Lolimon Harem chapter 6

The Demon Lord is Back! But I’m Having 9-Hour Sex with a Lamia!

“This is the place,” said Al while facing the door standing in their way.

“We’ve finally made it,” said Rilolis excitedly.

“I just hope whatever we find here was worth all the effort,” said Mormo in her usual flat voice.

“Treasure, treasure!” said Yuni in barely contained anticipation.

“Sigh. We can finally take a break,” said Milina with no interest at all in the treasure itself.

They all viewed the scene before them in different ways.

They had traveled through an ordinary cave for what felt like forever, but now they found a giant door.

That seemed to announce that there was something important inside.

“Okay, let’s do this.”
Al took a step forward.

The Lolimons followed and they all pushed on the door together.

The door moved surprisingly easily.

Dust built up over many long years fell away and the rusty hinges creaked loudly.

They finally got the double doors fully open.


They found a dazzling pile of gold there.

Golden chalices, golden plates, golden necklaces – just gold, gold, and more gold piled high.

Al picked up a golden coin fallen at his feet.

“It’s real.”

This was not just gold plating.

If all of it was real, he would be able to live the high life for a hundred lifetimes and still have some leftover.


He could not help but cheer.

His dead-end life as an adventurer was finally over.

He could simply enjoy the rest of his life. He could even buy up some territory somewhere, gather monster girls there, and create his very own Lolimon harem.

He wanted to chide himself for that being the very first thought on his mind after seeing all this gold, but he could think up a good way of using that money later.

For now, he had to figure out how to get it out of here.

“………What?” said Rilolis out of the blue.

He looked over to find her looking around in fear.

“What’s wrong, Rilolis?”

“There’s something in here.”

“Like a monster!?”
Al put up his guard, but she shook her head.

“No…something much worse. But…also somehow familiar.”

Worse than a monster, but familiar?

He was not quite sure what she meant.

And then…

“Oh? So someone has finally managed to reach this place.”

A voice came from somewhere.

It seemed to reverberate from the entire room full of gold.

“Wh-who are you?”

“You do not know me?”
As the voice answered him, it seemed to gradually move in a single direction.

Something like a black mist gathered in front of them and took shape.

It eventually became a human woman.

No, not a human. She had enormous horns nearly half as long as she was tall and she had a brutal, dragon-like tail. She was wearing all sorts of fancy jewelry and decorations, but her actual clothing was of a strange design and oddly revealing. More than that, there was the third eye opened on her forehead.

She was very clearly a demon.

And a powerful one at that.

She looked down at her five visitors with an unbelievably powerful presence.

“I am the Demon Lord, ruler of the fallen gods and the ancestor of all who seek vengeance.”

“The Demon Lord!?”
The Demon Lord was the ruler of the demons – in other words, the gods who had been betrayed by the humans.

During the war between humans and gods, the gods who had allied with the humans had been betrayed by the humans and driven into the depths of the earth. The gods had lived on with a desire for vengeance in their hearts and had ultimately become the demons. Or so the story went.

The Demon Lord had been killed after the human betrayal, but the strength of her grudge had turned her into a ghost that continued to wander this world.

And on occasion, she would possess a demon’s body to be resurrected and attempt to destroy the world.

“Come to think of it, didn’t Yuni mention that there used to be an elf village around here, but they fled elsewhere after the Demon Lord attacked?”
Rilolis’s comment reminded Al of it.

Yuni had indeed mentioned that while they walked through the ruins.

But he had never imagined the Demon Lord would be here.

“It took some time before the seal was broken this time around,” said the Demon Lord. “I believe 3000 years have passed since then.”

One of the elves back then must have placed a seal on her.

And Al’s group had just broken it. That door must have functioned as the seal.

“Run away!” shouted Al.

He spun around and took off running with the Lolimons not far behind.

The Demon Lord had tried to destroy the world several times in the past, so they had no hope of fighting against her.

“Hmph. You really think you can get away?”

He heard her voice behind him, but he was not about to stop running.

They were almost to the door.

“I thought that girl would never send a decent summoner my way, but this one did the trick. Even if he has some…peculiar tastes.”

That girl?

Did she mean the guild receptionist?

Had the Demon Lord been manipulating her so an adventurer would break the seal?

The receptionist had not read his stats wrong when she offered this map to him.

She had offered him the map because she had seen his stats and noticed he could use summoning magic. Because he had needed to bring along a monster that the Demon Lord could possess once the seal was broken.

And he had indeed brought the perfect candidate among the Lolimons he had summoned.

“Girl, your body will suit my needs perfectly. Consider this an honor.”

The black mist rushed toward Rilolis.

Al recalled that the Demon Lord was revived when she possessed the body of a demon that carried her blood.

And hadn’t Rilolis said that she came from a noble demon bloodline? That meant she had inherited the blood of the Demon Lord who had once ruled over the demons.


Rilolis screamed and collapsed to the ground.

The Demon Lord had transformed to black mist once more and that surrounded the girl.


“No! Run away!”

Al started to turn back, but Rilolis shouted for him to leave.

“I can’t- hey, let go!”

Mormo’s serpentine body coiled around him and she carried him out of the door.

Then Yuni and Milina slammed the door shut.


“Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Just before the door fully shut, he saw Rilolis writhing in pain as the black mist enveloped her.


“This should…buy us some time,” groaned Al while wiping away the sweat.

He had drawn a large magic circle on the treasure vault door that had sealed the Demon Lord.

That circle prevented magic power from passing through. It was effectively the opposite of a summoning magic circle. They were fortunate he had happened to possess the knowledge to create that.

However, it was nowhere near as powerful as real sealing magic.

“How long will that last?” asked Mormo.

“Probably only about 12 hours,” he replied.

And even that was taking into account the Demon Lord’s weakened state so soon after resurrecting and the reduced magic power available when possessing someone as young as Rilolis.

“What now?” asked Yuni while her jiggly body trembled. “We and a lot of other people are in trouble if the Demon Lord gets out of there!”
The little slimes on her head were trembling too. They could apparently sense the Demon Lord’s presence through the door.

“Normally, the plan would be to escape from here and call for reinforcements,” said Milina.

She was right about that.

Not many people were strong enough to defeat the Demon Lord. If they did not report this to the adventurer’s guild and have the strongest adventurers gathered for the fight, they did not stand a chance of winning.

“But then what happens to Rilolis?”
“What choice do we have?” asked Milina. “If we have to weigh a single Succubus’s life against the fate of the entire world, the choice is obvious.”

Yes, there was currently no way of defeating the Demon Lord who possessed such a great quantity of magic power. The only option was to seal her away again, along with the demon she was possessing.

“Unfortunately, that does seem to be the only option,” agreed Mormo. “Right, Al?”
“That can’t be,” lamented Yuni.

But she had no actual rebuttal to make. She knew there was nothing they could do.

But Al shook his head.

“Don’t be ridiculous. We will save Rilolis. We’ll drive the Demon Lord from her body and then seal just the Demon Lord.”
The three Lolimons’ eyes widened as they stared at him with looks that said “that isn’t possible”.

But he gave a confident nod.

“We can do it if we work together.”


“How in the world did we end up doing this?”

Mormo had a look of pure exasperation on her face.

That was because Al had his pants down and his semierect penis out.

That was not at all the look of someone was trying to rescue a party member from the Demon Lord.

They were in the cave a short distance away from the treasure vault where the Demon Lord was sealed.

They had set up a tent to hide themselves from their surroundings.

Al and Mormo were the only two inside.

Yuni and Milina were keeping an eye on the treasure vault. If anything happened to the magic circle providing a temporary seal, they were to inform him right away.

Because he was beginning a lengthy task.

“I explained, didn’t I? The only way to drive the Demon Lord from Rilolis’s body is to have sex with Rilolis.”


The Demon Lord had survived as a ghost using her grudge after being killed by the humans.

That meant she was actually a magical body just like with undead monsters.

Just as Milina was Ilina’s magical body controlling Min’s corpse, the Demon Lord was attempting to resurrect herself by controlling Rilolis’s body.

But Rilolis was still alive and they could take advantage of that.

The Demon Lord was attempting to tune her magic power to match Rilolis’s so her ghost self could settle into that body.

So what would happen if Riloli’s magic rapidly increased?

With nowhere left to go, the Demon Lord would be driven from her body.

And they already knew of a way to boost Rilolis’s magic: sex.


“But the Demon Lord is inside Rilolis right now, so we need to restrain her first.”

That would be done with the lamia’s tail.

Yuni the Slime would work too, but he wanted to have her send her magical body inside Rilolis to help drive the Demon Lord out.

Milina would use her living dead immunity to ordinary attacks and death magic to act as a diversion.

Once Rilolis had been restrained, Al would have sex with her to boost her magic.

“Normally, you could restrain Rilolis just fine as you are, but to ensure your safety, I want to boost your magic before you try it against the Demon Lord.”

A lamia’s snake portion was made of magic, so boosting her magic would allow her to extend that snake tail as well as use magic.

“I get that…but have you forgotten? You couldn’t boost my magic by having sex with me.”

He had not forgotten.

She had gotten bored and fallen asleep while having sex with him before. That had been pretty exciting in its own way…but that was not the point.

Mental excitement was crucial for boosting her magic and he had failed to inspire that in her before.

“But I think we can manage this time.”

Al spread his arms and showed off his lower body to the young lamia.

“This time, I want you to attack me.”

Her serpentine eyes glinted.

(I knew it.)

That confirmed it for him.

When he and Mormo had attacked Rilolis that one time, he had wondered if Mormo was aroused more when taking the dominant role.

She had not reacted at all when he took the lead, but it had looked like she enjoyed herself when she was attacking Rilolis.

He had taken a chance here and it looked like it had paid off.

There was another possibility related to the traits of lamias in general, but he could look into that later.

“That sounds fun. Let’s try it out, shall we?”


She immediately wrapped her tail around him.

The smooth scales rubbed at his skin as she constricted his arms and torso together and wrapped her tail around him again to constrict his legs. He could not move at all.

Then she easily lifted him up.

Even a child Lamia was incredibly strong.

He could feel the powerful muscles rippling below the scales.

She brought him in front of her face.

“My, my. You sure have gotten hard in a hurry. Does it turn you on that much to be bound and helpless?”

“Well, um…”
He was surprised at his own arousal here, but then he felt something on his penis he had never before experienced.

He looked down to see her long, skinny forked tongue tickling at the urethral opening.

“Wait, Mormo, what are you doing!?”

“You said it was my turn to attack you and that is exactly what I will do.”

She resumed the tongue tickling.

He twisted his body, but she had him so perfectly bound he could not escape.

“Ahh…i-it’s going in!”

The young lamia’s tongue spread open the urethra and pushed its way in.

A dull throbbing pain spread from the tip of his penis down to the base.

“Gh, ahh, ohh!”

His body shook.

More and more blood gathered in his dick and his body trembled as if celebrating the snake tongue’s attack.

Seeing that, she pulled her tongue out in satisfaction and returned it to her mouth.

“Hee hee. Your cock smells so wonderful inside.”

That phrasing seemed a bit odd until some past knowledge came back to him.


Snakes could smell things with their tongue.

They had a pair of organs known as Jacobson’s organ on the roof of their mouth and that sent smells to their brain.

A snake’s tongue was forked in order to carry the chemicals in the air back to the Jacobson’s organ in their mouth so they could smell their surroundings.

Mormo was a type of lamia with a lot of serpentine features in the human upper body, so she likely had a similar organ in her mouth.


While repeatedly moving her tongue in and out of her small mouth, Mormo viewed his penis with interest.

She finally stuck her tongue out even further.

She wrapped it around his penis at the bottom of the head like a scarf and then began moving it side to side to stimulate him.

“Ohhhh! That’s so good.”

He could not help but cry out.

There was no pain this time and he felt pure pleasure.

It was a new sensation, very different from being licked by a normal tongue.

With her tongue still wrapped around his dick, she let saliva drip from her mouth and onto the head.

Her tongue moved like an independent creature to roughly stroke his penis from base to tip.

She had her tongue rotate around it while also stroking side to side along its length in order to lick it every which way.

Her saliva soaked the head, dripped down the shaft, and started to drip away from his penis altogether.

She moved her head down, caught the saliva in her mouth, and pressed her lips against his dick to bring the saliva back up to the head.

She let the saliva drip down him over and over until his cock was as soaked as could be.

After scooping up the saliva one last time, she released his penis and moved to his body.

She kept his arms and torso bound while freeing his legs and moved her own upper body between them.

He could not resist and was at her mercy.

“Now, I think it’s about time I took your cock for myself.”

She opened her mouth like she was about to feast on a rat.

Her ordinarily small mouth opened shockingly wide and showed off the inside of her mouth.

(A double-jointed jaw!)

Al was surprised to see she had this feature of snakes as well.


Snakes could swallow much larger prey by opening their mouth so wide it looked like they had disjointed their jaw.

They were not actually disjointing their jaw, however. They had two joints between their skull and lower jawbone and they used that to open their mouth wider.

In fact, the two sides of their lower jaw were actually two different bones connected by ligaments. That allowed the two sides of their jaw to move independently like a car’s suspension.

They used that flexible mouth structure to prey on much larger animals.


In other words…


Even a lamia as young as Mormo could swallow the full length of his erection.

He was surprised to have his entire penis surrounded all at once.

The inside of her mouth was a bit stickier than a human mouth.

Her oral mucosa was stickier than a human’s. His penis was hit by a strange pleasure similar to having sticky tape attached all over.

She pulled her mouth back.

Her inner mouth peeled away like soft mochi as it slid up his shaft.

All the saliva from before acted as a lubricant, allowing her mouth to move smoothly.

She used her extra-wide mouth to mercilessly stroke the full length of his dick.

Her lips moved from base to tip and back again.

And then…

“Ohhh! What?”

Her tongue wrapped around his penis again and began stroking it at twice the speed her lips were moving.

The double pleasure of lips and tongue mixed together to expose his penis to a wild mixture of pleasure.

“Ahhhh! That’s incredible!”

“Hee hee. Is this what you like?”
When he moaned, she happily continued the movement.

Eventually, her mouth movements began actively working to make him ejaculate.

Her tongue squeezed tight and rubbed up the length of his shaft over and over.

She tightened her lips and only stimulated the head with them.

The two different sorts of pleasure at two different parts of his cock was a new experience only possible with a tongue like hers. This was a blowjob only a lamia could give.

“Ugh, I’m gonna cum!”

“Hee hee. Go ahead and do so. But do give a thought to how pathetic it is to let a child lamia milk you with her mouth while she binds you and you can’t resist in the slightest.”

Her words sent an excited tremor through him and the words really seemed to come naturally to her.

She then resumed the blowjob.

Her lips moved even more intensely than before.

Her tongue continued to randomly stimulate the entire length of his dick while her upper and lower lips stroked intensely up and down that same full length.


He thought the pleasure was going to melt his brain.

The urge to ejaculate grew and grew.

“Ugh, I’m…going to cum!”

“Be hy huest.”

She smiled and smoke with his penis still in her mouth and then she fully swallowed it.

The semen erupted from the tip at the same moment.

His dick throbbed within the young Lamia’s mouth while spewing milky fluid everywhere.

“Nh, nh, nhhh.”

She seemed to be having trouble breathing, but she did not try to remove it from her mouth.

In fact…

While using her double-jointed jaw to open her mouth inhumanly wide and swallow the full length of his cock, she wrapped her tongue around it and moved that to milk out the semen. It was the same motion you might use to milk a cow’s udder.

The milked semen flowed out deep into her throat.


Al was at her mercy.

She continued sucking his sensitive penis and the ticklish feeling made him cry out, but he could not escape.

She continued to thoroughly and persistently lick at his penis.

Almost like she was trying to make him ejaculate again.


But finally, she released him.

She loosened her snake tail around his upper body and he was finally free to use his arms.

He could see a bewitching light in the young Lamia’s snake eyes and small fangs in her smiling mouth. He recalled that her fangs had touched his penis a few times during the blowjob, but they were still soft and had not caused any pain.

“Such an incredible flavor and scent,” she said in a melted voice. “How is it normally stored inside your body?”

A snake’s mouth contained a pair of olfactory organs, so she would be detecting the flavor and smell of the semen she had swallowed.

“So…how was it?” asked Al. “Did that change how you feel?”

“It did. I feel kind of excited. It’s a strange feeling, a lot like what I felt when attacking Rilolis.”

This appeared to be working.

He had been right about Mormo being aroused by taking the dominant role.

“But…I don’t sense any growth in my magic. And there is no real response down here.”

She moved her hips to expose the vulva normally buried between the scales.

She spread the small whiteish labia with her hands to reveal the sticky entrance within.

She was right about no change there. There was no sign of her having gotten wet from arousal.


“That’s fine for now,” he said. “We know from this that you get turned on by the dominant role, so now try attacking me with that.”

He pointed at the vulva she was exposing.

“We can take our time and have sex until you’re satisfied.”

“Take our time? For how long?”

“Well…for about 9 hours maybe?”


Snake sex lasted a long time.

They would tangle together and continue their sexual union for hours if not days.

People disliked snakes and viewed them as demons or demon servants due to their appearance, but they were also worshiped as symbols of fertility. That may have been due to seeing them having sex for so long.


Al figured it was possible lamias possessed that trait too.

A lamia whose human upper body had as many snake features as Mormo had an especially high chance of having inherited that trait.

She had fallen asleep while having sex with him the first time.

That was because he had taken the dominant role and she had grown sleepy before feeling any arousal.

But when she had attacked Rilolis with him, her behavior had changed toward the end.

She had finally started to grow aroused after spending such a long time attacking Rilolis.

So by letting her take the dominant role and spending a long time at it, he hoped she would actually grow aroused.

“So that’s my theory. What do you think?”

She nodded to show her understanding.

“That sounds right to me. But…can you survive that long?”
She asked that while her tongue flitted out from her lips.

She seemed to be teasing him for her own enjoyment more than worrying about his wellbeing.

“I think I can manage,” he said.

He had actually summoned and drank a strengthening potion beforehand.

It was his original-recipe health drink made using ingredients available in this world.

Also, if he could not survive this, the Demon Lord would break the seal and the world would be in trouble.

If he was going to die either way, he would prefer to die expending his last energy having sex with a young lamia.

“You have guts at least. Now, I think I shall enjoy you exactly as much as I like.”

With a glint of her golden snake eyes, she leaned out on top of him.

She slipped her snake tail between his legs and rubbed her scaly hips against his crotch.

The smooth scales stimulated his penis which had taken a rest after the previous ejaculation.

This was a new sort of pleasure.

The smooth rubbing was very different from thigh sex with a human.

And when he looked forward, he could see he was doing it with a small child.

She placed her soft hands on his and moved her composed face in close.

Then she opened her mouth wide and kissed him as if swallowing his lips as a whole.

Her sticky lips ran all across him while her long tongue licked everything in between.

She continued that thorough kissing while wriggling her snake tail to bring his penis ever closer to her crotch.

His dick eventually felt something other than scales.

Soft flesh touched the penis head.

It sucked and tangled around him differently from a human’s to capture his penis and refuse to let go.

She removed her lips from his face.

Her saliva dripped from her mouth and flowed down his cheeks.

“You can feel it, can’t you? My pussy is gradually swallowing your cock. You cannot escape it. You will be devoured by me.”

The naked body in front of him looked like an ordinary little girl.

He should have been able to escape that small figure with ease.

Yet he felt the unbelievable weight of her snake tail weighing down on him, pinning his torso and legs to the ground.

The young lamia robbed him of his freedom and guided his penis into her vagina with the speed of a ghost slowly creeping up on someone.

His penis was finally surrounded by her flesh. Her labia had spread wide to swallow the penis and the vaginal entrance approached the penis head as if to kiss it.

“Hee hee. Now, how about I take you inside me?”

That was not a question. It was a simple declaration.

Her vagina spread wide and slowly swallowed his penis.


He cried out when he felt more pleasure than he had imagined.

It created the illusion that his entire body was being swallowed whole.

Her flesh was sticky but provided no real resistance, so it felt like being swallowed by the young lamia’s small vagina was nature playing out.

Her vagina squeezed at his penis. It felt like there were small snakes constricting him inside her.

It felt entirely different from when he had penetrated her while she slept.

Her desire to swallow his manhood transformed the state of her pussy.

“Ahh…yes. I can feel your cock inside my pussy. It feels very warm.”

She began to move her hips.

She lifted her snake tail and lowered it again for slow but long strokes up and down his dick.

His penis pulled out with a tugging sensation and then sank back in.

The movement was so much slower than normal sex and it drew his mind into a world of dreams.


Nearly eight hours had passed.

He only knew that because Mormo had told him earlier.

Otherwise, he would have had no idea how much time had passed. He could have believed he and Mormo had been having sex for years now.

She had been moving her hips the entire time.

She never sped up, she never increased the intensity, and she never stopped – she simply continued the same slow movement.

She was like a clock tirelessly ticking out the time.

But there had been some change.

Her vagina had gradually warmed up.

The sensation surrounding his penis grew wetter and wetter, softer and softer, stickier and sticker.

His pleasure had also increased and he had come close to blowing his load inside her countless times.


“M-Mormo. I’m about to cum again…please let me cum this time.”

“No, not yet❤”

She wrapped the tip of her tail tightly around the base of his penis. She had used her tail to forcibly prevent his ejaculation this entire time.

“Hh, hhhhh.”
Just as the semen tried to erupt out like magma, it was held back and only precum squirted from the tip.

That allowed his ejaculatory urge to subside for the time being, but it also caused his pent-up desire to grow and grow to a maddening degree.

He had lost count of how many dozens of times that process had repeated.

He had tried not mentioning that he was about to cum, but she had sensed it herself and stopped it.

And when he failed to tell her, she would wrap her tail around his neck and stick the tip into his mouth. She had nearly violated his ass like that earlier.

So he made sure to tell her every time he was close.

The young Lamia had been fully in control of his ejaculation for the past several hours.


“Ahh…your cock is twitching again♥ It wants to cum so bad but it can’t❤ The poor thing❤”

“If…you really feel bad for it…then let me cum already.”

“No, I think not❤”

She drank some water from a nearby pitcher and held some in her mouth as she leaned down and kissed him.

Her tongue stuck into his mouth and licked all over while the water also flowed in to quench his thirst.

She was also keeping him hydrated like that.

She had similarly fed him a piece of candy as food earlier.

More than controlling his ejaculation, she seemed to be raising him as a pet.


Groans endlessly escaped his mouth.

The union of their lower bodies was already soaked.

His plentiful precum mixed with her endless supply of love juices to produce a sticky sound.

The moisture had gradually left it as time passed, so it was now more of a lotion than a liquid.

That rubbed between her vagina and his penis to create a lewd sound.


Suddenly, a different sort of sigh escaped Mormo’s mouth.

The hip movements she had kept up for 8 hours came to a stop and she began grinding her hips back and forth.

“Ahh…my body feels funny when the tip of your cock hits me here♥ How strange. I’ve never felt anything like it♥”

“Hh, oh, ahh.”

The new stimulation had Al moaning too.

More than that, the way she wiggled her snake tail and grinded her hips like a dancer was unbearably erotic.

“Kh…I’m gonna cum.”

“Not yet, you aren’t❤”

She squeezed the base of his dick.

He was once again denied ejaculation.


He could not help but cry out, but she spoke in the same tone as ever.

“Hee hee. You’re like a dog in heat❤ But it isn’t happening❤ You only get to cum when I cum♥ I won’t allow anything else❤”

She placed her small hands on his chest and used both her upper body and serpentine lower body to move her hips.

This movement was a lot faster and more intense than before.

The wet sounds were louder and the stimulation to his penis was greater, so it grew harder and throbbed more.

(Ahh…I can hardly bear it♥ Why is he so cute?❤)

A tremor ran up Mormo’s spine while she enjoyed the sensation of the penis throbbing inside her.

Her partner was clearly older than her, but he was helplessly bound, he wanted to cum but could not, and he was being used as a tool for her own pleasure.

She was doing that to him.

She recalled what her sister and the other older lamias had told her.

When they had sex with human men, the men would tremble in fear from the risk to their lives, but they also could not deny the pleasure of the act, so they displayed a very complex emotion.

Al had not shown the fear of lamias they had mentioned, but she had still made herself his queen – the master of his pleasure, his body, and his life.

Nevertheless, he was moaning from the pleasure her vagina brought him and wanted nothing more than to cum. Almost like ejaculation was the only thing on his mind.

(But I won’t let him❤)

She tightened the tip of her tail around the base of his penis.

After being denied ejaculation yet again, his cock throbbed from all the blood filling it and seemed to be going wild within her.

That sensation made her dizzy.

(Ahh…it feels so good❤)

After spending hours having sex and allowing the desire to build up more and more in his penis, the flame of pleasure had finally been ignited within her. The next thing she knew, that flame was burning as hot as hellfire.

But this was not a fierce fire that spread wildly. It was a calm and well-contained fire that still burned hot enough to melt metal.

(This is the best❤ I wish I could do this for the rest of my life❤)

Her thoughts were melted by the flame.

(More…I want to tease him more, rule him more, torment him with pleasure even more❤)

With that thought, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her tongue crawled into his ear while her hips moved up and down with even more intensity.

The scales of her hips slapped against his human skin and the sounds of love juices came from between.

His dick grew thicker and harder along with the intensity of her hip movements.

The movements themselves were the same as ordinary sex, but his penis had been teased with the slower movements for so long that it was more than he could bear.

In fact…

“Ahh! Agh! Khh!”

Intense moans escaped in between his heavy breathing.

She whispered in his ear.

“Do you want to cum?❤”
“Yes…I do.”
He could barely breathe, but he got the answer out.

The corners of her lips rose into a crescent moon smile that showed off her small fangs.

“Then beg for it❤ Tell me what it is you want❤”

“Kh…let me…cum.”

She twisted his nipples with her small hands.

“Not like that❤ Ask me properly❤”

“Please let me…cum.”

“State what it is you want in clearer terms❤”

Each time she demanded more from him, love juices flowed from her pussy, soaking their union even more.

“Please let me cum…inside you.”

“Be more specific❤ If you don’t, I’ll make you wait another three hours❤”

She squeezed the base of his dick.

While also increasing the speed of her hips.


His cry made it clear he really was at his limit.

“Okay, okay! Please let me ejaculate all my semen into your child lamia pussy! Please let me fill your loli pussy with my cum!”

“…………Hee hee❤”

The tremor that ran through her was so great it felt like she was shivering.

Her hip movements reached their peak.

She finally released the tail tip that had prevented his ejaculation for so long.


His penis grew unbelievably thick.

The tip stuck deep, deep inside her vagina and an explosion of pleasure spread through her entire body.

“Ahh, yes❤”

His cock throbbed like crazy.

“Cum❤ Release all that cum you’ve been storing up❤ Let it all out❤ Squirt all that cock milk out into my pussy❤❤❤”


He let out a long, long moan while more and more and more semen erupted from his penis.

She could feel all the thick milky cum that had been building up and maturing for hours being pumped out into her vagina.

No, this was all under her control, so it was being offered up to her on her command.

Like an offering to a god.

(Ahhh…it’s so hot❤ He saved up all this cum for me❤)


It would not stop.

His penis throbbed and throbbed and ejaculated on and on like it had completely broken.

All the milkiness fully filled her vagina.


She let out a melted cry and her upper body collapsed forward.

She wrapped her arms around him while his penis was still inside her.

“How was it?” he asked.

“The best,” she replied. “I never knew it was so much fun.”

Her voice was back to its normal calm tone, but he could make out some smoldering pleasure hidden behind that.

“Thank you, Al.”

“Hm? For what?”

“You taught me what I like and what I can do with my body. Without this, I may never have learned to enjoy sex.”

“I-I see. Glad I could help.”

He smiled as if not sure what else to say.

This was making it hard to tell her he had only been after the treasure when he first summoned her. Of course, all four Lolimons already knew that.

“Oh, right. Did that boost your magic?” he asked after remembering why they had done this in the first place.

She slowly pulled away from him and removed his penis from her vagina.

A mixture of love juices and semen formed a sticky bridge between.

“Yes, incredibly so. I can barely believe it.”

Faint light wrapped around her snake tail.

It was overflowing with magic.

A lamia’s magic was concentrated in their serpentine part, so the effects of boosting their magic would show up there.

Her snake tail grew thicker like watching fast-forwarded footage of a swim ring being inflated. The growth pushed him back and he flipped over onto the ground.

Her lower body was growing bigger and bigger in front of him.

Finally, the thicker and longer tail was too big for the tent and burst outside.


Spending nearly nine hours on this had been worth it.

Her lower body was now the size of an adult lamia, if not even bigger.

“What do you think?” She put on a bewitching smile that made it seem like this had boosted her sexual charm as well. “Can I restrain that girl with this?”

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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