Love in Disguise chapter 4

Chapter 4

Once the girl knew that her parents had arranged her a marriage partner, she became desperate.

This place only has a small village, what news can remain a secret?

The priest probably already knows.

Actually even if her parents weren’t restraining her, she still wouldn’t want to go out, she doesn’t want to see the priest, with priest Harvey’s personality, and his attitude towards her, he would definitely smile while saying congratulations to her……

She doesn’t want that! She doesn’t want the person who she loves to congratulate her on marrying someone else!!

After enduring many days, that even the wedding date has been set, she finally couldn’t endure it anymore!

This long-term love, just like that it would get buried deep in the heart, silently ending?

Restraining her painful mood, she waited until midnight, after all the villagers in the small village fell asleep, she quietly ran out of her house, rushing to the church.

This is the first time, and perhaps also the last time.

Perhaps she would get pushed away by the priest, thence receiving the priest loathing, but…… just ending it so silently is impossible!

It doesn’t matter if the relationship turns bad! Afterall there’s no turning back!

Closing the church’s door, and seeing the so devoutly praying priest still praying in the middle of the night, the girl’s legs were trembling, the dim lighting made it impossible for her to see the priest’s face expression clearly, each step walking towards the priest, she felt so heavy, could not help but to think: quickly stop right now, and turn back home.

But she didn’t have the heart to, finally, be able to walk up to this person’s face, just like that shrinking back, in the future she would definitely regret it!

Even if he pushes her away, getting a kiss is still good!! Letting him caress her once is also good!!

Even if he doesn’t want to touch her, getting to touch him once is also good!!

Until she fell onto the priest, even after a long silence not getting pushed off, listening to his violent heartbeat, feeling his temperature, the girl finally plucked up some courage, and with one hand pulling off her clothes, another went pulling off the priest’s clothes.


Love in Disguise

Love in Disguise

Disguised Love, 伪装下的爱
Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
The author shamelessly labels this as a 「deep tragedy」 story…… however…… this is just a short love story.


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