Magical Girl, Repeat chapter 9

The Eleventh Loop

I woke up abruptly.
I stopped the alarm clock just as it started beeping.
Ah, I’m sane again. I see, since time went back, I’ve returned to normal.
“Onee-chan, good morning!!”
My little sister Chronos, who vigorously opened the door, jumped into the room.
As usual, this child is noisy in the morning……
“……geez! Stupid Chronos! It was so terrible!!”
I involuntarily raised my voice.
“Eh……? B-But, the balance adjustment……”
“That was overkill! I, even though it was only for a short time, I forgot about Meguru you know!? I’ve never been so sad before!”
Those feelings that were very important to me. Tears spilled out.
“Eh……u-um……sorry, I’m sorry, ok……?”
Ah, Chronos was flustered while making a troubled face. How rare. That troubled face of hers is also quite cute.
“T-Then I’ll specially make it so that only Rinne-chan won’t submit, ok?”
Saying this, Chronos lightly touched her pendant.
“Ok, this should be alright now. I’m sorry, ok? Ok?”
sniff yeah, thanks Chronos.”
Upon seeing me smile while sniffling, Chronos also smiled.
“Ah, but yesterday’s fight was the best one yet!”

Chronos showed me a video of yesterday’s battle which I didn’t remember.
Since everybody had submitted to Yuki-chan, Yuki-chan assumed the role of leader……
I-I was also moving amazingly. To think that I was able to move like that. I don’t remember it at all, though.
In the end, the match ended when Yuki-chan attacked and was a few centimeters away from the pendant.
Eeeh……we’re a much better match for her when I’m unconscious……s-somehow I feel kinda complicated about this……

Well, that’s fine! Time to change, time to change! I slapped my face.
“Now then, let’s go have breakfast, Chronos!”
We all went downstairs.

Today’s sex was very that.
After hugging and smooching Meguru, I was gently pushed onto the floor and inserted into while kissing.
When Meguru inserted his dick all the way in, muddy happiness flooded into the back of my brain, turning it all messy.
While looking at me, who had lost strength in my entire body, Meguru gently pumped me. It was a sex that made me melt.
Licking various parts of my body while like that, he firmly creampied me in the end.
Even after we finished, I couldn’t move for a while. And after Meguru peered at me anxiously, I selfishly asked him to hold me so he hugged me lots.
I’m sorry that I’m such a selfish Onee-chan, Meguru♡

On the route to school. While holding the lead attached to Yuri-sensei’s collar in my hand, we walked together with Chronos to school.
“Say, Chronos. Couldn’t you give us a bit more of a handicap? If it’s like this, then this battle will keep going for our whole lives.”
“Mumuuh, guess it can’t be helped. Then, if you can touch me with even one finger, then I’m fine with calling it Rinne-onee-chan’s win♪”
“Eh!? Are you sure!? Yay!! In that case, we might be able to work it out!”
“It’s tag! If you can catch me, then go ahead and do it!”
“Wait, waaiiit!”
While squealing and kicking up a fuss, we headed to school.

“Ara, Rinne, morning. As usual, you’re just on time, huh?”
Upon opening the classroom door, Aoi-chan called out to me.
……huh? Aoi-chan is no longer a toilet like usual.
P-Perhaps this is the alteration this time?
No way……does that mean I have to go to the girls toilets to pee now……?
In anycase, when I look at Aoi-chan’s, I get this strange feeling……
Eh? Aoi-chan, w-what’s with that expression? Eh? Why is she coming this way?
Aoi-chan grabbed my collar and knocked me down with a jerk.
Upon looking upwards, Aoi-chan was looking down on me as a cold smile surfaced on her face.
“What happened to your greeting? Do you want to be stepped on that much?”
Saying this, Aoi-chan removed her loafers and used her leg covered in black tights to step on my face.
Eh? Eh? What’s this? W-Why am I feeling this happy?
Is it because [Aoi-chan is my queen]?
Ah, t-that’s right, because it was overwritten with this, Aoi-chan was no longer a toilet.
“Ara? You look rather happy to be trampled over by your classmate in the morning, hm? Such a pervert, you are♡”
“Ahaah♡ That’s right, I’m so happy to be stepped on by Aoi-chan♡”
The words hurled at me entered my ears, as the humiliation turned into pleasure.
I somehow got on all fours, and Aoi-chan unreservedly sat on my back.
“Did you smooch with your beloved little brother before coming here today as well? Did your little brother’s cock enter you and make you go ahe ahe?”
(TL Note: The ‘Ahe’ from Ahegao)
While still seated, Aoi-chan stretched her hand towards my pussy and played with it.
“Uhih! Ahah, t-that’s right, we had lovey-dovey sex this morning♡”
Being made to say this sort of thing is so embarrassing……but, but the shame feels soo goood……
“Ara, something white came out……perhaps, did you get seeded? Ahahah! You’re like a bitch in heat, hm?”
“Yes!! He let out a lot of semen for me♡ I am a female dog, a biiittch♡”
I screamed out embarrassing things in the classroom. Ah, it’s Yuki-chan. She’s looking this way.
“Fufuh, I wonder what kind of training this pervy dog should get today……eh? You want to fuck me? Sure, that’s fine.”
Aoi-chan got on top of me and spread her legs open in an M-shape. Aoi-chan also couldn’t go against Yuki-chan……
Yuki-chan’s dick was stiff and erect. Is it because my training had been displayed to her since this morning?
Ah, it entered deep inside her all at once.
“Aaah……h…………! Ah? Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ I’ve given in♡ Yuki♡ Yuki-sama♡”
Aaaaaah……my queen was being raped on top of me and made to declare her complete defeat.
I don’t know what’s what anymore.

It was after school. We played tag with Chronos in the abandoned factory on the outskirts of town.
Even with 5 people chasing her, we couldn’t catch Chronos at all.
Eventually we were done in by a huge energy wave.

Magical Girl, Repeat

Magical Girl, Repeat

Mahou Shoujo, Kurikaesu., 魔法少女、繰り返す。
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
Rinne-chan is a Magical Girl. As Tear Garnet, she’s a warrior of justice who fights evil. Rinne-chan has been caught in a loop that repeats the same day! Each time the loop repeats, her world undergoes a perverted transformation, little by little. Will Rinne-chan be able to escape from this loop!?


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