Little Sister Full Course chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

On a certain day 2 years after I entered high school, I became able to use hypnosis. I, who was more perverted than my surroundings since middle school, was very attracted to the hypnosis that would sometimes be used in the eroge I played. From that time, I continued to study hypnotism just for the sake of performing sexual misconduct.

In order to try it immediately, I headed to the living room…

Because my father was busy with work, he was currently borrowing an apartment near his workplace and staying there. My mother doted on my father ever since I was young, and didn’t share the [Affection] with me at all. Right now, it seems that she’s taking care of my father at the apartment.
And, to me, there was only 1 important family member. That was my little sister, Hina. My little sister has been commuting to the local elementary school for 6 years. She gets along with me, to the point where we still took our baths together up until last year. From society’s perspective, Hina would be in the cute category, and I heard earlier that a photo of her made an appearance in the street beauty section of a girls magazine.

I, who was raised in that slightly strange environment, held sexual desire towards girls younger than myself rather than interest towards adult women, and basically ended up becoming a lolicon. Besides, my little sister is so cute that I couldn’t help being a siscon as well.

Upon going to the living room, Hina was there lying on the sofa reading manga.

“Ooi, Hina. There’s something I want you to help me out with for a bit, is that ok?”
“Eeh…save it for later, Onii-chan.”
“It’ll only be for just a little bit, please?”
“Fiiine, it can’t be helped. What is……!!”

When Hina looked over here, I used all of the knowledge I learned so far to try and hypnotise her at full power.

“[Come here].”

Hina, whose hollow eyes couldn’t focus, came before me with an unsteady gait.
It was proof that it had succeeded splendidly.

For the time being, is she hypnotised…?

“Listen, Hina. [From now on you will regain consciousness, but whatever Onii-chan tells you is common sense, and Hina must absolutely do it].”

I snapped my fingers.
……light came back to Hina’s eyes, and she returned to her usual adorable appearance.

“Huh? Was I doing something?”
“It looks to be ok, huh? More importantly, you have to give me your greeting kiss.”
“Did we greet each other with a kiss?”
“That’s right. When older brothers and younger sisters do it, they should have a [kiss where their tongues intertwine with each other].”
“That’s right, I forgot. As expected of Onii-chan!”
Saying this, Hina brought her squishy lips closer. I also overlapped my lips, and the two of us began tangling with each other. Upon licking Hina’s gums as though to gently trace them, Hina sucked my and playfully chewed my tongue as though to answer it.

“Come to think of it, it seems that [stirring the saliva of older brothers and little sisters] is good for cleaning the interior of the mouth.”
“I’ve heard of that before!!”
Originally it would achieve the opposite effect, but she went along with it, so let’s just leave it at that. Hina’s saliva was tasty. It was smoother than I thought and it didn’t smell. Upon drinking the saliva that I gave her, Hina sent me her soggy, frothy drool.
I started to want to assault her like this, but just assailing her would be boring so I endured it.

“Incidentally, do you really not remember what happened a moment ago?”

Apparently, her consciousness during her hypnosis seemed to have vanished. There’s still lots of things I don’t know about hypnosis, huh? I have to study a bit more…thinking this, I returned to my room again.

I was thinking of learning more about hypnosis immediately, but more than that, my head was filled with what kind of mischief I should use on my little sister. While these delusions swelled-
“Onii-chaaan, dinner’s ready!”

My little sister came to get me.

“Sashimi was cheap today, so I bought it.”
“So Hina’s financial sense has finally become good, huh?”
“Hey, you’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”
In a huff, she swelled her cheeks and became angry.

“Come to think of it, when a man eats sashimi, [it will be poisonous unless disinfected with a pussy], right?”
“Eh, is that so? I had no idea.”
“What, so Hina didn’t know about that as well? Furthermore, [a younger sister’s pussy is the best for this], you know.”
“Is that so? But if there’s poison, then it can’t be helped, right?”

As expected, will this be found out?–is what I thought, but unexpectedly the hypnotic effect was tremendous, and so Hina lowered her skirt and panties without any hesitation whatsoever.

“Could you spread your legs into an M-shape on top of the table so that it’s easy to smear it against?”
“Got it, Onii-chan.”

“Huh? Even though you should [clean it with plenty of love juice], you’re not wet at all, huh?”
Saying this, I slowly brought my tongue close to Hina’s pussy. Her pussy that had started to thinly sprout a little hair was a beautiful cameltoe. The little sister’s pussy that I always wished for was before my eyes. Just from thinking this, my penis had become rock hard. My first little sister pussy was a little salty. And yet, the smell of urine clung to my nose. However, for some reason, I became addicted to it. As though indulging in it, I enjoyed my little sister’s loli-pussy.

However, this wasn’t the main dish. I want to eat my food glazed with my little sister’s thick love juice. My little sister’s erogenous zone had been surveyed beforehand. It was worth it to take secret photos of her usual masturbating appearance. I licked the secret place of her secret place, Hina’s clitoris.
At the same time, Hina’s body swayed, heaving with a twitch. And her thick love juice oozed out from deep within the crevice, almost like a fountain as it gushed forth.

“Well then, I guess I’ll dig in now, huh?”
I took a small piece of sashimi and slid it into Hina’s drenched pussy.
Hina raised a wordless scream. That appearance just now was also very adorable.
The sashimi that went in and out countless times was glistening and shining. I stuffed that sashimi into my mouth. In that instant, what spread inside of my mouth was a mellow scent peculiar to women and a faint acidity.
“Hina’s taste is the best! Onii-chan is so happy that Hina is my little sister.”
I inadvertently leaked those words.

Dinner had ended, and when the two of us were cleaning up the dishes, Hina suddenly-
“Boys disinfect sashimi with a pussy, but what do girls do?”
-asked this question.
It’s because I did not plan things out at all when I spoke that defects show up in these sorts of places.

“Ah, eerrm, I’m pretty sure after eating you have to [take medicine], right?”
“What medicine?”
Hina asked back.
“I’m pretty sure it’ll come out when you [suck a dick].”
“Then, Onii-chan. Please give me medicine!”

Hina, who had finished washing the dishes, faced me with her mouth opened wide and asked me.

“Shall we move to the sofa?”

“Hina, could you pull down my pants?”
“It can’t be helped, huh?”

Hina removed my belt and pulled down my pants and underwear. My blackened penis that was already buldging inside of my underwear was rock hard as it stood tall.

“Onii-chan’s dick, what an amazing smell…”

A terrible, squid-like smell drifted from my penis. Hina inadvertently frowned.
“I’m pretty sure that drinking both the [clear medicine] and the [white medicine] are fine, but [your teeth must not touch it].”
“I’ll give it a try!”

Hina’s small mouth touched my penis. Pleasure assaulted me, almost like electricity running through my entire body.
Hina kissed the tip with smooches. Hot pre-cum oozed out from my penis. My pre-cum was applied against Hina’s lips, almost as thought coating it with gloss.

“It’s a little salty.”
Hina looked like she was having lots of fun.
“Ugh, yeah, if you don’t properly take it in your mouth, then there…won’t…be any effect…”
“Howsh hish?”
Hina’s tongue tangled around the glans, as though trying to envelope it.

“Hina, y-you’re really good, huh?”
“Because I practiced from watching a video, you know!”

I didn’t know that Hina was such an erotic girl…
While I was thinking so, Hina’s tongue techniques didn’t stop. Upon thinking that the underside of the head was getting chilly, her tongue ran along it perfectly so that it could take the dick cheese that was under the glans. Upon thinking that she suddenly pumped the glans, she smoothly licked the rod. Good, she’s way too good.

“This is bad, Hina. I’m gonna cum soon.”
“Wha’ shoul’ I ‘o ‘ow?”
“Finally, hold it all the way in the back of your throat and drink every single drop!!”
“O’ay, I’ll ‘ry!”
“I’m gonna cum…cumming!!”

spurtle spurtle-urtle-urtle


From my penis, the amount of semen that couldn’t fit inside of Hina’s mouth spilled out.

“Uguh, Igigh, slurp slurp…”
Hina desperately drank it so that it would spill.

“So bitteeerr!!”
“Good work, Hina. They say that good medicine tastes bitter, right?”
“It’s medicine to get rid of the poison, right? But even though it’s bitter and smelly, it has a kind of addictive taste, huh.”
“Because this is also nutritious, you can come and drink it whenever you want.”
“Eh, really?! Onii-chan’s so kind!”
Hina made her first smile of the day as she laughed.

“However, please promise me one thing. If you can’t keep this promise, then the medicine will get clogged up deep inside of my penis.”
“Clogged up? That’s really bad, right? What should I do?”
“After you drink your medicine, you must [clean] it.”
“Is it fine if I just wash the penis?”
“That’s wrong. As long as you suck out the medicine clogged up inside of the penis, then it’s fine. Easy, right?”
“I got it. I just have to sucky-suck it out, right?”

Hina began to suck the tip of my penis that had started to become small, cleaning it.

“I want you to [clean me up] in the bath, but is that ok?”
After I was [cleaned], I asked Hina, who was watching TV like normal.
“I don’t know how to do it, so as long as Onii-chan teaches me, then sure!”
“It’s been a while, so let’s take a bath together.”

While Hina was watching TV, I worked on the next plan. That’s right, I was going to have her try mimicking the soap brothels. That’s right, it had flashed in my mind.

“Do you understand? The pussy can disinfect poisons other than the ones in sashimi.”
“So what can it disinfect?”
While the two of us were washing our hair, I was teaching Hina the [way to wash my body].

“Speaking about the human body, it would be the fingers or penis.”
“Fingers and…penis!?”
“That’s right, you also have to disinfect the penis.”
“Because the toxins will mix with the medicine?”
“Correct, Hina’s got a good head, huh?”
‘Ehehe’–Hina looked happy.

“Then, would you wash my body normally first?
“So Hina should wash Onii-chan?”
“That’s right, people normally wash [using boobs].”
“I’ll try it, ok?”

Hina, who was an elementary school student until last year, coated her loli body with frothy soap and rubbed it against my body. Looking from the perspective of those who’re in the same year as her, Hina’s developing chest had a beautiful shape and her nipples were taut and facing upwards. The prickly sensation that would sometimes touch my back was likely her nipples. Compared to the start, I could tell that she was rubbing it against me many times. As the washing continued, Hina’s sighs increased.

“Hina, it’s enough now. Thanks.”
“Even though I can do more. I’m gonna keep washing!!”
Hina seemed like she still wanted to do it, but I forcefully stopped her and talked to Hina.
“Rather than washing, disinfecting feels better, you know?”
“You don’t believe Onii-chan?”
“Since Onii-chan is saying it, then it must be true!”
I really have a wonderful little sister.

“About the method of disinfection, it seems that it’s best for a man’s saliva and a woman’s love juices to mix together.”
“So that’s how it is!!”
“That’s right. Though if we did that, Hina might feel pain and blood might come out, but it’ll soon feel pleasant so don’t worry.”
“I’ll do my best!!”

“Then stand in front of me.”
Without any hesitation whatsoever, Hina striked a daunting pose before me.
“First we’ll start with the fingers, ok?”
First, I added plenty of saliva to my index finger, and pried open Hina’s loli-pussy. While I was at it, I also assaulted her clitoris. I explained that this was in order to get the love juice to come out.

Amazing…even with a single finger, it’s super tight.

I gently moved my finger in and out. Of course, I did it while tormenting Hina’s weak points. Bending my inserted finger, I mainly scraped against the roof of her pussy.
“O-Onii-chan…i-it feels, goood!! Ai’m melching…Ah’m gonna meellch, ooooh!!”
Hina’s knees trembled and shook. She placed strength in the hand that grabbed my shoulder.
When I repeated this 10 times for each of my 10 fingers, Hina’s pussy was already soaked and sticky.

“Finally it’ll be the penis. It might hurt a bit, but it’ll soon feel good, so be at ease.”
Upon hugging Hina, I slowly submerged my flesh-rod into her genitals.
“Ah…ow…it hurts, it hurts! Onii-chan, it hurts!”
I could clearly tell that Hina was in pain. My penis was truly plowing through Hina’s meat folds as it entered.
“It’ll be just a little longer, so keep it up!”
When my meat-rod was half-sunk inside, Hina yelled. And then, I dropped her to the base in one stroke. I could tell that it was hitting against the entrance of Hina’s womb. Her flesh folds were coiling around it. It was undulating, almost as though to squeeze out semen from the base.
“Hina. It’ll feel good from now on, so it’ll be fine. You did well.”
“Onii-chan…move just a little bit. It seems like I’ll feel good soon.”
“Here I go.”

Holding my little sister’s sidese, I moved her up and down. Her loli-pussy enveloped my penis, barely within its permissable range. Every time we moved up and down, her folds would lead me to pleasure one step at a time. Inside, the entrance of her womb kissed and sucked my glans as though to say that it wouldn’t let my penis go, trying to receive my semen. I seized Hina’s boobs that were before my very eyes. I gently sucked her boobs, which in no way could let out breast milk, like a baby, yet strongly carressed them like a beast.

“O-Onii-chan…I, Onii-chan’s medicine, I wannit inshide mah stomach, pleashe gif ich to me…today’sh a shafe day, sho gif me lotchs of medicine!”
Hina was also ravaged by pleasure, and wasn’t able to articulate properly.
“I’m also at my limit. I’m gonna let out medicine inside of Hina’s stomach!”
“Please! Cuuuuuuuum!!”

spurtle, spurtle-urtle-urtle-urtle

An amount greater than or equal to my first release came out. The fired off medicine seemed as though it was almost sucked up by the womb, and after her folds moved as though trying to squeeze it out, I removed my penis. When I did so, semen did not come spilling out from her pussy.

“Let’s do this every day after today. However, [the things you are told by Onii-chan can’t be told to other people, and you won’t be able to remember it unless only you and Onii-chan are together by ourselves], ok?”

Upon getting out of the bath, I couldn’t help but bite into the gobble-kun. A cool feeling spread inside of my mouth.

“It’s normal for girls to lick a penis instead of ice candy.”
“That’s right, rather than ice cream, penis is more delicious, isn’t it?”
Saying this, Hina began to lick my dick-ice-cream while I was lying on my side and eating ice cream…

“Let’s use this and enjoy life.”

I spoke in a small voice…however, that was drowned out by Hina’s lewd sounds…

Little Sister Full Course

Little Sister Full Course

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese


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