Lolimon Harem chapter 2

Having Sleep Sex with a Lamia’s Snake Parts!

“I see. I think I get it now,” said Al after hearing what Rilolis had to say.

The two of them were sitting around a campfire eating.

They were in a field with only the occasional trees. This was located between the initial forest area and the ruins of the next area.

It was already dark out, so Al had used his summoning magic to call in the cabin where they would be spending the night.

Only Rilolis was with him right now. Mormo the Lamia and Yuni the Slime were out searching for their preferred foods and Milina the Zombie had said she was tired and gone to sleep in the cabin.

The topic of conversation naturally turned toward the increase in Rilolis’s magic power.

Al had been wondering about this for a while.

Why had sex given her such a power boost?

It apparently had to do with the nature of monster girls.


All things in this world were made of matter and magic.

Lifeforms were no different. They all had some magic.

But the ratio of the two made a large difference. Human bodies were composed almost entirely of matter while elves had a lot more magic. That was why elves excelled at magic and lived so long without aging.

A demon like Rilolis and the other three monsters all had a high magic to matter ratio.


It was not known what magic really was.

But it was strongly linked to the mind and your willpower could give physical form to magic. Unlike with a body made mostly of matter, their mental state could greatly affect the magic within them.

When a Lolimon had sex, it affected their mental state. It made them feel grown up, like they were big enough to be having sex.

That feeling influence their magic, giving them the same level of magic power that an adult of their species would have.

But it was only a feeling, so the effects were temporary. After a while, their magic power would return to normal.


“So that’s what I think happened. What do you think?”

Al explained his thoughts and Rilolis stared blankly at him.

Of course she did.

She had only told him “having sex makes me feel grown up and that seems to increase my magic for a bit” and he had worked out a concrete theory to explain it.

“Wow, how do you think up stuff like that?”

“Well, maybe because I’ve always been fascinated by the many forms of life.”

She stared at him in wide-eyed awe, so he awkwardly scratched his cheek.

This world had so many more lifeforms than the world he originated from. He thought that was due to magic and his curiosity knew no bounds.

“So it’ll work with the other three? I always thought the sex power boost was a Succubus thing.”

“It probably would.”

A Lamia, a Slime, and a Zombie.

They all took different forms, but they were all species with a very high magic to matter ratio.

Having sex with them would probably give them temporary power boosts too. And with that power, he could reach the end of the map and acquire the treasure.

“I never imagined I’d clear the dungeon by having sex.”

What kind of adventuring party was this?

“By the way,” said Rilolis. “When I, um, got a little out of control at the end there, was that because I’m a monster girl too?”

“I wouldn’t call that ‘a little’.” Al smiled bitterly when he remembered how she had practically attacked him after they had sex. “You mentioned afterwards that succubi like you have rules to prevent you from going berserk like that, right? Are those rules mostly aimed at young succubi?”

“Come to think of it, yeah.”

“I thought as much. What happened to you is probably unique to succubi and young ones in particular.”

“What do you mean?”
“Succubi use seduction magic, right?”

Seduction magic was a type of mind control magic that raised the target’s sexual desire. Instead of a magic spell someone actively used, it was more like a passive trait of succubi bodies.

“That magic normally only affects other people, but you’re still young and don’t have perfect control of it yet. When you got carried away, it grew too powerful and affected you as well.”

She may have even created something of a feedback loop within herself.

His explanation made her blush and hang her head.

“Ugh. I seduced myself? I’m such a disgrace.”

“Don’t worry about it. This just means your magic is extremely powerful, right? That just proves you’re from a noble bloodline.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better! Ahh…I can’t believe I did that.”

She hid her face between her legs.

Her embarrassment was unbelievably cute, but Mormo and Yuni returned then, so he gave up on teasing her any more.


“So my suggestion is we have sex.”


Al had woken Mormo late at night and taken her behind some rocks a short distance from the cabin.

They were going to attempt the ruins of Area 2 the next day and that was home to a bunch of rat monsters.

A Lamia would be perfect to get through safely, but Mormo was not powerful enough.

If the conclusions he reached with Rilolis were accurate, she too would get a power boost if she had sex.

He explained his reasoning and she nodded.

“Yes, that does make sense. With half- monsters like us, mental changes do have a powerful effect on our magic. I am willing to give it a try, but I see two problems with your plan.”

“What kind of problems?”

“Problem 1.”

Mormo let the tip of her purple-scaled serpent body slither over to Al’s neck. A smooth and chilly sensation crawled across his skin.

“Doesn’t a normal human like you find my appearance frightening?”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that.”

He stroked his hand up her scales toward her upper body.

“I love snakes,” he said with a smile.


In Al’s previous life, he had been a high school student in modern Japan.

His father had been a vet, but not just for cats and dogs. The man had worked with a wide variety of animals, from all sorts of mammals to reptiles like snakes and lizards.

Not many vets had offered that, so even reptile owners who lived a good distance away had brought their pets to him.

When Al had visited his father’s office, there would be a lot of animals being treated or being looked after while their owner was on a trip and that had included plenty of tanks with snakes inside.

He had seen those since he was little, so he had never found snakes scary or creepy.


But explaining all that would be difficult, so he omitted that part.

“There were a lot of snakes where I grew up, so I’ve had them around since I was little.”

“Really?” Mormo viewed him with the vertical pupils of her snake eyes as he continued to rub her snake tail. “But are you sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into? I am no mere snake; I am a lamia. An inhuman monster like me can easily constrict a human to death.”

Her purple snake tail slithered around his body to squeeze at him.

She moved her face in toward his and let the sharp fangs show in her small mouth.

“I might just crush all your bones while you fuck me.”

The smile accompanying that comment was far too alluring for someone with such a young appearance.

He could even sense something devilish and incompatible with humanity deep within that smile.

But he replied with an indifferent smile.

“You don’t have to threaten me. I know you aren’t strong enough to fatally constrict me.”

“Oh, what makes you think that?”

“Like you said, you’re a lamia, not an ordinary snake. This would be fully-grown for a snake, but lamias are different, aren’t they? You grow at a pace closer to humans. You’re still a little kid, so you aren’t strong enough to kill someone yet. Right?”

“……………Correct.” She released him from her snake tail and sighed. “How boring. My sister says the best sex is with a human who is terrified out of his mind but also unable to resist your charm.”

“She sounds like quite the lady,” he said with a bitter smile.

It was true even he would probably feel at risk with an adult lamia. Some of them had no qualms about killing humans.

But that caution was unnecessary with a child lamia. They were not like succubi who were born with a passive seduction magic.


Lamias were half monsters with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.

They were thought to have originated from the children of snake monsters and humans, but other theories said they were the descendants of a woman who had her lower body changed to that of a snake by a god during the age of myth. No one knew the truth of the matter.

Their human part had more matter than magic and their snake part had more magic than matter, so as they grew, their snake part would grow larger and longer, allowing them to use stronger magic.

Mormo had snake eyes and fangs and she had scales on her sides, so she appeared to have a higher magic to matter ratio in her upper body as well.

But even with those individual variations, the species as a whole still followed the typical pattern of more magic for the snake half and more matter for the human part.

That meant they had mammalian bodies and were as closely related to humans as the apes.

That was why Al could say they grew at a pace similar to humans.

Their anatomical structure was probably similar to that of warm-blooded animals.

However, they also had snake features, so they were not completely free to regulate their own temperature. She seemed oddly calm for her age right now, but that may have been due to her body temperature falling during the night.


Anyway, her many human parts meant it should be possible for her to have sex with a human.

With that thought, Al touched her.

The skin of her human part was extremely soft and a little squishy. She really did have the skin of a growing little girl.

But when he ran his hand down toward her hips, he found smooth scales.

The snake scales looked slimy, but they did not feel that way at all. The smooth and chilly sensation was so wonderful he thought he could rub her scales all night.

And even though she was only a child, a lamia’s snake tail was so much larger than a normal snake.

He could feel her scales with the entire surface of his hand.

“Are you aware that is my butt you are rubbing?”

“Oh, s-sorry.”

He had lost sight of what he was doing.

Her scales felt so nice he entirely forgot to ask about the second problem she had mentioned.

Even though that seemed like it would be the more important one.

“Now, let’s take a look here.”

He supported her back while lifting her bikini-style top.

Her tiny chest was exposed to the chilly night air.

Rilolis had been a busty loli, but Mormo had an ordinary chest for a little girl.

His hands were more than enough to entirely hide those budding breasts from view. The nipples were so small he had trouble grabbing them between his fingers.

He gently cupped the left one in his right hand.

And he leaned toward the right one to bring the small mound to his mouth.

The young lamia’s breast was so small he thought he could fit the entire thing in his mouth.

He reached out his tongue and found the nipple. That bump at the tip felt just a little bit different from the rest of the round and soft skin.

He used his saliva as a lubricant to run his tongue across the nipple over and over.

Meanwhile, he used his right hand to gently massage the entire breast while lightly rubbing the nipple with his palm.

(I really, really feel like I’m doing something wrong here.)

Sinking his fingers into Rilolis’s giant tits had been great, but this lamia’s chest was as loli as could be. That made it impossible to ignore that he was doing something sexual with such a young girl.

And the next thing he knew, his penis was erect.

That seemed to explain why his thoughts about girls during the summoning had brought in these Lolimons instead of normal monster girls.


He released her breast from his mouth.

His lower body was more than ready to go.



“Is something wrong?”
He could not believe what he saw when he looked up at her face.

She was looking down at him with the same lack of expression as before.

“Um…did that not feel good?”

Come to think of it, her breasts were still in the process of growing. The usual technique might not do the job. In some cases, it might even hurt.

“I didn’t feel anything at all.” Mormo shook her head. “Well, it tickled a little, but no more than that.”

“…Is that so?”

That had him feeling a little down.

He did not have all that much sexual experience, so he was not about to say he had the best technique or anything.

But it still felt bad when his partner was this unresponsive.

It felt even worse when compared to Rilolis’s extreme reaction.

“What does it matter? That doesn’t stop me from having sex.” Mormo rose up on her snake tail so her own hips were at his eye level. “But I’m more worried about your ability to go through with it. Can you really get it up for this snake pussy?”
With that bluntly-phrased question, she used both her hands to part her snake skin, revealing a whitish-pink vagina.


From the outside, a lamia’s hips looked like part of the snake tail, but they were really only covered by scales and were nearly identical to a human below that. It was possible to make out the position of their hipbone, pubis, and thighbones if you tried.

But their lower body narrowed down at the bottom half of the thighbones and truly became a snake tail after that.

Some species of ordinary snake still had a vestigial pelvis or thighbones from before they lost their arms and legs. A lamia’s hips were similar to that.

The stomach side of their hips had a slight indentation which contained genitals no different from a human.

Ordinary snakes would have a hole known as a cloaca, which was used for both sex and excretion and a ribless tail continued after that.

Lamias had a hole like that in their snake tail, but they also had this organ for sex.

Their anatomical structure was the product of being a hybrid between human and snake and it was only possible thanks to the existence of magic in this world.


Mormo’s vulva was a very pale pink, but its shape was not that different from a human’s.

Al gently reached out a hand.

There was human skin past the scales with the vulva in the center. It was very small, but it did have a clitoris.

When he moved to touch it, she let go of her scales to stay out of his way.


Her vulva was hidden below the snake skin once more. The scales filled in the gap and there was no evidence of a hole there at all.

“Here, is this better?”

She lay down on her back while using her own tail as a pillow.

Then she twisted her body around such that her genitals were exposed without having to spread the scales by hand.

She had apparently moved her thighbones, so it was probably similar to when a human spread their legs.


A little taken aback by how the differences in anatomy changed things, Al lay down on her snake tail as if embracing her hips.

Then he reached for her slit again.

He was not at all worried about whether or not he would be aroused by this.

The strange sight of a vulva hidden below snake skin inspired a mystical sort of attraction in him.

Knowing he was about to experience a new form of sex, his penis grew even harder.

“Okay, let’s get you wet.”

He moved his mouth to her pussy.

He stuck out his tongue and poked at the small clitoris at the very top.

It felt somewhat damp and he had a feeling that was unique to lamias.

He lifted her clitoris up a few times and then slowly slid his tongue downwards.

He started with one lick from top to bottom.

Then he licked back up to the tip and moved his tongue side to side while slowly moving down to part and open up the lips.

Her flesh changed shape as his tongue pushed at it. The labia meant to protect her precious hole was pushed open.

He gently used his thumbs to spread them fully open, revealing the light pink flesh within.

It glistened brightly and looked small even for belonging to a little girl. That was probably because it lacked a urethra. The urethra’s job was handled by the cloaca in her snake tail.

He began to push his tongue into that small slit.

He moved his tongue all over her vulva as well as the surrounding skin and scales to get it all wet with saliva.

Eventually, everything there was sticky with his saliva.

He gathered that up with a finger and rubbed it into her clitoris.

The repeated light stimulation had her tiny, tiny clit fill with blood and grow erect.

(This is going well.)

She was a lamia, but her pussy worked just like a human’s. It reacted the same way to stimulation, so he would not be in for a surprise like he was after massaging her breasts.

He continued the tongue attack, starting on the outer edges and working inwards.

His red tongue ran all across the damp flesh.

He rubbed his saliva all over everything like he was painting a wall.


(Good, she’s wetter than before.)

A liquid other than saliva seemed to dance atop his tongue.

Her vulva had reacted to his tongue attack and started secreting love juices.

Detecting that unique flavor with a hint of sweetness, he moved his attack to the next phase.

He pushed his tongue against her vagina.

The entrance of her narrow hole blocked the rude intruder, so he started poking and rubbing at the edges of the hole with the tip of his tongue.

He gradually pushed the hole open that way.

The mixture of saliva and love juices made sticky sounds between her vaginal entrance and his tongue.

That acted as a lubricant and his tongue tip slipped into her vagina as smoothly as a creaky hinge after receiving some oil.

He kept pushing his tongue in from there.

That naturally pushed his face against her. His lips surrounded her entire vulva and he felt her scales on his cheeks.

He felt a bit like he was pressing his face into her snake tail while using it as a pillow, but he had to focus more on pleasuring her pussy than the sensation of her scales.

He moved his tongue in and out.

When his tongue left his mouth, it would enter her vagina. When it pulled out, it would return to his mouth.

He also moved his tongue every which way to push at the walls of her vaginal entrance and gradually spread the sexual hole open.

It all produced a loud and rhythmic wet sound.

Most of it was his saliva, but there was a lot of her love juices mixed in.

With his face sticky with the mixture, he kept up the attack.

His lips rubbed at her erect clitoris again and again.

It had grown nice and swollen from the previous digital stimulation and it seemed to grow even larger from his lips.

(Okay, I need to keep this up.)

He pushed his tongue out as far as it would go.

His tongue spread her hole open and pushed deeper inside her vagina.

He tasted her inner walls until he had stretched his tongue muscles so far he thought they might tear.

Her vagina had a gentle heat different from her scales.

After enjoying that sensation for a bit, he slowly pulled his tongue back out.


After exhaling like he had just finished off a beer after work, he pulled his face back from her vulva.

He wiped the various sticky fluids from his face and looked down at the young lamia pussy he had just finished teasing.

The labia did not try to close back up even without any fingers holding them open.

The glistening flesh and slightly twitching vagina were visible between the parted scales.

After sensing something indescribable erotic about that, Al looked up toward her face.

“So how was that? Did you at least feel a little- ehhhh!?”

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

Mormo replied in a perfectly calm voice when he cried out in shock.

Her eyes were not damp, her cheeks were not flushed, and her breathing was not heavy.

She looked as calm as ever.

In fact, she was observing her nails in apparent boredom.

He could not believe it.

Her genitals had definitely reacted to his touch, but she herself looked entirely unaffected.

“Did you not feel any of that?”

“No, I did. I could tell without looking you worked hard to get my clitoris erect, wet my vulva with your tongue, and then spread my vagina.”


His crotch reacted very favorably to hearing that straightforward language coming from such a young lamia’s mouth.

“And what does it matter? I’m wet, so I can have sex just fine. And fortunately, you seem plenty attracted to this lamia body. So you can go ahead and have sex with me.”


That would not work.

Her state of mind was what mattered when boosting her magic power.

The monster girl had to feel like she was all grown up because she was having sex.

This would be meaningless if he was the only one enjoying it.

He needed her mind to react, not just her body.

And more than that, if he was going to have sex, he wanted his partner to enjoy it too.


He got down from her snake tail and kneeled next to her instead.

He spread her labia wide with his left hand and sent his right hand’s middle finger crawling within.

A sticky sound came from her wet vulva.

Her body was definitely reacting, so he just had to take that further.

With that in mind, he took aim at her vagina and slipped his finger inside.

The overflowing love juices made a wet sound as his finger entered her with no resistance whatsoever.

The further in it went, the tighter her hole squeezed at his finger. It was like trying to push your way through a crowd of people.

But he kept pushing his finger further in.

Finally, the entire finger was inside the young Lamia’s vagina.

Now it was time to really get started.

He bent his finger upwards and searched long the belly side of her vaginal walls.

He enjoyed the sticky sensation below his finger while carefully pushing at every spot like he was searching for a hidden door in a dungeon.

And eventually…

“Is this it?”
He pushed and Mormo’s hips hopped up a bit.

He pushed again and it happened again.

He pushed a little harder and her hips lifted up as if trying to escape.

He had found a point that provided greater pleasure. In other words, her g-spot. Apparently a lamia had one too.

(Okay, even Mormo has to react to this.)

He decided to pleasure her as thoroughly as possible.

He rubbed at that part of her vaginal walls like he was petting it and then he lightly tapped at it.

Then he pushed in as if to let his finger slowly sink into her flesh.

Her vaginal walls trembled in response.

And her hips wiggled as if to drive his finger out.

He was not about to let that happen, though.

He pressed his other hand against her navel to keep her from escaping and then pumped his middle finger in and out of her vagina with it still slightly bent.

Her love juices flowed out and made a lot of noise as he stirred her up inside.

That lubricant allowed his finger to gradually pick up speed.

Meanwhile, the end of his middle finger continued to push against her pleasure point.

Each time his finger pushed against her vaginal wall, her entire vagina would shake like the water’s surface after a pebble was thrown in.

The shaking moved his finger, that movement reached her vaginal wall, and that made her vagina shake even more.

That infinite loop poured more and more pleasure into her body.

He continued moving his finger while picking up more speed so he could bring the young lamia to climax.

And then…


A quiet noise escaped her mouth.


He felt an odd sense of accomplishment.

He had finally gotten a moan out of that unresponsive girl.

Her mind was experiencing the pleasure along with her body.

She would finally achieve the proper mindset when she had sex.

So he looked back up at her face.


A surprised voice left his mouth for the third time.

The young Lamia had shut her eyes and gone to sleep while still using her own tail as a pillow.

The previous voice had apparently been a yawn, not a moan.

“Are you kidding me?”
His shoulders drooped at how cold Mormo was being.


“What the hell is going on here?”

Al stood up and looked down at the sleeping lamia.

Her body was reacting just fine, yet she was sleeping like nothing at all was happening.

Was this something about her personally, or was it a trait of the lamia species as a whole?

Either way, he could not hope to boost her magic this way.

He would have to give up for today and either come up with another way to make Mormo feel the pleasure or come up with a way of defeating the rat monsters without relying on her power.

“Oh, well.”

He smiled bitterly and started to walk back toward the cabin, but then he stopped.

The young lamia was sleeping on the ground there.

Her usual alluring aura had faded, so she only looked like an innocent child.

Yet the vulva Al had been teasing was glistening with saliva and love juices. Almost like that part of her was waiting for more.


He gulped.

He started to feel like it would be a shame to stop now.

Besides, she had told him he could have sex with her, so what was wrong with continuing?

In fact, she expected him to go through with it, didn’t she?

He worked hard to come up with an excuse as he pulled down his pants.

His penis trembled in the chilly night air.

He straddled her snake tail again, supported his penis with a hand, and placed the tip against her wet slit.

With a sticky sound, he pushed his hips forward.

The angle was a little different than when he had sex with another human. His dick could easily slip out of place if he was not careful as he entered her.

He managed to get it inside her.

The very tip entered her small vagina and then the whole head followed. From there, it was easy. His penis slipped further and further inside her vagina.

“Ah, kh, ohhh,” he groaned.

She was unbelievably tight.

And her flesh felt a little different from a human’s, so it clung stickily to his penis, creating a unique sort of pleasure.

“It’s inside you now. Are you still okay?”

Mormo did not respond.

“Can I move? Does it hurt?”
Still no response.

The young Lamia was still asleep.

That fact turned him on in a way he had never felt before.

(This isn’t good. There might be something severely wrong with me.)

He had gotten hard for a lamia – a child lamia – continued having sex with her after she fell asleep, and even got turned on by her lack of response when he penetrated her, so he knew he was several steps over the line.

But he also felt no desire to stop.

That was how good her vagina felt and how much it aroused him to see her continue to sleep.

He pulled his penis back.

Her sticky vagina grabbed at his penis like the honey grabbing a spoon as you try to pull it out.

He slowly pushed his hips forward again and her vagina received his penis with another sticky sound.

His dick trembled at the tremendous pleasure.

“Wow, shit, this is incredible.”

He gradually sped up his hips.

Her vagina made more and more lewd noises as it produced more and more love juices.

That let him move more easily, but the squeezing of her vagina never let up.

In fact, it seemed to grab all the harder at his penis as if to not let it go.


“Yes, your pussy is so good, Mormo.”

He could not help but speak even though he knew she wasn’t listening.

His penis seemed to jump for joy at the pleasure.

Her vaginal walls responded to the movement by twitching in their own way.

They squeezed him all the more and gave him even more pleasure.

At this point, he could not stop himself.

He wanted to fuck the young lamia’s vagina faster and harder.

But there was only so much he could do with his legs spread so wide to straddle her tail.

So he leaned forward to effectively embrace her small upper body instead.

He used the bending of his knees to move his hips and sped up his thrusting.

The position put a lot of pressure on his leg muscles, but he was so into it he didn’t care.

“Mormo, yes, it’s so good.”

He felt her warmth with his upper body, he enjoyed her smooth scales between his thighs, and his penis continued to attack the unique sticky squeezing of her vagina.

Then his arousal reached its peak and the urge to ejaculate rose all at once.

“Ah, gh, I’m cumming!”

His cock trembled with release as if to stir up her tiny vagina.

A milky liquid erupted from the tip and stained the young lamia’s vaginal walls.

“Kh, ah, ahhh.”

He moaned while pulling his penis out.

His dick produced some wet sounds as it pulled away from her sticky slit.

He did not often move his body like that, so the exhaustion hit him all at once.

His legs in particular went weak and he collapse down while still essentially clinging to Mormo.

He lay down next to her and used her tail as a pillow.


“Satisfied now?”


He jumped in fright and landed flat on his ass.

He raised his voice with his sticky penis pathetically exposed.

“Y-you woke up? When?”

“Around when you lay down on top of me.”

“Are you serious?”
She slowly got up.

She was still growing, but her snake tail was longer than Al was tall.

By rising up on just part of that long tail, she could place herself above his eyeline.

“So how did you like penetrating and ejaculating inside a sleeping little girl? Did you enjoy it?”


She looked down on him and described his actions in plain terms.

There was no denying what he had done. The evidence of it was still glistening on her scale-surrounded genitals.

“Well…yes. I did enjoy it.”

For some reason, he felt compelled to answer honestly.

That put a faint smile on her face.

“I see. That is good to hear.”

He was certain she was going to yell at him, so this response came as a surprise.

“Um, you aren’t mad?”

She tilted her head at that question.

“Why would I be? I agreed to having sex with you out here and that’s what you did. Now, the fact that I felt nothing throughout is a problem, but that seems like a separate issue to me.”


She apparently did not mind.

Was that part of her personality, or were all lamias like this?

He was taken aback, but she was not done speaking.

“I mentioned two problems, remember? I completely forgot to tell you what the second one was, though.”

“Oh, that’s right. So what is it?”

She had mentioned that before they began having sex.

The first problem was him being afraid of lamias, but what about the other?

“The second problem is what you see here.”

She spread her own labia for him to see.

The inside was a mess of love juices and semen.

Some intense sex had clearly just happened there, but her own expression was as calm as ever.

“We lamias have trouble experiencing sexual pleasure. Our bodies react, but our minds do not. So I think you will have some trouble boosting my magic by inspiring a certain mental state through sex.”

“Now you tell me.”
His head drooped and his legs trembled from wearing them out with all the thrusting earlier.

Of course, he only had himself to blame since he was the one who had forgotten all about her warning and started having sex.

“Why are you so upset? This seems to have worked out pretty well for you.”

“Eh? How?”

“If you had known, you would have missed your chance to enjoy my body while I slept.”

“Please never mention that again!”

When the young lamia looked down at him with a thin smile on her lips, he could only prostrate himself and beg for forgiveness.

He could tell.

She may not have been mad, but she was intentionally provoking him here.


To make a long story short, there was no real problem.

Regarding what? The rat monsters living in the ruins of the next area.

Al’s party set out at the crack of dawn and a few rat monsters appeared just as they did.

They were known as Gillia Rats and they were as large as horses.

A normal human like Al would have been helpless if they attacked and the monster girls were all still children, so they could not fight either.


“Oh, those rats look delicious.”


When Mormo made that comment with her tail wiggling behind her, the Gillia Rats screamed and ran off.

“What just happened? Mormo, can you actually defeat those monsters with ease?”

“No, not even I could manage that. Maybe one-on-one, but not a group like that.”

“Then why’d they run?”

“Maybe because those Gillia Rats are overly cautious.”

Mormo explained that Gilla Rats would gang up on a weaker opponent and nibble them to death, but they would never even bother trying to attack one of their predators.

So once a Lamia showed up – even a child – they would flee.

“Um, does that mean what I think it does?”

“Yes. We can get through here just fine without boosting my magic.”


And so Al’s party walked through the ruins of Area 2 without having to worry about the Gillia Rats.

“What is this place?” asked Rilolis as she looked around.

“I don’t know,” replied Al while searching his memories. “I’ve never heard of there being a human village here, though.”

“This used to be an elf village here a long time ago,” said Yuni the Slime. “But the Demon Lord attacked and the elves all went somewhere else. They live a long time, so they make long-lasting buildings. That’s why the ruins are still here after so much time.”

“Hm. Y-you know a lot about this.”

“I’m a smart girl!” cheerfully replied the slime girl while her blue body jiggled.

Al had had associated slimes with single-cell organisms and thus assumed she was not all that smart, but that was apparently a prejudiced assumption on his part and he decided to do better in the future there.

The Demon Lord she had mentioned was the leader of the demons, those gods who the humans had betrayed.

The Demon Lord had been killed when the demons had been driven underground by the humans, but the strength of her grudge had turned her into a ghost that still wandered the world. She would occasionally resurrect herself by possessing a demon who carried her blood and attempt to destroy the world.

“The elves who evacuated this village went on to establish the Finegard Kingdom which is now the largest elf kingdom in the world.”

Yuni was still revealing more of her knowledge on the subject.

Milina the Zombie plodded along behind her with a pale face and a slow pace.

“Are you okay, Milina?”
“Yes, I can manage this much.”

She did not sound at all okay and she made sure to stick close to the building walls to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Al felt bad, but the monsters would be more active once the sun set. He wanted to be out of these ruins before the day was done.

“How much further is it?” asked Mormo.

He spread out the map he had bought at the guild and took a look.

“Let’s see, if this major road here is the one we just crossed and that building over there is the cathedral…we’re about a quarter of the–”

Before he could finish, he heard a loud crash. From below his feet.

All five of them looked down.

“What was that?” asked Rilolis.

“It sounded like something collapsing,” said Mormo.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” said Milina.

“Oh, come to think of it,” said Yuni.

“What is it, Yuni?” asked Al since the Slime girl seemed to have remembered something.

“Gillia Rats burrow through the ground to move around and that leaves the ground above only barely sturdy enough to support their own weight when they come to the surface. Now, Gillia Rats look really big, but their bodies are almost entirely made of magic, so they’re actually really light.”

“Um, meaning?”

“The ground below us could easily crumble away beneath our feet!”

The ground vanished like it was being sucked away.

The stone-paved road collapsed and the entire party was swallowed up.

“H-hold each other’s hands so we don’t get separated!” shouted Al while grabbing Rilolis and Mormo’s nearby hands.

Yuni and Milina were too far away for him to reach.

And all five of them dropped into the subterranean darkness below.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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