Lolimon Harem chapter 4

Teaching an Innocent Slime Girl to Love Semen!

“Whew, it’s hot,” groaned Al while wiping away his sweat.

It felt like it had to be more than 40 degrees.

Caves were usually colder than outside, but this was a definite exception.

While Al, Rilolis, and Mormo were having a threesome to increase Rilolis’s magic, Yuni and Milina had been exploring the cave on the other side of the chasm.

They had found a hot area there.

“We decided it was too dangerous and turned back,” said the slime girl.

“I couldn’t have walked through it regardless,” added the zombie girl.

The dark cave had grown so bright Al no longer needed his torch.

And an incredible sight came into view.

“Is that what I think it is?” gasped Al.

“It’s so pretty,” said Rilolis with eyes asparkle.

“I do not see how we can cross this,” calmly stated Mormo.

They had entered a volcanic region with molten rock flowing everywhere. There were also occasional holes with magma erupting out and splattering around.

Worse, they could see what appeared to be dragons wrapped in red flames within the lava. There had be at least 30 of them.

“Well, this isn’t good,” groaned Al.

This meant they had followed the underground cave all the way to the volcanic region given as Area 3 on the map. That did mean they were headed in the right direction, at least.

Had that guild receptionist really expected him to clear this area on his own?

“Yeah, this isn’t happening. Let’s find another route.”

Al started to head back, but…

“I think we can manage.”


It was slime girl Yuni who stopped him.

Her blue gel twintails shook as she viewed the volcanic region.

“I’m good at water magic, so if I have enough magic power, I can hold the lava and monsters at bay. All the grownup slimes can do that.”

That was hard to believe when the ordinary slimes accompanying her were trembling in fear.

“Then you think you can get us through if you have your magic boosted with sex?” asked Rilolis.

Yuni nodded, causing her light blue body to jiggle.

“So, Al,” she said with a naïve smile. “Do that sex thing with me too!”


Something about how she phrased that seemed off to him.

“Um, Yuni. Do you not know what sex is?”

“Nope! But I want to know! So teach me!”

The slime girl revealed an extremely blunt sort of curiosity.


Based on his experience as an adventurer in this world and his memories of his past life, Al thought slimes were something like an amoeba that had turned into a monster by gaining magic.

A monster was defined as a lifeform that somehow gained a large amount of magic and underwent a significant change to its appearance or nature. (Of course, the actual classifications were based on the experiences of people in this world that had not developed a formal field of biology, so not all of them strictly fit that definition.)

Slimes possessed a lot of magic.

In fact, their body was apparently mostly comprised of magic.

The original amoeba body remained as their core and the magic surrounded that after transforming into a gel-like tissue.

Most monsters and species like elves and demons had bodies made from a mixture of matter and magic, but Slimes had a clear division between the matter portion and the materialized magic portion.

That created a major problem here.

An amoeba was a single-cell organism.

After growing enough from absorbing nutrients, they would reproduce through cell division.

They increased in number through asexual reproduction.

That meant they did not have sex.

Most monsters inherited a lot from the original animal they had developed from and slimes were no exception.

No matter how attractive she might look, Yuni did not need to have sex.


“C’mon, c’mon. Let’s have sex!”

The slime girl was pressuring him to have sex.

Of course, she had no idea what sex was.

They had moved back from the volcanic region to a more open part of the cave.

Al had summoned some cloth with a summoning circle and set it up like a tent to create a private area.

Rilolis, Mormo, and Milina had gone exploring for a safer path they could use. It would have been awkward for Yuni’s companion slimes to remain too, so they had gone with the other three.


Al observed Yuni.

Her entire body was made of light blue gel, but once you got used to that, she looked just like a twintails girl. Human adaptability was incredible.

Nothing seemed off about the shape of her face, the texture of her hair, or the proportions of her body. She looked just like an ordinary girl. If you saw her in poor lighting, you might not even be able to tell she was a slime.

But when viewed up close, her skin rippled, her twintails changed shape little by little, and she otherwise showed clear signs of being a slime beyond just her color.

She was shaped like a human, but she was in fact a monster.

Could a lifeform like that really have sex?

“C’mon, tell me what sex is already!”


She pressured him just like a child brimming with curiosity.

He gave her a simple explanation and she immediately nodded.

“I see. So the part of the reproductive process where the male supplies his sperm to the female is called sexual intercourse! And since that requires most humanoid lifeforms to interact very intimately with a partner, it holds a lot of cultural importance, so you refer to the abstract concept of it with the shortened form of ‘sex’! Is that right!?”

“Y-yeah, I guess.”

Al gave a noncommittal answer.

It felt like she had gained a better understanding of it than he did.

This slime girl really was abnormally smart.

“Then I know how that’s done! I once saw some humans having sex because they didn’t realize I was there! I knew what sex was and I didn’t even know it!”

But the indifferent way she talked about it did match his image of a slime girl.

The humans probably had not noticed her because she was hiding in a corner of the room as an amorphous blob like a normal slime.

I need to make sure nothing like that is around when I do it from now on, thought Al while Yuni removed the cloth around her hips.

The slime girl’s crotch was now exposed. However…

“Yeah, I guessed as much.”

There was nothing there.

It was completely smooth with no labia and not even a single line to indicate a slit.

But that was to be expected.

That area was normally covered up, so there was no need to reproduce it if she only wanted to look human.

“There’s a hole here for the male reproductive organ to go in, right?”
She began to shake her body and that area began to ripple like the surface of a body of water in the wind.

Then her light blue body began to transform.

A slit appeared on her smooth crotch and that began to work its way deeper inside her.

Since she was translucent, he could see it extending back to form a hole up into her lower stomach.

“Hm, the entrance is kind of hard to see,” she said before working at the slit with her fingers.

What had been just a simple slit swelled out somewhat.

“Wow,” gulped Al.

There was now a long entranceway opened in her translucent light blue body. And it had a lot of bumps and folds as it moved on up inside her.

It reminded him of a sex toy.

He reached out and touched her leg. It was soft, but it also had a firmness that pushed back at his hand.

(I bet that would feel amazing!)

He wanted to try it out right away.

“So how about it? Do you think you could have sex with- ohh!”
Yuni expressed her surprise when he impatiently pulled down his pants.

His penis was trembling and pointing up toward the heavens with its veins bulging.

“Interesting, interesting. So this is a human male’s reproductive organ.”

She viewed it curiously for a while but finally nodded, reached out, grabbed it with both hands, and pulled on it.

“Okay, you can go ahead and put it inside me!”

She made it sound so simple that he was a little hesitant, but he still pressed the penis head against her hole.

He felt a chilly sensation sucking at the tip.

The sticky, but not at all unpleasant, feeling was different again from a sex toy.

(Wow, what even is this!?)
He was surprised by this new sensation, but he still pushed his hips forward.

His dick sank all the way into Yuni’s hole.

“So this is sex, huh? Neat.”

Yuni curiously observed their union, but Al was in no position to do the same.

The sensation surrounding his penis was too good.

She had created a hole for him, but there was barely a gap there. The bumpy walls were wriggling and squeezing tight with the pressure of the surrounding slime flesh. After pushing his dick in there, it felt like having hands somewhat tightly gripping it from every direction.

“Yuni…are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine! What about you? The look on your face doesn’t seem okay.”

He was only trying to endure the pleasure.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Can I move?”

“Sure. Use me all you like!”

The loli slime girl’s unintentional phrasing was weirdly arousing for him.

“Then that’s what I’ll do.”

He grabbed her hips.

He squeezed them so tight it would probably have hurt a normal human and then he began thrusting.

“Ah, ha ha, wow, my body’s shaking.”

She laughed happily as the force of each thrust raced through her entire body, sending ripples through the surface of her light blue translucent skin.

The way her twintails jiggled side to side was cute.

But Al could not focus on any of that.

“Ugh, kh…wow.”

His mind was fully focused on his own crotch.

When his dick entered her, it rubbed the walls of her hole and he could hear air escaping.

When he pulled out, the depths of her hole became a vacuum and pulled on his dick in a pleasurable way.

The gel walls transformed to cling to his penis with incredible viscosity.

It felt like receiving sloppy kisses to every last part of his penis.

He thrust his hips with all his might.

Eventually, some precum leaked out and flowed between his dick and the walls.

The sound of the thrusting grew a little wetter.

That lubrication allowed him to thrust even faster.

“Gh, hh, ohhh!”


He could not help but lift up her hips, putting her in a bridge-like pose.

He held the loli slime girl in his arms and pounded his hips against her like he was using her as a sex toy.

A sound like someone slapping their hand against the water’s surface echoed around them.

He looked down to see his penis thrusting within her translucent body. He could tell it was trembling as it approached climax.

The visual turned him on all the more.

“Ah, oh, I’m cumming, Yuni!”

“Cumming? You mean releasing your sperm?”

He did not have it in him to answer her question.

He slammed his hips against her especially hard and deep just before an impressive amount of semen erupted from the tip.

He could clearly see it filling up the area between his dick and the walls, starting in the deepest part of her hole.

“Ugh, ah, khh!”

He pulled his penis out with a sticky sound.

The tight squeezing of her hole was a lot when he was so sensitive after ejaculating.

“Sorry. I got carried away at the end there.”

She had said he could do it, but he still felt bad focusing only on his own pleasure.


“Hm, so that’s sex!”

She did not seem bothered by it.

But at the same time, she did not seem to feel any pleasure either.

She had not felt anything at all. She only carried the same intellectual curiosity as before.

“Um, you didn’t feel anything?”

“Hm? It just felt like there was something inside me.”

“I see.”

Just as he had feared.

Yuni was smart, so she was quick to understand what sex was once he explained it.

But that was only on an intellectual level.

She was a monster girl created from an amoeba that did not need to have sex, so she did not have an innate feeling for the meaning behind sex.

The Lolimons’ magic was boosted by sex because it made them feel like they were grown up.

Their magic was strongly linked to their mental state, so the sex had to mentally excite them to have any effect.

That did not happen with Yuni. She did not need to have sex, so she had no sexual desire.

“This is a problem.”

Would they have to find some other route through the volcanic region?

But while he pondered that…

“Ohhh, this stuff is pretty tasty!” exclaimed Yuni.

But she had not eaten anything.

He saw motion down at the hole into her lower stomach and noticed all the semen he had pumped in there was being slowly absorbed by the surrounding walls of slime flesh.

It reminded him of the photos of amoebas eating he had seen in his past life.

When an amoeba captured its prey with protrusions called pseudopods, they would surround it with their body, create a space known as a phagosome, and digest and absorb it there.

That was exactly what Yuni was doing here. She was absorbing his semen as a nutrient.

He had heard before that semen was rich in nutrients.

The prostatic fluid, which made up the liquid portion of the semen, contained fructose, which provided the energy that fueled the sperm’s activity. And the sperm itself was made of protein. To a slime, it probably did qualify as food.

“Hold on.” Al realized something. “Hey, Yuni. Do you feel hunger?”

“Yeah, of course. I need to eat.”

Desires were the signals produced to get you to perform the actions required to live.

That was why lifeforms that needed to have sex would feel sexual desire, lifeforms that needed to replenish their nutrients would feel hunger, and lifeforms that needed some rest would feel a desire for sleep.

With humans and most other multicellular organisms, the brain produced those signals, but with single-cell organisms like amoebas, that was handled with cellular reflexes.

“The brain?”

Al observed Yuni.

That slime girl was made of a translucent gel-like matter.

What he could see was a magical body created by materializing her magic. There would be an amoeba body somewhere inside her as her core, but he could not see it. That would be a slime’s weak point, so she probably altered the refractive index to make sure it could not be seen from the outside.

Regardless, she did not have a body part that acted as a brain.

On the other hand, she did not seem to live entirely based on reflexes like a single-cell organism.

She definitely seemed to have intelligence equal to or greater than Al’s.

“Then how does it work?”

“How does what work?”
She tilted her head, so he explained his thoughts.

He felt like figuring this out would give him a clue to helping Yuni understand sex.

“I see.” She jiggled her body. “Come to think of it, how do we work? All the others can talk too.”

“They can?”
She explained that she lived in a village of humanoid slimes.

They performed agricultural and processing work in the village and even traded with a nearby human village.

They apparently also lived alongside the normal non-humanoid slimes. Including the ones accompanying Yuni here.

“They sometimes gain enough magic to transform into a humanoid form too. That’s how we get more of us.”

“So your ancestors…well, maybe that’s not the right word, but the original slimes took on humanoid forms to interact with humans?”

She shook her head.

“No, it was originally so we could attack and eat humans.”

She sounded entirely carefree, but it came as a shock for Al.

But she laughed with her twintails hopping up.

“Oh, but none of us do that anymore, so don’t worry. If I was going to eat you, I would’ve done it just now.”

“F-fair point,” he conceded.

But this did help him understand the situation.

At first, some of the slimes must have realized they could take on the same form as their prey to catch them off guard and capture them more easily.

They probably initially transformed into human women to attack men.

Eventually, their transformation technique improved to the point that they could speak just like humans.

They would not have known the language at first, but once they figured that out and realized they could lower their prey’s guard even further if they responded appropriately, they would have begun communicating.

Finally, they would have found it more efficient to establish friendly relations with the humans and trade with them instead of preying on them, leading to the current situation.

It was a fascinating evolution.

But that still did not explain their lack of a brain.

It was hard to believe a lifeform without a brain could understand complex language, communicate with humans, and establish friendly relations with them.

“Yuni, when you’re thinking really hard, does your head ever hurt?”

“My head? No.”

She shook her head.

“Then when you move around a lot, do you feel a pounding in your chest?”

“No, I don’t.”

Sure enough, her body was fundamentally different from a human’s. She did not have a brain or a heart.

“Oh,” she said as if remembering something. “But when I think really hard or learn a lot, my entire body heats up. It’s like all the magic inside me is activating.”

“The magic is?”
The magic would be her entire body except for the amoeba core.

“I see. So that’s it.”

Al finally understood.

“What, what? What’s it?”
“Humans use their brain to remember things, think complex thoughts, and produce the desires needed to stay alive. You don’t have a brain, but you can still do all those things. I found that odd.”

“That is odd. I wonder why.”
Her eyes widened in surprise.

She seemed to be familiar with the concept of a brain, but she must have never questioned why she could think without one.

It was not uncommon for people to never think too much about the things that had always been a part of their life.

Al explained his theory.

“Your brain is your entire body.”

“Eh? Eh? What does that mean?”

She looked all over her translucent body in confusion, so he continued his explanation.

“Your body is made of magic. You can change that materialized magic body’s shape at will, so once slimes decided they wanted to interact with humans, they created a brain structure in their magic body so they could think.”

Magic could create all sorts of things.

It was so strongly linked to the mind that simply making someone feel “grown up” by having sex was enough to temporarily increase how much of it they had.

At the same time, it was possible to reproduce complex tissue with magic.

That was obvious enough from the fact that the bodies of elves and demons were a mixture of matter and magic. And if magic could be used to create a bodily structure just like one made of matter, it could reproduce brain tissue as well.

So the slimes’ desire to gain intelligence had changed their entire magic body so it would function like a brain.

That was why Yuni could think without a brain in her head like with humans.

“That’s fascinating.” Yuni tilted her head. “But how does figuring out my brain help us boost my magic?”
“Heh heh heh,” triumphantly laughed Al.

He had already found the answer.

Even if it took the form of her magic body, Yuni did have a brain.

That would send out signals that made her feel hunger or sense something as tasty.

And she could think at a level of complexity equal to or greater than a human.

Which meant…

“We should be able to trick you into feeling a nonexistent desire just like you can with humans.”


“Okay, I more or less get it!”

An hour later, Yuni raised her hand to tell him that.

He had finally finished his lesson on sex.

She had already known what sex was on a biological level, so he had primarily been teaching her the more abstract meaning it held for humans.

Humans took longer than most other lifeforms to reach sexual maturity.

Once they did, they began to participate in society which increased their opportunities to interact with others.

And having sex was used a symbol of that growth.

It was basically a detailed explanation of why having sex would make you feel grown up.

He was not an expert and he had not managed to make it as simple and understandable as it might have been, but it looked like Yuni understood now.

“But I still don’t really understand it deep down. It’s like I only understand it in my head.”

It was funny that the Slime girl used that phrasing even though she had no brain in her head.

But Al smiled.

“You should be able to get a feel for it. Just compare it to hunger.”

“Yes. You get hungry when you don’t eat, don’t you? And you gain nutrients when you do eat. When you gain nutrients, your body grows. Isn’t that how slimes grow up? And once you grow enough, you split apart to create more of you. Isn’t that right?”

“Right, right.”

“So for Slimes, eating and reproducing are part of the same process. In that case, you should be able to perceive hunger and sexual desire as essentially the same thing.”

“Oh, I get it!”

She snapped her fingers.

He had no idea where she had picked up the gesture, but unfortunately, it only made a disappointing jiggling sound with her soft fingers.

“If I want to have sex with you, I just have to eat you!”


He quickly corrected her while wondering how she had arrived at that conclusion.

“Ah ha ha ha ha! I’m kidding, I’m kidding!”

She cackled in delight.

But then she suddenly stuck out her tongue and looked cutely up at him.

“I know what you mean. That semen from before was tasty and I want more. Is that my form of sexual desire?”

She reached for his pants and pulled them down to reveal his half-erect penis.

She moved her face in close.

“Hee hee. It still smells like that semen.”

She sniffed her nose and then stuck out her tongue to lick at the tip.

“Nh, hh, there’s still some in there.”

She lifted it up with her two squishy hands, took the head inside her mouth, and sucked like she was drinking through a straw.

She sucked out the semen remaining in his urethra and it flowed into her mouth.

“So good! I think I really like semen!” she said, smiling up at him.

The twintails girl was giving him an innocent look while saying something so obscene.

Thanks to her sucking and that comment, his penis was hard once more.

“Ha ha. Looks like you can keep going, huh? So will you give me more semen to drink?”
“Yes, of course.”

She responded by throwing her hands in the air and cheering. It looked all the world like a child celebrating that her parent agreed to buy her a new stuffed animal.

But when she reached out her hands, she grabbed a grotesquely erect cock.

She then adjusted her position by placing her hands on the ground to lift her upper body on all fours and she opened her mouth wide.

With a sticky sound, the slime gel inside her mouth dripped down like saliva.

The inside of her mouth was a bit less viscous than the rest of her, making it similar to a sol.

“Hey, would it satisfy your sexual desire if I put your reproductive organ in here?” she asked while placing her mouth directly above his penis.

She had the face of a cute girl, but the inside of her mouth was moving in a complex fashion to show off how it would milk out his semen.

He gulped at the thought of the pleasure that would bring.

“Probably. I bet it would feel really good.”

“Yay! Then enjoy my mouth, okay?”
She then lowered her wide-open mouth to swallow the full length of his erect penis.

The tip of the head hit the back of her throat, making a loud sticky sound. The sol-like liquid must have popped.

“H-hey, Yuni? You don’t have to do it all at- ohhh!”

He tried to express his concerns, but he could not finish it.

She had closed her mouth tight and then pulled her head back.

His dick was pulled out with a loud slurping sound.

When viewed from above, her lips were pulled and stretched out from her face, transforming her cute face into something obscene.

But she did not seem to care as she swallowed the entire penis again.

“Ugh, wow.”

The gel-like interior of her slime mouth tangled stickily around his dick.

Then the sol-like saliva analogue was rubbed all over its surface.

And he could see it all happening since her light blue face was translucent.

He could see exactly how his penis was entering her mouth and being tormented within.

(It’s just like a porn manga. God, this is hot.)

Just like when he had sex with her before, this was something you only got when having sex with a slime girl.


Humanoid slimes would reproduce portions of a human’s body structure in their magic body. For example, they needed lungs and vocal cords to speak. Since Yuni could speak, she had to have those things.

They were not visible on the outside because she altered the refractive index of the surrounding magic body just like she did to hide her amoeba core.

But when taking something inside her body to eat it, she prioritized the transformation needed for that, so she failed to adjust the refractive index. That left its presence inside her visible from the outside.


But whatever the logic behind it, it was definitely hot.

His cock throbbed wildly in her mouth due to the arousal. And he could see even that.

Yuni was moving her head with impressive speed.

The loud sticky sound was a lot like from a child playing in the mud.

Al was overcome by the pleasure tangling around his entire penis.

“Wow…your mouth feels so damn good.”
“There’s some kind of clear liquid coming out,” she pointed out while pulling back to keep only the head in her mouth and moving her mouth a lot less.

Meanwhile, she skillfully moved the tip of her tongue to lick at the tip.

She was probably trying to absorb as much of the precum as possible, but it amounted to a concentrated attack on the penis head.

Her slime lips were soft and jiggly but also firm as they stimulated all his pleasure points over and over.

And while she persistently attacked just the head…

“Are you about ready to ejaculate?”

“Eh? No, not yet- ohhh!?”
His pleasure gauge shot up and he let out a silly cry.

She had swallowed his entire cock once more.

And this time, she took it even deeper, almost like she was trying to kiss the flesh surrounding its base.

Then she pulled it back out with a loud slurping sound.

“How do you know how to do this?”
“I remeher how you mohed behore, so I’m hooing the hame hing here.”

She managed to speak even as she continued to stimulate his penis.

She really was a quick learner.

She continued the merciless attack on his dick for a while.

He felt a stickiness licking at his penis within her mouth full of sticky fluids.

She swallowed it deep into her throat and then squeezed it tight with her gel-like flesh.

She used her transformable mouth to tease his penis every way she could think of.

And it was all to get the semen out of him.

She was passionately sucking his dick in order to get as much cum as possible.

That thought increased his urge to ejaculate considerably.

He could no longer suppress it as her merciless blowjob continued.

“Kh, Yuni…I’m about to cum!”

“Reahhy? Then go aheah! Hill my houth with hat nuhritious hemen!”

She responded while only speeding up her mouth movements.

She started tilting her head side to side to add in further movement while stroking the full length of his dick from the tip to the base.

“Hh, kh, ohh!”


Just as it grew even thicker and twitched, Yuni swallowed it as deep as she could.

He could clearly see his penis penetrating her mouth and the head sealing her throat back behind her tongue.

And in that position…

“I’m cumming!”

Semen erupted out into her throat.

He started to pull his hips back, but she wrapped her arms around his hips as if embracing him and kept his penis from leaving her mouth.

She also had her mouth and throat shake and milk the semen from the base of the shaft to the head and from the tip to her throat.

“Oh, ah, oh!”
The stroking movement inside her mouth felt so good his dick kept ejaculating more and more.

Only once he had expelled as much semen as possible did she finally release him.

His dick made a sticky and frothy sound as it pulled out due to the intense ejaculation and the wetness inside her mouth.

“Wow, that felt good.”

He fell to his knees and watched as she swallowed the semen she had acquired.

The translucence of her light blue body allowed him to see all of that milky liquid being gulped down into her esophagus.

She looked up at him and sighed while licking off her lips.

“Ahh. That was tasty. So that’s what sex is, huh!?”
She then cried out as her body trembled.

“Wh-what is it?”

Was there a problem with taking in so much foreign material so quickly?

Al was worried, but she gave him a melted look while pointing down at her stomach.

“Look, look! Your semen is being absorbed into me!”


She was probably intentionally making it so he could see.

There was a stomach-shaped space a bit below where the ribs would be for a human and all the semen she had swallowed down her esophagus was contained there.

It was swirling together and being absorbed into the light blue slime just like the milk being stirred into the tea in a teacup.

Seeing the proof of their sexual activity being absorbed into the girl’s body was brand new to him and he felt like he was awakening to a new fetish.

“Ahh! It really was tasty!” she said. “I got really into it for a bit there. It wasn’t really the same as just eating. And…hey, Al?” A tremor ran through her, causing all of her skin to jiggle. “Will you give me more of your semen later? Next time, I want to drink it down here.”

The slime girl pointed at her crotch.


She wanted the semen in her pussy instead of her mouth.

That meant she viewed sex as more than just a way of obtaining nutrients. Otherwise, how she got it would not matter.

She had found meaning in the different ways she could get the semen out by stimulating his penis.

That meant she had gained real understanding of sex.

She had experienced sexual desire by comparing it to hunger.

And thanks to that…

“Okay, let’s get going!”

Yuni’s magic had been successfully boosted.

They were back in the volcanic region.

Once Rilolis, Mormo, Milina, and the other slimes had rejoined them, they had returned to Area 3.

Lava flowed everywhere and the faces of fiery dragons protruded from there, so the area could hardly have been more dangerous.

Yuni unleashed her boosted magic at the entrance.

She was a water slime, so she would be able to use water magic once she grew up.


A slime’s color generally indicated their type.

Red meant fire, blue meant water, yellow meant electricity, and brown meant earth. That was because their color was caused by the type of magic surrounding them. And the type of magic changed what kind of magic they could use.

Normal slimes who could not use magic were colored green, but the slimes that used poison magic were also colored green, so telling them apart could be tricky. Al thought that was the result of normal slimes camouflaging themselves for protection.


“I’ll release my magic and grow!”

Yuni’s body trembled and the other slimes accompanying her bounced around in excitement. Yet Al could have sworn they did not understand language.

Boosting Rilolis’s magic had increased her magical abilities without changing her appearance, but the boost apparently did change Yuni’s appearance.

That made sense since most of her body was made of magic.

(Is the loli slime girl going to grow into a young slime woman?)

Al imagined it and kind of wanted to see it happen.

He also wanted to have sex with her then.

Meanwhile, Yuni’s transformation was complete.

“Wait, you’re huge! That’s what you meant by growing!?”
She had grown so large her head nearly reached the volcanic region’s ceiling.

She had to be five times his height.

She rivaled a giant robot.


“Take this!”

She stuck out her right arm as if throwing a straight punch.

The wind whipped up, a large stream of water burst from her hand, and it flowed out into the volcanic region.

With a loud splash, the lava flows were engulfed.

The fiery dragons were caught off guard by the sudden attack and fled into the lava.

Once Yuni was finished cooling everything with her water, the area had become a peaceful and normal cave.

“Okay, climb on, everyone! Let’s get across while we can!”

She held out a hand and the others climbed onto it.

The rocks were still plenty hot, but not enough to be a problem for Yuni.

The giant slime girl crossed the volcanic region in just a few steps.

And thus Al’s party managed to clear Area 3.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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