Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid chapter 5

Chapter 5


During the daytime, all the girls were out to work and at the corner of the girls’ room in the mansion usually empty.

Obviously, it should be busy morning for the most of the people, but at this moment, there was a faint murmur came from one of the room.

“Hmm…Second Young Master, please… be gentle…” Fang Han put her hands on the table and said with difficulty.

The familiar joy flowed through her body, coupled with the nervousness of fear of being discovered, make her whole body glowed with beautiful pink.

She had tried her best to resist, but Qiao Bai Rong stood behind her seemed to challenge her limit deliberately. The masculine male was pumped deeply and shallowly into her body. Even if she bit her lip, the delicate sweet voice still continued to escape from her mouth.

This man was too fond of holding revenge! Fang Han panted low and couldn’t help but deceive.

She just rejected him few days ago when he asked her to move out of this room and take all the personal belongings to his room. She did not expect that he took the opportunity and actually left his official business aside today and stayed here to possess her in this room.

The building materials here were very poor, and the sound insulation was super bad. As long as there is a slight noise in the next room, you can hear it clearly. And if someone walks nearby now, you will definitely able to caught that someone ‘working’ in the room…

Hate it. She didn’t want to mess up the line between master and servant. Even a mistress didn’t put her own things in her husband’s room. She was just an anonymous maid. Why did she have such a privilege? What’s more, this privilege didn’t benefit her at all.

He suddenly slammed into the depths of her body, Fang Han cried in a low voice, her legs softened, and she could hardly stand.

Qiao Bai Rong held her waist with one hand and the other hand rubbing arbitrarily on the fullness of her chest.

This posture wasn’t difficult, especially Qiao Bai Rong was so much taller than her. She just had to stand on tiptoe to be able to cooperate, but she was tired and paralyzed after a while.

Unfortunately, his physically strength was too good and refused to let her go easily. It was useless for her to let go of her coquetry and begged for mercy. He wasn’t willing to release it in her body until he is completely happy.

Actually it felt so good. The satiated Qiao Bai Rong thought contentedly, with a big palm possessive around her waist, unwilling to move it away.

This girl was extremely nervous today. She didn’t want to cooperate, but at the same time she hope that he will ended soon. The forbearance of anger but without a single word, she’s just so cute that makes people want to bully her even more.

He felt that the woman in his arms was panting weakly. He suddenly picked up the loose hair and bit it on her white neck.

“Ah…” Fang Han, who was so tired and confused, was taken aback, and then she hurriedly struggled, “Second Young Master, don’t bite there…”

Damn, is this man a dog? He always loves to bite her, if he leaves marks on her neck, how can she meet people? Silk scarves are not popular these days!

Qiao Bai Rong smiled lowly, and whispered in her ear: “Well, if you don’t want to move out your things, then don’t move, it’s alright…”

“Huh…. I_I’ll pack up and move later.” Are you kidding me? He can continue to sneak into the servant’s room to have an affair with her? She is not a fool.


Qiao Bai Rong smiled again and took her to sit down together. Of course, he was sitting in the chair, and she was sitting on his lap.

Fang Han suddenlt felt uneasy, twisted and tried to stand up, “Second Young Master, I am very heavy…”

This posture was too dangerous. She was really afraid that she would accidentally wipe the gun and make a mistake later.

But obviously he didn’t intend to let her go. After twisted for a long time, she couldn’t get rid of it. Instead, she felt that the thing behind her buttocks was gradually expanding. When she finally realized what it was, she froze with fright. Never dare to move again.

After thinking about it long time, Fang Han couldn’t help but said: “Second Young Master, although I don’t have many stuffs but you will still get married soon. So… is this… proper?”

Qiao Bai Rong frowned slightly. “How do you know that I will be getting married soon?”

She couldn’t help laughing bitterly when she heard a hint of displeasure in his tone. “Mrs. Qiao has sent a lot of portraits of women these days, how can I not know?”

What’s more, the second young lady and the fourth young master will soon reach marriageable age. She believed that Mrs. Qiao will do everything to force Qiao Bai Rong to marry as soon as possible.

Alas, he knew that their identities were so different, that he could not marry her, and she never thought that she had any feelings for him other than “boss”, “master” or “bed mate”. However, she found that he was about to marry another woman, she still felt extremely disappointed and sad.

Fang Han couldn’t deceive herself, pretended that the heartache was just due to unaccustomed or just afraid that the arrival of the mistress would shake her status.

Maybe at first she really just wanted to use Qiao Bai Rong’s identity and ability to ensure that she could survive in this mansion, but now afraid she has fallen in love with him?

Fang Han really hates being so spineless.

Qiao Bai Rong sneered, “It still depends on whether I am willing or not.”

Perhaps he really hope that he will get married as soon as possible. Mrs. Qiao’s chosen women were pretty good fortune, but he was never a man at his mercy. Instead of marrying the women that Mrs. Qiao shortlisted for him, he would rather find another way to persuade his father to allow him to marry Fang Han.

As the matter of fact, he did. A few days ago, he had secretly arranged something that had preliminary information, and maybe it come to an end if we wait for a little while more.

“You are the young master of the Qiao family, you will eventually get married.” Fang Han said stiffly.

This is not so much to tell him, it is better to tell yourself.

Since she couldn’t choose her birth background, she can always guard her heart, right? See the reality early so that when he gets married, she will be less hurt.

“Han Han, can I assume that you are jealous?” Qiao Bai Rong chuckled suddenly.

Fang Han was stunned and then shyly broke away from his grip and jumped up. “Who, w_who is jealous!? I’m not going to be jealous. I mean, the second young master is the heaven, and the slave maid is the earth. The second master can marry anyone you want. How can a slave be jealous?”

Even the word of “slave maid” burst out in anger? Qiao Bai Rong looked at her anxiously and depraved amusedly, but with a conscience and demeanour, she didn’t say that but she was really jealous this time.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t let Han Han be wronged.” Qiao Bai Rong suddenly stretched out his arm to embrace her.

Fang Han looked down at the smiling man, her pretty face flushed.

The two have been together for more than three years, but she still often feels that she didn’t understand him.

This man is rich, has status, and good looking. No matter how you look at it, he is a guy who should raise a few mistresses in modern times.

However, over the years, she was the only maid beside him, a maid who has nothing and nobody.

She always secretly scolded him for being bad, but in fact, it was very clear in her heart that how much effort that he had spent to spoil her and to indulge her.

One day, if he really married a wife, she might worry not that the mistress will trouble her.

Thinking of this, Fang Han couldn’t help softening her tone, and stretched out her hand to stroke his hair, “Second Young Master, I admit that it was a bit uncomfortable when I knew you were going to get married… But in fact, I also understand that I am not qualified to be angry and jealous. You are the young master of the Qiao family. In any case, you have to marry a wife of the right family. Don’t miss your life for my unkind servant girl.”

Qiao Bai Rong listened to her quietly and finally understood why he could not let her go.

Although she has been used to be a little willful by him over the years, she was still a clever and very simple woman.

The line in her heart is extremely clear, and she would never crossed the line to do something that shouldn’t be.

In the past, because of his appreciation of her intelligence and talent, he gave her great power and freedom in Qiao’s mansion, but she still kept her duty and never abused those powers. Just like this time she thought he was going to get married, and despite the sadness in her heart, she didn’t ask him to marry her like, just like some beloved mistress in some people’s family he knew.

Probably that’s why he was comfortable with her all the time. He always felt that with her knowledge and talent, she shouldn’t be just a maid.

He didn’t need to marry a good family and famous wife. He was reluctant to let Fang Han be a mistress in the room that couldn’t even enter the ancestral hall.

“Don’t worry, since I said that I will protect you, I will definitely do it.” Qiao Bai Rong comforted.

“You know it’s wrong to spoil your mistress by destroying your wife right?,” Fang Han said boredly.

Her words caused Qiao Bai Rong to laugh again.

“I have a plan. Just leave that to me.” He raised her hand and kissed it.


It seems that the things that were arranged earlier have to be accelerated.

Qiao Bai Rong soon discovered that he had obviously overestimated Mrs. Qiao’s patience.

Mrs. Qiao saw anxious when she saw that he rejected all the candidates she offered. Finally she invited several young and beautiful women from her natal family to stay in the mansion.

The people from the inside Qiao’s mansion and outside see Qiao Bai Rong were completely two different person.

To outsiders, Second Young Master with good background, young and promising, and handsome in appearance. He was definitely the best husband in the eyes of women. Even his status as first born son in the family regarded as an advantage. .

His mother, Yang, is the second wife of Mr. Qiao, and therefore Qiao Bai Rong also regarded as legitimate son. However, since he wasn’t the son of Mrs. Qiao, he will not live with the parents.

What’s more, all the wealth belongs all his mother Yang’s dowry. Even if he doesn’t have any money in the future, it’s reasonable for him to take them all.

Not to mention anyone in the town knows how strict Qiao Bai Rong is in discipline. Not only he doesn’t go to the brothel to socialize and discuss things, and he doesn’t even have a mistress room in his room. At most, you can hear that there is a maidservant talking. As a man, he is definitely a good candidate as son-in-law.

Therefore, when Mrs. Qiao desperately look for good daugthers list, most of the parents were so excited and immediately packed their bags and moved into Qiao’s house.

Qiao’s Mansion now is very lively. You can hear the voices everywhere and you can see all kinds of soft clothes at the corridor, and even the smell of powdery constantly floating in the air.

“Achoo!” Fang Han sneezed again.

Alas, she was allergic to various smells in previous life. Ever since she arrived in ancient time, her physique had not improved, and she still couldn’t stand the strong powdery smell.

In the past few days, she sneezed more frequently than in the past five years, her eyes and nose were red, like a rabbit.

“You feel uncomfortable again?” Qiao Bai Rong, who was sitting at the table dealing with business affairs, immediately raised his head and looked at her. Her face was not very good. “They have never come in my study.” How could it make her uncomfortable?

“The wind has been strong these days, probably it was blown by the wind.” Fang Han took out a new handkerchief from her arms.

It was inconvenient not to have toilet paper, so she had to carry a dozen handkerchiefs with her every day recently.

“Huh, there is still some spare money to entertain some guests. It seems that it is time to reduce the expenses of LanXuan Garden.”

“A_achoooo!!” I don’t know if it’s happiness or sorrow. Fang Han suddenly felt itchy nose and then sneezed wildly.

Qiao Bai Rong was furious, and he got up and wanted to call someone to deal with the matter, but he heard a shout from outside.

“Miss Cousins, this is the Second Young Master’s study, you can’t rush in!” The person sounded anxious was Wu Xing.

Then another unfamiliar female voice spoke, “Since you call me Cousin, you are not an outsider. My second cousin will not be angry with me and my sister on this.”

Wu Xing was speechless. When the Second Young Master and Fang Han were in the study together, they generally did not allow other servants to approach. Wondering how to hold these two ladies.

Qiao Bai Rong’s heart was getting upright, and he found that someone had come up to uninvited, without waiting for Wu Xing to speak, he directly shouted: “Who is outside?”

Wu Xing knew it wasn’t good call.. He knew the master too well. If the second young master didn’t say anything, It was the intention of acquiescing him to deal with the matter on his own, but now the second young master spoke, with that, probably is bad news.

“Second cousin!” Two well-dressed girls ran towards him immediately happily, and were about to lift their feet into the study, but they were stopped by Qiao Bai Rong.

“Stop, you just stand there, don’t you get any closer.” He said with a cold face.

No wonder HanHan was so uncomfortable, it turned out that these two were the culprits, he naturally couldn’t let them into the study.

“Second Cousin, what do you mean?” The girl stood in front froze and looked at him with a pitiful expression.

“Who is your second cousin?” Qiao Bai Rong said coldly, “I don’t know you.”

“How could second cousin say that?” The girl looked shocked, “I am Du Family, Fifteenth Sister (Du Shiwu), I came to Qiao’s Mansion with my Seventeenth Sister (Du ShiQi) in the year…”

“I’m not familiar with Du’s family, don’t just try to mention them.” Qiao Bai Rong thought that being forced to greet Du’s mother was torturing enough, what’s more about cousin.

“Second Cousin…” Du ShiQi listened to him, and her body trembled, and she couldn’t help crying.

The sisters thought that men like women who are delicate and fragile, but they didn’t know that Qiao Bai Rong hated women pretentiously, and frowns impatiently.

“Achoo!” Fang Han sneezed loudly again.

Oh My God, how much perfume did these two women put on? They just stood at the door and let her smell the strong scent, which made her dizzy.

Qiao Bai Rong face immediately turned dark , “I do not know you two cousins, moreover, without my consent do not try to trespass. You two please leave here as soon as possible.”

“Second Cousin is really ruthless, is this how you treat your people?” Fifteenth Sister’s body trembled.

“You two came to stay as guests, but obviously didn’t have any conscious awareness of being a guest. Not to mention that you made Fang Han uncomfortable when you arrive. The Qiao Mansion can’t greet such pampered guests like you.” Qiao Bai Rong said coldly, “Wu Xing, please. Get people to throw them out.”

“Yes.” Wu Xing took his order and left immediately.

After that, Qiao Bai Rong completely ignored their existence, walked directly to Fang Han and looked at her with concern.

“HanHan, are you okay? Since this place has been harassed by idlers, etc., it will probably be smoky in a short time. Why don’t you go back to your room and rest?”

The two girls from Du Family were both talented and well-founded, and from good origin. They had never been ignored and were shocked. Unexpectedly, several women and maids rushed up and grabbed them and dragged them out.

When they recovered, they were thrown out of Qiao’s mansion with embarrassment.

“That hateful and vulgar Qiao Bai Rong, deserves to be born by a mistress, daughter of a businessman!” Du Shiwu lost her temper and stared at the gate of Qiao’s mansion bitterly.

There was also the cheap maid named Fang Han and they could not forget that Qiao Bai Rong just threw them out because they made the cheap maid uncomfortable.

“Qiao Bai Rong, Fanghan, you both just wait and see!”

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

喬二少的祕書丫鬟 (穿越做丫鬟之一)
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
Traversed to become A Servant — Book 1– – – – – – – – – – Heartbroken and wanted to commit suicide?Nonsense!But how did God decide to let her transmigrate to ancient times and become a little maid?In this era of distinct classes, a maid has no human rights at all.She knew it very well. If you want to live a good life, you would have to follow a kind master.But she didn’t expect this second young master Qiao to be so two-faced?! A serious and elite gentleman by day and a rogue by night!Alas! She wanted to get a new job. Is it too late to seek a new master?


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