunately, automatically have a bad reputation.

I have no idea how something that only happens in dog blood romance novels like “The Domineering President’s Little Sweetcake: She Stole My Heart” happened to my mother, an ordinary woman, but I can’t argue with reality.

My mother, with me as an oil bottle tagging along, miraculously married into the ultra-wealthy Xiao family, on par with the Mu family, something that countless actresses and female celebrities can only dream about.

Ever since then, I became the youngest stepson and young master of the Xiao family. I also became an unsightly oil bottle for Mu YuSen to dislike.


2: Mu YuSen


In fact, if I think about it carefully, Mu YuSen has never actually done anything ‘hostile’ to me.

After all, I’m just an oil bottle with no high status, no fancy words, and a particularly ‘soft’ appearance. A man like Mu YuSen has absolutely no need to pay attention to me.

Does an elephant focus on ants on the ground? Or think about them? They can’t even see them!

So why do I call Mu YuSen my archenemy? This is also related to popular imagination.

As I mentioned earlier, my mother comes from an ordinary background and has an oil bottle son, yet she magically achieved the dream of countless beautiful ladies and celebrities and reached the pinnacle of life by marrying into a rich family, just like the heroine of a novel. Her identity has so many disadvantages that she obviously possesses something to make up for it—irresistible charm.

In other words, my mother is beautiful. Very very very very beautiful. I don’t even know how to describe her level of beauty.

Naturally, as my mother’s son, I inherited my mother’s appearance, and my looks are also impeccable.

If you insist on finding something to criticize, my body is too thin, my thighs are too long and slender, and my waistline and face are better than most girls’. I have the type of figure that’s made to be pushed down—not dominant at all!

I actually feel kind of mad about it.

But this type of look seems popular nowadays. Whenever I go out shopping, girls on the street stare at me with glowing eyes.

But according to high society ladies and gentlemen, I’m not that pleasing at all.

They think that my mother, an ordinary woman who married my stepfather, is a ‘social climbing mistress’, and thanks to the looks I inherited from Mom, I too have the potential to ‘seduce’ men, even though I’m a man myself.

Every time I happen to bump into Mu YuSen, I can’t help but stand amazed at the wild imagination of the crowd.


It doesn’t matter what I say or do. If Mu YuSen is in the room, everyone thinks I’m seducing him.

And if I visit the Mu family’s house, it’s all part of a shameless plot to send the beauty to his bed!

There’s ‘evidence’ and ‘truth’, photographs and ‘real proof’, even a video of me ‘throwing myself into the arms’ of Mu YuSen.

I…. Everything I say to refute this is feeble and weak. No one believes me at all.

As for Mu YuSen, he’s never said a word about it.

I think he just dismisses it and doesn’t care. It’s a shame the audience doesn’t agree.

Based on the principle that silence is the default, all of Mu YuSen’s suitors, male as well as female, regard me as public enemy number one. And that’s why, as a direct result, I’ve never had a girlfriend or even a boyfriend since I went to college.

I—how can I not regard Mu YuSen, who’s responsible for so much of my misfortune, as my archenemy?

Until the day this archenemy of mine suddenly grabbed me and told me that in my previous life and the one before that and the one before that, in all my lives, I loved him until I died.





The specifics of that day went like this.

I went to a dinner party with my mother, stepfather, and stepbrother as usual.

Although a lot of outsiders have all sorts of prejudices against me and my mother, my mother and I actually get along well with the Xiao family.

My stepfather is steady and kind, and my stepbrother is respectful and caring, with none of the shady corners you hear about in legendary rich families.

Of course, I think the main reason we’re able to maintain such a good relationship might be because my mother and I both look soft and particularly “bullyable”, regardless of our true personalities.

Thanks to the looks I inherited from my mother and all kinds of inexplicable scandals with Mu YuSen, I inevitably encounter incidents like being ‘mobbed and bullied’ when I attend society functions.

In the past, it was mostly young people who were convinced I wanted to ‘seduce’ Mu YuSen and went up to me to discuss their views about my life choices. I’m not sure why they continued to come, because every time they went home with bruised and battered faces.

I’d rather play the ‘bully’ game with these people than smile and smile like a villain.

But this time was different. This time there was an old man with a pot belly and a balding head. He seemed to be both famous and rich. Not only did he block me in a corner to talk about life, he also wanted to discuss with me the interpretation of ‘adult love action movies’.

I looked at my shirt which was now ripped…. and worried a bit. If I crippled this person, how would I clean up the mess?

Just as I was pondering this, Mu YuSen appeared.

The face that never had an expression was now distorted with anger. He stared at that rich old man, then kicked him with one foot into the swimming pool.

It was like he’d come over to protect his beloved—handsome and powerful, a peerless hero from a costume movie. When he looked at me, his eyes were filled with a complex, ecstatic emotion I didn’t understand.

The loud splashing noise stole the attention of all the party guests, and then Mu YuSen hugged me close.

“It’s over, it’s all over. Bian Xi, I love you, I love you. Please don’t die and leave me again….”

The man buried his face in the nook of my shoulder. His body was radiating overwhelming joy as well as fear, and he held me tightly in his arms.

Bian Xi, that’s my name.

Me: ? ? ? Is my archenemy having a nervous breakdown?

Countless pairs of eyes around us were all flashing knives at me, and I reacted much faster than my inexplicably deranged enemy.

Although I was tempted to shove him away by force, I could only think about it. Nobody can afford to offend Mu YuSen.

And I have to call him ‘uncle’ even though he’s just six years older than me and younger than my mother. I can’t help it, his status is just that high ah.

“Thank you, Uncle Mu…”

I pushed my archenemy away and gave him a shy smile of gratitude. After all, we were in front of everyone. I had to play nice to stay alive.

But I forgot how much I take after my mother.

That sweet smile and that pale and tender body immediately made Mu YuSen’s eyes redden, and he lowered his face to take my lips….

! ! ! !

Teacher, classmates, police gege, come quickly ah!

I was molested by my facially paralyzed uncle!

It’s over, he even nibbled my mouth like a wolfdog in front of all his suitors! They’re going to send me razor blades tomorrow! I’m ‘seducing’ a man just like in the rumors!

My archenemy must know I’ve spat on him countless times in my heart! He wants to get back at me!

I blinked and blinked until my eyes reddened.

I regretted it, beating my chest with remorse, and couldn’t help but think that saying is really true—a man should mind his thoughts as well as his actions.

I stared pitifully at Mu YuSen and prayed he’d roll on out ASAP. I could hardly stand the eye knives flashing at me.

But what happened next…

What happened next was that Mu YuSen picked me up and carried me straight home, kissing me the entire time, using the legendary horizontal princess carry!

I know I look particularly ‘weak and feeble’, but I’ve been able to deal with people who try to block me in and other problems with my fists. I really, truly don’t need to be carried.

My mother: …

I, I think I want to pass out.




Overnight, Mu YuSen’s personality changed like he had a mental illness.

Before, he never looked at me. The only time we communicated or met was when I accompanied my mother, stepfather, and stepbrother to visit the Mu family elders during the New Year’s holidays. I’d greet him spitefully and say “Hi Uncle Mu…”.

Aside from that, if we passed each other in the hallway we wouldn’t even glance over to say hello.

But now Mu YuSen had changed. That day he carried me home like a conjoined twin.

Then he hugged me again and again and said over and over that he loved me, he loved only me, saying that I shouldn’t die and leave him again, that he was willing to give up everything in the world for me, and asked me please not to die for him again….

I… was shocked!

I… was terrified!

I, I mean, heaven forbid, my sanity was still intact. Was my brain so broken that I’d give up my life for Mu YuSen?

I really wanted to get away from this nutcase. The problem was I couldn’t run.

Mu YuSen, that dead-faced man, was possessed by a hooligan and stripped off my clothes, including my pants and shoes, trapped me naked in the blanket, and even touched my little butt….

My face was full of tears. My chastity was under attack and I had to ‘sob’ shyly every now and then in response to this psycho who was waxing lyrical without end.

That evening, Mu YuSen said he loved me about a million times and told me he was willing to sacrifice the entire world for me. I yawned and picked at the wall all night.

How could I love Mu YuSen, that dead-faced man?

How could I be stupid enough to die for a man?

How could I lose my life over and over again for a man?

I, an oil bottle with nothing going for me but my face, could make a man sacrifice the whole world for me? Terrifying!

Lying in Mu YuSen’s arms I felt totally dumbfounded. I really thought my archenemy must be schizophrenic.

But I guess that’s the fate I share with my archenemy.

Because the next day, I woke up and suddenly found myself in a strange white space surrounded by silence and nothingness.

Then a cold mechanical voice said to me:

“Hello Mr. Bian Xi, very sorry to bother you. Please forgive the interruption. What I’m about to say may seem a little unbelievable, but please remain calm. We need your help.”


I was flabbergasted.

Then the cold mechanical voice told me there was a madman trying to destroy the world. One person needed to stop him, and I was the ‘lucky’ candidate. The great and glorious task of saving the world would be given to me.

“Mr. Bian Xi, don’t worry. You don’t need to do anything, just make him fall in love with you.”

“A madman who wants to destroy the world???”


Me: What did I do to deserve this!

My Archenemy Suddenly Went OOC

My Archenemy Suddenly Went OOC

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I have an archenemy. One day his persona collapsed.


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