Love in Disguise chapter 5

Chapter 5

Hearing the priest’s surprised shout, the girl paused her movement for a moment, she was afraid of hearing scornful words, directly using her own lips, to seal tight his lips.

Inexperienced licking and biting, feeling an immense amount of shame, yet decisive.

Immediately the priest fiercely hugged the girl, holding the girl’s head, responding to her kiss, moreover deepening the kiss.

The long-term self control, disappearing instantly.

To hell with all the regulations!

The girl riding on top of the priest, mutually taking off each other’s clothing, feeling the temperature of skin on skin, this touch, making them feel as if they would burn up.

She licked the priest’s skin, licking all the way down, putting his scorching* into her mouth, seemingly there wouldn’t be anything more delicious.

The priest was rapidly breathing, finally being unable to resist and releasing it in the girl’s mouth, the girl swallowed the thick liquid, not leaking one drop.

「Harvey……」she finally called out the name she had buried in her heart the whole day, this made the other even more excited.

The scorching entered the garden**, as if to burn everything up.

The initial pain felt was trivial, as they quickly climaxed.

「My Alice……My heart’s eternal goddess……」listening to the priest’s words like a chant, the girl tightly hugged him, seemingly wanted to merge into one with him, never to separate.

If there really was God, they would definitely blame them for the disrespect, doing such things in a sacred church.

But…… this moment feeling so blissful…… if this was a dream, please don’t let me wake up.

——The priest and the girl were both autonomously wishing so in their hearts.


*The scorching is referring to his penis.

**This is referring to her vagina.

Love in Disguise

Love in Disguise

Disguised Love, 伪装下的爱
Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
The author shamelessly labels this as a 「deep tragedy」 story…… however…… this is just a short love story.


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