Li’l Chubs chapter 5


Xiaopang and Gao Yifeng thus got together like this. Although the process was very jumpy, the ending was satisfactory. But what Xiaopang would meet next was not only sweet love, but also a painful senior year. The college entrance examination was really nothing for Gao Yifeng, but it was different for Xiaopang. Fortunately, she was diligent enough to study and her grades were stable. If she performed normally, at least some ordinary universities would accept her. But who didn’t want to perform better in the exam? Especially… Xiaopang looked at Gao Yifeng next to her, Gao Yifeng was so dazzling, she always had to move higher to be worthy of him, right?

Gao Yifeng thought farther than Xiaopang. He thought that since he and Xiaopang couldn’t move to the same university, they must at least be in the same city. If Xiaopang’s score was higher, there would be more choices.  Moreover, his Xiaopang was not smart, and her education had to be more beautiful, otherwise she would live in a  less confident manner in the future. Xiaopang looked stupid, but in fact she was thoughtful and had a strong self-esteem.

So Gao Yifeng formulated a study plan for Xiaopang that spanned the entire third year of high school, even the summer vacation of the second year of high school. The day after Xiaopang was confessed to, she was taken to cram school by Gao Yifeng. When it came to love, Xiaopang didn’t know what to say.

A summer cram school coupled with Gao Yifeng’s meticulous tutoring, Xiaopang felt that her learning speed seemed to have indeed improved, at least she was able to solve the questions faster than before. She was very happy, Gao Yifeng was happier than her, hugging and kissing her.

Xiaopang and Gao Yifeng sat side by side in front of the library, watching the sunset. The school year had begun, and the students knew the relationship between the two of them. Gao Yifeng never avoided this matter, let alone denied it. However, the school prohibited puppy love. The head teacher had nothing to do with Gao Yifeng. He only talked to Xiaopang once. As a result, Xiaopang followed Gao Yifeng’s instruction and spoke to the teacher with a blushing face: We are not in love, we are already engaged.

The teacher in charge was very sad and angry, and Gao Yifeng took another one down!

Gao Yifeng embraced Xiaopang’s shoulders, rubbed his chin on the top of her head lightly, closed his eyes and smiled.  Xiaopang’s hair was so soft that it could soften people’s hearts.

Now that school was long over, the campus was empty, so the two of them dared to be so reckless. To be precise, it was Xiaopang who dared to be so reckless- Gao Yifeng had always been reckless.

The sun was about to be devoured by the earth, the sunset seemed like a fire as the golden sunlight flooded the campus.

Gao Yifeng said softly: “Xiaopang, you have to always watch the sunset with me in the future.”

“Gao Yifeng, that problem of finding acceleration mentioned in physics class, can you teach me again?”


Gao Yifeng had to admit that although Xiaopang was stupid, she definitely had a talent for destroying the atmosphere that no one else could match. He endured the urge to pinch her to death, gritted his teeth and said, “No.”


Gao Yifeng pulled Xiaopang’s face and kissed her in anger.

Xiaopang struggled desperately, what a joke, this was the school!

Gao Yifeng simply pushed her to the ground and leaned against her. His legs and one hand restrained Xiaopang, while the other hand held her chin and kissed her fiercely.  Xiaopang was definitely not Gao Yifeng’s opponent in this respect. The two were entangled, but not far away, there was a stern call: “Which class are you from!”

Two students were caught making out in a public place by the vice-principal. The matter was not big or small, but the vice-principal was disgusted with the students’ puppy love, so he planned to give them a good beating, threatening the chicken to make an example of monkeys. Therefore, the two students were given a severe training by the vice-principal. After the class teacher took them back, regrettably informed them that they needed to call their parents, and it seemed that the parents would be notified and the students would be criticised in front of the whole school after they were called.

Xiaopang was dumbfounded, was it so serious? Gao Yifeng was also quite annoying. Although he didn’t care about this mess, what should he do if it affected Xiaopang’s mood?

Both of them looked very worried when they went back. When approaching Xiaopang’s house, Gao Yifeng asked her: “Does your family know about us?”

Xiaopang was a little embarrassed, “Yes. My mother said, since I couldn’t get into a good university, then I should marry a good man.”

Gao Yifeng breathed a sigh of relief. He rubbed her head, “Then I’m relieved. Don’t take this to heart, the school would be announcing our mutual relationship to everyone.”

Xiaopang asked, “What about you? What would your family think?”

Gao Yifeng happily said, “My family is even more outrageous. My dad also taught me how to seduce you.”

Xiaopang suddenly got black lines, and finally understood how Gao Yifeng’s character came about.

The two combined together, and found that all their worries were purely unnecessary, so they happily went back to their houses to find their mothers. Even so, there must be an explanation to the vice-principal. Gao Yifeng returned home without paying attention to food, sneaking into the study room to probe his head, “Dad, can you do me a favor?”

The next day, Gao Yifeng’s father invited several school leaders from F middle school for a meal. His father and the principal had a very good personal relationship. Therefore, several school leaders came here to save face. The vice principal was recently transferred. It was hard to say too much of this relationship until they understood this relationship fully at the dinner table.

Father Gao excitedly shook the hand of the vice-principal, feeling full of emotions, “That stinky boy finally has his wife in charge, so I can rest assured.”

The vice-principal wanted to say something, but finally nodded helplessly, “Yes.”

This storm had passed. Although Gao Yifeng was as reckless as ever, Xiaopang was a lot more cautious and determined not to be too close to him at school.

Gao Yifeng had no choice but to look forward to the weekend. After a day of studying, the two of them could sit by the lake for a while, Xiaopang would lean on his shoulder in a daze, or close her eyes to rest. Every time during this, Gao Yifeng would feel that the world was exceptionally beautiful, of course, if he could be more reckless, it would be even better.

Xiaopang didn’t understand Gao Yifeng’s thoughts, so she just chatted with him leisurely. After the college entrance examination, he wanted to do this and that and the other… To sum up, “We have too much to do after the college entrance examination!”

Gao Yifeng’s mind flashed with many unsuitable clips, “Yes, too many!”

Xiaopang sighed again: “There are XXX days left till the college entrance examination.”

Gao Yifeng gently rubbed her head, “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid, I have you!”

Gao Yifeng was so moved, his head slowly lowered…

“Gao Yifeng, I didn’t understand the last math problem you taught me today.”


Li’l Chubs

Li’l Chubs

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The cute love story between the ‘muscular’ (chubby) Xiaopang and the ‘manly’ Gao Yifeng.“You like me.”“!!!”Xiaopang didn’t know how he had noticed, she had obviously hid it well. Although Gao Yifeng had just spoken the truth, she instinctively blurted out: “You’re speaking nonsense!”“Really?” Gao Yifeng tilted his head to look at her. “Then, why don’t you want to be friends with me anymore? Do you want us to be in some other kind of relationship, such as… uh, lovers?”He clenched his fist and felt anxious as he shouted in his mindSay “yes”, idiot! You don’t need to talk, just nod your head…


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