Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid chapter 3

Chapter 3

As foreseen by Qiao Bai Rong, nothing was good when he arrived LanXuan Garden.

But he did not expect Mrs. Qiao spoke out anxiously during the dinner.

“Bai Rong, you’re not young anymore.”

“Okay.” Qiao Bai Rong said softly. “You and Father are still young, how could I be old?”

Suddenly this made Mrs. Qiao even more angry.

But Qiao Bai Rong ignored her and pretended that he did not see the reaction and glanced over the other members of Qiao Family who were to be said with blood connection but had no affections.

Well, it looked like it will be an exciting evening.

As a matter of fact, Qiao Bai Rong already understood what Mrs. Qiao wanted him to do.

The Qiao Family had four sons and two daughters in his generation. The eldest brother, twenty-five years old and had been married for many years. The Third and Fourth Brothers were much younger than him at the age of Seventeen and Thirteen.

As for the two young ladies, the elder daughter was one year older than him, already married with two children. She had a good life in her mother in laws house. Although the youngest daughter was still single but had reached the age of marriage.

In these days, they paid attention to the housing rules, where the elder brothers or sisters were not married, the younger ones were not allowed to surpass them.

Although Mrs. Qiao was not bothered to Qiao Bai Rong’s marriage, however her youngest son and daughters will not be able to get married if the Second Young Brother did not get married. So this was the concern she had.

Of course, Qiao Bai Rong would not be so obedient. The more Mrs. Qiao wanted him to do, the more he became ignorant.

Later Mrs. Qiao was so annoyed, she put down her chopsticks and said, “Bai Rong, you always said that you were busy with business and had no time to get married, but now you’re already twenty-two years old, what exactly are you trying to do that not getting married?”

He realised that she had stopped beating around the bush, Qiao Bai Rong spoke frankly, “Mother, if I wanted to get married, would have to find a suitable person. Otherwise what would I do if that’s not the right person and upset everyone in the house?”

“Bai Rong! Where are your manners while talking to your mother?” Mr. Qiao sank his face.

“Am I wrong?” He glanced at Mr. Qiao and Mrs. Qiao intentionally. “Besides, the ‘right person’ is still a question for me. Marrying an official lady, I’m afraid that I’m not that well-educated or rich enough to match her; If marrying a businessman’s daughter, I’m afraid Father and Mother would look down on her…again.”

“Qiao Bai Rong!”

Mr. Qiao patted the table and stood up. He looked like a knife been stabbed his into heart.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Your Son has been used to speak out truthfully all the time, I just can’t say anything when I felt something insincere.” Qiao Bai Rong watched his father’s face turned red and blue. “Well, next month, I’ll give you an increase of ten taels to your monthly allowance onwards as my token of apology.”

“Y_you… You……” Mr. Qiao was so angry that he almost fainted but the words of ‘I don’t care about your money’ could not spilled out from his mouth, because he really needed it.

Qiao Bai Rong decided to let go as soon as he was satified. It wasn’t worth to be mad at those people harmed his health.

“That’s it for tonight. Your Son has other business to deal with. I’ll take my leave first.” Then he stood up without hesitation and went straight out.

This woman obviously looked down on him and jealous at his wealth. Wanted to control his marriage, he wasn’t that stupid to fall for that. Humph, just like his girl said, “Don’t you dare to talk about the door, where not even a single window is there.”

He would rather head back to accompany his girl. It was more interesting than having dinner with these people.

Fang Han claimed to be Qiao’s personal secretary, so most of the time they were inseparable. Especially two years ago, she was taken to bed by him, unnoticedly she was upgraded from secretary to girlfriend. They both got along with each other day and night, almost like conjoined twins.

It was rare to have boss dinner at home today. So she had an extra night’s off and wanted to make good use of it.

While she was taking her bath and humming some pop song. Suddenly without warning, a hand came from the back and lifted her up from the water.

She was stunned and before could scream, she heard a sighed from behind.

“If I knew that I would see a beauty taking a bath, I shouldn’t have dinner in LanXuan Garden tonight.”

“Se_second young master….”  Wait, what? Where were his hands touching?

Although she had already been watched at whole before, Fang Han couldn’t help being embarrassed and anxious when he attacked inexplicably.

“Hey, don’t move.” Qiao Bai Rong pushed her hands away that were trying to cover her chest and let her back rested on him.

She had to say, this pair of boobs were quite good. Visual inspection should have an E size, which much better than her previous self that was only A size.

Well of course, Second Young Master had made great contributions to this, whether was tonic or massage.

Uh, he wouldn’t want to do something here, would he? The anxious thought came to her mind and suddenly she was in hurry, “Boss, your clothes are wet, let me….”

Qiao Bai Rong raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Oh, is it wet? It’s just right to be wet….”

He was in a good mood today, his heart was full of kindness. “Since is cold here, let’s change place.”

With that, he picked her up and walked towards the bed.

The moment she fell on the bed, Fang Han instinctively intended to escape but unfortunately was stopped by him.

Qiao Bai Rong looked at her deeply, his eyes were beating with fire of lust that she was familiar with.

She recalled that he deliberately tossed her last night, she couldn’t help lingered in fears.

“Second Young Master, another day please? I’m still in pain.” She grabbed him with an aggrieved look and tried to gain sympathy by pretending to be pathetic.

In fact, she really felt a little pain vaguely. Last night’s indulgence and plus one in the morning, although she had always been physically strong but still couldn’t stand it.

The moment before she passed out from exhaustion, the only thought in her mind was to say…. she would not let this man to bully her again!


After two consecutive days of severe lack of sleep, even her biological body woke her up, but her body was still exhausted.

So when she finally recharged and awake, the man was nowhere to be found. This shocked Fang Han so much.

Oh no, how could a secretary absent from work, while the boss was working hard?

Although there could be some privileges to become his girlfriend but Fang Han was proud of herself as a competent secretary, she would absolutely unable to accept herself being late or absent for work.

It was his fault. He did not even wake her up and caused her to break her perfect attendance record of more than three years.

Fang Han hurriedly got out from her bed, but her legs were soft and couldn’t stand at all. She had to sat on the bed to rest for a while.

She tried to comfort herself by faking that she wasn’t absent from work, just ‘injured on duty’, so she could take official leave publicly.

Suddenly she heard a sound of the door opening, so she quickly grabbed the quilt covered herself.

Then, a figure walked in and realised that she was awake, and immediately smiled and said, “Sister Fang Han, are you awake?”

Fang Han realized was just a maid, she breathed a sigh of relief and replied vaguely, “Yeah.”

This little maid was sent by Qiao Bai Rong to serve her, named Lu He, a well-behaved and lovely girl. She never asked much about her and Qiao Bai Rong, so could save her a lot of trouble.

However, since Fang Han most of the time with Qiao Bai Rong, and the big boss didn’t like other women to be closed to her, so eventually didn’t have any chance to see Lu He.

“Is Sister Fang Han hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

Fang Han thought about it, “Help me prepare hot water first.” She was very hungry, but she wanted to take a bath first.

“Okay.” Lu He nodded obediently.

“By the way, Boss… Uh, what about second young master?”

“The second young master left early in the morning, saying that he was going to talk about business, and he won’t be back until evening. He said that Sister Fang Han is unwell. Just take a good rest in the house.”

“Oh.” Fang Han answered again. She couldn’t tell what it was like to hear Qiao Bai Rong going out to discuss business but not want her to accompany him.

Alas, she shouldn’t be trained to be too servile, is she still too slavish?

When Lu He went out to prepare hot water, Fang Han fell back on the bed freely, and began to think about her strange feeling of sudden loss.

In fact, at first she tried to get close to the second young master, but just wanted to live a good life. Although she tried her best to flatter in business, she never thought of interacting with him in private.

After all, she grew up in a different era in the past, and the way a woman can be successful was not only by her body.

But now thought about it, given that Qiao Bai Rong status and appearance were ideal to everyone, not to mention that in this era when brothel, mistress, etc. were pretty common.

Oops, what the hell was in her mind? How could she think there was possibility of Qiao Bai Rong is the ideal marriage partner for her?

Then she thought, they have been sleeping in the same bed for more than two years, why she never thought of marrying him?

Fang Han bit the quilt in distress and confusion.

Furthermore, she didn’t even think about marrying him. What did he think of her?

Although she knew her low status and didn’t expect him to marry him as well. In the past two years, she had done no contributions or hard work, but he didn’t ask her to sleep at the side room or servant room… It was also one of the duties of a secretary to take into consideration the boss’s personal physical needs in these days, wasn’t it?

Suddenly Fang Han got annoyed and mad at herself why she was okay with all these, which made her feel confused.

“Sister Fang Han, the hot water is ready, do you want to take a bath?”

“Okay.” She recovered, and immediately got up from the bed. Uh, it was still sore!

Probably because her expression was too distorted, Lu He hurried over to help her.

“Thanks.” Fang Han didn’t bother to cover the red, purple traces on her body. Anyway, no one in the entire Qiao family knew about her relationship with second young master.

Finally soaked in the hot water, she took a long breath.

“Sister Fang Han, you should be hungry too? What would you like to eat? I will ask the kitchen prepare.”

Fang Han suddenly thought that the big boss was not at home and no one cared about her meals. She felt energetic, “I want to drink eight-treasure porridge, almond tofu dessert…”

Before she finished speaking, Lu He interrupted her.

“Sister, the second young master said, you already ate too many sweets last night, so you can only choose one today, and you have to wait until you finish your meal before you can eat it.”

“W_what…” Huhuhu, she worked hard all night and she wasn’t allowed to eat dessert. Wasn’t it too much?

Fine, let’s change job and look for different boss. Was she too late?


Fang Han felt exhausted and a little dizzy, she opened her eyes as soon as she felt movement around her.

“Second Young Master?” she reached out to the man who was dressing by the bed.

However, Qiao Bai Rong just reached out and stroked her hair, “Just rest a little longer, okay?”

“Wait!” Fang Han didn’t care about the pain, she quickly sat up. This eager movement immediately pulled the sore thigh, caused her grasp.

Qiao Bai Rong froze at first, then frowned slightly, “What’s the hurry?”

“It’s getting late, I should get up too…” She struggled to get up and get out of bed.

Recently, she couldn’t get up in the morning because of someone’s excessive demands. Every time she woke up, he was no longer seen by her side, which made her feel that she was negligent secretary

“No, just take a good rest.” Qiao Bai Rong interrupted her lightly.

“But you have an appointment with the stewards of a few shops this morning…” She is going to record the meeting!

“It’s not an important matter, just get up after you have enough sleep.” He said briefly, then put on his clothes and turned away.

Fang Han stared at his back, feeling a little upset and most of her sleepiness had gone.

She vaguely felt that since the day Qiao Bai Rong was suddenly called to LanXuan Garden, there had been some difference between the two.

His attitude toward her has obviously changed, and he suddenly adjusted her “work content.”

Although they used to sleep in the same bed every night, she didn’t have to work overtime every night. Most of the time, she felt that her responsibility on his bed was actually more like a human pillow.

But recently didn’t know why, Qiao Bai Rong suddenly started ‘work overtime’ on her almost every day, and was no longer as restrained as before. Often make her cry and begged for mercy before he would let her go.

Then, when she woke up late the next morning, he always generously let her rest enough before going to work, or directly asked asked her to take off.

Of course it was a good thing to have holidays, but Fang Han started to be a little worried.

“Urghh!” She sighed and forced her soft body to get out of bed, slowly changed her clothes.

For more than three years, she had always regarded herself as Qiao Bai Rong’s secretary. Although their relationship between the boss and the secretary was obviously not ‘pure’, she always felt that going to bed was only incidental.

After all, slaves in this era have no human rights at all. Since she had decided to follow Qiao’s Second Young Master, she would not be naive to think that this kind of thing would not happen.

But in the past, she had always thought that she was different from those maids who had to climb up on the master’s bed for new start. Her greatest value to Qiao Bai Rong should still be able to help him handle official affairs efficiently.

But this time, his attitude towards her had become more and more like “The Rich vs The Nameless Mistress”, and this had caused Fang Han to have a serious sense of crisis.

Although Qiao Bai Rong had treated her even better than before, historically speaking, it was difficult for her to be a mistress especially for a rich family like Qiao’s Second Young Master.

If she really became his mistress, and someday she got old and ugly, he may not want her.

And on the other hand, Qiao Bai Rong allowed her to take leave and greatly reduced her secretary work. Does it mean that he has gradually no longer needed her as a secretary?

Thinking of this, Fang Han’s movements suddenly stagnated, and became uneasy.

No, she couldn’t let this happen, she didn’t want to become a dispensable existence in his heart!

Fang Han didn’t understand why she was so anxious. She just didn’t want this to happen.

As soon as she freshens up, and even had no time for breakfast, she rushed to the study.

When Fang Han entered the study with a briefcase, she found that the stewards had already arrived. These people were somewhat looked at her curiously, for someone who had been always early and ready waiting in the study but today was in rush.

Se didn’t have time to pay attention to those people, just looked at the boss nervously.

Then, she found that Qiao Bai Rong’s face was very unpleasant.

“What are you doing?” He frowned and stared at her.

Fang Han was overwhelmed by his stare, and was a little aggrieved, “I_I will do the record…”

Hearing this, Qiao Bai Rong’s brows deepened and his tone was not gentle, “Didn’t I ask you not to come?”

Fang Han never thought she would be attacked by him, he never scolded her in the past.

She was shocked at first, then suddenly felt a chill coming out of her bones, and her whole body was cold.

Didn’t he really want her? She looked around subconsciously but saw that everyone seemed to look at her sympathetically.

She felt that her throat was dry, and it took a long time before she managed to squeeze out a few words, “Second Young Master, I… I…”

She didn’t expect Qiao Bai Rong interrupted her directly, “Are you not going back to the room?”

Fang Han’s body couldn’t help shaking, didn’t dare to say anything. She lowered her head, turned and walked out of the study quickly.

Why did she come?

When Qiao Bai Rong saw Fang Han rushed in, his face immediately sank.

He clearly asked her to resr for a little longer. She only slept for more than two hours last night. What’s the matter now?

He was very upset, he was not very polite.

However, when he saw her ashamed, he was even more upset.

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

喬二少的祕書丫鬟 (穿越做丫鬟之一)
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
Traversed to become A Servant — Book 1– – – – – – – – – – Heartbroken and wanted to commit suicide?Nonsense!But how did God decide to let her transmigrate to ancient times and become a little maid?In this era of distinct classes, a maid has no human rights at all.She knew it very well. If you want to live a good life, you would have to follow a kind master.But she didn’t expect this second young master Qiao to be so two-faced?! A serious and elite gentleman by day and a rogue by night!Alas! She wanted to get a new job. Is it too late to seek a new master?


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