Lolimon Harem chapter 3

Having a Threesome with a Succubus and Lamia to Boost Their Magic!

Al lit the torch he carried with him. The torch contained an internal magic circle, so it was easily lit using the magic in the air.

“Are you all okay?”

They were in a cave. He looked up, but could not see the hole they had fallen through.

The stone road must have collapsed and they had fallen through the holes dug by the Gillia Rats until they ended up here.

“I’m fine,” answered Mormo with her tail wiggling behind her.

“S-so am I, miraculously,” said Rilolis while flipped upside-down with her butt sticking out toward Al.

Neither one appeared injured.

“Where are Yuni and Milina?”

He looked around, but there was no sign of them.


He raised his voice to call for them.



He could hear their voices, although Milina’s was too quiet to make out what she was saying.

“They’re over there. Let’s go.”

The three of them moved toward the voices they had heard.


They soon found the other two, but they could not reach them.


“This doesn’t look good,” said Rilolis.

“How did we end up so far apart after falling into the same hole?” asked Mormo.
There was a giant chasm between Al’s group and Yuni and Milina.

They had only seen those two on the other side when Al lit a branch with his torch and threw that toward the voices they could hear. The darkness was now too great to see the other side of the chasm.

It was a wide gap and who could say how deep, so climbing down without any gear was out of the question.

Al and Mormo naturally focused in on the bat wings on Rilolis’s back.

“Eh? No, no, no!” Rilolis frantically shook her head. “I can only keep myself afloat with those. I’d need a huge boost in magic to carry someone with them.”

“Is the boost you got yesterday not enough?”

“No, it isn’t. I’d need…y’know, something even more incredible.”

The loli succubus fidgeted a little while looking up at Al.

But even more intense sex than the day before was a tall order.

“Oh, I know.”

Then it hit Al.

When they had sex before, Rilolis had lost control of her lust and started chasing after him.

That was because her seduction magic, a basic skill for succubi, had started affecting her as well.

So what if?

“Hey, Mormo.”

He whispered his thoughts in the loli lamia’s ear and she nodded.

“Yes, that does sound interesting.”

Her thin, forked tongue flitted out as she glanced over at Rilolis.

“Eh? Wh-what?”

He ignored Rilolis’s confusion as he called over to the other two.

“We’ll figure out a way to get across, so you two wait there!”

“Okay!” shouted back Yuni. “We’ll explore as much as we safely can!”

“Don’t do anything reckless!”

“We won’t!”


Milina said something too, but he still could not make it out.

“Now, then.”
Al walked back a bit into the cave and found a place with a nice round depression in the ground.

He summoned a carpet with his magic and laid it out there to complete his preparations.

“How about the three of us have sex?”


“Eh? Wait, a threesome? Kyah!”

Before Rilolis could figure things out, Mormo’s snake tail wrapped around her body to constrict her.

Her upper body was trapped, arms and all, so she could not resist.

Mormo easily lifted up the young succubus. She might look like a child, but she was still a lamia.

“Why complain? Two partners means twice the pleasure for you, doesn’t it?”

Mormo whispered to Rilolis as if blowing into her ear.

The words sent a tremor through Rilolis’s body.

The forked tongue pushed at her earlobe and snuck toward her earhole.

“Ah, hyah, wait!”

Rilolis twisted ticklishly, but she could not escape Mormo’s grasp.

“Now, Al. You join in too.”

“Sure thing.”

Al placed his hands on Rilolis’s brown thighs.

Her skinny legs had yet to develop much fat and he grabbed them from the inside and pushed out to spread them.

That revealed the puffy vulva covered by a skimpy bit of cloth.

“That’s my- ahh.”

Rilolis’s breathing grew heavy and she tried to close her legs, but Mormo’s tail grabbed her right leg’s ankle to prevent it.

Al similarly held her left ankle and used his other hand to touch the young Succubus vulva through the cloth.

After rubbing up and down on the softness a few times, his finger felt some love juices seeping out.

“What, you’re wet already?”

“O-only because…”

“Only because what?” asked Mormo while moving her tongue to Rilolis’s neck.

She placed her upper body as if embracing Rilolis from behind and she stuck her hands in the gaps of her constricting tail to begin groping the breasts that were the only well-developed part of the young Succubus.

“Hyah, ah, ahh.”

Lesbian sex between a child lamia and child succubus was a rare and wonderful sight, but he could not just watch forever.

Al began his own attack.

This time, he traced his index finger along her vulva as if tracing out its shape.

The shape of her tiny labia was clear even through the cloth. He slowly rubbed down the right side until he reached the bottom, then he rubbed back up the left side. At the top, he poked at the clitoris before rubbing back down the right side again.

“Ah, ah, ahn, that’s…nice, but…ahh.”

His teasing touch had her moaning in no time.

As the black cloth grew wet, the shape below grew even more clear.

“Please…don’t just tease me. Touch me more than that.”

Whether she was an active or passive participant, she was still greedy for pleasure. Just what you would expect from a succubus.

“If you insist.”

Al slid the cloth to the side to reveal what lay below.

Her small but soaked and glistening labia were exposed to his eyes.

“Well?” asked Mormo. “How is Rilolis’s little pussy doing?”

“It looks ready for anything we throw at it. It’s soaked with love juices.”

“Don’t say that…”

His answer made Rilolis wiggle in embarrassment, but Mormo’s verbal onslaught was not over yet.

“Oh? Why shouldn’t he? All these juices mean you want it badly. Don’t they, you horny little succubus?”

Mormo’s forked tongue crawled along Rilolis’s cheek and she had no rebuttal.

The young lamia was really into this role, so she may have been a dom. It was getting harder to tell which one was the succubus, though.

“Now, Al. Get Rilolis’s lewd pussy even wetter for us, will you?”


He buried his face in Rilolis’s crotch.

He stuck out his tongue and let it crawl along that pink flesh surrounded by brown skin.

He parted the still-developing labia and licked at the flesh within.

The wet sound this produced was like rain beginning to fall on a placid lake.

(Ahh, kyah! What is this…weird feeling?)

Rilolis was confused by a strange sensation within her.

She was very familiar with the erogenous zones at the breasts Mormo was groping and the vulva Al was licking. They had been pleasured plenty of times in the past, so she knew the feeling well.

Yet what she felt now was different.

This situation was highly unusual for a succubus. She was in the submissive position.

Not just that, but by two people, one of them a lamia with a snake tail.

That she had never experienced before.

Her upper body, arms included, was constricted and she could not move.

Her legs were spread wide and she could not close them.

Mormo’s smooth hands were massaging her breasts and Al’s sticky tongue was all over her most sensitive place.

She was not doing anything at all and the pleasure was coming to her.

She had always been the one actively pursuing the pleasure, so this turnaround was confusing but intriguing.

“Ah, nh.”

Mormo’s fingers slipped below her clothing and located her nipples.

They were squeezed and tweaked between soft index and middle fingers.

“My, my. Just a little touch and your nipples are already hard. You are a very dirty little girl, aren’t you?”

“I-I can’t help that- ahh!?”
She was not able to get her excuse out because Al’s tongue began to focus its licking on her clitoris.

He had parted her labia with his thumb and middle finger and poked her clit with his index finger. When her clit reacted to that, he had started using his tongue tip.

“Ah, Al, that’s, ahh.”

“Hm? Does it hurt?”

“No, but…it’s too soon. Ahhhh!”

He took her clit into his mouth and sucked hard.

It felt like he was going to pull her entire pussy out of her body and the pleasure pushed her hips forward.

“Hyah, ah, do you have to suck so hard!?”

“You sucked my dick pretty hard before.”

“Of course – ah! – I did. You see a big, fat cock in front of you and you suck it. That’s how it works. Ahhhh!”

He continued stimulating her clit with his finger while targeting her vagina with his tongue.

He parted the flesh and pushed his tongue in to dig into that tight, tight hole.

“That’s my- ahhh!”

“Oh? What was that, Rilolis?” asked Mormo. “That’s your what? And what is Al doing to it?”


“Here’s what happens if you won’t tell me.”


Mormo strongly twisted her nipples.

A twinge of pain and a surge of tingling pleasure passed through her breasts and reverberated in her heart.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, so don’t do that! No, do do that! But weaker. Not so strong.”

Mormo did as asked, so the stimulation weakened while the lamia continued teasing Rilolis’s nipples.

“A-Al’s tongue is entering my hole,” said Rilolis while out of breath.

“You have a lot of holes.”

“Ahh! M-my pussy I mean.”

“And do you not want his tongue in there?”
“I-I do want it.”

“Then you’d better let him know.”

“Ahh…Al…your tongue feels so good on my pussy!”

Mormo chuckled happily.

“Did you hear that, Al?”

Al did not respond, but he did show his understanding in a different way.

He fully stuck his tongue tip into Rilolis’s vagina.

(Wh-what is this, what is this!?)

A tongue felt completely different than fingers or a penis.

It was soft but had real force behind it. It moved unpredictably around her vaginal entrance.

It scooped up her love juices while gradually loosening the walls of the entrance.

Every time the rougher flat of the tongue rubbed at her vagina, it would twitch wildly.

It was intense, but it was also light enough to be frustrating. It had her melting in no time.

“Ah, w-wow! It’s in so deep!”

The tongue forced its way further and further in.

That also pressed his lips against her labia and his upper lip pushed against her clitoris.

He began moving his tongue in and out of her vagina.

Her love juices flowed without end as his muscular tongue licked at the edges of the hole and the walls within.

His upper lip rubbed at her clit over and over as if trying to rub those love juices into it.

“Ah, ahh! Ah, I’m cumming!”
Her hips trembled so much with pleasure they appeared to be convulsing. Her tail stood straight up behind her and she could not move it.

When Al finally pulled back from her, a bridge of love juices connected her crotch to his lips.

“Al, give me a taste.”

Mormo placed her lips on Al’s.

The young Lamia’s skinny tongue gathered up the thick sex juice and brought it between her thin lips.

“Hee hee. Your pussy juices are delicious, Rilolis.”


Those words alone sent pleasure coursing through her body again.

Mormo finally released Rilolis’s upper body, but Rilolis could not get up from the ground.

Mormo used that lack of resistance to spread Rilolis’s legs with her snake tail.

“You’re not done yet, are you? A tongue isn’t enough to satisfy a horny little girl like you, is it?”
Rilolis looked up to see Al had removed his pants at some point.

His thick cock was pointing up toward heaven and throbbing.

A tremor ran down her spine.

No, she was not at all satisfied.

Her naughty hole throbbed with its desire for something even more pleasurable inside it.

“Out with it. Tell Al what you want.”

Mormo’s voice rang in her ears like a hallucination.

Rilolis spoke her mind like she was suffering from a high fever.

“I want Al’s big, hard cock inside my naughty little pussy! I want him to fuck me silly and pound me until I can’t take it anymore!”

She reached down to her crotch and used her thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers to spread her tiny pussy as wide as it would go, exposing the pink flesh glistening with love juices and the greedy vagina within.

“Then that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

Al twisted his lips into a somewhat wicked grin as he supported his dick with his hand and pushed it against her crotch.

The head touched her vulva with a sticky sound.

He teasingly rubbed up and down with his penis, coating the head with her love juices.

“Ah, ahn, give it to me already,” she begged because the teasing was as maddening as being tickled with a feather.

He responded by touching the vaginal entrance with the head.

(Ahh! Yes, it’ll be in me soon!)
Her heart was pounding with anticipation.

She felt like all her nerves were focused on that part of her body and all her blood was gathering there.

Her vagina throbbed like it was a second heart.

(If he puts it in me now…)

What would happen to her?

Her body trembled with an emotion similar to fear.

And then the penis head pushed open her vaginal entrance.


Love juices were forced out.


The entire head made it inside.


Then the entire shaft parted her vagina.


It felt like her entire body had been pierced by a giant rod.

Unbelievable pleasure raced up to her brain.

“Ah, ah, ah❤”

It hit her all at once.

Her body grew hot and her mind cloudy.

Her entire body desired pleasure and she could not think about anything else.

She was already in the same state as when she went overboard having sex with Al before.

(Looks like it worked out.)

Al viewed Rilolis in satisfaction.

Her expression had changed the instant his penis penetrated her. She had been trying to suppress the pleasure she was feeling before, but now her face melted and she made no attempt at all to hide her desire.

He had expected this change.


Succubi used seduction magic to put their partner in a sexual mood.

But Rilolis was too young, so the magic could affect her if she was not careful.

That had happened last time when she had abandoned the sex rules she was supposed to follow at home.

Also, the heightened emotional state of sex would temporarily boost a monster girl’s magic.

In Rilolis’s case, her increased magic power would affect that seduction magic first. Unlike the magic spells used by mages, this was a passive effect built into her body.

That meant her boosted magic power would cast the seduction magic on herself again.

That was Al’s goal here.

The result of her own seduction would boost her magic.

The boosted magic would boost the seduction, which would in turn boost her magic further.

And it would continue like that, boosting her magic more and more, hopefully to the point that she could fly across the chasm while carrying him and Mormo.

You could call it a Seduction Burst.

But Al’s body would not last if he just let her ride his cock over and over.

That was why he had asked for Mormo’s assistance.

He had guessed the two of them together could get her to cast the seduction on herself a lot quicker.

And since Mormo had her own magic power, she could check to make sure the boosted magic was not placing too much of a burden on Rilolis’s body.


(But I didn’t expect the seduction to affect her this soon.)

The previous stimulation must have really turned her on.

She may have been a rare submissive succubus. A sub-cubus if you will.

Al glanced over at Mormo, who nodded in response.

That meant he could keep going.

He nodded back and focused on his union with Rilolis again.

He began thrusting.

First, he pulled his penis back.

He let the ridge of the head rub at the shallow part of her vagina, stopped just before pulling fully out, and then thrust all the way back in.

“Gyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!❤” screamed Rilolis.

Her entire body shook like a frog with an electrical current coursing through it.

Al thought he had started off too hard, but some words escaped her slack lips.

“Yesssssssss!❤ Cock!❤ Cock inside me!❤ I can’t think about anything but cock!❤”

She also wiggled her own hips around as if to stimulate his penis.

“More!❤ I need more!❤ More cock!❤ I love cock!❤”

Her hips movements, the large breasts jiggling along with those movements, and the look on her face were all much too obscene for a girl of her age.

The young succubus’s sexuality made his dick tremble and grow harder.

“Don’t you worry about that. I’ll keep giving it to you until you can’t take it anymore.”

He pulled back his hips and pounded inside her again.

He slapped his hips against her small butt.

He continued to pull almost all the way out and thrust back inside.

And his pace was picking up speed.

The slapping of flesh on flesh was joined by the sticky sound of her love juices to echo through the cave.

“Ah!❤ Yes!❤ Yessss!❤ Cock!❤ Your cock!❤ It keeps pounding me!❤ Deep in my pussy!❤”

“My, my. You seem to be enjoying yourself. Perhaps I won’t even be needed.”

Mormo sounded bored as she watched Rilolis moaning in pleasure.

“There’s plenty for you to do here,” said Al to the young lamia.

He pointed at the tits jiggling with the rhythm of his thrusting.

“I see. I like the way you think.”

Mormo put on a thin smile and extended her snake tail to lean out over Rilolis from above her head.

“Wh-what are you doing!?❤”

Mormo did not answer as she stuck her out tongue to lick across her breasts.

“Nh!❤ Ahh!❤”

That must have been enough to create pleasure because Rilolis moaned loudly.

Mormo was of course not done yet.

Her long and skinny tongue moved like a snake of its own as it crawled up one brown hill to approach the pink protrusion at the top.

The forked tongue tip squeezed the nipple between the two tips.


It squeezed it, wrapped around it, and gently constricted it. She also used her lips to thoroughly tease Rilolis’s nipple.

At the same time, she moved the end of her snake tail to the other breast.

“Ah!❤ Ah!❤ It’s so cold!❤ Ahn!❤”

Rilolis twisted her body in a way that could have meant that it felt good or that it tickled.

The skinniest part of Mormo’s snake tail wrapped around the large breast and squeezed to distort its shape and accentuate the nipple at the tip.

The very tip of the tail poked at the pink tip.

“Ah!❤ Wait!❤ That’s!❤ That’s too much!❤”
The nipple was given a damp caress that coated it with saliva.

The other was given a tight embrace that constricted the entire breast with smooth snake scales and knocked at the tip.

The sensations on the left and the right were entirely different.

(I’m!❤ I’m!❤ I’m gonna go crazy!❤)

Pleasure spread from her breasts and vagina – her upper and lower body – to cover her entire body.

It was like having more and more small stones thrown into a small pond.

The ripples crashed into each other, distorting their shape, and losing all control.

The different pleasures mixed together all over her body and she could no longer make any sense of it.

It was like every last part of her body had become an erogenous zone.

“Ahh!❤ It’s so good!❤ My boobs!❤ And my pussy!❤ Feel so good!❤ I…I can’t even think straight anymore!❤ Ahhhhhhhhh!?❤”
Al’s penis began to tremble, hitting her vaginal walls differently.

It seemed to be further spreading the hole from within, filling her with even more pleasure.

Her vision went blank and she felt like sparks were flying before her eyes.

(Wow, her pussy’s really squeezing.)

Meanwhile, Al was amazed at how good it felt for him.

It was not actually his penis that had started to tremble.

It was her vaginal walls.

The young succubus’s vagina was squeezing and moving like an electric male sex toy.

Warm pleasure wrapped around his dick whether he moved or not.

But he still chose to move his hips.

Because it felt better for him and for her.

“Ah…kh, ohhh!” he groaned.

Each time in and out of her vagina, his penis was assaulted with incredible pleasure, like countless tongues were licking at every part of it.

It was so good he thought his entire lower body was melting.

He wanted to shoot out the stuff rising up the shaft, but he held it in.

His goal here was to boost her magic, so he had to keep this Seduction Burst going.

He pushed his hips forward.

His pubis pressed against her clitoris while the tip of his penis teased the deepest depths of her vagina.

“Ha ha❤ Yay!❤ My womb❤ And your cock❤ Are kissing lots and lots!❤”

She was starting to describe the obscene act in the tone of an even younger child.

Drool was dripping from the corner of her slack lips, but she made no attempt to wipe it away.

“Al❤ I wanna do it next❤ Let me be on top now❤”

“Sure, sure.”

He smiled bitterly at her eager request.

Mormo stopped attacking her breasts as the other two changed positions while still joined together.

Rilolis was now straddling Al, so she spread her legs on either side of him and began moving her hips up and down.

“Oh!❤ Oh!❤ Oh!❤ Oh!❤”

When Al lifted his head and looked down, he could see their union.

His grotesquely large erection was taken inside that tiny vagina. The puffy labia were spread unbelievably wide by his girth.

When she lowered her hips, the cock was swallowed into her brown lower stomach with a wet sound.

When she lifted her hips, her pussy was tugged down, bringing the pink flesh into view, while the glistening cock revealed a size too large to believe it had fit inside there.

The repeated ups and downs distorted the shape of her young pussy so much it seemed to be having trouble breathing.

“Ah!❤ Yes!❤ When it pulls out!❤ Your cock feels like it’s pulling my insides out!❤ And when I lower my hips!❤ It feels like my body is filled with nothing but cock!❤”

Rilolis moved her hips up and down with all her might and said one lewd thing after another.

She had horns on her head, wings on her back, and a tail growing from her butt, but the sight of a brown loli doing that with a melted look on her face could not have been more inappropriate.

But that only turned Al on more.

His penis throbbed and grew even harder.

“Wow!❤ Your cock just got harder again!❤ I love it so much!❤ I love big, fat cooooocks!❤❤❤”
She began panting like a dog as she moved her entire body to move her hips. A tremor ran through her upper body, jiggling her large breasts.

“Hey❤ Look, Al❤ Look❤” she said while bringing both hands to her crotch.

She spread the labia outside of her spread vagina to emphasize her red and swollen clitoris.

Then she began teasing it with the heart-shaped end of her tail.

“I…I can’t help it❤ I have a cock in my pussy❤ But I want more❤ I can’t stop teasing my clit❤❤❤”
“Yeah, that’s quite something. Leave it to a succubus to be horny as hell.”

His answer increased her arousal even more.

She squirted and the clear fluid poured down on his shaft.

“More!❤ Faster!❤ I want it faster and harder!❤”

She embraced him, pressing her soft brown breasts against his chest.

She held him tight while moving just her hips to continue their sex.

The fluid she had just squirted, all the love juices from before, and the precum leaking from Al’s penis head all mixed together to make a wet and frothy sound.

She moved her hips so hard she slapped her labia against his crotch.

“Yes!❤ Cock!❤ In my pussy!❤ Is the best!❤ It’s all I can think about!❤❤❤”
She moved so intensely he worried her vulva would end up swollen afterwards, but she eventually started to slow down.

Keeping up that much movement was apparently difficult with such a young body.

Nevertheless, she moved her hips to press her vaginal walls against his penis.

“Are you okay? I can move instead if you want,” he offered, but she did not respond.

“I need more❤ This isn’t enough❤”

She may not have heard him at all as she moved her hands to her ass.

She grabbed her butt cheeks in her hands and spread them.

She also looked back toward the young Lamia watching the other two have sex.

“Please, Mormo❤ Your tail is the closest thing to a second cock we have❤ So I want you to fuck me in the ass with it❤❤❤”


“You do, do you?”

Mormo licked her lips at Rilolis’s request.

She felt something odd stirring within her.

She had been waiting down by Al and Rilolis’s feet while those two fucked, so she had a good view of Al’s thick cock being swallowed by Rilolis’s tiny slit.

The brown loli Succubus being skewered atop the man had turned her sexually melted face back Mormo’s way while asking to have her ass violated.

The cute pink anus between her spread butt cheeks was twitching with desire to show she really meant it.

That sight filled Mormo with something she had never felt before.

What was it?

She was not sure, but she wanted to do things to that Succubus. She wanted to fuck her so hard her face melted even more.

It was that sort of feeling.


“If you insist. But I’m not going to stop once I start.”

She brought the tip of her tail to her mouth and licked it.

Once it was dripping with saliva and the scaly tip was nice and smooth, she approached Rilolis.

She grabbed the Succubus’s hips in her hands. The hips were small, but they were still too much for Mormo’s small hands.

But Rilolis was fixed in place by Al’s penis in her vagina, so she could not escape anyway.

Mormo lifted the tip of her tail and brought it toward Rilolis’s pink asshole.

(Hee hee. She’s right. It does make a good replacement for a penis.)
She slipped the tip into the hole with that thought.


Rilolis’s hips hopped up, but that was not a problem. The snake tail could move any way it liked. No matter where Rilolis moved, it would pursue her and never come out of that hole.

(It went in so easily. And she’s so soft inside.)

With the saliva acting as a lubricant and the slithering of the tail, it managed to work its way inside Rilolis’s anus.

“Nwah!❤ Ah!❤ Yessssssss!❤ I love anal!❤ I love having a thick thing in my ass!❤❤❤”

“Incredible. This hole is squeezing so tight now.”

“Same here. Her pussy’s really squeezing my dick,” said Al.

“Because!❤ Because it feels so good!❤ My pussy!❤ And my ass!❤ Are both getting fucked at the same tiiiime!❤❤❤”

“Oh, I’m just getting started.”

Mormo moved her snake tail in deeper. The part of the tail at the entrance now had to be just as thick as Al’s penis.

That girth was swallowed up by the young succubus’s ass.

“I honestly can’t believe how sexual a body you have. Is this because you’re a succubus? Or are you just a really dirty girl?”

“How!?❤ How should I- nyahhhhhhhhhh!?❤”

Rilolis did not get her whole answer out.

The tip of the snake tail was already deep inside her ass and now it was wiggling around to apply pressure to her from within.

She writhed from the sensation of something pushing from within her stomach.

“Ha ha. I can feel Al’s cock in here. Can you feel me touching it, Rilolis?”

“I-I can!❤ His cock and your tail-cock are saying hi inside me!❤❤❤”

“Do not call it a tail-cock.”


Mormo quickly pulled the tail all the way out.

Rilolis screamed and her ass shook, which stimulated her vagina on the penis inside it, making her twist around in pleasure all the more.

The young Succubus’s ass was now gaping open while twitching.

“Amazing, Rilolis. Your asshole really is just a sex hole, isn’t it?”

“Ahhh!❤ It is!❤ My succubus ass loves cock!❤”

“And do you want more of this cock-replacement?”

“Yes!❤ Give me more!❤ Fuck my front pussy and my back pussy all night long!❤ Pound both my holes at once!❤❤❤”

Mormo felt an indescribable sensation run down her spine.

She also sensed an odd throbbing deep in her own stomach.

But she focusing on tail-fucking Rilolis instead of that.

“Then let’s try being even rougher this time.”

“Yes!❤ Yes!❤ Give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!❤❤”
The tail penetrated her to the same depth as before but all at once this time.

“Ahh!❤ That is rough!❤ I love it!❤ Yessss!❤”
The snake tail pumped in and out of her ass like normal sex.

At the same time, the tip of the tail moved all around inside the young succubus to stimulate her in there.

“Yes!❤ That’s so good!❤ I’ve never felt that before!❤”
Mormo’s tail was apparently pushing on some vaginal pleasure points from the anal side of things.

She kept that up while speaking to Al.

“You move too, Al. Let’s pleasure her together.”

“Good point.”

Al had stopped to watch, but he resumed moving now.

His dick invaded Rilolis’s vagina.

The snake tail violated her ass.

Both holes were mercilessly attacked.

(Yes, yesssss!❤ This is!❤ This is the beeeeeest!❤)

Rilolis was brought to an unknown realm of pleasure.

The two thick pieces of meat alternately pushed into her body, giving her no chance to rest.

They pushed hard on her pleasure points, so pleasure raced through her body and crashed into her brain like an electric surge.

And that was not the end of the story.

The pleasure affected the magic filling her body, increasing its power.

Her boosted power mercilessly hit her own still-growing body with its own seduction.

It felt like every last part of her body had become an erogenous zone.

All five of her senses worked to provide pleasure.

“Ahh!❤ It’s too good!❤ I’m gonna go crazy!❤❤❤”

“No,” Mormo whispered in her ear. Even that pushed Rilolis toward climax. “Al will ejaculate soon, so you need to remain yourself until then.”


It would not stop.

Those two would not release her no matter how much she twisted her body.

And Al would soon fill her body with lots of semen.

“Ahhhhhhhh!❤ Please!❤ Give me your thick and smelly cum!❤ Fill my pussy with it!❤ Squirt out lots and lots of it!❤”

His penis swelled out as if in response to her words.

It felt like it had grown another size larger inside her and she trembled at the sensation of it so thoroughly filling her vagina.

“I can feel your cock getting ready to cum!❤ Cum!❤ Cum, cum, cum, cum, I want your cum!❤❤❤”

“Kh…here it is!”

“Yes!❤ I love cum!❤ Give me lots of it!❤ I love cum!❤ I love semen!❤❤❤”

His penis went wild inside her vagina.

And then semen erupted from the swollen tip.


Rilolis’s body trembled even more than before.


“Semen!❤ Cum!❤ In my pussy!❤ It’s hitting the walls of my pussy!❤ There’s so much it’s going to fill me up to bursting!❤❤❤❤❤”

After ejaculating while pushing deep inside her, he thrust a few more times so her vagina would squeeze the rest of it out.

Once every last drop was inside her, he pulled his penis out.

It popped stickily out of her and then the milky fluid poured back out.

Mormo pulled her tail from Rilolis’s ass too.

“Incredible, Rilolis,” she said. “Now you have two gaping holes down there. That’s even more impressive than before.”


Rilolis’s lower body trembled in response to Mormo’s comment.

She would not be able to get up for a while.

Same for Al.

He had worked his legs and hips too hard.

He had been drawn in and lost control of himself, so apparently a succubus was a succubus even when being dommed.

But then he noticed the look on Mormo’s face.

She was looking down at Rilolis with an odd combination of distress and frustration.

“Is something wrong, Mormo?

“Eh? No, not really.”

She had returned to her normal lack of expression by then.


An idea occurred to Al, but he decided to keep it to himself for now.


“Wow, wow!”

Rilolis celebrated as she flew around above the cave’s chasm.

Her wings had grown to twice the normal size thanks to the boost to her magic.

They made flying around easy for her.

“Could you fly directly to the other side maybe?” said Mormo.

“Please don’t drop me,” groaned Al.

Rilolis had her arms wrapped around Mormo’s upper body and Mormo’s snake tail was wrapped around Al to carry him.

Both their weights would be bearing down on Rilolis’s arms, but she did not seem to be having any trouble.

Instead of simply producing lift, succubus wings apparently used magic to interfere with gravity in a specific area.

Rilolis was so delighted with her improved ability to fly that she was moving pretty fast.

That alone would have been fine, but she was also making rapid turns while repeatedly ascending and descending. All the extra movement was worrisome.

“Hey, Rilolis, are we still not across? We should have arrived by now.”

“Huh? Come to think of it, where were Yuni and Milina again?”
Fortunately, they did not get lost. Al’s group managed to safely cross the chasm and regroup with the other two.

But after all that unnecessary flying, Rilolis had used up all her boosted magic.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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