Magical Girl, Repeat chapter 4

The Sixth Loop

“What do you mean, annoying!?”
I abruptly woke up while involuntarily retorting.
I stopped the alarm at the same time as it was about to ring.
“I lost agaiin……”
I involuntarily sighed. If even Yuri-sensei joined the other side, then we have even less chance of winning……
Phew. Anyways, I’m hungry so let’s change clothes and go eat breakfast♪
The sight of me cheerfully changing into my junior high school uniform was reflected in the full-length mirror. I fixed my bed hair.
I then checked it again more carefully. Is this okay? I don’t look strange, right?
Ah, that’s right, I also have to take off my panties.
And, done. It feels very good to take off my panties.

Upon heading to the living room, my little brother was waiting.
“Rinne-onee-chan, you’re so slow!”
Upon seeing Meguru’s face, my chest involuntarily tightened up.
After all, [my little brother Meguru is also my beloved boyfriend].
Aah, those eyes that are watching me……I can’t stop the thumping in my chest!
“Onee-chan, hurry up!”
“O-Ok, just wait a bit!”
I hurriedly straddled myself atop Meguru, who was sitting in a chair. I wrapped both of my arms around Meguru’s neck.
My head is tingling just from brushing against Meguru’s body.
Ah, this is Meguru’s scent……sniff sniff, it’s so relieving. I want to smell this forever.
Wah, Meguru’s face is so close!! I don’t look weird, do I? Aah, geez, my face has definitely turned beet red!
“Meguru……!! Nnmmh, nnh, Meguru Nnmmh, lick, ah♡ Nn, nnn♡”
Upon seeing Meguru’s trembling lips, I kissed him without thinking. Stuff like feeding him mouth-to-mouth or the like doesn’t matter anymore.
“Onee-cha-nnh, nnh, nn!”
Aha, Meguru’s dick has woken up♡ It was aroused by my kiss! That makes me so happy♡
Raising my hips while still kissing, I took out Meguru’s hard dick.
“Ah, haah♡ It’s gotten so biig♡”
Upon whispering that into his ear, Meguru’s member twitched. Aww, how cute.
Meguru’s erect dick, even just touching it is making me feel good.
I’m so glad I took off my panties. It saves me the hassle of doing it now.
Grasping his dick, I pressed the tip of it against my pussy.
Because my pussy was already sopping wet, Meguru’s dick was immediately drenched.
“Nn♡ Onee-chan’s first time, I’ll give it to Meguru, ok♡”
I dropped my waist, thrusting his member all the way inside of me in one go.
“……iih……ah, ah♡ ……nnh♡”
Although pain ran through me for but an instant, my brain was numbed by an even greater sense of happiness.
Bliss. The world is bliss. I’m so happy to be together with Meguru. I can’t think of anything else but that.
“Ah, aah, ah……Meguru, Meguruu……♡”
Even though I’m not doing anything, my pussy tightened up around his dick with a squeeze all by itself.
“Ah, One–Onee-chan, if you tighten up that much, I’ll cum……!!”
“B-But I can’t help it♡ It’sh mahking me sho happyyy♡ It’sh doing id by itshelf♡ By itsheelf♡”
My head is soaring. I’m constantly cumming just from looking at Meguru’s face.
My pussy tightens up every time I cum, making Meguru release a pervy voice.
Ah, his dick is swelling♡ It’s gonna cum. He’s gonna spew his semen inside of me♡
“Ah, ah, no, Onee-chan, I-I’m already……!!”
Ah, ah, ah, ah♡ It’s coming out♡ Meguru’s semen♡ Ah♡ What bliss♡ Too much bliss♡
I unconsciously hugged Meguru with all my might. I wonder if he can still breathe?
Seeing us like that, mother gave an amazed laugh as though to say we were hopeless.
Aha♡ Meguru was in a daze after ejaculating♡ How cute♡
But that’s not good enough. I can’t stop anymore.
“……nnh, ah, O-Onee-chan!? S-Stop, I-I already came, so-!”
Ah♡ Ah♡ My hips are moving by themselves♡
“That’s no good♡ Spew lots more semen inside of Onee-chan♡ I can’t stop, anymore♡ My hips won’t stop♡”
“Ah, ah, ah, ah, Onee-chan, Onee-chan!!”
Aaaah, ah, ah, ahah♡ It feels so goood♡ I’m so happy, right now♡ Meguru, I love you♡

I was headed to school on my commute route while significantly late. I heaved the deepest sigh of my life.
Upon becoming calm, I looked back on what I had down.
I did something outrageous……
Well, Meguru is cute, and he also has his cool parts. He’s kind, and his dick is hard and hits against the places that make me feel good……wait, that’s wrong!!
Aaaaah, that’s bad. When I think about Meguru, my heart starts pounding, and I end up feeling more and more naughty.
If the alterations keep proceeding like this, then the world is going to become something ridiculous……
While heaving the second deepest sigh of my life, I headed to school.

“What about not going to the park?”
Aoi-chan said something outrageous.
“Chronos said she was killing time, right? Then even if Rinne doesn’t go to the park, she might come over to where Rinne is and attack us instead.”
“B-But if we do that and she appears at the park, then won’t everyone there be in danger?”
Mizuki-chan spoke in a panic.
“Certainly, that danger exists, but either way, everyone will return to normal when we’re done in, right?”
A-Aoi-chan, there are times where she’s rather dry, or rather where she’s quite severe……
“In other words, we should ambush them and fight in a situation where we have the advantage. I believe that it’s an idea that’s worth trying.”
Mizuki and I reluctantly nodded.

The three of us transformed and went to an abandoned factory outside of town.
Since there’s no people here, Tear Crystal-chan can fight without being used as a toilet.
Carrot was at the park. He should let us know immediately if something happened there.
It was at that time. A black warpgate appeared before us.
“She’s here……!!”
The one who appeared from inside the gate was a very adorable girl. It’s Chronos!
It looks like Tear Alexandrite isn’t here this time.
“This is another lonely place, huh?”
“Be quiet and prepare yourself. Chronos!”
Tear Crystal charged with her sword in hand.
Chronos sidestepped the first sword swing, before receiving the second swing with nails on her left hand. The two’s fierce sword play continued for a while.
“Emerald Arrow!”
It was there that a rain of blue-green arrows poured down. The duo quickly took their distance, dodging it before once again locking eyes with each other.
“Somehow it ended up becoming an actual battle. But I’m still not done!”
Chronos raised both of her hands in the air.
When the black light passed through Tear Emerald and Tear Crystal, the duo completely stopped moving!!
And then Chronos slowly walked towards me.
“I just stopped their time for a little bit, so don’t worry, okay? But this time, this will end it–“
N-No way! That’s unfair!!!
I was blown away by the huge energy wave and fainted.

Magical Girl, Repeat

Magical Girl, Repeat

Mahou Shoujo, Kurikaesu., 魔法少女、繰り返す。
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
Rinne-chan is a Magical Girl. As Tear Garnet, she’s a warrior of justice who fights evil. Rinne-chan has been caught in a loop that repeats the same day! Each time the loop repeats, her world undergoes a perverted transformation, little by little. Will Rinne-chan be able to escape from this loop!?


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