Magical Girl, Repeat chapter 3

The Fifth Loop

I abruptly woke up.
I stopped the alarm at the same time as it was about to ring.
“I lost agaiin……”
I involuntarily sighed.
With that strength, we can’t win even if we included Aoi-chan and fought her together with the three of us……
Anyways, I’m hungry so let’s change clothes and go eat breakfast.
The sight of me changing into my junior high school uniform was reflected in the full-length mirror. I fixed my bed hair.
I also have to take off my panties.
And, done. It feels very good to take off my panties.

Upon heading to the living room, my little brother was waiting.
“Rinne-onee-chan, you’re so slow!”
Uuh, t-that’s right, come to think of it……
What should I do? I’m getting a bit wet just from imagining what we’re about to do.
I’m gonna make Meguru’s clothes dirty. Sorry, Meguru.
“S-Sorry, my bad.”
I hurriedly straddled myself atop Meguru, who was sitting in a chair.
Placing the meal into my mouth, I kissed Meguru.
S-Somehow I feel like I’m doing it smoother than yesterday……
“Nnh, mm smack, nn smack, mm, nnh, mm♡”
While hugging, our tongues entwined with each other while making a lewd sound.
Ah, Meguru’s thing has gotten hard agaaiin.
That hard thing is hitting that place, making it more and more wet……
“Nn, mm♡, nnh, mmh.”
Without thinking, I ended up hugging him tightly. Nn, mm smack.
……!! Meguru’s hands are on my breasts!?
N-No, wait, don’t grope them……!!
“Nnnnn!? Nnah, hey, M-Meguru……!!”
“Hey now, you two, how long are you going to eat!? Meguru, it’s already time for you to go, right!?”
“Nn ah, that’s right!! I’m heading oooff!!”
Meguru left in a fluster. I, who was left behind, became dazed.
W-What should I do? I’m super wet……
“Rinne, hurry up and eat, ok?”
Hurried by mom, I hurriedly arrived at the table.

Having commuted to school, I pulled aside Mizuki-chan and Aoi-chan, who was acting as a semen toilet for her classmates, and whispered their [secrets] to them.
The two of them were really surprised, but thanks to that they seemed to have accepted that we were in a loop.
“This time for sure, we’ll definitely defeat Chronos!!”
“B-B-But even when both Rinne-chan and I fought her, weren’t we easily taken out……?”
“Even if all three of us fought together, our chances of winning appear slim……”
“About that, right. I thought about this, but do you think we could get Yuri-sensei to lend us her power as well?”
Although she was a bit rough, our homeroom teacher Yuri-sensei was reliable, and an existence akin to everyone’s big sister.
Actually, she used to participate in battles of justice as Tear Alexandrite!
Even now, she was amazingly strong, but since she has the thoughts that the foes of today must be fought by children of the current generation, she won’t help unless the situation turns really dangerous.
“If it’s together with Yuri-sensei, then I’m sure we can fight her!”
“Eh?! B-But……”
“That’s right. Yuri-sensei is……”
“Come now, come now. The chime has already rung. Everyone go and take your seats!”
Meanwhile, our homeroom teacher, Yuri-sensei, walked in.

Students clamoured to take their seats. Yuri-sensei walked to the teacher’s desk.
……huh? Is that thing on Yuri-sensei’s neck a collar?
A lead stretched out from that collar, and upon following it, an unbelievable person entered the classroom.
The one who entered the classroom was……Chronos!? W-W-W-Why is she here!!?
“Morning, Rinne-chan!”
My words wouldn’t come out.
“What’s wrong, Rinne? [Yuri-sensei is Chronos’s pet, so it’s only natural that her owner comes along], right?”
Eh? Eh!? Eeeeeh?! C-Certainly, [Yuri-sensei is Chronos’s pet], but……
So this time’s alteration point is this!? T-This is such a ridiculous change!!
“What’s wrong, Rinne? Is it that strange for me to be a pet that shows absolute obedience towards Master’s orders? You’re a rather weird fellow.”
Ahaha–when Yuri-sensei laughed brightly, my classmates also joined in. N-No way……our last resort, Yuri-sensei, is……
A-Anyway! We need to beat Chronos!
“W-Wait, Rinne! We’re in the middle of class right now, you know!?”
“T-That’s right. Besides, if we fight here, then our identities will be revealed……!”
Mizuki-chan whispered to me. Uuuh, certainly, that would be the case……
“It’s ok, Rinne-chan! School is school! I won’t go wild here, so don’t worry!”
Chronos stuck out her thumb and showed a broad smile. Muuuu……I reluctantly took my seat.

“In other words, what the author wanted to say here is……”
During Japanese class, we took the lessons as usual.
Ah, Yuri-sensei is flickering glances towards Chronos……she really must like her owner, huh.
Seeing Chronos nod with a smile, Yuri-sensei also looked very happy. She must be happy to be praised……
Uwah, Yuri-sensei’s face is bright red. Her body is kinda quivering and twitching, but don’t tell me she just came……?
Ah, love juice is dripping from the hem of her tight skirt. As I thought, she’s feeling good……
I wonder if it feels that joyous to be praised by her owner?
“…………ah……! Aoi, could you please lick up sensei’s love juice?”
Aoi-chan stood from her seat and crouched near Yuri-sensei’s feet.
When Yuri-sensei presented her thin, beautiful legs, Aoi-chan began to lick up the love juice starting from Sensei’s shin.
Gradually moving upwards, Aoi-chan licked Sensei’s thighs while hiking up Sensei’s skirt.
Uuuuh, this is really weird. Something like this happening in class……
But my heart is telling me that this is not weird at all.
“Nnh……nnh……ah…………h, t-thanks, Aoi. It’s clean now.”
“No, it is only natural for me as an Acting Toilet. I am very happy to be of help to Sensei.”
Chronos was grinning while looking at the duo laughing together.
Kuh……I’ll never forgive you!!

The three of us transformed and arrived at the park by Carrot’s lead.
I really wanted to fight right after school, but was told “Mixing public and private matters isn’t good!” by Chronos so we had to go to all the trouble of changing locations.
Ah, but Tear Crystal-chan moved to a place that would explode in advance.
If she’s nearby, then I’ll want to pee on her.
It was then that the sound of an explosion could be heard on our right side. And, almost simultaneously, there was one on the left as well.
Tear Crystal raced off towards the right side. Ignore the one on the left!
It was at that time. A black warpgate appeared before me.
“She’s here……!!”
Tear Emerald-chan braced herself.
The one who appeared from inside the gate was a very adorable girl. It’s Chronos!
Yuri-sensei, who had transformed into Tear Alexandrite, was also standing next to her.
“Long time no see! Tear Garnet-chan!”
“We met at school just earlier, didn’t we!?”
I tried my utmost to show my confidence, but honestly the situation hasn’t changed from yesterday.
On the contrary, Tear Alexandrite has become an enemy, making things even worse.
W-What should we do……?
“Nnh, since this is annoying, boom!”
Tear Emerald-chan and I were blown away by the huge energy wave and fainted.

Magical Girl, Repeat

Magical Girl, Repeat

Mahou Shoujo, Kurikaesu., 魔法少女、繰り返す。
Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
Rinne-chan is a Magical Girl. As Tear Garnet, she’s a warrior of justice who fights evil. Rinne-chan has been caught in a loop that repeats the same day! Each time the loop repeats, her world undergoes a perverted transformation, little by little. Will Rinne-chan be able to escape from this loop!?


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