Magical Girl, Repeat chapter 7

The Ninth Loop

I woke up abruptly.
I stopped the alarm clock just as it started beeping.
“I feel like we’re boxed in a terrible situation……”
It reflexively made me sigh.
The situation just keeps on getting worse and worse……
“Onee-chan, Good morning!!”
The door opened vigorously and my little sister, Chronos, jumped into the room.
As usual, this child is noisy from the morning……
C-Certainly, [Chronos is my energetic little sister], but……
“T-This kind of alteration is unfair……”
“Are you surprised? Did I surprise you?”
“Well, of course I’m surprised, but……”
“Good morning, Rinne-sama. You sure are energetic this morning.”
Yuri-sensei came in later on all fours.
Yuri-sensei was Chronos’s pet, and was fully nude since there was no need for her to behave as a human at home.
It’s only natural since she’s a pet, right?
There are sometimes people who have their pets wear clothes, but our policy is for them to keep their appearance as is.
……errm, well Yuri-sensei is Chronos’s pet, and Chronos is my little sister, so Yuri-sensei is also my pet, right?
……hmm? I feel like there’s something weird about this, but I wonder what it is……?
……hah!! That’s right! Yuri-sensei being a pet is also a result of the alterations!
W-W-W-What should I do……?
I’m gradually getting more and more familiar with this world!!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah♡ Meguru’s dick feels so gooood!!”
Morning in the living room. I was on all fours, being thrust from behind by Meguru.
Being held by the waist and roughly thrust in and out like this makes it seem like I’m being raped.
“Ah♡ Ah♡ No♡ Stop♡ I’m being raped by Meguru♡”
“Onee-chan, you’re tightening up while telling me no! You really, like being raped, right!?”
“Auh!! Ahah♡ Ahah♡ Yes♡ That’s right♡ Being pushed down, and thrust from behind like a dog♡ It feels soo gooood♡ Ah, ah, ah♡”
When doing this like this, it looks like I’m being controlled by Meguru even though I’m his onee-chan♡
Ah, ah, so goood.

“Nn, mmm, nnh nnh nnh……ah”
In front of my eyes was Yuri-sensei [getting her pet feed] from mother.
Crammed into Yuri-sensei’s pussy that she thrust out while on all fours was a carrot.
Because Yuri-sensei is a pet, mother also unreservedly made her sloppy wet.
“Ah, ah, ah……ah, ahn, ah!”
Although Yuri-sensei seemed to be suffering from the carrots grinding into her depths, this was a pet’s meal so it couldn’t be helped.
When thinking about such a thing, Meguru’s waist moved with increasing intensity♡
“……nn ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Meguru’s dick♡ It’s swelling!!”
“O-Onee-chan! Onee-chan! Onee-chan’s pussy! Ah, I’m cumming! Semen’s going to come out!!”
“Oh no♡ W-While fucking me from behind like an animal♡ My little brother, is going to ejaculate semen♡ No, no♡ Ah, ah, I’ll be impreg-♡ Impregnated♡ Ah, ah, do it♡ Ejaculate inside of Onee-chan’s pussy and impregnate me♡”
It feels so good♡ It feels so good♡ It feels so good♡ It feels so good♡
To think that being ruled over would be this blissful♡
“Ah, ah, ah…………oh, ah……ah……auh.”
Yuri-sensei was having her pussy meal. I was having a child-making impregnating copulation.
I kinda feel like it’s unfair, but Yuri-sensei was a pet ever since she was born, so it couldn’t be helped.
……ah♡ It’s coming♡ Meguru’s male semen♡
“………………ah………♡ ……a………ha……♡”
Haaaah♡ I was impregnated by Meguru♡ Too blissful♡ I’m so happy I’m human♡

“Yup! It really has to be light soy sauce for fried eggs!”
While Meguru and I were devoting ourselves to impregnating copulation, Chronos was at the table eating breakfast.

On the route to school. While holding the lead attached to Yuri-sensei’s collar in my hand, we walked together with Chronos to school.
Since we were outside, Yuri-sensei was also wearing clothes and walking normally like an adult.
“Say, Chronos……Why are you doing this sort of thing?”
“Why, you ask?”
“With Chronos’s ability, you can easily defeat people like us, right?”
“I told you the first time, right!? I just want to play!”
“Just what do you mean by……?”
When we got that far into our conversation, I could see Mizuki-chan walking up ahead.
Uwah, she’s walking while masturbating. She’s holding an erotic manga in her left hand while squelching her pussy with her right hand.
It’s definitely more dangerous than walking with a smartphone, but Mizuki-chan is a masturbation addict so it can’t be helped……

Uuuuh……when I heard about the story of Mizuki-chan’s erotic manga, I inadvertently ended up aroused and masturbated while walking to school……
Next time I’ll be careful so as to not hear about it as much as possible……

“And then……ah, seeing the committee chairman who got high off of the drugs, ah, ah, ahah……!! Shaking her hips while laughing was so erotic…ah…!!”
“H-Heeh, i-is that so……?”
It was break time. Mizuki-chan was talking to Yuki-chan in the seat next to her about erotic manga. While masturbating, of course.
“A-Ahah, ah……and, then……”
“S-Say, Mizuki……I know that Mizuki is a hopeless pervert who’s addicted to masturbation, but……shouldn’t you refrain from doing it a little? It’s not good to overdo it.”
It’s Yuki-chan’s sound argument!
“Eeeeeeh……? Ah, no, nonononono………ah, if Mizuki stopped masturbating, then Mizuki will become a…cripple……!!”
“Geez! I’m saying this because I’m worried about you, Mizuki!”
While saying this, Yuki-chan walked up to Aoi-chan who was squeezing semen from a man via cowgirl.
Ah, she lowered her panties, grasped Aoi-chan’s head and pushed it against her pussy.
“……nn………ah, haaaaaaah…………”
Yuki-chan’s face slackened, and Aoi-chan’s throat moved with a glug. It seemed that Yuki-chan had been holding it back for quite a bit.
“Constantly masturbating is……ah, not good, Mizuki……hh…”
While having Aoi-chan lick her pussy clean, Yuki-chan worried about Mizuki-chan.
Yuki-chan really is a good girl.

It was after school. Together with Yuri-sensei, we waited in the abandoned factory on the outskirts of town for Chronos.
Mizuki-chan was masturbating. Our costumes after we transformed were so cute that she became horny from seeing them.
She seemed to especially like the slender legs of Tear Crystal-chan, who was wearing a mini-skirt, panting as she sniffed that place while stroking her thighs.
But Tear Emerald-chan is a masturbation addict, so it can’t be helped, right? ……yup, there’s nothing strange about it at all.
It was at that time. A black warpgate appeared before us.
“She’s here……!”
The one who appeared from inside the gate was my adorable little sister. It’s Chronos!

There’s no way that I could really go all out against my little sister.

We were blown away by a huge energy wave and fainted.

Magical Girl, Repeat

Magical Girl, Repeat

Mahou Shoujo, Kurikaesu., 魔法少女、繰り返す。
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
Rinne-chan is a Magical Girl. As Tear Garnet, she’s a warrior of justice who fights evil. Rinne-chan has been caught in a loop that repeats the same day! Each time the loop repeats, her world undergoes a perverted transformation, little by little. Will Rinne-chan be able to escape from this loop!?


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