Magical Girl, Repeat chapter 6

The Eighth Loop

I woke up abruptly.
I stopped the alarm clock just as it started beeping.
“Omission, huh……”
It reflexively made me sigh.
For us to be unable to win even with Yuri-sensei……
Well, leaving that aside, let’s go have sex with Meguru.
The sight of me cheerfully changing into my junior high school uniform was reflected in the full-length mirror. I fixed my bed hair.
I carefully checked myself over again. Is this okay? It’s not weird, right?
Would Meguru like it if I were a bit more adult-like?
Ah, right right, I need to take off my panties.
And, done. I’ll be having sex soon so there’s no point in having them on anyhow.

Upon heading to the living room, Meguru was waiting.
“Rinne-onee-chan, you’re so-……nnhh!?”
Just hearing his voice makes my mind go numb.
I instinctively rushed over and kissed him.
“Meguru……! Nmhh, nn, Meguru♡ Nmu, lick, ah♡ Nn, nnn♡”
Standing him up from his chair, I pushed him down to the floor.
Fufuh, Onee-chan will fuck you♡
“Fuaah……!! Onee, cha-…!!”
He makes cute pants when I nibble on his earlobe. Let’s tease him more and mooore!
I took out Meguru’s erect dick.
I’ll strokey-stroke this erect dick while licking Meguru’s ear.
“Ah……, ah, ah!”
Ahah♡ How cuuute! Just like a puppy♡
“Meguru, are you feeling good from Onee-chan’s handjob?”
His face became bright red when I whispered into his ear. Ahaha, Meguru’s dick is getting even harder even though he’s making that face♡
“Onee-chan, onee-chan! Ah, ah, no, I’m already cumming……!!”
His dick is swelling. Is he going to ejaculate?
“Not yet♡”
I’ll grasp the base of his dick nice and tight so that he can’t ejaculate.
“Eh!? N-No way, Onee-chan! I want to cuum, please let me! Let me cum!!”
He’s desperately pleading with me♡
But don’t worry, I’ll let you cum soon♡
While licking his face, I straddled Meguru. Pushing against his dick that was already on the verge of ejaculating, I lowered my waist all at once.
“……nnih……!! ……ahh!! Ah♡”
I felt the sharp pain of my deflowering and the gushing hot semen striking me almost at the same time.
“Ah♡ Ah♡ Meguru’s semen♡ It’s so hot♡ I’m getting creampied and deflowered at the same time♡”
I wonder if this’ll make a baby with Meguru? I’m sure it’ll be a cute child that looks just like Meguru♡

This time I somehow managed to leave the house so that I wouldn’t be late.
Although small, it’s a big step forward.
I had him cum inside me, so I’m super happy too.

Ah, walking up ahead is Mizuki-chan.
“Mizuki-chan, good morning!”
“G-Good morning, Rinne-chan……”
“Were you staying up late again? That’s bad for your body, you know?”
“E-Ehehe……the erotic manga I was reading was super pervy, so I inadvertently ended up masturbating……”
“It was an Onee-chan X Shota work of cuckoldry, see? The protagonist is an older sister who constantly has lovey-dovey sex with a boy, but on a certain day she gets drugged with an aphrodisiac by a gaudy college student and gets fucked……”
Waah, Mizuki-chan’s manga interests have changed……
Even though she loved shoujo mangas up until yesterday……
“And then……nnh, the older sister, ah……gets trained to the point, nn, nnh, here she cumms just from, ah, ah, getting her nipple piercings puulled…nn, nn, squelchy-squelch feels soo goood……”
Wah, wah! Mizuki-chan started masturbating in this sort of place!!
[Mizuki-chan is a masturbation addict who loves erotic manga], so I think she has any intention of stopping, though……
“Nn, nn……ah, ah.”
Mizuki-chan, who had a cute face and was so small that she could be mistaken for an elementary school student, was masturbating with her hand thrust into her skirt.
What a super pervy face……
I’ve never seen Mizuki-chan make that face before.
“Nn……and then, nn, nn, before the boy’s eyes……ah, ah, ah, the older sister, ah, ahah, ah……”
Mizuki-chan’s face was enraptured……s-somehow, even I’m starting to get in a weird mood.
The places where Meguru sprayed his semen on me started to tingle……
“The older sister, while being violated, ah, ah, nn, m-made a declaration to be a slave, nnh, nn……nn……!!!”
Mizuki-chan’s slovenly opened mouth tightly closed. She must have cum.
That docile Mizuki-chan had turned into a girl that cums from masturbating on the side of the road……
……nnh, nnh, ah, Meguru’s semen. It’s leaking and making a pervy squelching sound……
Ah, ah, what should I do? Now I want to masturbate.
But I’ll endure it! This is also all Chronos’s doing!
Mizuki-chan! I’ll save you, ok!

“And then……ah, in her butt and pussy, tentacles……!! Were inserted inside!!”
“H-Heeh, i-is that so……?”
It was break time. Mizuki-chan was talking to Yuki-chan in the seat next to her about erotic manga. While masturbating, of course.
Mizuki-chan is a masturbation addict, after all.
Yuki-chan was a boyish girl and an ace of the track and field club. Because her undyed black hair was cut very short, and she didn’t feel like putting on makeup, the boys in the class didn’t treat her like a girl.
But all the girls know. Yuki-chan is very cute, and she’s actually more maiden-like than anyone.
Her ears turn bright red the moment she hears about love talk, after all.
Look, even now, her face is bright red from listening to both the sounds of Mizuki-chan’s masturbation and the story of the erotic manga.
Yuki-chan is pure-hearted, so I don’t think she’s ever masturbated before……

After school, together with Yuri-sensei, we waited in the abandoned factory on the outskirts of town for Chronos.
Mizuki-chan was masturbating. Our costumes after we transformed were so cute that she became horny from seeing them.
She seemed to especially like the slender legs of Tear Crystal-chan, who was wearing a mini-skirt, panting as she sniffed that place while stroking her thighs.
But Tear Emerald-chan is a masturbation addict, so it can’t be helped, right? ……yup, there’s nothing strange about it at all.
It was at that time. A black warpgate appeared before us.
“She’s here……!”
The one who appeared from inside the gate was a very adorable girl. It’s Chronos!

Even though we couldn’t win when the four of us fought, with Tear Emerald-chan masturbating and Tear Crystal-chan’s legs being captured by Tear Emerald-chan who was clinging onto them, there was no way we could win.

We were blown away by a huge energy wave and fainted.

Magical Girl, Repeat

Magical Girl, Repeat

Mahou Shoujo, Kurikaesu., 魔法少女、繰り返す。
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
Rinne-chan is a Magical Girl. As Tear Garnet, she’s a warrior of justice who fights evil. Rinne-chan has been caught in a loop that repeats the same day! Each time the loop repeats, her world undergoes a perverted transformation, little by little. Will Rinne-chan be able to escape from this loop!?


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