Lolimon Harem chapter 1 real

Having Sex with a Little Succubus!

“I’m Rilolis. Nice to meet you.”

“I am Mormo.”

“I’m Yuni!”


The Succubus, Lamia, Slime, and Zombie monster girls all introduced themselves.

They were inside a small cabin set up a short distance away from the plant monster forest.

Al had summoned the entire cabin with his magic.

It protected them from the elements and kept the plant monsters from attacking.

Of course, he was surrounded by monster girls anyway.

A monster girl was a female half-monster.

Most of them were born from a monster and a humanoid lifeform (such as a human or elf) or a descendent of such.

Of course, the specifics differed between species, so it was hard to come up with a good one-size-fits-all definition.

This world’s understanding of biology was not as developed as in modern Japan and the inclusion of magic made it all the more complex.

No one definition was going to do the trick.

That said, these girls differed from pure humans, so he felt it was appropriate to call them monster girls.

Rilolis the Succubus had curved horns growing from her head, bat wings from her back, and a tail from her butt.

Mormo the Lamia had narrow-pupiled snake eyes, sharp fangs visible at the corners of her mouth, and a serpentine body covered in purple scales below her hips.

Yuni the Slime had a translucent body with no permanent shape. She sat on an ordinary round slime like a cushion, but it was unclear if that was a servant or pet of hers.

Milina the Zombie had a patchwork body stitched together with thread and her skin was the pale blue of a corpse.

All four had clear signs of being a magical monster.


Rilolis looked like a small, brown-skinned girl. Her breasts were unusually large, but the rest of her was fit to call a loli.

Mormo’s upper body looked even younger than Rilolis, but the bewitching aura surrounding her made her seem older somehow.

Yuni’s visual age was hard to judge with her translucent body, but she still looked young. She had even reproduced a childish twintails hairstyle.

Milina’s various parts may not have all come from the same person, so estimating her age may have been a pointless endeavor.

Whatever the case, their human parts made them all lolis in his opinion.

These were loli monster girls, which he chose to mentally abbreviate as Lolimons.

They might be half-monsters, but they were only children.

They would be no help at all in clearing the dungeon he faced.

Al sighed.

Since he had summoned them, he had to provide them something in exchange, so he could not just send them back and try again.

He would have to spend some time with them first.

“Why do you look so glum after summoning us all the way here?” asked Rilolis while peering up at his face. “You summoned us because you need something, right? Then why not tell us what it is?”
He had no choice but to explain how he had summoned them in order to reach the treasure at the end of that map.

“But you four can’t do that, can you? You’re still kids.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

Rilolis was not happy with the way he put that.

“Then create some magic fire for me.”

“Easy. Ha!”

She held out her hands and gathered her magic.

Light appeared from her hands and audibly burst into flames!

The matchhead-sized fire was no larger than the tip of her finger.

She could not use that to start a campfire, much less defeat those plant monsters.



He sighed again and she puffed out her cheeks and grumbled.

The other three monster girls did not protest his assessment of them.

It really did seem impossible to clear that map with this party.

Or so he thought.

“Come here!”

“Whoa, what!?”

Rilolis grabbed Al’s arm and guided him out of the cabin.

“You three wait here.”

With those parting words, Rilolis dragged Al into the bushes a short distance away from the cabin.


“Let’s have sex,” said Rilolis the instant they were behind the bushes.

Al was of course confused.

“Sex!” she insisted in a sulky way. “When a Succubus has sex, we gain a temporary magic boost, letting us use more powerful magic. So if we have sex now, I can defeat those monster sand you can reach the end of that map. I come from a noble demon bloodline, so my magical potential is really high.”

Al sighed again. He had lost count of how many times that was today.

“Really? That’s what you’re going with?”

Powering up through sex seemed far too silly to be true.

“Oh, c’mon. What have you got to lose? Even if it doesn’t work, you still get to have sex with a hot succubus, right?”


He froze up when she looked up at him with her red eyes.

She was wearing an extremely revealing outfit. When viewed from above, the breasts far too large for her small body looked like they were about to pop out her skimpy top. She even squished them against his arm.

He ended up staring at those two brown melons, but then he shook his head.

This was a Succubus.

She would say whatever it took to get him to have sex with her.

And if he trusted her, she might suck out of all his life force, killing him.

“S-stop that.”

“Oh? Are you surrre you want me to stop?”
She reached toward his crotch and began rubbing at what lay within.

Only then did he notice he was pitching such a large tent that his pants looked ready to burst open.

“Hee hee. C’mon, let’s have some fun.”

Her sexual smile as she rubbed at his penis was a complete mismatch with her young appearance.

Her fingers accurately stimulated all the right places even through his pants.


His penis twitched in response.

“Oh, the poor thing looks so cramped in there. I’ll let it out.”

She kneeled in front of him and pulled out his dick.

“Wow, it’s already fully erect and throbbing. It’s so thick and hard and it smells like sex.”

Her young lips formed more and more indecent comments about his erection.

Hearing that was enough to fill him with more desire than he could control.

She had him in the palm of her hand.


Succubi were a type of demon properly known as a sex demon. Male sex demons were known as incubi.

Demons were the descendants of a faction of gods who had taken the human side in a war fought between humans and the gods during the ancient days of legend. With their help, humans had fought to a draw with the gods and secured this surface land as their home, but with the war over, even those ally gods were shunned and driven to the subterranean world. The betrayed gods resented the humans, so they gained the power to bring misfortune and ruin to humans and ultimately became known as demons.

Succubi were said to be demons who used magic to inspire sexual arousal to ruin humans through sex.

Although in modern times, a lot of demons had abandoned their old grudges and had no problem with humans. Rilolis’s behavior suggested she was one of those.


“If I just go like this and then this…yup, look at it twitch.”

The little Succubus was amusing herself by teasing Al’s penis with her black-gloved hands.

She wrapped her hands around the entire shaft and used her thumbs to tease the head and frenulum while she slowly stroked up and down.

The smooth sensation of the soft gloves spread from his penis to the rest of his lower body, causing his penis to twitch with pleasure.

“Hey, wait, that’s…ah.”

He still tried to resist.

She did not seem to mean him any harm, but that was no reason to let his guard down. She was a demon after all.

“Oh, c’mon. You’re so stubborn.”

She let go of his penis.

The pleasure faded and he used that chance to try to move away from her, but she made her attack before he could.

She pulled down the thin material of her top to bare her large breasts. She grabbed them in her hands and massaged them to show off their softness.

“I’ll use these…”

Then she parted her thin lips to let him see in her mouth.

A heated breath left the saliva-filled space and her red tongue wriggled within like it had a mind of its own.

“…and this…”

Her brown cheeks flushed as she looked up at him with melted eyes.

“…to rub and suck and pleasure your cock.”

It felt like a blow to the head.

She showed a level of seduction that did not at all befit her small body. That combination plus her lewd and straightforward offer were enough for his rational mind to crumble away.

He was unsure if this was her power as a Succubus or if he just had a thing for brown lolis, but he was beyond caring.

He could barely think straight, so it felt like being in a waking dream.

He found he had already taken a step toward her and pressed his fully-erect and twitching dick against her.

“Ahn, incredible. I can feel the blood pumping through it like this.”
She grabbed the grotesque thing without a hint of displeasure and lovingly rubbed her cheek against it.

Her little nose twitched as she sniffed at it.

“My favorite smell.”

She slowly moved her nose up to the head and then placed her lips on it.

Her lightly pursed crimson lips pecked at the tip and sucked.

She pressed her lips against his penis as lovingly as someone might their sweetheart’s lips.

Al’s blood reacted by pumping even more of itself into his penis.

“Oh, wow. It’s so hard I half expect it to pop. But what if I do this?”
She parted her lips, stuck out her tongue, and sent it crawling down his shaft.

The saliva dripping from it wet his penis, making it glisten. At the same time, he was filled with a pleasure that felt like a warmth surrounding his penis.

Her lips and tongue crawled every which way along his penis, coating every last bit of it with saliva, from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head.

“Ah…yes, you liked that a lot, didn’t you?”
After one last lick of the head, she removed her lips from it. The shaft was dripping with trails of saliva that gathered around his balls and fell to the ground.

“But I’m only just getting started.”

She grabbed her breasts in her hands and placed them around the penis.


Al cried out in surprise at the sensation.

The brown flesh felt unbelievably soft around his dick.

The level of comfort was on par with climbing into the most luxurious of beds.

But that was only the beginning.

“Now to start moving.”

Rilolis began moving her breasts up and down like she was kneading clay.

Her enormous breasts applied pressure to his penis like they were trying to crush it.

The somewhat chilly pressure assaulted his penis from bottom to top.

But it was not at all unpleasant.

The saliva she had coated it with before provided enough lubrication that he felt almost no friction at all.

Her tits were soft as could be, yet they still applied so much pleasant pressure.


“See? My tits are the best.”

She looked up at him while massaging his dick between her breasts.

She squeezed her own boobs while supporting them from below.

Her gloved fingers sank into the brown mounds, causing them to change shape before his eyes.

When he looked closer, he noticed she had floated up from the ground in her kneeling pose. She was not actually tall enough for her chest to reach his dick while on her knees, so she was using her wings to fly up to the proper height.

(Well, that’s awfully convenient.)

That got him thinking about how the ability to fly allowed a loli Succubus to take various positions that her small body would normally rule out and even take positions that would not normally be possible for a human of any size.

That seemed like an odd use for wings, but it was entirely possible that Succubi had evolved wings for exactly that purpose.

“Ahn, wow. Your cock is running wild between my tits here.”

Oblivious to his thoughts, Rilolis sped up her hands to stimulate his penis with her boobs all the more.

The previous saliva had grown insufficient, so she stuck out her tongue and let more drip down into her cleavage.

Then she resumed moving her sticky breasts.

(Yes, I can feel his cock pushing back at my tits as it grows.)

The blood vessels in that penis were throbbing.

The ridge of the head rubbed at her boobs every time she moved them.

She pushed them tightly together and felt its throbbing grow even stronger.

When she pulled them a bit apart, air entered the saliva, creating an incredibly lewd noise.

It almost seemed like the empty space between her breasts had become a vagina.

(That’s right. I’m a Succubus. No human man is immune to my body.)

She thought back on the ancient nature of the sex demons she had inherited.


Rilolis lived in a village with a lot of demons other than just sex demons.

Their one point in common was their intent to coexist peacefully with humans. Their village was in fact close to a human village and the two villages would trade the crops they grew.

The one rule was to not use their demonic powers to harm the humans.

Demons were naturally proficient in magic that brought misfortune or ruin to humans.

If they used that power, the humans would fear them and try to drive them out.

So they worked to prove they meant no harm and that their lifestyle was compatible with that of the humans.

All of this meant there were a lot of rules surrounding when and how Rilolis was free to use her sexual magic.



(I’m not in the village anymore, so I can have sex whenever I want. Besides, this human summoned me knowing I’m a Succubus and you don’t summon one of us unless you want to do this kind of thing.)

Children loved to break the rules, so Rilolis was quick to find an excuse to do so here.

Even if Al had already explained his reasons for summoning her had been entirely different.

“Pretty good, right? I’ve got the best tit pussy in the world, don’t I?”
She made sure to say all the dirty things she could think of.

And as a Succubus, she could think of a lot.

(Yes, I can say dirty things whenever I want out there. I’m free!)


“You do…it feels so damn good.”
Al almost looked in pain he was in so much pleasure.

His penis began twitching again in response to her question.

She was away from the village, so she was free to have sex whenever she liked.

She felt like she was living the life of the wild Succubi of yore who went around hunting down any men they could find.

“Hee hee hee. I can give you more. I can give you so much more pleasure than this.”

With that announcement, she squished her breasts in against his hips.

That caused the end of his penis to poke out from her cleavage. She extended her neck and brought her lips toward the tip that was dripping with clear precum.


She wrapped her lips around it.

The sudden stimulation had him twist his body in surprise, but there was no escape.

His dick was firmly trapped between her tits and her lips had the head tightly trapped as well.

“She sucked her cheeks in and sucked at it like she was trying to get the nectar out of a flower. The precum entered her mouth and she toyed with it there.

(Yes! That’s the flavor! I love how it makes my mind melt!)

It was simply bitter and not at all tasty, but to a Succubus, it was as intoxicating as the finest wine.

(More…I want more.)

She lowered her breasts a little to expose more of his penis and then she took the entire head in her mouth.

“Oh, wow.”

“Nh…do you like that? Is your cock about to explode from this combo attack by my tit pussy and mouth pussy?”
She loved how his reactions changed every time the type of stimulation did, so she asked him a teasing question.

And the dirty words coming from her mouth also worked to arouse her further.

“But I’m not done yet. Tonight is going to be a night your cock never forgets.”
She took the full head and even a bit of the shaft into her mouth and then she slowly pulled it back out while moving her lips.

Her upper lip rubbed at the ridge of the head and her tongue rubbed along the frenulum.

The stimulation made the head grow even bigger and more swollen.

She had not forgotten about her boobs either. She moved her hands to continue stroking the shaft, which tried to flop around like a fish out of water between the two soft mounds.

(Yes, there we go! More of that bitter stuff!)
Precum oozed from the tip and a bitter flavor spread through her mouth.

She upped the intensity of her oral technique to taste even more of it.

(I can feel my whole body heating up now.)
It felt like warm hands were touching her all over.

That was apparently common for Succubi, but she was not sure if it was due to the precum specifically, or just a sign of arousal.

Either way, she could not stop herself from sucking that dick.

Al was watching the young Succubus’s oral sex.

(She’s really getting heated up now.)

He felt a surge of exhilaration as he looked down at her.

Those large breasts were holding his shaft between them, but the head was contained within a small mouth that better matched the general size of her body.

That mismatch was unbelievably hot.

Also, she had started teasing her own nipples while she moved her tits.

She held those pink and still childishly-small tips between her thumb and forefinger while she roughly rolled them around.

Then there was her long, skinny tail.

The swollen part at the tip had skillfully pushed aside her underwear and started stimulating the slit revealed below.

Love juices were already flowing from that lewd hole, so the tail was wet and glistening. Each time the tail pushed in to rub against her vagina, it made a sticky sound reminiscent of a small animal lapping up milk.

And yet…

(She doesn’t even know she’s pleasuring herself, does she?)
She was so focused on teasing his penis that the stimulation of her own body appeared to be entirely subconscious.

She released his dick from her mouth with a sticky pop so she could speak.

“Hey, you’ve got a lot of sex juices flowing from your cock. It’s so dirty and hot…hee hee. But you want more, don’t you? You want me to finish you off, don’t you?”
She did not stop teasing her nipples with her hands and her slit with her tail.

Al could not exactly say no to her question while seeing her do that.

“I do…so do it more. Make me cum.”


She responded by twisting her body in pleasure as she squeezed her nipples so tight it looked like she was going to tear them off and the tip of her tail partially penetrated her vagina.

“Yes, of course you want to cum! And I’m more than willing. I’ll milk your balls dry.”

She released his penis from her cleavage.

It briefly felt chilly in the open air, but that soon vanished.

She grabbed the shaft with her gloved hand and began roughly stroking up and down.

With all the saliva coating it, the unrestrained speed was just right.

The little Succubus also wrapped her lips around the head and used her mouth and tongue on it.

“Kh…that’s incredible!”
The attack was several times faster and rougher than before, so he pulled his hips back.

But she wrapped her empty hand around him so he could not move away.

She pressed her head against him to swallow about half his penis, an impressive feat with such a small mouth.

“Oh, wow. I really am going to cum!”

“Yesh! Cwum! Hill my mwouth pushy wih cwum!”

She begged him to do it with her mouth still packed full of cock.

The words provided enough stimulation to push him over the edge.



Semen passed through his dick while it jerked around inside her mouth and it erupted from the tip.

He had been brought to the edge repeatedly before and she finally gave him the release he craved, so it squirted mercilessly throughout the little Succubus’s mouth, flowed down her throat, and even entered her nose.

“Ugh…cough…cough…cough cough cough!”

He grew worried when she started choking.

“A-are you okay?”

She did not seem capable of responding at the moment.

She simply held her hands to her mouth and hung her head.

Had the smell and stickiness of his semen made her feel sick?

“Sorry, I was so caught up in the moment I got carried away.”

Yes. She was a succubus, but she was also a child. Sticking his dick in her small mouth and ejaculating was taking things way too far.

He regretted what he had done, but…

“That! Was! Incredible!” she said in a nasal voice.

She held her body in her arms and trembled like she could not contain herself and then she finally looked up again.

She had tears in her eyes and white milkiness dripping from her nose and mouth, but her expression was one of ecstasy.

“I mean it: incredible. Your semen has just the thickness, aroma, and stickiness I like. Ahh, it’s so good!”

She began to tremble much like his penis had earlier.

She slurped up the semen staining her face and approached him again.

“Your semen is superb. Can I have some more?”
The wings on her back fluttered as the little Succubus floated up in front of him.

She flipped onto her back in midair with her lower body toward him.

She spread her legs wide in a pose similar to a frog flipped on its back and brought her hands to her crotch.

Her tail had already slid aside her underwear, so she simply had to spread the labia with her index and middle fingers to reveal the tiny, tiny vulva within.

The indecent pose was unbearably obscene and attractive when she did it.

“Use my real pussy this time. Stick your cock inside me and fill me with your cum.”

A brown loli was seducing him with a series of indecent words.

It was so hot that Al’s penis grew hard in no time so soon after cumming.

“I see. Well, if you want it that bad….”

He used a hand to support his penis glistening with semen and succubus saliva and he moved it toward her vagina.

That tiny pussy was the one bright pink point of her otherwise brown skin.

It was already soaking wet thanks to the tail masturbation from earlier.

He grabbed her small hip with one hand to unnecessarily support her floating body, guided his penis in with his other hand, and then pressed the head against her vaginal entrance.

“…then I’ll give it to you!”

The tip of the penis entered the small hole.


Rilolis cried out as if in surprise, but there was no hint of fear or pain on her face. She was staring down at her pussy with only the expectation of pleasure.

(She really is a succubus through and through, isn’t she?)

Relieved by that, he did not hesitate to continue the penetration.

He placed both hands on her slender hips and thrust his hips forward.

Her slit had looked like a single line earlier, but now it was obscenely spread out to take his thick cock.

A wet sound came from between their sexual fleshes as his dick filled up the little succubus’s vagina.

“Ah, hh…yes. Your cock is…penetrating my pussyyyy!”

She cried out while also panting like a dog out on a midsummer walk.

“Yes, yes! It’s only halfway in, but the entrance is spread so wide! My insides are being spread open! My pussy is being shaped by your cock!”

Her lewd running commentary of the penetration turned him on even more.

“Ah, ahh, now it’s…all the way inside❤”

Finally, his penis was fully buried inside her vagina.

(Wow…this is incredible.)

He was shocked by the sensation.

Her vagina wriggled to apply waves of pressure to his dick. The waves moved from the base to the head, so they seemed to be tempting his penis to move ever deeper inside her.

The intense pleasure made him thrust his hips even further.

“C’mon, start moving. Stir up my pussy with your cock♥”

Before he could fully appreciate the pleasure he was already feeling, Rilolis asked him to start thrusting.

When he saw the melted look on her face, he could not bring himself to refuse.

Not that he wanted to.

“Okay, here goes.”

He pulled back his hips to pull his penis partway out.

(Wow, she’s tight.)

With her small body, her vagina was inevitably small as well, but that was joined by the waves of pressure that pulled back in as if to prevent him from leaving her.

That movement provided an intense pleasure that seemed to suck him back in.

Then he thrust his hips to fully penetrate her again.

The movement of her internal flesh now worked with him to guide him inside. The difference between out and in provided a set rhythm that increased the pleasure more and more.

“Kh, I can’t stop.”

The next thing he knew, he was attacking her vagina with enough force to produce a loud rhythmic slapping.

Each movement of his dick caused her clear love juices to produce a wet sound similar to a fairy frolicking in the water.

“Kyahh! Yes! Cock! Pounding me! Going crazy!”

Meanwhile, Rilolis found she could no longer form full sentences and she twisted her floating body around.

The movement made her brown breasts bounce in an indecent way.

(Wow. I feel so hot…and my mind is going blank.)

Al’s intense thrusting brought a strange feeling to her.

She felt almost feverishly warm, but without any of the lethargy she felt while sick. Only pleasure raced around her body and caused her thoughts to melt away like sugar in tea.

“Kyah, hyah, ahyah❤”

She could sense the penis thrusting into her as vividly as if she could see it.

Her vaginal flesh wriggled with movements like a small boat rocking in the ocean’s waves.

The tip of the head hit her deepest parts, the ridge of the head rubbed at the walls, and the entire thing seemed to push out her entire body from within.

She was being invaded and attacked, but at the same time, she was devouring and swallowing him.

Her love juices would not stop flowing and producing more wet sounds.

She even felt tingling pleasure from where his hands held her hips.

Even her breasts felt the pleasure as they bounced from the thrusting.

“Ah❤ Wow❤ It’s so good❤ I’m going crazy❤❤❤”
She felt like some kind of mental barrier had been breached and then her entire body began to tremble like she was convulsing.

Her vagina squeezed even tighter and she could tell it was going to push the penis out of her.

“No❤ Don’t pull out❤ More❤ Fuck my pussy more❤ It feels so good and I need more❤”

She lifted her legs and crossed her ankles together behind his body.

She was not going to let go until he had squirted his cum inside her.

She was turned on all the more by her own greedy sexuality.

(Wow, how tight can she get?)
Al was surprised by her reaction, but it felt so good he could not possibly stop moving his hips.

She had locked her legs around him and that restricted his movements somewhat, but that just meant he had to use shorter strokes than before.

“Ah❤ Ahh❤ Oh❤ Oh❤ Oh❤ Oh❤”

She could no longer even get out any dirty words and instead let out short breaths in time with his thrusts.

Seeing the brown little girl wanting his dick so badly was so hot it turned him on even more and he picked up speed.

“So do you like getting your horny pussy pounded, you naughty girl?”

“Yes, I love it❤ But I’m not naughty❤ I’m a succubus❤ And all good succubus girls have horny pussies❤ Horny pussies that love being pounded by big, fat cocks❤ So I’m a good girl❤ I’m a good succubus girl who loves cock❤”

The loli succubus responded to his dirty question with an even dirtier answer.

And her body trembled like her own words were turning her on.

“Ahh, wow. I’m about to cum already.”

“Cum❤ Cum inside me❤ Give me all that thick, juicy cum❤ Fill me with your cuuuuum❤”

She said that with a thoroughly melted smile and then she raised her upper body without warning.

She could do that without losing her balance since she was using her wings to hover.

She hugged him tight in her arms.

If he had been sitting down, it would have been like she was sitting in his lap, but she instead had her legs wrapped around him.

Only a hovering Succubus could have pulled off this position.

It felt like she was enveloping his entire body.

He could feel the feverishly elevated body temperature of her arousal.

Her faintly sweaty brown skin clung to his clothing.

Her sweat smelled strangely sweet and that was what pushed him over the edge.

“Ah, khhhh!”

His semen squirted out all at once.

“Kyaaaaaaaaah❤ Yesssssss❤ Your cum is splattering all over my pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyy❤❤❤❤❤”

She cried out in what amounted to a scream and she arched her back, causing her two brown mounds to bounce even more than before.

“Oh, wow…you’re really squeezing now.”
He shot more and more semen into her vagina.

The ejaculation never seemed to stop, so he kept thrusting his hips.

Once it finally did stop, he slowly pulled out of her and leaned against a tree behind him.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and cheeks and viewed Rilolis in front of him.

She was still hovering with the wings on her back, but her arms, legs, and head were dangling limply down. It was the same pose as someone lying face up on an exercise ball.

She must not have been able to keep it all inside because semen mixed with love juices was dripping to the ground from her tiny labia.

“Ahh…that was incredible❤”

Finally, she slowly lowered to the ground and lay down on her side.

Seeing the brown loli’s lethargic behavior, Al began putting his pants back on in satisfaction. But…

“Ehh? You’re done already?”

She got back up.

Her face was as melted as ever and she had a sparkle in her eye as she crawled toward him on all fours.

His penis had gone entire flaccid after cumming twice, but she hovered up in her crawling pose and started sucking at it again.

“Hey, wait.”

“Why should I? Nh, nhh…I want more, ahm, cum…so, nhh, let’s do it some more.”

Her oral technique was unbelievably good for such a little girl, so his penis was hard again in no time.

But he could not give into temptation this time.

“W-we can’t do it again! I won’t have enough strength left to follow the treasure map! And you’ve gotten plenty of magic, right?”

“Ehh? Who cares about some dumb map? I just want to keep fucking forever and ever. This cock is all the treasure I need.”
“Forever and ever?”
He had to admit the idea had its appeal.

Plus, no one had ever desired him quite this wholeheartedly before.

Rilolis grabbed at his penis with both hands as if to say she was never letting it go again.

“Yeah, just keep fucking and fucking until one of us dies❤”

“Nope! Wait! Not happening!!!!”

Al had to shout at the top of his lungs.

He was fast discovering why the Succubi who wanted to live peacefully with humans had needed to create strict rules about having sex.


Afterwards, Al had tried to flee and Rilolis had remained in hot pursuit (of his penis). They had made enough noise that the other three monster girls had noticed and restrained her long enough for her to calm down.

He was still pantsless at the time, so it had been obvious to the other three that he had been having sex with Rilolis.

But their standards regarding sex must have been different from human ones because none of them seemed to have an issue with it.


Finally, he could return to completing the treasure map.

They had entered the forest region and were currently surrounded by plant monsters. They had Rilolis to thank for that since she had said it would be easier if they lured all the monsters to one place.

If it turned out her magic had not been boosted, this would be game over.

“You’re absolutely sure this is going to work, right?” he asked.

“Of course. Just watch.”

She nodded and flew up high with her wings.

Then she held both her palms out toward the surrounding monsters.


Her short cry of effort was followed by a beam of fire so powerful it looked like the result of a massive dragon breathing fire.

The monsters were preparing to skewer the party with branches as sharp as spears, but they were all burned away instead. The one in the center was turned to black charcoal in an instant.

“Hey, you! Yeah, you! You’d better run or we’ll make a campfire outta you!”

She spun around in the air to burn all the plant monsters surrounding them.

“Gwee gwee!” “Greee!”

The monsters retreated with cries that sounded like branches and leaves rubbing together.

“Wow,” gasped Al.

The little Succubus really had been powered up through sex.

The party easily cleared forested Area 1 like that.

Lolimon Harem

Lolimon Harem

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
An isekai, but one where the MC has been living in the other world for a while already. (There might be a term for that, but I don’t read enough isekai to know it.)Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest but accidentally summons loli monster girls instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus does what succubi do) he finds out having s*x can boost their magic. However, each species of monster girl presents a unique challenge in getting that method to work.Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and the ending’s reference to a specific elf are alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting they take place in the same world), but the connection is loose enough that I’m still calling this a one shot.


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