Mom, Happy Birthday chapter 3

Chapter 3

My irritation was tangling me, but I couldn’t not go to classes. So I endured it and went to several classes.

The weather wasn’t that hot, so my roommate’s bodies didn’t rot that much, just leaking a faint smell.

I thoroughly could not remember what I forgot, I was getting more and more upset by the day.

So annoying, really so annoying.

“Su Huai, wait a minute.” On Wednesday after class, the class rep called out to me, “Su Huai, what is up with the people at your dormitory? Coming back after the weekend, they didn’t come to class these few days.”

“They just got quiet.” I replied.

“Huh?’ The class rep looked confused, but I didn’t bother with her anymore, I was still thinking about what I forgot.

Maybe I should call home and ask, mom might know what I have forgotten.

On the way back to the dormitory, I called many times back home, but, no one answered.

Being honest, I am very worried, although I am not that close with my dad and I think my mom is quite a stupid woman, however they are still my parents, I still have affection for them.

Mom is a housewife, she should be cooking at home during the afternoon, but even after calling so many times no one answered, a big chance something has happened.

I felt that I should wait a few days, until after classes on Friday to return home, but I couldn’t wait.

These few days I have been so irritated, I already felt that I reached the limit of my patience, I still can’t remember what I forgot, now on top of this I have a new worry, no matter what I have to take a trip home.

I immediately called the counselor, asking for time off to go home, the counselor didn’t allow it, saying that to take time off you needed a note, or to have the parents call her.

I told her no one answered the phone at home, I am really worried, she said maybe they went out on a trip, to give them a call on their cellphones.

The cellphones weren’t picked up.

I decided, who cares if the counselor agreed or not, if she records a demerit than let her record it.

Going back to the dormitory and packing a few things, then I left the dormitory, rushing back home.


It was another 3-hour ride back, I arrived at home, opened the door, and saw mom and dad lying on the ground, then I remembered, I had already killed them.

No wonder no one answered the phone.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, I felt being at him was the best, although mom and dad’s bodies were kind of stinky now, it was still way quieter here than at the school’s dormitory. The school’s dormitory, in fact my dormitory room wasn’t noisy, however the dormitory rooms next to and across were very annoying. Adding on to that my roommates were very stinky.

Anxiety floated silently in my heart, I felt constrained, wanting to restrain this feeling, really uncomfortable.

Last week at home, exactly just what did I forget?

I was a bit hungry, I got up and went to search around the refrigerator, thinking I could find something to eat.

Suddenly discovering, a box of cake in the refrigerator.

I brought the cake out and returned to the sofa, not knowing how long the cake had been there, it had no decorations on it, only being covered in chocolate sauce, really suiting my taste. Could it be I ordered this some time ago?

Taking a bit of the cake, the taste was a little weird, but not too weird.

But I didn’t want to continue eating anymore, I didn’t like the spoiled taste.

I placed the cake on the coffee table, I glanced at the calendar on the coffee table. Because mom and dad had died, no one turned the calendar, the date was still stuck on when I was home last week.

After seeing the date, I finally remembered!

I remembered what I had forgotten!

So happy, really wonderful!

I ran over to my mom’s side, calling out to her a few times, but receiving no reply.

I was a bit disappointed, finally remember this thing……this joy, I want to share it with mom.

Finally remember, this important thing.

Mom, Happy Birthday

Mom, Happy Birthday

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2011 Native Language: Chinese
Really hate gatherings, the noise from people constantly disrupts my thoughts. "NanNan, come over here for a bit and listen to this song." My mom called out to me smiling, I went over, she put the earbud into my ear, the song playing 《Loituma Girl》."What song is this, I think it's pretty good." Mom's eyes lit up, filled with expectations. AhAh, I know, mom wants to enter my world."You interrupted my thoughts." I calmly said, "Causing me to forget something.""Eh?" Mom was stunned. In fact this can't be all blamed on her, after all she wasn't some roundworm living in my stomach, naturally not knowing when I was thinking, and when I was daydreaming. But I am still angry.Mom appeared to be uneasy, she was scared of angering me, but she always did this.


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