Love in Disguise chapter 1


When I first saw her, I became deeply fascinated by her.

Such a small and cute girl, calling me 「Priest」so innocently, praying to me, confessing to me, so lovable……

If possible, I really wish to lock her in the confession room, so that forever only I could, listen to her sweet voice.

Really want to hurt her, defile her, mangle her, possess her! Hear her cry out, enjoy her painful expression!

But…… I don’t have the heart to.

Because she’s too lovable, I can’t help but be gentle to her, respond to her expectations, listen to her troubles, and enlighten her worries.

I long for her.

I want to hug her in my arms, kiss her moist lips, lick her delicate white neck, put the pair of cute little things that are in front of her chest into my mouth for a nibble, giving it a playful squeeze in my hand.

If this was actually to happen, she would probably definitely be scared, thence perhaps escaping from me, never again coming to the church, and I would never be able to see her again……

So, I can only secretly protect her purity, allowing her to always stay naive and ignorant, always being a silly girl, living happily underneath the sun.

I don’t even dare to touch her, if her soft skin were to be felt, would I still be able to continue to endure it, to silently protect her?

God, please punish me, use severe punishments to eliminate the filth in my inner heart, please forgive my shameless desire, I only want to be able to protect her for life, I am willing to offer everything to her! Please don’t let me hurt her!

Day after day, year after year.

My heart sinks for her, goes mad for her, until it falls to hell.

Love in Disguise

Love in Disguise

Disguised Love, 伪装下的爱
Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
The author shamelessly labels this as a 「deep tragedy」 story…… however…… this is just a short love story.


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