Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan chapter Oneshot

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Today, Ye Qu is anxious because he discovered that he had lost a fan.

As an author for 4 years, he has gathered 10,000 or more fans. He should already be used to the idea of gaining and losing fans.


But because of a particular friend raising the topic of “Who was your first fan? Are they still one of your fans?” Which aroused the old group’s nostalgic feelings.


Ye Qu watched with interest as they discussed and happily participated because he knew that his first fan was still there.


As a result, when Ye Qu scrolled through his list of followers and got to the last page, he was stunned to see that his first fan was! not! there!


He still remembered that when he just started weibo, he removed the beginner’s guide and that “MuLi2013” was the first fan to follow him.


When he first saw the name, Ye Qu thought it was just an ordinary zombie fan, but after he published his first book, that name would always appear on the rewards list. The amount that person gives is not much, but they do it in every chapter.


Ye Qu had been writing for 4 years, and MuLi2013 had been with him through that 4 years. He doesn’t know why but he always feels at ease every time he sees that name.


But! Now! MuLi2013 actually disappeared!


Ye Qu panicked, then began to flip through his recent weibo posts. Did he say something he shouldn’t have said? But after tossing all morning, he found that he had done nothing recently, did not comment on current events, did not watch gossip, and has always been a well-behaved melon-eating person, so why?


Ye Qu still remembered that little fan’s weibo. He was glad that the name had not changed. He clicked into the weibo page and unexpectedly discovered that it had more than a thousand posts.


He still can’t tell why.


The last weibo post was from yesterday, with only 3 simple words — [I am unhappy.]


What happened yesterday?


He updated yesterday. Ye Qu suddenly felt aggrieved.


Is it because of yesterday’s update? Ye Qu clearly remembered that when he updated, MuLi2013 left him a comment.


That person’s comments were also dull, 4 years of continuous “Jiayou.” Only on special occasions, when Ye Qu was feeling down, that person would say a few more words. However, punctuations were still meticulously used.


T/N: Jiayou is like an expression of encouragement and support.


He also never comments on the content of the chapter…


Ye Qu touched his chin. Could it be that yesterday’s update made him unhappy? He just let a female supporting character receive a bento box.


T/N: Receiving a bento box means a character dying 


He scanned several pages of MuLi2013 weibo and found that the contents posted every day were just a few words as if the person was only signing in. The posts also had nothing to do with Ye Qu.


The day before yesterday — [He seems to really like the cat from the back of the mountain.]


3 days ago — [He’s back, but he didn’t talk to me.]


4 days ago — [I miss him.]



After a month’s worth of scrolling through boring posts, Ye Qu yawned. He really can’t scroll anymore.


Was it really because of the supporting character?


He rubbed his hands, turned on the computer, and started writing updates.



[What am I seeing? Qu Da actually posted a daily update?]


T/N: Qu Da means something along the lines of Great Qu or Lord Qu. It’s what mc’s readers calls him.


[I’ve been spreading the news that Qu Da daily updated.]


[I think someone stole Qu Da’s manuscript box.]



[*Gasp* Have you read the update? The white lotus who died in the previous chapter actually resurrected?! Despair.]


[QAQ Is she the heroine? I don’t want it, but this writing… Despair (2)]


[Qu Da is not really fond of emotional scenes, yet I just saw him caring so much for that white lotus, my heart is flustered!!!]


Ye Qu rubbed his hands in front of the computer and kept pressing refresh. Ding  – – He read a comment from MuLi2013 saying, “Jiayou.”


What about weibo? What about weibo?


Ye Qu clicked to his “My followers” and was glad to find that MuLi2013 followed him again.




He thought that since he’s being followed now, he won’t be unfollowed again….right?



Ye Qu is unhappy. Extremely unhappy.


He really wants to pass through his computer, shake MuLi2013’s head and ask, “Do you really like this white lotus that much?”


Yes, he could not control himself and once again gave that white lotus a bento box; however, he discovered that MuLi2013 unfollowed him again!!!


Ye Qu was desperate, but he unexpectedly found that what MuLi2013 posted that day was – – [Happy, he called me senior.]


If you are unhappy, you unfollow me. If you are happy, you unfollow me. Ye Qu felt that this day can’t be passed without doing something.


He thought for a while, then sent out a weibo post.


[Ling Bing is not the heroine, but she will also not receive a bento box.]



[Omg, Qu Da actually posted spoilers!]


[This is definitely a fake Qu Da.]


[Can I have a bunch of this Qu Mu?!]


T/N: I also don’t get why its Qu Mu ¯\_()_/¯


[If it’s not the heroine, we won’t prevent Qu Mu from favoring her.]


Ye Qu “…” I don’t like her, thank you very much, but someone else wants her.


What a bad taste!


“Ye Qu?” Ye Qu received a call from a senior of the lab, “The laboratory is being renovated. You don’t need to come today.”


“Ah? Oh, thank you Senior Su.” Ye Qu was a little disappointed, but Senior Su was so serious that he couldn’t crack a joke and could only express his thanks.


“Mhm, you’re welcome.”


Ye Qu turned over, feeling extremely bored.


Laying on his bed with his phone and scrolling through weibo, Ding – – A new follower.


Ye Qu clicked the notification and discovered that MuLi2013 followed him again.


Sure enough, it’s really because of that white lotus!!!


Ye Qu doesn’t admit that he’s angry. He rarely wrote such an unpleasant side character on purpose, the reason…. let’s not mention that. But such an unpleasant character can’t actually become a casual cannon fodder. Ye Qu felt depressed.


He suddenly became curious and clicked on MuLi2013’s weibo, planning to know who this guy liked. Is it someone like Ling Bing who likes to play with people, neither accepting nor refusing? If so, he decided to have a talk with this little fan. Those kinds of people are definitely not worth it!


Ye Qu yawned. He has scrolled through over 500 posts, and all he read was MuLi2013 being secretly in love for nearly 2 years.


It really is a secret crush.


Every post recorded the happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy of the man he was secretly in love with.


That’s right, it’s a man. The contents of the posts are enough for Ye Qu to determine that his little fan is a man and the person he had a crush on is also a man.


“How sad.” Ye Qu sighed. He didn’t know whether he was signing for MuLi2013 or for his own failed secret crush.



“Ye Qu? Recently… Do you need some help?”


“Ah? Senior Su!” Ye Qu regained his senses and touched the back of his head. “No, I just didn’t sleep well.”


How can he possibly sleep well? He was busy reading MuLi2013’s weibo posts while weibo kept on crashing from time to time, so he had to scroll down again and again. He also mourned over his failed secret love, and as a result, he tossed and turned until dawn.


“Oh, get more sleep. The experiment results will be available next week.”


Ye Qu bowed his head and said, “Yes.” implicating that he will not let his body drag down the experiment process.


Senior Su pushed back his black-framed glasses and prepared to leave when Ye Qu suddenly asked, “Where is Senior Lin Yang?”


Senior Su answered lightly with a little annoyance in his voice, “He’s tutoring Junior Feng Ning.”


Is he angry? He knew it!


There were originally fewer doctoral students, and the mentors were even more critical in choosing students. Senior Su is one year higher than him. Two people were recruited on that particular previous enrollment, and the other one was Senior Lin Yin. They are simply two extremes.


If Senior Lin Yang is an equator, then Senior Su is the arctic circle.


Even after knowing each other for a long time, Ye Qu hasn’t seen a happy expression on Senior Su’s face.


But Senior Lin Yang was different. He had a good relationship with everyone in the laboratory, just like a little sun in summer.



“Junior Ye Qu?” Lin Yang looked at him in surprise.


Ye Qu touched his nose with a little embarrassment, “I was distracted.”


Lin Yang blinked and looked at him, distracted?


Feng Ning smiled, “Do you like Senior Lin Yang, Ye Qu?”


Ye Qu’s face turned red, “What nonsense are you talking about.”


Feng Ning innocently replied, “Don’t you like him?”


Before Ye Qu could have a headache, a cold voice sounded on top of him, “Are the statistics on the experiment results done?”


“Senior Su.” Ye Qu rejoiced when he helped him escape from the topic. He smiled flatteringly and quickly opened the computer to do the data analysis.


“Aiya, you are too strict.” Lin Yang teased.


Feng Ning stuck out her tongue and complained to Ye Qu in a low voice, “Senior Su is so boring.”


Ye Qu frowned. He was obviously being implicated with himself, “He’s an iceberg, why are you looking for abuse every time?”


“You don’t like icebergs, so do you like the sun?” Feng Ning made a gesture.


“Go like by yourself, don’t involve me.”


Ye Qu put on his headphones and stopped answering her.


Feng Ning mouthed to Lin Yang – – eating vinegar.


Lin Yang couldn’t help but smile.



@MuLi2013: Very Unhappy.


Ye Qu flattened his lips. He was not happy either. Today, the four of them went to present a report and had dinner along the way. Feng Ning was babbling a bunch of nonsense, but that person unexpectedly made her drink less.




With great difficulty, Ye Qu scrolled to the last posts he read last time and continued reading.


In fact, Muli2013 had been happy before. Ye Qu couldn’t but smile when he read about him being happy, but then he remembered that 2 years ago, Mr. Muli was not yet his fan. Ye Qu sighed.


@MuLi2013: I thought we would never have any contact in the future. I didn’t expect to actually see him so close.


What’s wrong with him? Knowing that there is no hope, he still pursues relentlessly. Although only daring to look secretly.


Probably all people with a secret crush share a common language. Ye Qu thought it over. After he finishes reading MuLi2013’s love diary, he will go to this senior and have a chat. If possible, not just thank him for his support through all these years but also persuade him to not be hanged on a tree.


T/N: Not be hanged on a tree means to let go or find other ways if something doesn’t work out in this case it means to not to hold on for hopeless love.


Ye Qu, who was already hanged by a tree, thought he could not let his little fan follow his old path.


During the day, he was in the laboratory. At night he updated his stories. At midnight he continued to read MuLi2013 weibo posts, and finally, he was finished reading. Looking at the MuLi2013’s first weibo post, Ye Qu felt a little sad.


@MuLi2013: I am close to him, but he doesn’t seem to like me.


That was also the first day he started weibo. Maybe it is fate.


Ye Qu thought, they can probably be friends.


He clicked “follow.”


Ye Qu’s “followed list” turned from 0 to 1.


He couldn’t help but wonder what would be MuLi2013’s reaction when he discovered it. Would he still send him those dull “Jiayou.”?


However, MuLi2013 is probably still sleeping.


Ye Qu didn’t sleep well. That man in his dream bent his lips towards him and looked at him warmly. When he woke up, he kicked half of the quilt off, and Ye Qu sneezed loudly.


His roommate just got married, so naturally, he doesn’t live in the school anymore. Ye Qu found it very convenient for writing in the middle of the night because it would not bother anyone.


After washing his face, he was finally fully awake. He took out his phone and started brushing his teeth with the other hand, only to discover that Muli2013’s weibo post count changed from 1424 to 1425, but the latest update was still the one he saw yesterday.


Ye Qu quickly realized that Muli2013 only followed him. Now that he has become a fan again, they are both following each other. In other words, this weibo post by Muli2013 should be sent to the circle of friends.


Ye Qu was suddenly a little curious. Muli2013 has so many weibo posts. Only one of them is readable in the circle of friends. It must not be a casual post.


It was evident that Muli2013 is not such a boring person.


@Muli2013: I like you, Mr. Temperate Ocean. (image)


However, the picture attached was slow to reload.


Ye Qu started searching for temperate oceanic climates in his mind, but it was fruitless.


After spitting the toothpaste and rinsing his mouth with ice water, the WIFI finally started to work faster.


Ye Qu’s eyes widened and swallowed a mouthful of water.


The picture is a sketch, a sketch of a person.


The hair was a little messy, the nose bridge was tall and straight, the eyes were narrow and deep. It was probably a handsome man. It is not to say that this person is not handsome. His mouth was widely grinning as if to remove one’s coldness, also appearing somewhat silly. However, it was very warm. Ye Qu finally remembered the characteristics of a temperate oceanic climate. He also remembered what that person said—


“What’s your favorite climate?” At the time, he was just looking for a topic to see if he could invite him to a trip.


“The temperate ocean.”




“Warm in winter and cool in summer, warm and humid.”


It sounds pretty good. Ye Qu was about to take a small book to write it down when that person went on to say, “It’s not good for people’s mental mood.”




So, the plan of inviting a certain person to travel was aborted.



The wind during the morning was still freezing, but Ye Qu felt hot, and his heart was beating very fast. He had never thought that the dormitory was so far away from the laboratory. He had never felt that time passes by so slowly.


He put his hands on the door frame and panted. As expected, that person was already in the laboratory.


“How come you’re so early? Lin Yang and Junior Feng Ning went to eat breakfast, you….”


Ye Qu pushed the person who was notifying him against the wall. It was the first time he had seen this person blush, appearing to be calm on surface, but his ears were already red.


“Senior Limu.”


Su Limu’s eyes widened. In fact, he was about the same height as Ye Qu; however, he was pushed down like this and became the weaker party instead.


“Or do you prefer if I call you Senior Muli? I thought you hated me because I remembered your name incorrectly.”


“What are you talking about?” Su Limu’s voice trembled slightly.


“I said, I like you.” Ye Qu restrained his smile and said seriously.


“I have liked you for 4 years.”


Su Limu looked at him in disbelief.


“The first time we met, I called your name incorrectly. You didn’t get angry or correct me.”


“You treated me differently.” Ye Qu was confident, “You have never refused any of my questions or requests and you have never lost your temper with me.”


“Clearly, I am so bad.”


Su Limu frowned, “What’s wrong with you?”


Ye Qu’s lips still curled up slightly, destroying the hard-earned momentum.


“But then you became more and more alienated from me, you even refused to let me help you when you were drunk.”


“I clearly knew there was no hope but I still chased you and took a doctoral degree. You didn’t know how difficult it was to get that doctoral degree from our mentor, I lost ten pounds at that time.”


“But I know now, were you afraid of saying things that shouldn’t be said so you didn’t let me help you?”


“Were you happy to see me too?”


He may not be able to perceive Su Limu’s emotions easily. Still, the more than one thousand posts in that secret love diary are full of Limu’s love and care for him.


“Mr. MuLi2013, I love you, would you like to be with me?”


After a long period of silence in the laboratory, Su Limu pushed back his glasses and controlled his expression before slowly saying, “You have the wrong person.”


Ye Qu seemed to have never thought of this possibility, but he still refused to let go. “Then I just told Senior Limu my biggest secret. Senior, please help me keep it a secret.” Ye Qu said in distress: “Senior, tell me, how can I pursue someone I like?”


Su Limu finally couldn’t help it anymore, his face was tinged with a smile, and then the smile grew bigger and bigger. Ye Qu also hugged Su Limu and smiled.


What are they laughing at, you ask? They are probably laughing at how there’s such a stupid person in the world.


Global warming is probably real, Ye Qu thought. He just witnessed the melting of an iceberg.



“I’m unhappy.” Ye Qu hugged Su Limu aggrievedly.


Su Limu looked at him and touched his hair to show comfort.


“You unfollowed me again.”


Su Limu froze and couldn’t resist Ye Qu’s coquettish behavior. He raised his hand to surrender, “That day, my little nephew touched my computer and accidentally unfollowed you.”


“You told me when you started writing, so I followed you.”


Ye Qu nodded. He didn’t remember this matter until later.


“I’m your first fan.” Su Limu clearly said a statement, but Ye Qu picked up some grievance when he heard it.


“I know.”


“But I won’t be anymore.” Su Limu ignored his little nephew for weeks because of this matter.


Ye Qu suddenly felt that his Senior was too cute and couldn’t help kissing him.


Su Limu saw that nobody was in the lab, and with a cold face, he seriously drew a heart on his palm.


Ye Qu couldn’t help but giggle. It is indeed his Limu, the portraits he makes are excellent, and even his love drawings are charming.


But then he remembered what he was sulking about, “Then you don’t have to unfollow me every now and then.” That really felt like his heart was riding a rollercoaster. Ye Qu felt very wronged.


“Since I can’t be first.” Su Limu really didn’t expect Ye Qu to notice it and said flatly, “Then I’ll be the last one.”


Ye Qu’s eyes widened as if being blown by the spring breeze, the pear tree that had been planted for four years in his heart finally bloomed overnight.


Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan

Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan

Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan, 寻找僵尸粉先生
Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
One day, a writer found out that he had been unfollowed by a zombie fan, so he panicked.


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