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@Muli2013: I will take care of you for a lifetime. 

Extra 1 – Jealous · Ling Bing


“So you didn’t unfollow me because of Ling Bing?”


Su Limu shook his head and said seriously, “Do you really plan to keep her? I think she’s quite annoying.”


Ye Qu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It really was just a misunderstanding, he thought.


But saying it is equal to slapping his face, he really can’t do it.


Ye Qu glanced at the other end of the laboratory. Feng Ning was hovering around Lin Yang and chattering. He generously thought, he could make Ling Bing’s character less dislikable.

Extra 2 – Temperate Ocean and Arctic Circle · Bad for Emotional Stability

“Why do you say that I am Mr. Temperate Ocean?”

“You also said that I am the Arctic Circle.” Su Limu said lightly.

He’s angry! An alarm echoed in Ye Qu’s mind.

“You are the Arctic Circle.” Ye Qu told the truth, “It’s not like you don’t know that I desire cold and fear the heat.”

Su Limu was startled. His eyes were full of tenderness.

“You also said that I am bad for mental and emotional stability.” Ye Qu complained. He remembered every word Su Limu said.

“It really is not very good.” Su Limu finally finished examining the report and clicked the “send” button.

He let Ye Qu hold his hand, “Ye Qu.”

“Yes? Hungry? Let’s go to the store you wanted to eat before.” Su Limu would say to him what he wanted to eat? Of course not, but Ye Qu can discern. He already has an upgraded version of the Limu’s Emotional Perception Center.

However, this time it has failed.

“You are very bad for emotional stability. My heart is beating rapidly right now.” Su Limu clasped Ye Qu’s palm.

Ye Qu couldn’t think of anything at that moment, only blurting out a sentence.

“Senior Limu, I like you.”

What responded to him was Su Limu’s gentle kiss under the falling pear flowers.

Extra 3 – Serious Person

“Limu, what important thing happened in 2013?” When Su Limu moved into Ye Qu’s dormitory one day, Ye Qu asked carelessly after updating his story.

“2013? I think it’s the year we met.”

He already knew about it, Ye Qu thought.

“Mr. Muli2013, I love you, and I’m sorry it took me so many years to say that.”

“I am also sorry.” Su Limu is an earnest person. He will apologize seriously. He will also confess seriously,” I love you.”

Extra 4 – No Difference · For a Lifetime

At Lin Yang and Feng Ning’s wedding, Ye Qu and Su Limu attended.

After the wedding.

The beautiful bride smiled and bent over while in the groom’s arms, “I thought Ye Qu liked Lin Yang at that time.”

“I didn’t expect you two to be together.” Feeding her and Lin Yang dog food for more than two years.

“I thought you liked Limu.” Ye Qu raised his eyebrows.

Feng Ning suddenly realized, “No wonder you were so mean to me.”

Lin Yang laughed, “Then I owe you both a blessing.”

Feng Ning pretended to be angry, “I obviously like you first.”

Ye Qu couldn’t help but smile. He took Su Limu’s hand and left space for the newlyweds.

“Return to school or go home?” He asked.

Su Limu thought about it, “The students’ final thesis is finished. Let’s go directly to mom and dad’s.”

Ye Qu shouted miserably, “It’s over. I forgot about it.”

Su Limu just wanted to tease him. He looked at his wrinkled face and felt that he was such a bully, “I finished it for you.”

“Senior, you are so kind.”

Su Limu thought, for so many years, it was that single “senior” that trapped him and gradually made him unable to let go of this very responsible when serious but not reassuring when offline, junior.

He was one year older than him. When taking his Doctoral exam, he thought it would be nice to take care of him for another year.

It doesn’t really make a difference now.

It just changed from a year to a lifetime.

Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan

Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan

Looking For Mr. Zombie Fan, 寻找僵尸粉先生
Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
One day, a writer found out that he had been unfollowed by a zombie fan, so he panicked.


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