Lolimon Harem chapter ending

Ending - Life Goes on with My Lolimon Harem!

Al staggered out of the forest.

They had just made it back through Area 1 and all of its plant monsters.

It had not been easy.

After traveling all the way there, they then had to travel back. They had needed to pass all of the obstacles they had previously cleared.

Now, the monsters had not been a problem since the Lolimons could deal with them just like on the way there.

The problem was the Lolimons themselves.

They had to have had enough magic power after all the sex they had in the depths of the dungeon, but they kept pressuring him for sex because there were “too many monsters” or their magic needed to be “topped off”.

He was pretty sure they had done it ten times as often as on the way there.

That was why he could barely stay on his feet.

The Lolimons, on the other hand, could not have been happier.

“Drat, it’s over. I wanted to have more sex,” said Rilolis the Succubus.

“I haven’t quite milked you dry yet,” said Mormo the Lamia.

“I want to drink more semen!” said Yuni the Slime.

“Sex in the caves was so much more relaxing,” said Milina the Zombie.

They were all reluctant to end this quest.

Also, none of them, Al included, were carrying any treasure.

He had placed a seal on the treasure vault in the depths of the dungeon and then set up a summoning magic circle inside. That would let him retrieve the treasure any time he wanted.

With that much, it would be best if he left it there until he arrived somewhere he could store it or sell it.

“You still haven’t had enough?”
He could only summon exasperation at the Lolimons’ attitudes.

He honestly wanted to do it more as well. All four of them were attractive monster girls. And lolis at that. When they were pressuring him for it, he found it hard to refuse.

His stamina, however, was a problem.

His body of ordinary matter could not keep up with their bodies of mostly magic.

“Hm, but if I could find a way to increase my own magic,” he muttered as an idea occurred to him.

“Hey, Al,” cut in Rilolis. “What do we do now?”

“Eh?” He tilted his head. “That goes without saying. I need to get you four back home.”

“Oh? You think I’m letting such a milkable man slip from my grasp?” asked Mormo.


“I want you to teach me more sex stuff!” said Yuni.

“I just want sex. More sex,” said Milina.

He was not sure how to respond to such straightforward requests, but it didn’t take him long to reach a decision.

“I think that can be arranged.”

Why should he waste his time adventuring now?

He could use that vast treasure to comfortably live out his life with his Lolimon harem.

“Okay, let’s get going.”

When he set off, his legs stood firmly below him once more.

“Going where?” asked Rilolis.

“First of all,” replied Al. “I need to boost my magic power and I’ve heard about an elf who can do that. Then we can build ourselves a house somewhere.”

They could use that house as a base while they traveled across the continent.

Or they could settle down there and spend their days having sex.


Those five would go on to create the foundation for Venetta, a major trade city where humans and monster girls lived in harmony, but that is a tale for another day.

For now, the one adventurer and the four Lolimons flirted as they started down the road.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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