Lolimon Harem chapter 5

The Zombie Girl Finally Gets to Have Sex!

“I can’t, I can’t! There are ghosts everywhere!”

After fully flattening herself against the wall, Yuni returned to a humanoid shape.

She had figured out the trick to more major transformations after growing giant last time.

Nevertheless, her report made Al gulp.

After clearing the volcanic region, they had reached Area 4, which was even deeper in the caves.

The map he had bought at the guild said the area was teeming with undead monsters.


Undead monsters were those that had not died when they should have.

The most common examples were the zombies (known as the living dead in this world) that created a link between a dead creature’s soul and another dead body to move the body around, and the ghosts that had no body but manifested as visible souls.

If the body being controlled rotted away to only the bones, it was known as a skeleton and a powerful mage that zombified themselves to increase their magic power was known as a lich.

Physical attacks were useless against an undead enemy and only very powerful magic was effective. They also used extremely dangerous death magic, so they were very troublesome monsters.


For a normal human like Al, a hit from death magic would mean game over.

That was why he had sent Yuni in as a scout, but that had proven a wise decision.

The guild receptionist had said she doubted there would be many undead monsters there and he would be able to easily clear that area, but none of that was even remotely true.

Why had that receptionist recommended him that map? She had checked his stats beforehand, but he was beginning to wonder if she had accidentally been looking at some ultra-elite adventurer’s stats by mistake.

At any rate, he would finally reach the deepest point where the treasure awaited if he only made it through this area crawling with the undead.

He wanted to get through if it all possible.

“That means it is finally my turn,” said Milina the Zombie.

He honestly had no idea what her personality was like.

Unlike the other three, she rarely spoke. For the most part, she followed lazily after the others and ate and slept when they took a break.

He had barely spoken with her this entire time.

None of that was too surprising since she was a zombie, but that was why this proactive statement came as a surprise.

And speaking of surprises…

“Now, Master Al.”

“Eh? Whoa!?”

“Let’s have sex. Hurry up and get out of those clothes. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Sex, sex, sex!”

Her eyes had dark bags below them as they opened wide and she clung to him with a creepy smile formed on her lips.

She had the look of a zombie attempting to feast on living flesh, but her energy level was not zombie-like in the slightest. Her personality had entirely changed.

“Wait, Milina. Calm down!”

He worked to stop the zombie girl whose pale-skinned hands were attempting to strip off – or tear off – his clothes.


Once Milina calmed down, Al summoned a hut. This was the smaller cloth one instead of the bigger one he used when outdoors. It would have been called a tent in the world of his past life.

It was hard to track the passage of time in the cave, but night had already fallen.

They ate a meal and got some sleep inside the tent.

Three of the monster girls slept in a larger tent while Al rested in a smaller tent, but Milina had apparently been waiting in front of his tent the entire time.

When he awoke from his nap, he left the tent in surprise.

“Were you awake this whole time?”

“Yes. The living dead do not need sleep,” she said while somehow making her gloomy eyes shine bright.

“You want to have sex that badly?” he asked while moving away from the tent.

She nodded her head so vigorously he was worried the stitches sewing her neck together would snap and her head would fall off.

“I have wanted to have sex…for so very long!”


Milina’s name in life was Ilina Philaskirt.

She had once been the only daughter of the Philaskirt family that had built a great ocean kingdom on the south end of the continent.

She was meant to marry the prince of a neighboring kingdom on the day of her 15th birthday, but that dream had never come to pass.

Nobles who disliked the Philaskirt family’s prosperity and another kingdom hoping to steal their naval trade rights had joined forces and attacked their mansion.

The family mansion known as the Great Palace was destroyed and looted while the entire family was slaughtered.

Ilina had been no exception, so she too was killed.


“That’s…awful,” groaned Al.

The fall of the Philaskirt family and their ocean kingdom was common knowledge about this world’s history, but he had not known how horrific the slaughter had been.

“Then did you become a living dead because of your powerful desire for vengeance against your family’s killers?”

The “soul” or “spirit” that created an undead monster was actually a collection of magic power.

When someone harbored powerful regret when they died, that regret would affix itself to their magic and allow them to remain active even without a body.

“No.” Milina shook her head. “My parents had done some terrible things to bring such prosperity to our family, so it was only natural that they earned some grudges. That is not to say I can forgive those people for what they did, but I still have no desire for pointless vengeance.” Her eyes widened and her voice grew in intensity. “No, what I can’t stand is that I was still a virgin when I was killed! I dreamed every night of what I thought was my inevitable marriage and the consummation of that marriage that was to come the night after! I daydreamed every day about what sex must be like, how pleasurable it must be, and how wonderfully filthy and indecent an act it must be!”

“I-I see,” was all he could say when faced with her intensity.

“My own corpse was left too badly damaged by their swords, so I instead possessed my maid Min’s body because she was left relatively intact.”

The name Milina must have been a combination of their two names.

“I played dead to escape the mansion and somehow managed to survive this long…well, maybe ‘survive’ isn’t the right word, but you know what I mean. Regardless, it was all so I could have sex!”

The zombie girl announced this without a hint of shame.

“Then,” asked Al, “you never managed to have sex after dying?”

“I did not!” she replied. “With this pale skin and patchwork of stitched-up wounds, everyone could tell I was undead at first glance, so everyone ran away instead of having sex with me.”

That was no surprise.

The undead generally carried a powerful grudge against the living, so a lot of them would attack anyone with death magic.

That was why the best option when faced with the undead was to run away since there was no solid countermeasure against them.

Al had only been so calm around her because she could not randomly attack him while the contract of his summoning magic was in effect.

Those other people had been fleeing for their own safety. It had nothing to do with her appearance.

She was wandering the realm of the living after her death in order to have sex, but the fact that she was undead prevented her from doing just that. It was quite the dilemma.

“Well, then you’re in luck.”

He had no reason to run away and he did not find her appearance frightening. It probably helped that he had seen a lot of animal corpses during his past life, but he had also consumed a lot of fiction featuring zombies.

In fact, her patchwork body of pale skin and gloomy-looking face provided a special charm not found in a normal human.

Best of all, Milina herself wanted to have sex. While he did have a summoning magic contract with her, he was only really interested in sex when they both wanted it.

“In that case…”

“Sex! Sex now!”

She cut him off before he could finish his sentence and she immediately stripped off her underwear and lifted her skirt to reveal what lay below.

A single line ran down the center of a small mound of pale flesh.

Given how undeveloped that slit looked, he could only assume the maid named Min had been a virgin in life.

He kneeled in front of her.

She had stitches near the base of her legs, so he made sure not to touch those while he brought his face to her crotch and stuck out his tongue.

He licked up her slit from the bottom.

She felt chilly, but there was no rotting stench. If anything, it was like frozen meat after it thawed.


With the undead, the soul was a collection of magic that controlled the physical body, but the body was not linked back to the soul and so it did not perform the normal activities of a living body.

That was why the body would gradually rot away. Once all the flesh had rotted from the bones, they became a skeleton. Some living dead even had the bones rot away, leaving only the soul. That made them a ghost.

But some of them had powerful enough magic to suppress the rotting of their body, allowing them to preserve their appearance for years and years. It was a similar phenomenon to how elves and demons lived such long lives.

Milina must have been that type since the fall of the Philaskirt family had occurred thousands of years ago.


That fact was obvious at a glance. Her eyeballs were intact despite being the first part of the human body to rot, so the rest of her had to be preserved about the same as when that body had died.

Al continued performing cunnilingus on the loli zombie girl’s pussy.

He stuck his tongue into the slit, rubbed saliva for lubrication, and thoroughly dug into her hole.


“U-um, could you wait a moment?”

“Hm? What is it?”

When she interrupted, he removed his lips from her crotch and looked up.

He was worried she had found it unpleasant, but that did not seem to be the case.

She only looked puzzled.

“I do not feel anything at all. Is that how pussies are at first?”

He found that indecent word spoken by her polite voice to be pretty hot, but he suppressed that feeling to answer her.

“No, that shouldn’t be. …Wait.”

A terrible thought occurred to him.

“By any chance, does this not hurt?”

He lightly pinched her arm.

She shook her head to say it did not.

“Then what about this?”

“No, nothing.”

He had tugged on her cheek quite hard, but she did not react at all and shook her head with her cheek still stretched out.

That settled it.

“Milina…I have some bad news.”

He had to inform her of this sad truth.

“You have no sense of touch. That’s why you feel no pain when I pinch you…and why you wouldn’t feel any pleasure if you had sex.”

After a moment of silent thought, Milina’s wail of sorrow echoed through the cave.


It made sense once he thought about it.

Zombies were only controlling the body via magic and that connection only went one way. Harm the puppet all you wanted, it was never going to cause the puppeteer any pain.

“How…how can this be?” Milina groaned like she was on the verge of death. Except she was already was dead. “Does that mean I am doomed to wander this world forever, never able to have sex?”

She fell down onto all fours in depression, but Al had no comforting words for her.

There was nothing he could do. The magical link between a zombie and their body was so weak there was no way to bring back their senses.

“No, wait.”

He had a sudden idea.

“Milina, it might be possible for you to feel pleasure.”



Al used his summoning magic to retrieve a few magical texts, some writing tools, and clay for creating magic tools.

As a normal human, Al had almost no magic power himself, but he could still use some magic by gathering magic power from the air via a magic circle. That was how he activated his summoning magic.

He checked the magical texts while creating a magic tool.

He had it complete after about an hour.

“What is this?”

Milina viewed it in confusion and he could hardly blame her.

What he held in his hand was clearly shaped like a penis. Plus, it was far larger than the average penis. An orc cock would probably be about this size.

“Simplifying the magic circles to fit inside was difficult on such short notice, so it ended up bigger than I had hoped. This is a magic tool to strengthen the link between your physical body and your magical body.”

He gave a simple explanation of how it worked.


This was actually an application of summoning magic.

The sense of touch worked because the stimulation to the skin was sent to the brain as an electrical signal.

In Milina’s case, the mind that sensed things was part of her magical body, so it could not receive the electrical signals from the physical body.

One solution was sending that signal to the magical body.

That could be achieved using summoning magic that transferred an object from one place to another.

Summoning magic created a magical link between the two designated spaces, so he only had to stick this inside her body to allow the sense of touch to reach her magical body.


“Since we primarily want to transfer the pleasure over, I had to give it this shape.”

Milina asked a question while viewing the brutally shaped magical tool he held.

“I suspect I already know the answer…but what do I do with this for it to provide me with pleasure?”
“It must be inserted into your body’s primary pleasure source…in other words, your vagina.”

That was exactly the answer she had suspected, so she gulped.

(Will that enormous thing really fit in this young body’s pussy?)

Min, the body’s original owner, had only just reached the double digits when she died. Milina was still impressed with the girl’s maid work for someone so young, but that was not the present issue.

As a living dead, the body had not grown at all since then.

Could she really fit something so thick inside that body?

Al spoke up while she was considering it.

“Yeah, maybe this is too big. Just wait. It’ll probably take some time, but I can remake it.”

“N-no, I’ll do it!” She snatched it from his hand. “You worked so hard making it for me. And…”

When she imagined taking that grotesque magic tool modeled after an enormous cock and sticking it inside herself, she wanted to do it so, so badly.

(Pleasure…I want to feel pleasure from my pussy right away!)

She opened her mouth and let saliva drip down onto the penis.

She rubbed it all over the surface with her hand until it glittered in the light.

“This is how I use it, correct?”

“Yes, but…don’t force yourself.”

She pressed the tip against her pussy. She could tell it was touching her from the positioning of her body and the visual information and that almost made her think she could feel it, but there really was not any sense of touch.

(This is the hole.)

She finally found the right spot and then gathered strength in her hand.

She lifted the magic tool and lowered her hips at the same time to shove the entire brutal dildo into her vagina all at once.

And immediately…

A powerful sensation pierced her brain.

Her brain was so confused she did not know what was what, but then she realized she was feeling pain for the first time in the thousands of years since she died.

“Ah, gh…Master Al!? You could have told me it would be so fast acting!”

“S-sorry. I didn’t expect you to just shove it all in there like that.”

She may indeed have been overeager about that.

The pain felt like being cleaved by a sword from below.

She looked down to see the orc-sized dildo creating a slight bulge in her lower stomach.

That was definitely much too large for a first insertion.

(B-but now I can’t pull it out.)

She tried to pull on it, but that only caused more pain.

“Wh-what do I do? Am I supposed to spend the rest of my life – or, death I suppose – like this?”

“No, give it a bit and the hole should loosen up. And once the magic sets in, the sensations should calm down more. Then you can just pull it out like normal.” Al’s voice was tense. “I’m impressed you can bear this. The pain isn’t enough for you to pass out?”

“This is nothing compared to the pain when I was killed.”

However, her tone of voice was enough to know she was suffering more than she let on.

With her death, the pain had only lasted a moment.

She had suddenly found herself floating around as a ghost looking down at her own corpse.

But now the pain was attacking her slowly and constantly.

Her lower stomach throbbed from within over and over, like she had a massive second heart there.

(B-but once this fades away, it will all change to pleasure.)

This much pain felt like nothing once she imagined what was to come.

In fact, her heart danced with expectation.

She wanted to feel that right away.

She wanted to feel all that pleasure in her pussy.

Her fixation on sex had been powerful enough to make her a living dead after death, so it also allowed her to endure the pain coursing through her lower body.

“Um, Master Al?”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Would you be so kind as to let me give you a blowjob while this is inside me?”
Al just about did a spit take when she used that dirty word with her usual refined manner of speech.

(Maybe she’s never done it, but she certainly knows the right words.)

Had she found some sexual books in her mansion, or had she studied up after becoming a zombie?

Either way, he had no reason to say no.

“Of course. Here.”

He exposed his lower body.

Seeing the loli zombie girl writhing from the thick magic tool she had shoved into her own tiny vagina had left his penis ready to go.

It trembled and stood tall as Milina reached a hand out toward it.

“At long last…a gentleman’s cock.”

Her gloomy, empty eyes opened wide and her mouth spread into a crescent moon smile, giving her a truly creepy expression as she touched is penis.

“Wow, it’s so hot…and so hard.”

She petted it like a small animal as she slid her hand from the base, up along the bulging veins of the shaft, and to the swollen head.

Her chilly hand really did feel like the hand of death.

“Now, I shall suck it.”

With that announcement, she opened her mouth.

A dark red tongue was visible past her nearly purple lips. Every part of her was as discolored as a corpse.



She took his penis into her mouth.

She began to caress his dick with thorough mouth movements.

It was hard to believe such an intense blowjob was her first. This was probably the result of millennia of practice as she fantasized about doing just this.

She got her saliva all over it and her tongue crawled all over the head.

She searched out the frenulum, coated all 360 degrees of the shaft with saliva, and then moved down toward the base.

Her tongue poked at his balls and then her lips kissed them.

Meanwhile, she used her hand to stroke the shaft, ensuring it was always receiving some form of stimulation.


“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

He groaned in pleasure and she responded in delight.

Then she brought her mouth back to the shaft.

Her hand moved back and forth between the two balls, but it also reached a little further back, causing him to pull his hips back.

But the zombie girl would not let him escape.

She opened her mouth wide and took the entire head into her mouth.
Saliva dripped from her lips as she moved her head back and forth to stroke his cock.

Her upper lip perfectly stimulated the ridge of the head and her lower lip did the same to the frenulum.

Inside her mouth, her tongue performed a sticky dance to lick all over the head and occasionally dig into the hole at the tip.

“Ugh, oh, ohhh.”
The unexpectedly intense blowjob just about made him cum already, but then she removed her lips as if to give him a break.

Saliva mixed with precum formed a bridge between the penis and her lips.

“Ahh…so this is a blowjob. I love it. Sucking a gentleman’s cock is so wonderfully indecent.”

That line seemed the most indecent thing to him.

Unaware how much her own words were turning him on, she returned to the indecent act.

“How about like this next?’

He suddenly felt a very different stimulation.

He looked down to see his penis in her mouth with the tip pressed against her cheek.

The loli zombie girl’s soft cheek bulged out in the shape of his penis head.

Then she began to move his penis every which way, like she was brushing her teeth with it.

“Now for this side.”

She removed it just long enough to switch from right cheek to left cheek and began the same movement again.

That side must have been easier for her to control because she kept his penis pressed against the inside of her left cheek as she moved her head back and forth.

Unlike when she did the blowjob straight on, there was a gap between her lips and his shaft. That allowed the loud wet sound and lots of drool to spill out.

The drool dripped down her neck and down her stich-covered chest.

The penis head pushed out the Zombie girl’s cheek over and over while more and more drool spilled out.

Al wanted to add a little something to the scene.

“Milina, can I lift up your skirt?”

“Hweh? Sure, but why?”

Before she had even finished answering, he had reached out and lifted her dress’s skirt.

That allowed him to see the grotesquely huge dildo sticking out from her crotch like she had grown a penis of her own.

The loli zombie girl was giving an amazing blowjob with a giant dildo in her pussy.

It was such a strange but arousing sight.

“Incredible. You really seem to be enjoying yourself with something thick in your upper and lower holes.”

“I-I am. I’ve dreamed of doing this for so long,” she replied before resuming the blowjob.

She refused to let go of his penis, like she did not want to miss a moment of it.


“Nh, gh, kh…”

Eventually, she brought a hand down to her crotch and started moving the dildo in and out of her vagina.

The enormous dildo made a loud wet sound as it was swallowed up by her tiny body and then pulled out again.

It was like watching a magic trick.

“Ah, nh, hh, ahh!”

Her voice grew more and more sexual and she grew more focused on moving the dildo.

She was completely neglecting his penis.

“Umm, Milina?”
“Oh, s-sorry. How could I?”

“No, it’s fine,” he said with a smile. “This means you’re finally feeling the pleasure, doesn’t it?”

She had fallen down onto all fours, so he moved next to her and reached for her crotch.

“Eh? What are you- hyah!?”

She shrieked when he reached for her clitoris.

The dildo had spread her labia wide, so the clitoris was exposed at the top.

He used small motions to rub at it almost like he was scratching it.

“Why’d you stop? You need to keep your pussy feeling good.”


The clitoral stimulation was too powerful for her to move.

The sensory transmission was still not very smooth, so sometimes a major stimulus would rush through all at once and other times it would not get through at all.

It was going to take a while longer before the magic tool’s magic was fully in place.

“Fine, then I’ll do it for you.
He moved fully behind her, so her round and deathly pale butt was sticking out toward him. He rubbed the chilly skin while grabbing the magic tool.

The insertion point looked even more obscene from this angle.

Her small labia were spread to the limit by the dildo stabbing deep inside her.

He could feel the trembling of her vaginal walls passing through the dildo to his hand.

“Okay, here goes.”


He slowly pushed the dildo further in.

She cried out, but she could not escape it.

More than half the dildo was swallowed up by her body.

“Ahh…it’s too much…my stomach is stuffed full. Could you…pull it out?”

“Okay, if you want.”

He pulled the dildo out. The thick cock shape appeared while pulling back on her labia.

But then…



He shoved it back in just as far as before.

All strength seemed to drain from her body, so her cheek fell flat on the ground with only her butt sticking into the air.

“H-how could you…right when I let my guard down…ahh❤”

“It sounds a lot like you enjoyed it to me.”
He had not overlooked the sexual tone to her voice.

That powerful stimulation had set the dildo’s magic in place.

Her physical body and magical body were now magically linked and her sense of touch would reach her.

“Now for a test. How does this feel?”

He reached toward her crotch and teased her clitoris just like before.

“Ah, ahn, ahh, that’s so…ahh❤”

She could only get sweet moans out, suggesting the transfer of stimulation had stabilized.

“Okay, we don’t need this anymore.”

He pulled the dildo out.


Even that friction elicited a sexual moan from Milina.

“Ahh…now my pussy feels so empty. It’s such a sad feeling. Master Al, will you do something about this?”

Her vagina had yet to close back up and it throbbed greedily before his eyes.

He chose to make a teasing request while watching the loli zombie girl’s horny pussy.

“You’re going to have to be clearer about what you want.”

“Ahh, really?”
That request alone sent a wave of arousal through her body, so she looked up at him and tried again.

“Please. I want your cock to fill my pussy this time❤ Pound my cold corpse pussy until it’s nice and warm❤”

Those words combined with the view of her pale pussy were enough for his penis to throb.

“With pleasure.”
He reached down and grabbed her slender hips with both hands.

Then he pressed his penis against a vagina showing itself off so clearly he could hardly believe it had gone unused for millennia.

“Ahhhn…finally❤ A hot cock pressed against my pussy❤”

Delight filled her voice at the mere touch.

Then the head sank inside her vagina.

“Oh…it’s so soft!”

A zombie’s body was a corpse, but when their magic was powerful enough, they could almost perfectly preserve that body. That meant no rigor mortis. Milina’s vagina was cold but otherwise just like a normal one.

And that chilliness gave it a strange new sensation for Al.

It filled him with an odd sense of guilt, like he was having sex with not just a little girl but a corpse too.

But this was a zombie and not a corpse, so she reacted to his penetration.

“Ah, ahhhh❤ Yes❤ Your cock is fully inside my pussy❤”

“So can you actually feel it?”

“I can❤ I can feel it❤ I can feel your cock knocking on my pussy’s walls❤”

She spoke in a very lively fashion for a zombie.

Pleased by her reaction, Al began to move his hips.

Her pussy had begun producing love juices, which lubricated his penis and allowed him to thrust faster.

“Ahh❤ Yes, yes❤ It’s like your cock is pounding on my entire body❤”

Each time he thrust his hips against her, her butt would jump up while her vagina squeezed tight.

Either the frictional heat or the heat of his dick gradually warmed her up inside.

That pleasant feeling led him to thrust faster and faster.

(Ahh❤ This is…this is the best❤ The universe is so cruel for making me wait so long❤)


Milina writhed in pleasure while the cock pounded into her from behind.

His thing felt like a red-hot metal rod to her cold living dead body.

Actually inserting something like that would have harmed her, but the amount of heat being transmitted to her magic body made it feel that way.

And she converted all of it into pleasure.

She could feel the tip of the head rubbing against her vaginal walls.

She could feel the rock-hard erection spreading her vagina wide.

She could feel her sexual lips being spread wide as its full length was pushed inside and his hips slapped against her ass.

She could feel it all so vividly and distinctly.

Every stimulation to her body, every bit of pleasure experienced by her pussy, and everything felt by every cell of her body flowed into her mind.

(This is the best❤ I can barely stand it❤ This is sex❤ It’s better than I ever imagined❤)

“Ah❤ Hh❤ Ahh❤”

The next thing she knew, she had reached a hand down and started teasing her own crotch.

She rolled around the small protrusion at the top of the pussy lips that Al’s cock was still thrusting in and out of.

“Ah❤ Ahh❤ Ahn❤ Hyahhh❤”

Even if she had not moved her finger, his thrusting shook her body enough to automatically stimulate her clit.

Every time her finger rubbed against it, a jolt of pleasure ran through her.

Wanting to feel that even more, she began pushing her finger against it harder as she rubbed.

And when she did…


A wave of pleasure several times stronger ran through her entire body.

The stimulation of that small bean-like organ spread through her like the dust cloud when a cannon crashed into a castle’s walls, shaking every last part of her body.

And that seemed to act as a sort of switch to rapidly increase the sensitivity of her entire body.

“Ahh❤ Yes, this is incredible❤ Cock❤ Your thick cock❤ It’s pounding me❤ Pounding me deep❤❤❤”
The penis thrust into her with loud sticky noises.

She could not tell if his cock had gotten bigger or if her pussy was squeezing it tighter, but her mind was filled with the pleasure of it having its way with her body.

“Ahhhh❤ More❤ More❤ Stick your cock deeper❤ Fuck my pussy harder❤”

Her own words served to arouse her further and her stomach began to throb.

His hips sped up and thrust harder, seemingly in response.

“Wow, this is good. I’m already going to cum!”

“As in ejaculate!? As in fill me with semen❤!?”

She felt her pulse pounding at that thought.

Her heart should no longer be functioning, but she felt it beating hard within her chest. Was that only an illusion, or…?

“Cum❤ Cum inside me❤ Fill me with your cum❤”


His dick throbbed within her vagina, shooting semen everywhere.


She could not help but scream.

“Seeeeeemen❤ Cuuuuuum❤ So hot and sticky❤ So much of it in my pussy❤ And you’re stirring it all up in there❤❤❤”

Not cumming during the blowjob must have built up more semen because he continued to move within her vagina as if to squeeze it all out.

With each movement, the semen made sticky sounds and spilled out of her.

When he finally pulled out, she slumped down to the ground.

She still felt like something was moving in and out of her vagina.

The pleasure still vaguely stayed with her.

“So that was sex❤”

“So what’s the verdict? Did you like it?” asked Al.

It felt amazing.

It was the best.

It was wonderful.

Those were the only thoughts that floated up in her melted mind.

She looked up at him while lying on her side.

She could see his dick still standing tall and hard.

She had thought she was plenty satisfied, but seeing that filled her with fresh lust.

She used that to fuel herself as she got up and reached for his crotch.

“Yes, and if I can continue to experience that…”

She pushed Al onto his back, climbed on top of him, and prepared to mount his cock.

“Then living – or dying, I guess – for thousands of years was well worth it❤”



A lich spoke in a language human ears could not comprehend and cast some death magic.

The magic waves definitely hit Milina, but they had no effect on her.

Death magic instantly turned the target into one of the dead by severing the link between their body and soul.

The soul could also be described as the magic body that carried their consciousness.

So death magic essentially forced someone into an out-of-body experience.

But that also meant death magic could not do anything to a zombie whose link between body and soul was already broken.

Milina calmly walked up to the lich.

“Excuse me.”

With a lazy-sounding comment, she bisected the lich using a sword instilled with purification magic.

The sword was something Al had summoned with his magic. He had prepared it in advance since the map told him there would be undead monsters.


The Lich screamed before vanishing like a puff of smoke.

The other liches, ghosts, and skeletons in the area fled after seeing it.

“Milina, that was so cool!” cheered Rilolis.

Milina only looked lethargic as she dragged the heavy sword along behind her.

“The monsters ran away, so now is our chance to get through.”

The others nodded at her suggestion and ran through the cave.

With that, they were through Area 4 and on their way to the deepest part of the dungeon.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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