Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid chapter prologue


The sun started to rise from the east, Fang Han opened her eyes.

Her body ached as if she ran for a forty-two kilometer marathon.

The only good habit she developed in the past five years, was her biological clock body woke her up punctually every morning.

Sleep for a while… a little while more! The sleeper evil in her head tried to bewitch her.

Fang Han pinched her thigh severely, finally shooed them away.

She lifted the quilt strenuously, and was about to sit up but found a pair of sturdy arms blocked her whole body firmly across her chest.


Fang Han glared at the culprit beside her– of course he was just pretending he was sleeping soundly.

She sighed helplessly, and began to push away the dead man’s arm. Unfortunately, the iron arm was too heavy and remained still.

What did the man ate to grow up? Terribly heavy. She bit his arm and even hurt her tooth? Damn it!

This process had been repeated every morning. She really doubted how this pillow-loving man slept when no one was with him for the past two decades.

Fang Han struggled for a while before finally got out of his clutches.

Sat up and panted. She endured the soreness, bent over and picked up the clothes which scattered on the ground.

“Ah!” She gave a short exclamation, and was dragged back to the bed by a force. All her efforts came to nothing.

The heavy arm that she gotten rid of was hanging around her waist at the moment.

She turned back angrily, met a pair of sleepy eyes.

So hateful, could not beat over this handsome face, the appearance of sleepy face was terribly sexy.

“It’s still dark outside, why don’t you sleep a little more?” A question with a thick nasal sound came out from the beautiful thin lips, and the voice was soft enough to drown people.

But after been listening for complete two years, she has been immuned…

She didn’t respond.

“Han Han?” the man called again, his voice was like an elegant cello, intoxicated. “Accompany me for a little more please?”

Okay, correction… She was just “about to” be immuned, but yet….

When she was pulled back on the bed, Fang Han gritted her teeth bitterly, and wanted to take a bite to vent her hatred.

She bit the arm and completely forgotten her lessons in the past.

Such an attack was obviously not painful to the man, but in fact it made him felt less sleepy.

“It looks like you are in good spirits.”

Fang Han quickly let go of her mouth when she heard the expectant and evil tone. When she raised her eyes, she saw him scorchingly stared at her.

That look was too familiar, the man’s intentions were so obvious.

“Wait, wait…” She wanted to struggle to the end.

Unfortunately it was too late.

“Since Han Han has good spirit, let’s do some serious business..” The man happily rolled over and pressed her under him.

“Sec_second young master, don’t forget that you have a discussion with the bank treasurer this morning…”

“That’s an hour later.” He said nonchalantly, his warm palms were already rubbing skillfully and lowered his head to kiss her collarbone.

Fang Han felt that she should sternly reject his pleasure request but shamefully found that she actually reacted to his touch.

In the past two years, the man had touched her from head to toes, so he knew how to tease her easily.

When his desire rushed into her, she couldn’t help but groaned softly. Her cheeks flushed with joy.

That soft moan was an aphrodisiac to him, completely awaken the sleepy hungry beast in him, ready with claws and wanted to eat her deliciously.

The petite person can only cling weakly on his shoulders, and her consciousness rised and fall with his movements.

Forget it, let’s talk about it after an hour!

This was the last sober thought that passed through Fang Han’s mind.

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

喬二少的祕書丫鬟 (穿越做丫鬟之一)
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
Traversed to become A Servant — Book 1– – – – – – – – – – Heartbroken and wanted to commit suicide?Nonsense!But how did God decide to let her transmigrate to ancient times and become a little maid?In this era of distinct classes, a maid has no human rights at all.She knew it very well. If you want to live a good life, you would have to follow a kind master.But she didn’t expect this second young master Qiao to be so two-faced?! A serious and elite gentleman by day and a rogue by night!Alas! She wanted to get a new job. Is it too late to seek a new master?


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