Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid chapter 2

Chapter 2

Sent away the shopkeepers after long discussion, Qiao Bai Rong returned to the studyroom, a silly sleeping face came to his sight.

Fang Han was asleep deeply on the table with her side face on the meeting minutes.

He was taken aback for a moment, then slowly raised the corner of his lips and his indifferent eyes softened.

This girl must be exhausted, isn’t she?

Moreover, yesterday he saw his third brother joked around with her, although he looked calm on the outside, but his heart was full of jealousy. At night he couldn’t help being tossed her around. No matter how much she begged for mercy, he wouldn’t let her go.

In his heart, he knew that this girl was very mindful but just pretending to be weak. He knew very well that she was just acted pitiful and whole night cried out for pain or tiredness in bed. It wasn’t true at all but to be coquettish.

Well, it was good to give her some lesson, let her remember who she was and where she supposed to stand.

However, he was quite reluctant to see her so tired and uncomfortable, that was why he offered her to sit and rest during the meeting.

Qiao Bai Rong walked slowly to her side, reached out his hand to touch the small fair face.

Deliberately he made her so exhausted, and now he’s quite distressed, obviously self-inflicted! Qiao Bai Rong laughed at himself.

After looking at her for a while, he lightly picked her up and walked towards the bed beside the study table, so that she could sleep soundly.

After settled down, Qiao Bai Rong returned to his desk and started to work on his official business.

Somehow, no one was around to grind ink or prepare tea for him, he felt something was not right, he was absent-minded and couldn’t focus on his work.

Finally, he sighed and gave up the accounts which caused him too much headache and rather looked at the meeting minutes instead.

The characters in the book were written with a sharpened charcoal pen. The girl was too slow to write with brush, so he asked someone to get her some charcoal pen to facilitate her writing.

This charcoal pen seemed very convenient indeed. Although her writing was not beautiful but at least was neat and tidy. It was a lot faster writing compared with brush.

Today’s word looked a bit skewed than usual. Probably not having enough sleep last night?

His fingertips unconsciously caress those written words by the charcoal pen and the smile of the corner of his mouth could not be restrained.

He couldn’t remember exactly when he fell in love with that girl. It seemed that from the moment she walked into his life, it had been imprinted on his heart and could not be erased.

Of course, he was very clear that this girl named Fang Han was definitely not as simple as she shown. He lived in Qiao Family for more than twenty years, how could he not know about her little scheming?

Afraid it was pre-planned from the moment she was sent to clean his study room, right? No, maybe even the transferred was deliberately done by her.

At first he was just curious about what she wanted from him, and then he coldly watched her transformed his study room. Of course, the final transformation really surprised him and therefore greatly praised her.

However he still couldn’t figure out why she tried so hard to please him.

Outsiders may not know, but behind the closed door, everyone knew that only Qiao Bai Rong held the real authority in the family. He controlled the expenses of the family. Even his father, stepmother, brothers and sisters hated him more but could not offend him. Whoever he wanted them to have a poor life, surely would not have a good life.

In the past, Mrs. Qiao sent some maids to climb on his bed to serve him and control him. But he had never been fond of any maid in the mansion at all and from then on he had always done most of the things personally by himself.

When he first saw Fang Han, she was just a little fourteen-year-old girl. He thought she was just one of those maids who wanted to fly to branches through him. However, after she tried her best to get his attention, it seemed to be satisfied.

She did everything clean and tidy. Even took initiative to help him and managed everything. Though occasionally been treated unfairly by him, she just murmured a few words with bitter face and then soon raised a sweet fake smirk, pretended not to care at all.

Qiao Bai Rong thought that she was so forbearance in order to get more benefits, but he never thought that she had always been enthusiastic in helping him on business and did not care about anything in his room.

At first, he suspected that it was her catch. Later he found out that she really didn’t mean it.

The moment of truth was ascertained, he was confused wondering whether he was relieved or dissatisfied.

Just thinking of this, someone outside the study room whispered, “Second Young Master.”

Qiao Bai Rong raised his head and saw it was his little servant, Wu Xing.

Before Fang Han, Wu Xing was always with him but since Fang Han came in almost more than three years ago, Wu Xing was sent out to do other tasks.

Qiao Bai Rong admitted that he didn’t like other men to be too close to her.

“Whats the matter?”

“It’s almost noon, would you like to have lunch first?”

Qiao Bai Rong intuitively looked back at the girl who curled up on the bed, thought for a moment and said, “I’m not hungry now. Just order someone to bring some light porridge in an hour later.”

It wasn’t good to eat too oily food as soon as you awake, “By the way, also get them to prepare some cakes as well.”

The girl who always claimed herself as an ant, would not refuse any sweets. If he did not monitor her, she could eat snacks for all of her meals.

“Yes, Second Young Master.” Wu Xing followed Qiao Bai Rong for so many years, naturally understood what the master was thinking. He covered his mouth, smirked and turned away.

Fang Han was awakened by the smell of the food.

She kneaded her eyes and sat up. She did not know where she was, however, the stomach was already screamed for hunger. So she had to face the most important livelihood issues first.

“You’re up? Let’s have lunch.” Qiao Bai Rong smiled at her, his expression was full of pampering.

“Hmm…” she answered softly. Although she felt better after sleeping, but her whole body was still sore. So she dragged her feet lazily to sit beside him.

Qiao Bai Rong couldn’t help laughing at her behaviour. She acted just like a simple kid without much vigilance and careful thought, very cute.

She sat down without looking, her body was slanted against Qiao Bai Rong. Without looking clearly what was on the bowl, she picked up the spoon randomly and took a sip into her mouth—

“Wuwuuwuuu….” Hot! So hot! Fang Han almost jumped up.

“Why do you eat so quickly?” He quickly put the white fungus red dates soup on one side of her hand.

It was late spring and early summer, there were some ice cubes floating on the sweet dessert bowl because he knew this girl liked cold and afraid of hot, so he specially ordered someone to get it from ice cellar.

Fang Han didn’t need spoon anymore. She held the dessert bowl directly, took a big mouthful of it, very unladylike, only to relieve the burning pain on her tongue.

“Is it better?” He looked at her worriedly.

This girl was worrisome, couldnt say she was stupid because most of the time she was smart and ruthless. But now she is just… naive?

He was afraid she would wake up late and the porridge would be cold, so he ordered the kitchen warm it up and served it again. He didn’t expect her to wake up so soon just right after the porridge was delivered and she ate it directly even without trying?

“It hurts.” Fang Han pouted her mouth aggrieved and blamed him for not reminding her in advance.

She didn’t realise her expression and tone were coquetry, not like a normal boss and secretary or a servant and master work relationship.

However Qiao Bai Rong wished she could rely more on him, so naturally he would not need to remind her.

“Okay, okay, it’s my fault. Open your mouth and let me see?” He coaxed softly.

Fang Han recovered a little from her childlike tone. She realised that her behaviour was a little shameful. She turned red and looked down at the sweet dessert soup without saying a word.

Qiao Bai Rong shook his head and took away the bowl from her hand, “Just looking at the sweet soup and not eating lunch anymore?”

The beloved dessert was taken away and Fang Han immediately revived.

Looking at the bowl that was moved to the other end of the table, she was anxious and wanted to say something, but Qiao Bai Rong spoke first.

“You can’t have any dessert until you finished all these dishes and porridge.”

She broke down immediately. “The porridge is so hot.”

“You can wait until it gets cooler.”

“Wait a little longer, the ice in the sweet dessert will melt.” She was little reluctant.

“That’s right. The doctor said you can’t eat ice too often.”

The two slept in the same bed for two years and he knew exactly how she was. Although she looked alive and kicking but it didn’t mean she is well. Not that the doctor didnt prescribed her medications, but she was unwilling and refused to take them. So at the end, every month her menstruation, she would rolled on the bed with pain.

And Qiao Bai Rong really did not understand. He was never a person who compromised easily. How could he let her go easily everytime he was tricked by her. – Ha! This girl must be the devil in his life.

Bargaining seemed to be hopeless, Fang Han had no choice but to eat the vegetables and porridge.

Qiao Bai Rong only moved his chopsticks when he saw her eating.

“By the way, what time is it now?” Fang Han suddenly thought of it.

“Is almost three in the afternoon. What’s the matter?”

She didn’t expect she would sleep so long after she fell asleep and there was another appointment in the afternoon!

Fang Han quickly grabbed his briefcase and opened the self-made calendar. “Oh, you supposed to go Meijia Village this afternoon!”

Qiao Bai Rong replied calmly, “Don’t worry, I’ll take some time to drop by tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” She bit her chopsticks in distress and turned to the next page of her calendar. “But tomorrow you have a business talk with Mr. Zhao! You will have a long discussion everytime you chat with him. I’m afraid you don’t have the time to go Meijia Village.”

It was her responsibility as a competent secretary to remind the boss of the itinerary.

“Then I’ll go on the day after tomorrow.”

“But the day after tomorrow …..”

Qiao Bai Rong simply reached out his hand and confiscated her calendar, “Don’t look at things while eating.”

In fact, most of the time he didn’t say where he would go because he would always bring her along wherever he went. Since she was unwell today, so he didn’t plan to go anywhere. Even if he stayed in the study room, he still had a lot business to deal with.

Fang Han curled her lips. Forget it! The boss didn’t think was mportant, then why bothered? She was just a small employee who just wanted to make a living.

They both enjoyed the late lunch quietly.

After a while, there were some footsteps outside the room and then a little girl seemed to be around thirteen or fourteen year old came to the door and timidly said, “Second Young Master, Madam ordered, please come for the dinner in LanXuan Garden tonight.”

LanXuan Garden was the courtyard where Mr. Qiao and Mrs. Qiao lived.

“Tell Madam that I’m very busy and don’t have time.” Qiao Bai Rong said without thinking.

He had no compassion over this family, especially Mrs. Qiao who had never shown him any loved. Just hoped that they won’t bothered him if there was nothing happened. Possibly, best not to meet at all.

He couldn’t recall when was the last dinner he had with Mrs. Qiao. Out of the blue now invited him for dinner, it must be something not good.

“Second Young Master, Madam wants me to invite you.” This little maid shrunk and said: “Madam also said if I can’t even handle this matter, she would have to hit me…..”

“What does that got to do with me?” It was none of his business if that woman wanted to kill hundreds of slaves. Even it upset him, he would still not give her money to buy new servants.

“Second Young Master, please.. it’s just a meal.”

Fang Han noticed the servant’s frightened face and she knew Mrs. Qiao’s temperament very well, so couldn’t help speaking out.

“Err…” Fang Han was stunned, “Well, no choice then. Please inform Madam that Second Young Master is really busy and couldn’t come for the dinner.”

She had such a status in Qiao Family because of her boss. If something happened to Qiao Bai Rong, she will be done. Of course, she would die too…

Fang Han’s word obviously pleased him.

After all, in the whole Qiao Family, she was the only one who dared to be with him and disdained other masters in Qiao Family.

Of course Qiao Bai Rong didn’t know that Fang Han came from an era that emphasised human rights. When she became a servant in Qiao Family, she did not show any much respect to the so-called master in her life. Second Young Master was an exception, he was her boss’s boss and absolutely necessary to please him!

“Fine.” Qiao Bai Rong was in the good mood, seldom showed mercy. He said to the little maid, “Tell Madam that I’ll be there in the evening.”

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

Master Qiao’s Secretary Maid

喬二少的祕書丫鬟 (穿越做丫鬟之一)
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
Traversed to become A Servant — Book 1– – – – – – – – – – Heartbroken and wanted to commit suicide?Nonsense!But how did God decide to let her transmigrate to ancient times and become a little maid?In this era of distinct classes, a maid has no human rights at all.She knew it very well. If you want to live a good life, you would have to follow a kind master.But she didn’t expect this second young master Qiao to be so two-faced?! A serious and elite gentleman by day and a rogue by night!Alas! She wanted to get a new job. Is it too late to seek a new master?


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