Me, a Hero? Not Possible! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I had a date after a long time. I was firing myself up since the morning, perfectly decided on clothes and make-up. And yet…
This can’t be…
Right now, I’m standing in an excessively spacious room. Several magician-like people wearing hoods and robes are standing on my left and right. In front of me, a person dressed in a Pope-like clothes, a martial artist like rough uncle wearing an armor and helmet, and a seemingly self-important person with flashy clothes.
Each and everyone was looking at me with appraising eyes. To be frank, I only have a bad feeling.
「We have been waiting for you, Hero-sama. Please, save our world」
As I thought!
That was my first impression after hearing the words of the Pope who stepped forward. To tell you the truth, I’m Japanese who has tripped into this world several years ago.
Even though I have already lived a fulfilling different world life… to think I would get caught up in a hero summoning…
Not noticing my distant look, the Pope keeps on enthusiastically explaining about the world’s crisis endlessly.
「Please. We have no other options」
He finished his long, long story I didn’t listen to with a plea. But, even if you plead with me… what I say are my true feelings.
「Not possible!」
The Pope replied to my immediate reply with a talk about the world’s crisis and the hero’s eternal splendor.
When you translate it freely「Be honored to be chosen as the hero! Immediately set out to defeat the Demon King and save the world!」is what it is.
「You are chosen as the hero. Please, defeat the Demon King」
「I decline!」
I will absolutely not become a hero.
「It’s a selection mistake. Send me back at once」
I have an appointment for a date. Won’t I be late?
「……… Umm」
After a long silence, I glare at the fake Pope and say in a steady voice.
「Send me back. Right now! At once! To my original place!」
「No… umm… therefore… that’s……」
A waste of time. I will consult other people. Don’t be concerned about me.
「We will send you back immediately after you defeat the Demon King」
The flashy, refreshing Prince says with a smile. But, you are making a great mistake if you think I will simply nod. I don’t know about other people, but your looks are average to me, average.
「You’re threating me?」
「It’s not a threat. It’s a request」
As if! Making such full of lies smile.
「I can return if I defeat the Demon King?」
「That’s right」
He nods as if I finally understood, but bad luck.
「That basically means, you won’t send me back unless I defeat the Demon King, doesn’t it? Isn’t that threat, after all?」
Rather, they can’t send me back, huh.
It was only for a moment, but I saw his sparkling face cramp.
「Cut it out! You are disrespectful!」
Ah, the armored uncle has entered the war as well.
「Ha? Even if you say that I have no idea who that person is」
That’s right. These fellows didn’t even introduce themselves and told me to「Save the world」right away. There’s no way people like that are upright. Besides, I have not heard talks of the world getting destroyed unless the Demon King falls.
「! … This person is」
「Shut up! I don’t need introductions this late. I’m not interested」
The sparkling guy receives a shock when ‘not interested’ leaves my mouth. For some reason, the uncle receives a shock as well. Why? Because he was interrupted while talking?
「You have no…… interest?」
A small voice leaked from the sparkling guy. Therefore, I said clearly with a loud voice.
Un. Totally not. As a person. As a man. No interest at all. Not even a fragment. I’m so not interested that I wouldn’t even notice him when going on a trip and am away from home.
「Something like that doesn’t matter, quickly send me back」
My darling is scary when angry, you know!
While feeling irritated so much, the floor under my feet suddenly started shining. What? What? When I look, a vigorous light suddenly bursts out. I raise my arms to protect my eyes.
「I was looking for you」
I heard a slightly low voice. An extremely, extremely familiar voice. I slowly lower my raised arms.
Arara. Darling has come. I’m so loved~~
「Please, at least contact me if you are going out」
Kotsu… he lightly chops my head with the back of his hand.
「I’m sorry! But, I’m innocent. I was abruptly kidnapped and forced to manual labor」
I obediently apologize and very simply explain. Then, his pretty face instantly turned dark.
「W, who the hell are you!? How did you get here…?!」
The uncle raises his voice. His voice brings back both me and the other people.
「By the way, the contents of the manual labor?」
Darling asks while cracking a smile.
Ignoring the outfield insects? Is that so? That is so. He doesn’t have much interest in anyone besides me after all.
「Demon King subjugation. They say the world will be destroyed if left as is」
「The world wouldn’t get destroyed, right? I don’t know about the people, though」
When I approve of Darling’s opinion with a smile,「You bastards!」an angry voice resounds
The one who asked is Darling. His voice is oozing of displeasure.
「Imprudence! To speak of the world crisis like that…!」
U~waa~ Uncle’s face turned red from anger. His blood pressure increased without a doubt. Even his capillary might have snapped.
「Anyhow! Girl! Immediately go and defeat the Demon King!」
Immediate reply. I denied in a way it wouldn’t cause misunderstanding nor misinterpretation. Naturally.
「N, O」
It’s important, so I said it twice. By the way, I made a nice smile the second time.
「Girl… you bastard……」
Uncle is so angry his face turned from red to black. That uncle takes a sword in his hand. But, the sparkly guy stopped him.
「I feel sorry for you. However, at this rate, the world will…」
Sparkly cast downs his eyes with a frown. That was certainly an expression of sorrow and suffering. However, I crush his sorrowful expression with my reply.
「What about it?」
A sense of guilt? Pangs of conscience? There hasn’t been even a fragment of that since I came here.
「You are a hero! You have the obligation to save the world!」
「Don’t be so selfish! Me, a hero? Not possible!」
「She’s my partner, after all」
Top of my head was gently kissed.
「Ah, no, it’s embarrassing, could you stop it please?」
I try to plead cutely.
「I will try my best. But… that’s probably impossible」
「Because I love you」
So unreasonably smooth, he said with an enchanting smile. I’m more embarrassed than from the kiss~~
「U~~… baka」
「Embarrased you is also cute」
He kissed my forehead this time.
「I told you it’s embarrasing」
You are not making a sorry face at all, you know? But, well, I love this about my Darling as well.
「It’s fine. I will forgive you」
I know I’m speaking too arrogantly, but I can do this because I know Darling will forgive me.
「You are so kind. Honey, I love you」
「Darling is the kind one. I love you too」
「You bastaaaaaaards!」
Ah, the sparkly guy snapped.
「Flirting in front of us…」
「What’s wrong about a couple to flirt?」
Darling made a sound argument.
「Be quiet! Shut up! I can’t endure it anymore!」
He’s seriously glaring at us. He’s not scary, though.
「You should have obediently become a hero and defeated the Demon King! Don’t think about ever returning!」
Ahh, there’s an idiot here.
「I accept that challenge」
Dimly smiling Darling is fiercely handsome.
「It’s over, huh」
「Picking a fight with Darling is same as signing a death penalty. My condolescences」
Worry? Sure not. I know Darling’s power rea~~~~lly wellmon. Even if they come all at once, there isn’t even a slightest doubt.
「What kind of joke are you telling! What can just the two of you do?」
「Blade of wind. Spear of Ice. Arrow of Fire. Hammer of Thunder. And much more. What are you fond of?」
「?!…… Y, you bastards, just who……」
It appears there’s finally someone who seems worried.
「I’m the King of Satanas Country. The one you guys call Demon King」
「D, Demon King… you say?」
The sparkly guy’s eyes open wide. Other’s too.
The sparkly guy and others turn their eyes towards me.
「This is the Demon Queen」
「That’s why I told you. It’s not possible for a Demon Queen to become a hero, right? … You really are fools」
The Demon Queen getting entangled in a hero summoning, what a ridiculous story.
「Oi. I was the one who accepted their challenge, you know?」
「But, I feel so sick of themon!」
Mu~~ when I pout, my cheeks get pinched.
「Don’t butt in」
「I’m shorry」
「As long as you understand」
U~~ it hurts.
「Now then」
Darling slowly looks at the sparkly guy and others.
「Have you made up your resolve?」
Darling raises his right hand. Then, a magic circle appears under the sparkly guy’s and other’s feet.
「Bon voyage」
Together with his words, the magic circle shines, and the sparkly guy and company disappear.
「Yeah. The northern continent」
The northern continent a continent that is not known outside the Satanas Country. Of course, people living there have their own culture and magic.
「They will have a hard time, won’t they?」
I don’t give a damn, though.
「Let’s return?」
I nod with a smile on my whole face to Darling’s words.
I’m a Demon Queen. Me, a Hero? Not possible!

Me, a Hero? Not Possible!

Me, a Hero? Not Possible!

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
I had a date after a long time. I was firing myself up since the morning, perfectly decided on clothes and make-up. And yet…A story about firmly refusing the hero summoning.


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