Mom, Happy Birthday chapter 2

Chapter 2

The night was very dark, I didn’t turn on the lights, only sitting quietly on my bed, constantly trying to remember what I forgot.

Although the irritation did not leave me, the quiet surroundings helped calm my mind quite a bit.


Another loud noise rang out disrupting my thoughts, it was Dad who came home.

I silently walked out of the room, seeing him sitting there stupidly, looking at mom.

So noisy.

Once again I used that fruit knife.

Dad is indeed a man, after struggling for a while, knocked me away.

He crawled towards the door, maybe he wanted to leave?

It doesn’t matter if he leaves, as long as it’s quiet, no matter any solution I will accept it.

I watched him crawl to the door, waiting stilly once again returning to my room.

Passing about ten seconds or so, silence returned, however dad did not leave. He lied on the floor not moving one bit.

I didn’t care about him. No one can disrupt my thinking.

I sat back on the bed, questioning exactly what did I forget.


The next day, I was awoken by the alarm on my phone, it turned out without me realizing I fell asleep, still not forgetting what I had forgotten.


Went to the bathroom and took a shower, changed into a new set of clothes, carrying my luggage, stepping over mom and dad’s bodies, I left the house, but I did remember to lock the door, in case any thieves broke in.

Riding three hours in the car, arrived at school, this place was much nosier than home. I was already irritated, but now it only got worse.

I promptly arrived at the dormitory, putting things one by one into the cupboard, I thought, maybe I forgot to bring something, taking out things one by one right now, I will be able to realize what I forgot.

Unfortunately, no.

Even after I finished organizing everything, I still didn’t find anything I lacked. Maybe I didn’t forget to bring something?

I sat at my desk thinking.

As I was the first one to arrive at the dormitory, it was very quiet, however, this quietness didn’t last for long, the girl sleeping in the lower bunk and the two girls sleeping in the opposite beds were back.

The dormitory became noisy.

My thoughts were once again disrupted.

I just want to think quietly! Is there anything wrong with that! Why are people always disrupting me!

Irritation increased.

Opening my draw, eh? Why is there a fruit knife here? But it’s wonderful, I can use this to make them be quiet.

First was the girl on under my bunk, she was honestly way too noisy, I casually stabbed her body once.

She screamed.

So noisy.

Covering her mouth, I stabbed into her throat several times, she twitched for a bit, then stopped moving.

Great, one has become quiet.

The second one was in the bathroom, the bathroom door was unlocked, I went straight in.

“Wa, what are you doing……” the knife penetrated straight into her head, this one quieted down fast.

The last one went to the washing machine room, I waited for her at the dormitory door.

Not long after, the final one came back. She was frightened after seeing my body covered in blood. Her mouth corners twitching.

“F**k…… why are you like this……?”

I quickly closed the door, pressed her on the ground, continuously stabbed the knife into her neck a few times. Wow, using this fruit knife was smooth, what is going on?

The dormitory finally became quiet.

But, my irritation still did not disappear.

The thing I forgot, must have been very important, definitely need to remember what it was.

Detestable! Just can’t remember! Can’t remember! Ugh!

Mom, Happy Birthday

Mom, Happy Birthday

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2011 Native Language: Chinese
Really hate gatherings, the noise from people constantly disrupts my thoughts. "NanNan, come over here for a bit and listen to this song." My mom called out to me smiling, I went over, she put the earbud into my ear, the song playing 《Loituma Girl》."What song is this, I think it's pretty good." Mom's eyes lit up, filled with expectations. AhAh, I know, mom wants to enter my world."You interrupted my thoughts." I calmly said, "Causing me to forget something.""Eh?" Mom was stunned. In fact this can't be all blamed on her, after all she wasn't some roundworm living in my stomach, naturally not knowing when I was thinking, and when I was daydreaming. But I am still angry.Mom appeared to be uneasy, she was scared of angering me, but she always did this.


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