Li’l Chubs chapter 4


Xiaopang could not sleep.

The scene of Gao Yifeng’s intoxicated face and gentle eyes was being replayed before her eyes over and over again. The kiss that caught her off guard still seemed to linger on her lips. Xiaopang touched the corners of her mouth unconsciously, and giggled on bed.

After laughing, Xiaopang became melancholy again. Gao Yifeng did kiss her, but he was drunk. Should she think of something done by a drunk person seriously? And he also had a girlfriend, Li Huanhuan…

Thinking of this, Xiaopang suddenly jolted. Gao Yifeng had a girlfriend, and she won’t become a mistress, right?

Xiaopang regretted not avoiding the kiss. But fortunately, Gao Yifeng was drunk anyway, everything would be fine as long as she pretended that nothing happened tomorrow. Gao Yifeng and Li Huanhuan were really a well-matched couple.

Xiaopang slept very lively that night. After falling asleep with mixed emotions of envy, jealousy, hatred and helplessness, she dreamt all night. In the dream, Gao Yifeng was chasing her with a big stick. She ran and ran desperately, but fortunately she was not caught up in the end. But she was also exhausted enough, and when she woke up, her body was aching all over, which was obviously the result of high muscle tension.

Xiaopang stretched her arms resentfully, thinking that Gao Yifeng’s soul was really unpredictable, and he didn’t even let her go in her dreams!

At this time, her mother knocked on the door of her bedroom, “Xiaoxue, Gao Yifeng called just now to ask if you got up.”

“Oh, say I didn’t get up.”



Xiaopang lay back on the bed, turned on the phone, and saw Gao Yifeng’s text message: Xiaopang, come to my house.

Xiaopang was in a complicated mood and didn’t know how to face Gao Yifeng next. She was really afraid that if she didn’t hold back herself, the two of them wouldn’t even remain friends in the future.

She stayed in bed for a while, and Gao Yifeng’s text message arrived again: Idiot, haven’t gotten up yet?

Ignore him.

Gao Yifeng: I have something to say.

Xiaopang hesitated and replied: Say.

Gao Yifeng: Come home.

Xiaopang: I still have something to do today, please tell me.

Gao Yifeng: Do you want to hear about the relationship between Gao Yifeng and Li Huanhuan?

Xiaopang ate breakfast at an unprecedented speed and quickly arrived at Gao Yifeng’s home. Their two families were very close to each other and it took less than ten minutes to reach his home by bicycle.

Gao Yifeng was arranging flowers in the living room. He was quiet and casual in his home clothes. The morning sun shone in from the window, and he was coated with a holy halo. The person within the halo seemed as beautiful as an angel as if he wasn’t from his planet.

Xiaopang looked a little dazed.

Gao Yifeng raised his head and smiled at her, his smile dazzling like a summer flower, “You are here.”

Xiaopang nodded mechanically.

“Sit down.” Gao Yifeng said, stood up and poured her a glass of water. He looked at the dark circles under Xiaopang’s eyes, “Did you sleep well last night?”

Xiaopang leaned on the sofa and closed her eyes. She found that when she and Gao Yifeng looked at each other, she could not speak normally.

Xiaopang replied, “I had a nightmare.”

Gao Yifeng sat beside her, “What did you dream of?”

Xiaopang: “I dreamt that you were holding a big stick and chasing me desperately.”

“Xiaopang, you rascal!”

“…” After thinking about it, Xiaopang couldn’t understand why she was a rascal, so she had to fight back angrily, “Gao Yifeng, you are a rascal!”

Gao Yifeng smiled and said: “Really? Did I do something bad to you yesterday? Should I be responsible?”

Xiaopang opened her eyes and looked at Gao Yifeng nervously, not understanding what he meant. In order to avoid making things more complicated, she still decided to deny it, “No.”

Gao Yifeng raised his eyebrows, “Really, it’s a pity.”

Xiaopang had to change the subject, “Didn’t you say, you and Li Huanhuan…”

Gao Yifeng was helpless, “You also heard that, right? It’s really strange, how could she and I get involved with each other, the imagination of the masses is simply terrible.”

Xiaopang had a question mark on her forehead, “Hey, you are not…”

Gao Yifeng frowned, “It can’t be, you believe it too?”

Uh, Am I being looked down upon? Xiaopang shut up silently.

“However,” Gao Yifeng sighed, “I did tell others that I have a wife.”

“Uh, a wife?” Xiaopang couldn’t recover for a while, as the matter of wife seemed more serious?

“En, wife.” Gao Yifeng smiled slightly, moved closer, and intimately hooked Chubby’s shoulder as he said mysteriously, “Do you want to know who my wife is?”

Xiaopang wanted to hide, but Gao Yifeng’s arm entangled her like a vine.

Gao Yifeng urged her, “Do you want to?”

Xiaopang swallowed nervously, “Who, who?”

“It’s…” Gao Yifeng stared into Xiaopang’s eyes and smiled, “Who do you think it is?”

“I, I don’t know.” Xiaopang’s mind was in a mess now, she felt like she was in a daze and that she had grasped something, but she couldn’t figure it out. The distance between them was too close, as it caused the temperature of her blood to rise continuously while her brain stopped functioning . This suddenly reduced her already poor thinking ability at the lowest point.

Gao Yifeng lowered his voice and asked slowly and coaxingly: “Or, who do you hope she will be?”

Xiaopang was so nervous that she couldn’t even speak, and opened her mouth several times, “I…”

Before she finished her words, Gao Yifeng interrupted her first, “Congratulations on the right answer! Reward this handsome guy with a kiss!” As he said, he quickly kissed her on the cheek.

Xiaopang seemed to be electrocuted into a vegetable.

Seeing that she hadn’t responded for a long time, Gao Yifeng flicked her head lightly and shook his head, hating iron for not becoming steel, “Stupid!”

Xiaopang slowly raised her head while her shocked expression had not faded, “Gao Yifeng…”

Gao Yifeng lifted her chin and kissed her lips without any further ado. After their soft lips touched together, Xiaopang instantly was enlightened. She understood, understood it all. It was like this, ha ha, it turned out to be like this.  The one Gao Yifeng liked was Xiaopang!

As soon as Gao Yifeng touched Xiaopang, his sense of reason was thrown into the trash can. He pressed her on the sofa, held her waist tightly with one hand, and pressed the back of her head with the other, not letting her dodge. He gently rubbed and sucked on Xiaopang’s lips. Xiaopang was very nervous and let Gao Yifeng take the lead.

Xiaopang was flushed by the kiss, panting, Gao Yifeng let go of her and laughed in a low voice, “Sure enough, it’s better to be direct.”

Xiaopang’s face turned redder, and she was almost turning into an eggplant.

She looked like this and Gao Yifeng liked it. He lowered his head and tenderly licked the corner of Xiaopang’s lips, “Xiaopang.”


“You haven’t promised me yet.”

“Promised what?”

“To be my wife.”

“Uh, shouldn’t I be a girlfriend first?”

“It’s not the same in the end.”


“Promise or not?”


“Promise what?”

“Promise to be your wife…”

“Gao Yifeng, take your phone away, it’s poking me.”

“…That’s not a cell phone.”

“What is that?”

“You’ll know later, I’ll take a shower first.”


“Don’t look at me like that, are you in so much hurry to get pregnant?!”


Li’l Chubs

Li’l Chubs

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The cute love story between the ‘muscular’ (chubby) Xiaopang and the ‘manly’ Gao Yifeng.“You like me.”“!!!”Xiaopang didn’t know how he had noticed, she had obviously hid it well. Although Gao Yifeng had just spoken the truth, she instinctively blurted out: “You’re speaking nonsense!”“Really?” Gao Yifeng tilted his head to look at her. “Then, why don’t you want to be friends with me anymore? Do you want us to be in some other kind of relationship, such as… uh, lovers?”He clenched his fist and felt anxious as he shouted in his mindSay “yes”, idiot! You don’t need to talk, just nod your head…


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