Mom, Happy Birthday chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Mom, Happy Birthday.”




Translator note: A short story I passed by. The name caught my attention. Hope you enjoyed reading, there might be some grammar errors or rough phasing as I translated this in one go. If you see any, you can comment them and I will fix it.

Mom, Happy Birthday

Mom, Happy Birthday

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2011 Native Language: Chinese
Really hate gatherings, the noise from people constantly disrupts my thoughts. "NanNan, come over here for a bit and listen to this song." My mom called out to me smiling, I went over, she put the earbud into my ear, the song playing 《Loituma Girl》."What song is this, I think it's pretty good." Mom's eyes lit up, filled with expectations. AhAh, I know, mom wants to enter my world."You interrupted my thoughts." I calmly said, "Causing me to forget something.""Eh?" Mom was stunned. In fact this can't be all blamed on her, after all she wasn't some roundworm living in my stomach, naturally not knowing when I was thinking, and when I was daydreaming. But I am still angry.Mom appeared to be uneasy, she was scared of angering me, but she always did this.


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