Magical Girl, Repeat chapter 8

The Tenth Loop

I woke up abruptly.
I stopped the alarm clock just as it started beeping.
“Even if it’s because of the alterations, there’s no way I can fight against my little sister……”
It reflexively made me sigh.
The situation just keeps on getting worse and worse……
“Onee-chan, Good morning!!”
My little sister Chronos, who vigorously opened the door, jumped into the room.
As usual, this child is noisy from the morning……
“Even though we fought just moments ago, Chronos sure is busy.”
Chronos innocently laughed. Damn, she’s so cute……
“Dun duun! As a special service, this time there are two modifications!”
While raising a peace sign, Chronos’s high-energy voice echoed in the room.
“Eeeh!? I don’t need that kind of service!”
“In consideration of our battles up until now, I’ve adjusted the balance!”
Chronos proudly puffed her chest.
“Adjusted the balance?”
“Onee-chan and the others are too weak, so I’ve increased the number of your allies by one! It’s Yuki-chan from the same class!”
I see. To be honest, this much isn’t really surprising.
“The other one you can look forward to later!”
Handling her with a ‘yes, yes’, I got out of bed.

This morning Meguru pushed me down from behind, and inserted his dick into my butt just like that.
I was a little surprised, but upon thinking that my ass pussy was being raped by Meguru’s dick, I gradually started feeling good, and in the end I let out an animal-like voice as he spewed and ejaculated inside of my intestines.
The sight of semen drooling from my anus after he pulled his dick out was really naughty……
I heard that the butt wouldn’t feel good right away, but I guess this is also because of the power of our love?
My pussy virginity will be for next time, ok Meguru♡

On the route to school. While holding the lead attached to Yuri-sensei’s collar in my hand, we walked together with Chronos to school.
……come to think of it, Chronos’s weakness is the pendant around her neck, right?
If I snatched it now, then would this battle end?
Chronos was happily walking in front of me. If it’s now, then……
With determination, I aimed at the pendant and stretched out my hand.

Or I should have. I was walking normally along the street.
Huh……? That’s weird. I’m pretty sure I……
Alright, once more! Turning to Chronos, started running-

-I walked along the street without incident.
Chronos proudly looked back at me.
“Yooouu’rree toooo naaiiivee, y’knoow? I wound back Onee-chan’s time♪”
Mumumuh, although she’s my little sister, she’s tough……!

I found Mizuki-chan walking up ahead.
Uwah, she’s walking while masturbating. She’s holding an erotic manga in her left hand while squelching her pussy with her right hand.
It’s definitely more dangerous than walking with a smartphone, but Mizuki-chan is a masturbation addict so it can’t be helped……
“Mizuki-chan, morning.”
“……nn……ahah, Rinne-cha,n……morning……!!”
……hah! That’s right! If I listen to Mizuki-chan’s story, then……

Uuuh……I ended up masturbating while commuting to school……
Next time I’ll be careful so as to not hear about it as much as possible……

“And then……ah, seeing the committee chairman who got high off of the drugs, ah, ah, ahah……!! Shaking her hips while laughing was so erotic…ah…!!”
“H-Heeh, i-is that so……?”
It was break time. Mizuki-chan was talking to Yuki-chan in the seat next to her about erotic manga. While masturbating, of course.
In anycase, so Yuki-chan is our new comrade, huh?
Yuki-chan’s codename is Tear Jet.
It featured terrific leg speed. It suited Yuki-chan who was from the track and field club.
I think the fact that such information was easily stored in my head was also due to the alterations.
“A-Ahah, ah……and, then……”
“S-Say, Mizuki……I know that Mizuki is a hopeless pervert who’s addicted to masturbation, but……shouldn’t you refrain from doing it a little? It’s not good to overdo it.”
It’s Yuki-chan’s sound argument!
……hm? Huh? Is that an optical illusion? Yuki-chan’s skirt, the crotch part of it appears to be raised……
“Eeeeeeh……? Ah, no, nonononono………ah, if Mizuki stopped masturbating, then Mizuki will become a…cripple……!!”
“Geez! I’m saying this because I’m worried about you, Mizuki! It can’t be helped. I’ll fuck you and make you feel even more pleasure than when you masturbate.”
While saying thus, Yuki-chan stood up from her chair and tucked up her skirt. A stiff and erect dick sprouted from there.
[Yuki-chan is a hermaphrodite girl who has a dick that no matter who it fucks none can resist.]
[Yuki-chan’s dick is an absolute dick that makes any pussy it fucks completely submit immediately.]
Uwah……what an outrageous alteration……
“Wah, Mizuki is going to be fucked…? Ah, but I can’t resisst……”
Mizuki-chan was pushed down onto the classroom floor just like that. Her partner was Yuki-chan’s dick, so it’s only natural……
“I’m going……to put it in……Mizuki-chan……!!”
“Ahh, ah, ah, ah, no, no, noo!!”
With a squelch, the dick entered Mizuki-chan’s pussy.
“Ah, ah, ah……ah♡”
It happened the moment that Yuki-chan’s member entered up until its base, and poked the Mizuki-chan’s deepest part with a bump. Mizuki-chan’s voice changed.
“Ah♡ Ahh♡ Ahh♡ Ahh♡ Ahh♡ I’ve been conquered♡ Mizuki’s pussy♡ Has completely surrendered to Yuki-chann♡ Ahah♡ Ah♡ Ah, ah♡”
Mizuki-chan was shaking her hips on her own. She was making a perverted flirtatious expression, to the point where one would question whether they could see heart marks in her eyes……
S-So it feels that good, huh?
“You shouldn’t masturbate anymore, ok?”
“Yes♡ Once I know this♡ Masturbation is♡ No longer enough♡ Ah♡”
It was school break time. Even though girls were having sex in the classroom, there wasn’t a single person who cared.
Yuki-chan can fuck anyone at any time, so it’s only natural.
“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ ………ah? Agigh…………!!”
Yuki-chan’s paused waist pumped once, but Mizuki-chan’s head shook with a jerk just from that as she ended up fainting.
“Ah, sorry, did you faint?”
Yuki-chan pulled out her dick, sitting the unconscious Mizuki-chan onto her seat.
“Nnn, what should I do? I was halfway done, and I really want to ejaculate.”
Yuki-chan looked around restlessly. Ah, our eyes met. She’s walking this way.
No way! No way, no way! Did she perhaps choose me?
“Rinne-chan, I want to ejaculate inside of Rinne-chan.”
“Y-Yup, got it.”
I sat on the desk and spread my crotch so that she could enter easily. I-I can’t resist, and I don’t feel like doing so anyways……
What should I do……? If this is put inside me, then I’m going to become like Mizuki-chan, right?”
I don’t want to hate Meguru……!!
“I’m putting it in, ok?”
“Yup, go for it.”
When asked by Yuki-chan, I nodded as though such a thing didn’t matter at all.
Ah, ah, it’s coming inside, so hard…… Ah, no, I can intuitively tell.
My pussy, it can’t win against this dick. It already wants to give in.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s steadily going deeper, ah, what should I do? Meguru, Meguruu……!!
Ah…………haah…………h♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡
No♡ No♡ No♡ Ah♡ Yuki-sama♡ Ahah♡ Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah♡
I’m cumming♡ I’m constantly cumming♡ It’s no good anymore♡ No good♡ I can’t go back♡
All of me has been conquered♡ By this person♡
My♡ My emotions♡ My values♡ My life♡ None of it matters anymore♡
Yuki-sama♡ Yuki-sama♡ Yuki-sama Yuki-sama Yuki-sama Yuki-sama Yuki-sama♡

I can barely remember what happened after that.
The last thing I saw was a huge energy wave approaching.

Magical Girl, Repeat

Magical Girl, Repeat

Mahou Shoujo, Kurikaesu., 魔法少女、繰り返す。
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
Rinne-chan is a Magical Girl. As Tear Garnet, she’s a warrior of justice who fights evil. Rinne-chan has been caught in a loop that repeats the same day! Each time the loop repeats, her world undergoes a perverted transformation, little by little. Will Rinne-chan be able to escape from this loop!?


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