Lolimon Harem chapter 7

Saving the Succubus! Can the Lolimon Harem Defeat the Demon Lord?

“Are you all ready?” asked Al.

Mormo the Lamia, Yuni the Slime, and Milina the Zombie nodded their confirmation.

They stood before the door where Rilolis was trapped with the Demon Lord.

The three Lolimons were exuding great magical power.

After his lengthy sex with Mormo, he had taken a nap and had sex with Yuni and Milina.

After about an hour of that, their magic power was boosted as well.

Not many foes could be more fearsome, but not even the Demon Lord could use her full power inside Rilolis’s loli succubus body.

He was certain they could pull it off with this party.

He nodded back at the other three and reached for the door.

“Then let’s do this.”

He pushed on the door sealed with a magic circle.

With Mormo, Yuni, and Milina’s help, the giant door moved.

“Fools,” said a voice from within. “Why would you break the seal yourselves?”
With a flapping of wings, Rilolis flew out. No, this was the Demon Lord hijacking her body.

She blasted out into the cave to escape.

“Oops, too bad.”

But Mormo’s serpentine body captured her.

She snatched the young succubus out of the air and dragged her back into the treasure vault.

“Agh, unhand me. Kh…where did all this magic power come from?” asked the Demon Lord in surprise.

The surprise was understandable.

The Lolimons had only had a child’s level of magic power earlier, but now they were at the level of a full-grown adult.

“Hee hee hee. You can’t escape from me,” said Mormo, slithering into the treasure vault.

Yuni and Milina followed and Al took up the rear, closing the door behind him.

“What!? Impossible! Now you cannot escape either!”


Al grinned at the Demon Lord’s shock.

The sealing magic circle on the door’s exterior remained intact, so the door could not be opened from within. Al knew how to release it of course, but that would take time.

The Demon Lord still had no simple means of escape.

“Are you sure you want to be trapped in here with me? You have just signed your own death warrants.”

“We’ll see about that,” taunted Al.

The Demon Lord twisted Rilolis’s face in anger.

“Yes, we shall.”

A shockwave erupted from her and Mormo’s tail loosened.

The Demon Lord used that opening to break free and rush toward Al.

“Watch out!”

Milina moved in front of him.

They collided and Milina’s right arm was blown away.


“I am fine. It quite literally does not hurt in the slightest.”

She had successfully stopped the Demon Lord’s charge.

The impact had been enough to partially tear off her left arm as well, so it was dangling by a thread. Specifically, one of her stiches.

“Death magic has no effect? Kh, why won’t you die?”

“I did that a long time ago. And I believe you did as well.”

After making her retort, Milina called out to the others.

“Mormo! Yuni!”

The other two responded.

Mormo swiftly snagged Rilolis’s limbs.

She coiled her tail around the wrists and ankles and bound them so tight it sounded like the small torso was going to tear apart.

The Demon Lord could no longer move Rilolis’s young body.

“Hmph. A blast of my magic will make short work of- hm!?”
The Demon Lord remained smug, but that confidence rapidly faded.

Yuni had shoved her fingers in Rilolis’s mouth.

“Ngh, khh, you fucking slime, what do you think- hhhh!?”
“Sorry about this.”

Yuni sounded casual as could be as she spread all ten fingers to create an opening to send her twintailed magic body inside.

About half of her volume was soon inside the young succubus’s body.

And finally…

“Found it!” exclaimed Yuni.

The Demon Lord could only groan in agony.

Yuni’s magic power was colliding with the Demon Lord’s inside Rilolis’s body.

Soon, Yuni’s twintailed form emerged and a black mist erupted from Rilolis’s back.

“H-how can this be? I was driven out?”

Now the Demon Lord’s voice came from the mist.

“Did you do it?” asked Al.

“No, that was only about half of it,” replied Yuni. “But Rilolis’s mind has woken up!”

Sure enough, another voice spoke from Rilolis’s mouth this time.

“Eh? What’s going on?”

It was undoubtedly her own voice.

“Rilolis! Are you okay?”

“Eh? Al? What are you all doing? Um, last I remember, the Demon Lord attacked me.”

She was confused.

She must not have had any memories from the time the Demon Lord had control of her body.

But there was no time to explain.

The Demon Lord was working to reenter her body after being expelled.

“Listen, Rilolis,” said Al. “Mormo, Yuni, Milina, and I are about to give you the fucking of a lifetime, so just accept the orgasms to boost your magic enough to fully drive the Demon Lord from your body.”

“Eh? Hold on. What did I miss!?”
Her confused voice echoed through the treasure vault.


“Ah…nh, what…ahhn?”
The young succubus’s voice was now much more alluring but no less confused.

She was laid on the floor in a very indecent way.

Mormo and Milina had her arms and legs bound, preventing her from moving.

The translucent blue slime girl sat atop her belly.

Yuni’s sticky body held Rilolis solidly down.

Meanwhile, Yuni’s twintails stretched out to tease Rilolis’s large breasts.

The ends had transformed into suction cups that covered the nipples.


“Ah ha ha! Your nipples get bigger the more I suck on them. Does it feel good?”
Yuni made lots of sticky suction noises as she played with Rilolis’s nipples.

When she pushed, the nipples sank in and the large breasts squished below them.

When she pulled, the nipples stretched so much they looked like they would tear right off and the breasts were stretched out as well.

Yuni kneaded those soft brown mounds and Rilolis writhed in pleasure.

“Wait…if you treat my boobs like that…nhhh.”

The young succubus could only cry out, but even that was soon blocked.

Milina leaned over from above and kissed her.

“Ahh…your lips are so soft, Rilolis. I love how they feel. And your drool is kind of sweet.”


Saliva soaked the area around her mouth, but she had no way to escape.

Milina’s arms had been torn or nearly torn from her body earlier, but they were back to normal now and she used them to hold Rilolis’s head firmly in place.

Even if she lost a body part, her magic body would recognize it as a part of her, so she could still control it.

Her arms were only loosely pinned to her for the time being, but that actually made them more flexible, allowing her to hold Rilolis’s head better.

“Ah, nhh…I’m a succubus…I should be the dominant one…ahhhh!”

Rilolis cried out even louder when she felt a touch to her labia.

That was Al’s doing.

He inserted himself between the legs Mormo was keeping spread and he moved his face in close. He began rubbing the fingers of both hands along her sticky labia.

“You’re wet already? Is Yuni that good at teasing your boobs? Or is it Milina’s kissing? Or maybe being helplessly pinned down by Mormo?”
“I…I don’t even know!” replied Rilolis with too much saliva in her mouth.

He spread the young succubus’s brown labia, revealing the pink flesh within. It was already wet and glistening.

He kept it spread with his left hand’s thumb and forefinger while he teased her clit with his right hand’s thumb.

She writhed in pleasure.

“Ah…that’s so good…ahnnn!”

She tried to close her legs, but Mormo’s tail prevented it.

Al continued the stimulation.

As he continued rubbing with his thumb, the clitoris began to swell in size.

Blood gathered in the sensitive organ, it grew redder and stiffer, and its sensitivity increased.

He pushed at the hood to reveal the clitoris in all its glory.

And he pressed his lips against it.


She cried out at the unexpected stimulus and her hips tried to hop up, but she was too well restrained.

Al continued the oral pleasure.

“He placed his lips around the clit and sent his tongue over it again and again.

“Ah, nhh…do you have to, nhh, keep attacking there!?”

Her hips jerked with each flick of his tongue.

More and more love juices flowed out and dripped down toward her ass.

“You like that, don’t you?” asked Mormo.

“How could…how could I not?” replied Rilolis, her voice melted.

(It feels so good.)

Everyone had her pinned down while they sexually pleasured her.

That should have been a terrifying situation, yet she felt no negative emotions about it at all.

Was that because she trusted Al and the others?

Or was it the natural horniness of a succubus?

She tried to puzzle that out, but those thoughts were soon melted away by the pleasure.

Al’s tongue swam through the stream of love juices to attack her vagina instead.

“Ahhhn, Al!”

His tongue forced open the narrow pathway.

The love juices provided plenty of lubricant, so his tongue slipped inside with little difficulty.

Still near the entrance, his tongue tip moved around to rub at the inner flesh.

Now a mixture of love juices and saliva flowed out of her.

“Ahn, do that there…and I’ll…”
His thorough attack had her vagina trembling in no time.

That trembling rubbed her inner flesh against his tongue, making her writhe in even greater pleasure.


Without warning, he pulled his tongue out.

Thinking it was over, a mixture of relief and disappointment washed over her, but…


She more or less screamed when she felt a renewed attack on her ass, but that was silenced when Milina’s lips sealed hers.

Al grabbed her butt in both hands and spread it.

Then his tongue crawled across her anus.

“But that’s…that’s my…ahhh!”

After carefully stimulating the area around it, he pushed harder with his tongue.

(Ah…his tongue is touching my asshole…and it’s incredible.)

His tongue sank inside.


She let out a silly cry and tremors ran through her entire body.

She felt a shudder up her spine from the weird sensation of something entering what was meant as an exit.

But she had already learned to experience that as pleasure.

(Ahhhh…his tongue is moving all around inside my ass.)

His saliva soaked everything as his tongue pushed against the inner walls.

Her asshole squeezed tight at first, but it gradually grew looser and gentler to let his tongue have its way with her.

“Do you like that too, Rilolis?” asked Mormo. “Are you about ready to cum?”

Rilolis barely got an answer out between heated breaths.

“This is…nothing. I’m not…even close.”

“Oh, really? Then what if I do this?”


Unexpected stimulation was added to her vulva.

“Is that…your tail!?”

“Correct. My powered-up tail. When I rub like this, I can feel your pussy throbbing.”

“Ah, ahhh…”

Mormo’s tail was pressed against Rilolis’s slit and rubbing up and down it.

The chill of the snakeskin and the bumpiness of the scales moved up and down Rilolis’s vulva and rubbed at her clitoris.

“Ah, wow, I’ve never felt anything like this.”

The pleasure was like electricity bursting in her crotch.

It raced across her body and seemingly increased her sensitivity severalfold.

At her mouth, Milina had stuck her fingers between Rilolis’s lips and pulled out her tongue.

Milina then placed her lips around the tongue and sucked at it.

“Nhh, nhh, hon’t huck it ho huch❤”

At her chest, Yuni had her twintails spread out like a jellyfish’s dome to fully contain Rilolis’s brown breasts.

But the very center of the twintail ends had produced three bumps that held the nipples and tweaked them in just the right way.

“Ahh…wow…my boobs are just your plaything now♥”

At her butt, Al’s tongue was mercilessly pushing deep inside her.

It wriggled like it had a mind of its own as it conquered her ass.

“You’re spreading my butt so much…anything’ll fit in there now♥”

At her pussy, the tip of Mormo’s tail lifted up and began poking at her clitoris.

The rest of it continued to rub up and down at Rilolis’s labia, stimulating it with the bumpy scales.

“Yes…my pussy! The slit and clit both! It’s so good!❤”

Rilolis’s sensitivity was through the roof as her mouth, chest, and both holes down below were teased simultaneously.

Drool poured from her mouth.

“It’s too much❤”

Her tits jiggled.

“If you tease me so much❤”

Her asshole was violated.


Her clitoris and vagina were teased.

“I’m gonna cuuuuum❤❤❤”

She screamed as tremors ran through her body and she squirted.

Her hips shook too much for Mormo to hold them down, so they lifted from the ground.


Once she went limp again, a sigh escaped her lips.

Pleasure continued to spread through her body.

Accepting it was enough to feel immense satisfaction.


“Okay, that should be enough warmup,” said Al.


<Ugh, what is happening?>

The Demon Lord grumbled as her misty form wavered.

She could not return to the succubus’s body.

She had partially emerged from there, but most of her was still inside. That should have made it easy to retake control, but it was not working.

The succubus was being sexually dominated by the human and the three monster girls who had returned earlier.

That had boosted her magic power enough to nearly expel the Demon Lord’s magic body.

<Kh, how can I lose to something like- hm!?>
Something had changed.

She should have been an unfeeling ghost right now, yet a strange sensation was growing.


“Y-you’re not done yet?❤” asked Rilolis, her body trembling with pleasure.

“Of course not,” replied Al. “You want more, don’t you?”


She only answered with a small sigh, but she showed no sign of resistance. Well, she did close her legs to hide her pussy now that Mormo had released her, but that was not a rejection. It was a sign of how much that part of her was throbbing at the thought of being dominated even more.

“Next, I’d love to get started, but I’m not quite ready yet.”

He pulled his pants down, revealing his half-erect penis to Rilolis.

I would normally have been hard as could be by now, but it was short on power after spending so long having sex with Mormo and then doing it with Yuni and Milina.

“Do you mind getting me ready?”
“Ahh…not at all❤”

She nodded, sat up, and got on all fours in front of Al’s cock.

That pose gave him a good view of the goat horns curling from her head, the bat wings flapping on her back, and the skinny tail swishing behind her butt. Those demonic elements made her look so much like an animal when she was on all fours.

She reminded him of livestock asking to be fed, which stimulated his sadistic side.


Her lips stickily parted and she stuck out her tongue, lifting his penis with it.

It was still only half-erect, so it flopped back down afterwards.

But she ran her tongue across it again and again. She started near the balls, licked up along the underside of the shaft, poked at the frenulum, and arrived at the head.

She repeated the process until it began to grow hard again.

Her sharp eyes did not miss the very instant it began to lift up on its own.


In one smooth motion, she kissed the tip and then slid her lips down its length.


The inside of the young succubus’s mouth was as hot as a sauna and he moaned from the pleasant sensation.

His penis completed its erection all at once.

“Ahh❤ Your hock heeps hrowing in hy houth❤”

It tickled when she talked around his dick.

He started to pull his hips back on reflex, but she stuck her head out even further to swallow its full length.

Then she began the blowjob in earnest.

She kept her lips tight to provide a powerful stimulus, but the movements were thorough and accurately targeted his pleasure.

He only had to look down to see her partially lidded eyes, flushing brown cheeks, and unbelievably lewd melted expression.

He was tempted to keep doing this until he came, but that was not an option.

Their goal was to boost Rilolis’s magic, so he had to satisfy her through sex.

“Mormo, Yuni, Milina.”


“Got it!”

“This was my job, wasn’t it?”

The three nodded and resumed their attacks on Rilolis.


Mormo slithered her serpentine body so her head was below Rilolis.

She sent her tongue crawling along one of the brown tits pulled softly down by gravity.

The skinny tongue coiled around the nipple, the forked tip pinching at it.

Her tail coiled around the other breast, the tip teasing the nipple.

The differing sensations of the tongue and tail persistently attacked just her nipples, making her body writhe in pleasure.

“Mormo❤ Wow❤ Do you have to tease the tips so much?”

“Hey, you stopped sucking.”


She raised her voice concerning the mammary stimulation, but Al held her head to get her to resume the blowjob. She started passionately sucking his dick once more.

But not a moment later, a new attack began.

Milina had removed her arms once more and sent them crawling below Rilolis’s lower body to finger her pussy.

Without the restriction of a body, the arms could move like independent creatures and pleasure Rilolis’s lewd hole from whatever angles they liked.

First, the right hand crawled down from her stomach and spread her labia with its index and ring fingers. The inside was already soaked thanks to Al’s earlier cunnilingus.

The middle finger lifted up and teased her clitoris.

The clit was already at max sensitivity, so her hips hopped up from the powerful stimulation.

But that did nothing to escape Milina’s arm. The arm was clinging to her body, after all.

Meanwhile, the left arm stood up like it was growing from the ground and thrust its index and middle fingers straight up.


The fingers plunged inside Rilolis’s vagina.

The spraying love juices splattered across the left arm, but Milina did not mind.

The two fingers then bent to stir Rilolis up inside.

Not only was this a double attack on her clitoris and vagina, but the living dead’s fingers were oddly cold, creating a pleasant contrast to the heat inside Rilolis’s pussy.

“Ah, Milina❤ That’s so good❤”

She cried out again, but her mouth was soon filled by Al’s cock once more.


“Now it’s my turn! Tah dah!”

The slime girl stood where Rilolis could see her, excitedly showing off the strange object growing from her crotch.

“I-is that…?❤”

“Heh heh. Pretty nice, isn’t it? My boosted magic lets me do this kind of thing.”

The object pushing up past the cloth Yuni wore around her hips was undeniably a penis.

The translucent blue cock throbbed and it perfectly reproduced the shape of the head and the bulging veins.

“I’ll use this to fill your extra hole.”


There was only one hole left.

Yuni circled behind Rilolis and placed her squishy hands on Rilolis’s hips.

Then she pushed her gel penis against the Rilolis’s butt.

“Here goes.”

“Ah, wait, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?❤”

Yuni did not hesitate to push her penis inside Rilolis’s ass.

Al had loosened that hole up earlier, so it only trembled some as it easily accepted the slime stick.

It was made of gel, so it changed shape to match the shape of the hole and then widened to push it further open.

“Ah ha ha! My penis is see-through, so I can see right into your butthole!”

Yuni started thrusting her hips.

The slapping of slime hips against succu-butt made a unique sound.

Mouth, breasts, vagina, and asshole.

Rilolis was being pleasured in even more ways than before.

(I-if they keep this up…ahhh❤)

Al’s penis filling her mouth, Mormo’s tongue and tail teasing her nipples to a painful extent, Milina’s fingers stirring up her vagina, and Yuni’s slime penis entering her ass all served to increase her arousal further.

(Th-this is weird…I’m a succubus, so I always thought I was only meant to dominate other people❤)

Sex was fun.

Sexually dominating someone and making them a captive to their lust turned her on so much.

But…being thoroughly dominated like this caused her brain to melt until she could barely think and her heart to pound until it threatened to burst.

If she drowned in this pleasure, she feared she would never recover.

But she actively worked to bring herself to that point. She did not stop it. She did not want to stop it.

She wanted more. She wanted them to do so much more to her.


She released Al’s penis from her mouth to take a deep breath.

Her breathing was heavy. Her tongue hung from her mouth and she panted toward the ground just like a dog in heat.

“Well, Rilolis? You like this a lot, don’t you?” asked Al.

“More❤” she replied. “This isn’t enough❤ I want you all to tease my body even more❤”

She looked up to see the most sadistic smile she had ever seen in Al’s face.

“You do, do you? Well, I’d hate to disappoint.”


A chill ran down her spine, but the fear was immediately overpowered by the anticipation.

He grabbed her horns.


He grabbed them like a horse’s reins and shoved his penis against her mouth.

The precum-dripping tip touched her lips. And then…


The cock filled her mouth so much she had trouble breathing.

“Ahn, ahn, ahn❤”

She managed to breathe through her nose, but then he began thrusting.

With her horns in his grasp, she could not pull back her head and his penis fucked her mouth.

(Ahh❤ This is amazing❤)

The way he treated her mouth like a pussy made her feel faint.

He was even rougher than she had imagined, but that was exactly what she wanted right now.

“Oh? No fair, Al. Perhaps I should get rougher too.”

Mormo wrapped her tail around Rilolis several times, producing a figure-8 that squeeze Rilolis’s breasts.

The breasts were already pulled down by gravity, but this squeezed them out even further and Mormo pinched at the tips with her fingers.


(Pull that hard and my nipples’ll tear right off❤)

Mormo pinched the nipples between her thumb and forefinger and pulled down, stretching them out and pulling the brown mounds down as well.

Once the nipples had grown so much they looked swollen, Mormo began licking at them.

She rolled one around in a palm while bringing the other into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it.

She rubbed saliva over the throbbing nipple and areola, providing a nice cool sensation. Then the long tongue coiled around it and mercilessly teased it once more.

The stimulation on the right and left differed and they swapped out periodically.

“You like it rough, do you? Then allow me,” said Milina.

And a moment later…


The moan sounded odd thanks to the penis in her mouth, but a wet sensation had reached Rilolis’s pussy.

Milina’s tongue was running long that flesh soaked with love juices.

The living dead girl was lying between Rilolis’s legs and kissing the succubus’s vulva.

Her detached arms kept the labia spread wide to reveal the pink flesh between.

Her lips touched that flesh to kiss it while sucking at it.

Her tongue could occasionally be seen sticking out to dig into the vagina.

“Nyah❤ Ahh❤ Mhh❤ Myahhh❤”

It had Rilolis moaning, but the moans had trouble getting out with Al’s penis moving around in her mouth.


“Yay, now it’s my turn.”

The slime girl sounded easygoing, but her attack on Rilolis’s ass was anything but.

Yuni pushed her hips right up against Rilolis’s butt, burying the full length of her gel penis inside.

But she was not done yet.


With a wettish sound, Yuni’s slime cock began to extend further inside Rilolis.

(Oh, right❤ She can…transform❤)

With her magic boosted, she could transform however she pleased.

She could fuck Rilolis’s insides as deep as she wanted.

(Wait❤ Is this really happening?❤ If she does that to me, I really will go crazy!❤)

That prediction was accompanied by an intense desire to have it happen.

Rilolis’s mind melted away and she could only think about sex.

The slime penis moved to rub against her insides.

Yuni’s hips were stationary, but the gel cock moved on its own to violate her.

Rilolis felt like the entirety of her insides were filled by a long, thick mass.

Her belly felt full and heavy.

The sensation was not strictly-speaking pleasurable, but the sense of being dominated and having her body controlled by someone else turned the young succubus on like crazy.

(Wow❤ I could never resist this❤)

Her hips trembled and she squirted.

“You just soaked my clothes,” complained Milina, but she could not apologize because Al had a firm grasp on her horns and had her mouth plugged up.

“Nmh❤ Nmh❤ Nmh❤ Nmh❤”

She tightened her lips to better pleasure the cock pumping in and out of them.

It made terribly wet sounds as it reentered her mouth over and over again.

The head pumped against the back of her throat.

The movement splattered saliva throughout her mouth.

A powerful male smell spread through her mouth and arrived at her nose.

(Yes, yes❤ I love having a fat cock fucking my mouth❤)

Mormo’s tail was wrapped around her brown breasts to squeeze them from base to tip.

Mormo’s fingers mercilessly teased the nipples peeking out at the tips.

Just when a pattern of clockwise and counterclockwise tweaking had begun, Mormo would surprise her by pushing the nipple into the breast. A moment after rolling one around in her palm, she would tug it down between her fingers.

The pleasure of the endless stimulation ran through Rilolis’s large breasts and surged out into the rest of her body.

And this surge was not a weak thing.

The pleasure felt like a powerful electric shock roiling through her body.

(My boobs❤ Feel so good❤ This is way too hot❤)

The stimulation to her lower body was the same.

Milina’s tongue was now focused on just her clitoris.

Her fingers took over at her vagina.

A few of the fingers kept the labia spread wide while the rest rubbed over and over at the flesh within.

Some of those plunged deep inside her vagina, vigorously stirring up the fluids within.

The clit stimulation was so powerful her hips could not even tremble anymore.

The endless licking provided a constant supply of pleasure well past the limit.

But the fingers inside her vagina added even more on top of that.


Milina was now using her index, middle, and ring fingers to finger Rilolis.

The young hole was packed tight, and…


Milina spread those fingers in three different directions, spreading the small vagina wide.

Rilolis squirted again.

(My pussy❤ She’s fucking up my pussyyyyy❤)

Another attack was growing in intensity near that hole.

Yuni had been moving her gel cock to fuck Rilolis in the ass, but now she sent even more of her slime body to her crotch.

With a sloshing sound, a further portion of her body flowed into the slime penis.

That made the male organ even thicker and longer.

(Nyah!?❤ What nowww!?❤)

Rilolis could not believe how much she could feel the slime cock growing inside her.

Her belly felt weirdly heavy, like she was pregnant.

Near the entrance, the base of the shaft developed tons of bumps.

What Rilolis felt inside her now was no longer a penis.

It was a brutal tool designed to violate that hole.

(Wh-what happens if she moves this thing?❤)

She soon had her answer.

Yuni’s cock started thrusting with a sound like someone scrubbing the floor with a brush.

The bumps on the surface shook to rub at the inner walls.

Rilolis could clearly feel Milina’s fingers and Yuni’s penis pressing against each other through the barrier between holes.

(Ahhh❤ I really will❤ Go crazy❤)

Pleasure came from all parts of her body with each part bursting out inside her and colliding with the rest. It all amplified each other, so she had no idea what was even happening anymore.

She was going fucked hard in several ways at once and it was the best thing she had ever experienced.

That was the only thought on her mind.

“Ugh, I’m about to cum.”

She heard Al’s voice and then his penis started to pull from her mouth.

(Why?❤ Why won’t he cum?❤ I want yummy cummy in my tummy❤ I want to drown in it!❤❤❤)

So she pursued the penis.

She clamped her lips down and sucked to trap it in her mouth while she licked all over the head.

“Wait, Rilolis! If I cum now…agh!”

Still, he continued trying to pull it out and ultimately succeeded.

But the young succubus’s oral technique was no joke.

Once out in the open air, the cock throbbed once before semen erupted from it.

The milky torrent splattered all over Rilolis’s face.

“Hyah❤” She cried out in joy. “Yesss!❤ So much cum!❤ Al’s cum is dripping down my face!❤ It’s all I can smell!❤ My face is going to smell like this for days!❤❤❤”

A seemingly endless supply of semen rained down on her brown forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

It also got in her silver hair.

“Ha ha❤ I love this smell❤ And the taste❤ Oh, the taste❤”

She scooped the semen into her hands and carried it to her mouth where she licked it up, filling her mouth with the powerful smell.

And while she savored it…


Yuni’s slime cock suddenly pulled out of her ass.

It felt like having her insides dragged out, but even that strange sensation provided pleasure for her and love juices sprayed from her pussy.

“Ahhhhh❤” she moaned.

She should have been satisfied after being so thoroughly pleasured, but her desire was still burning bright.

Instead of being dissatisfied, she greedily wanted more.

Her lust knew no bounds.

“Ahh❤ Hey, Al?❤ More❤ I want more❤ So please❤”

She used her wings to float in the air while lying on her back and she spread her legs to show off her pussy. She used her hands to spread the soaked labia and used her tail like an arrow to point at the pink flesh within.

“Do it here this time❤ Put your cock in here❤❤”


<This can’t be…ahhh❤>

The Demon Lord’s body trembled.

No, she no longer had a body and existed only as a ghost.

She was made out of magic, so she could not have trembled.

She only thought she was because memories of her former body were rushing back.

<How can this happen to me? Nhh❤>

The succubus she was possessing was boosting her magic through sexual arousal.

She was now losing the struggle for control of that body.

If that was all, she should have been able to push back with her power as Demon Lord, but whenever she touched the succubus, the sexual arousal spread to her as well.

Had the succubi’s seduction magic always been this powerful?

Or had their power grown so specialized over the thousands of years she had slumbered that it could overpower even her?

The Demon Lord was nearly overwhelmed by the power of a species she herself had created.


A tremor ran through Al’s body when he saw the brown loli succubus pointing to her spread pussy with her tail.

But his penis had reached its limit.

It twitched in response, but it hung limply between his legs, showing no sign of further erection.

(That’s not good.)

He gave Mormo a questioning glance, but she shook her head. The Demon Lord was still not fully driven from Rilolis’s body. Rilolis’s magic had not been boosted enough.

He would have to cum inside her to trigger the final Seduction Burst.

But he did not see how he could ejaculate again.

“Don’t worry❤” said Rilolis. “I’m a shuccubus❤ Getting cocksh hard ish my shpeshialty❤”

The slurring of her words was worrying, but she had a lewdly melted look on her face, she kept her pussy spread with one hand, and she reached the other hand out to beckon him forward.

He instinctively moved his penis toward her like a butterfly drawn to a flower.

The flaccid head touched her sexual flesh.

The limp and bent penis made a wet sound when it touched her love juices.

“Now shove it in❤”


He grabbed her slender hips to support her and then pushed his hips forward as instructed.

His limp and unmotivated penis managed to slip inside her vagina.

It never would have worked without the thorough pleasuring she had already received.

“Ahh❤ There it is❤ Your cock feels more like a little kiddy penis right now❤”

She gave him an almost motherly look as she showed off their point of union.


“Stay still, okay?❤”

She crossed her spread legs around behind his hips.

It was more like a flying scissors hold than a loving sex position, so she really did lock his torso in place.

The unexpected sensation made him cry out.

Then her vagina wriggled in a way that massaged his penis.

The young succubus’s small vagina pulled the flaccid penis inside and squeezed it tight.

“Oh, wow…”
The massage-like pleasure crawled up from his crotch to the rest of him.

“See, told you I could get you hard❤” she said in a melted voice.

Sure enough, his dick had regained its vitality inside her vagina.

Blood gathered in his lower body and it stood tall once more.

“Ahhn❤ Yes❤ Your cock is growing bigger and bigger❤ Inside my pussy❤”
Its growth pushed the head deeper inside her without him even needing to move his hips.

It also pushed her vaginal walls out as its thickness grew.

Those walls also moved to rub at the penis. They used the indecent movements of an electric male sex toy.

“Wow…succubus pussy is incredible.”

He was surprised all over again.

She looked like a child, but her sexual hole knew how to get a penis hard again no mater how many times it had already ejaculated.

His waning libido was now rising toward another peak.

He held her hips tight and gently pulled his own hips back.

He slowly pushed forward to see how her trembling vaginal walls felt.

“Ahhhhhh❤” Her voice trembled with joy. “Yessss❤ Your cock is pushing so deep❤”

He kept pushing until the tip hit a wall.

“Ahhh❤ Can you feel it?❤ Your cock is kissing…kissing my womb❤ But I want more than a kiss❤ I want it hard❤ Fuck me so hard it feels like you’re trying to push into my womb❤”


Her face was melted and she had tears in her eyes while she said that, so he could never resist.

He sped up his hips to thrust hard.

Lots of love juices noisily rubbed between her trembling vagina and his thrusting penis.

The ridge of the head rubbed all through her vagina.

(Wow❤ A real cock is so good❤ Nothing’s as good as a real one❤)

Her body trembled while she enjoyed the sexual shape and fleshy sensation inside her.

She could feel his pubis pounding against her.

She could feel him thrusting his hips as hard as he could.

She could feel his cock trembling in response to her pussy’s movements.

It all filled her with an unbearable sense of satisfaction.

(But❤ No❤ More❤ I need more❤)

When the satisfaction fulfilled her sexual desire, her magic power would grow.

That boosted magic power would cast her seduction magic on herself, bringing about even greater desire.

The infinite loop had her seeking greater and greater pleasure with no end, so the words came to her naturally.

“Please❤ Fuck me more❤ Fuck me so much harder❤ I need more❤”

The young succubus begged for more even as her pussy was pounded as hard as could be.

The other three Lolimons were happy to oblige.

“Sigh. Your horniness knows no bounds, does it?”

“Okay, let’s do this!”

“Hee hee hee. If a hard fucking is what you want, a hard fucking is what you will get.”

Milina was the first to act.

Her disembodied arms crawled along Rilolis’s body and groped her tits.

The fingers sank into the brown mounds and teased the nipples.

“Ah❤ Ah❤ Ah❤ Ah❤”

Rilolis’s sensitivity was already past the limit, so the gentle massaging of the living dead girl’s chilly fingers sent jolts of pleasure through her.

Every touch of the nipples sent a tremor through Rilolis, causing her breasts to jiggle.

Next, a chilly sensation reached her ass.

Mormo’s tail slipped inside just behind of where Al’s penis was.

Yuni’s slime cock had expanded it earlier, so it accepted the scaly tail with ease.


The young lamia’s tail pushed deeper and deeper with the tip going wild inside.

Pleasure and a chill ran up Rilolis’s spine.


“Okay, Yuni,” said Al. “You’re up.”

“On it!” replied the slime girl while circling above Rilolis’s head.

She grabbed Rilolis’s head and horns, tilted it back, held it in place, and shoved her slime penis inside the upside-down mouth.


The gel cock quickly filled her mouth.

She had trouble breathing, so her breathing grew heavy and nasal.

More and more of Yuni’s slime body flowed in to fill her mouth.

She could not stop the drool from dripping from the corners of her mouth.

“Time to go even deeper!”

With that frightening announcement, Yuni pushed her sex organ deeper into Rilolis’s mouth.

The slime penis pushed past the hard part on the roof of the mouth – the hard palate – to reach the soft part – the soft palate – and knocked against the uvula before continuing even deeper. It passed by the division with the trachea to continue down through the esophagus.

“Ugh❤ Ghhhhhhhhhhh❤”

It was only bearable because the slime body could grow thinner or thicker as needed and because the succubus’s body was mostly made of magic.

(Ahh❤ They’re all fucking me and dominating me❤ I love it❤ I love it so muuuuuuuuuuch!❤❤❤)

Her nipples were teased.

Her ass was penetrated.

Her mouth was fucked.

And her pussy was pounded by Al’s penis.

The merciless full-body pleasuring had her brain constantly heating up further.

(Ohhhh! I can’t believe this feels so good!)

Al was surprised as he continued thrusting inside of Rilolis.

Her wriggling vagina provided unbelievable pleasure to the penis moving inside it.

The entrance squeezed tight to grab at the base of the shaft.

The inner flesh rippled to massage the rest of it.

Deep inside, the head was squeezed from all sides and the ridge was specifically targeted.

It felt like her entire pussy had a mind of its own and that mind was intent on pleasuring the penis it had swallowed.

And it all grew in intensity with her arousal.


He had thought his balls were dried out, but he felt another ejaculation approaching.

The sensation seemed to rise from his feet and he thrust even faster.

“Ghhh❤ Myahhhh❤”

Rilolis writhed even more from it.

Her brown body arched like a shrimp, pushing her pussy against his hips.

He held her hips firmly and slammed his hips up against them.

“Ghhh❤ Ahaheeha❤ Aharhhaaahhhh❤❤❤”

She tried to say something, but was unintelligible with the slime cock filling her mouth.

“I’m about to cum, Rilolis. I’ll pump you full of semen.”

“Hess!❤ Hum! ❤ Huuuum!❤❤❤”

He thrust up against her stomach until one final thrust that skewered her extra deep.

“Agahhhhhh❤ Cock juice❤ Filling my pussyyyyyyyyyyyy❤❤❤❤❤”


The semen shot out with the force of water pumped from a well.


Her vaginal walls trembled wildly and her vaginal entrance squeezed even tighter.

Every time he pulled his penis back, it squeezed the milkiness out like from a tube.

And the squeezing kept him from getting the head out, tempting him to push back inside again.

He continued thrusting like that while ejaculating, but she finally released his penis.

“Pant, pant.”

He fell to his knees, exhausted.

He had spent every last ounce of energy.

“Did that…do it?”

But he still managed to get his head up and ask Yuni that.

“That’s enough! I can do it now!” answered Yuni while holding Rilolis’s head down and shoving her slime penis back inside her mouth.


<Ahh❤ Ahn❤>

The Demon Lord writhed in pleasure.

She no longer had it in her to fight for control of the body.

The succubus’s magic had permeated her own magic and the seduction magic had taken effect, passing all of the succubus’s pleasure on to her.

The succubus’s power sent all that pleasure to the Demon Lord even though a ghost should not have had any physical sensations.

And just as she was losing control…


A translucent blue magic body appeared and started messing with her magic body.

That was the slime who had entered through the succubus’s mouth.

With the succubus’s magic bringing her so much pleasure, the Demon Lord could not endure the slime’s attack.

<No❤ It’s too much❤ I can’t❤ I can’t stay in this body❤❤❤>

Finally, the Demon Lord fully removed her ghost self from the succubus body she had hijacked.


A black mist erupted from Rilolis’s body.

The Demon Lord once more showed her true form to Al and the others.


“Pant, pant.”

She was breathing heavily and her face was flushed. The overwhelming presence from her initial appearance was nowhere to be found.

“How…how dare you defeat me like this. But I will be reborn. And next time…next time, I will not lose to mere pleasure. Ahhhn❤”

After a sensual moan, her form collapsed into black mist once more.

Then that mist faded away into the air, like it had been blown away by a gust of wind.

“Did we…do it?”
“Yes, I no longer sense the Demon Lord’s magic,” confirmed Mormo.

“And once the Demon Lord is defeated, she won’t return for a thousand years, so the world will be at peace for a while now,” cheerfully added Yuni.

“I suppose you would call this a ‘happily ever after’ ending,” said Milina with an exasperated shrug.

Al breathed a sigh of relief.

He could finally take a look at all this treasure.


But that idea was interrupted by the voice of the melted young succubus lying at his feet.

He looked down to see her eyes sparkling, her tongue dangling from her lips, and her arms wrapped around his leg.

“W-wait, Rilolis! We beat the Demon Lord, so we don’t have to have any more sex!”

“But I want more sex❤ More more more❤ With you❤ With Mormo❤ With Yuni❤ And with Milina❤ I want lotsa lotsa lotsa sex❤❤❤”

Then she took his fully limp penis into her mouth and sucked on it.

She had soon forced it back to a full erection.

And so, Al and the four Lolimons continued having sex in the depths of the dungeon. Right up until he passed out.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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