Li’l Chubs chapter 1

Xiaopang and Gao Yifeng

Xiaopang’s real name was Xing Xue, and “Xiaopang” was the nickname given to her by Gao Yifeng. Of course, it was regarded as a “nickname” by him.  But in any case, because the term “Li’l Chubs” was vivid and catchy, it was quickly promoted among classmates, from elementary to junior high to high school, without exception. Of course, it also reflected the lingering spirit of someone from the side—Gao Yifeng had been classmates with her for eleven years so that when facing the seventeen-year-old Gao Yifeng, she often remembered his wretched appearance as a child when he fought with people and rolled all over the dirt, as well as him skipping class to play in the mud, and even his own mother couldn’t recognize him when school was over…

Now Gao Yifeng was a handsome guy in Fengyun school. Every day, many girls drooled at the sight of him, not to mention his unruly appearance in the past.

However, when she thought about the things she knew about Gao Yifeng’s past, Xiaopang always felt a faint sense of excitement and satisfaction. Only at this time would she feel that she was special to Gao Yifeng. To some extent, the two of them were considered to be childhood friends.

The phrase ‘childhood friends’, made Xiaopang’s cheeks heat up.  She liked Gao Yifeng more than just friends. As for when that started, she couldn’t remember. This was the secret buried in her heart, but the tragedy was that this secret had been known by many people.  Her mother knew, her best friend knew, her seatmate knew, and even the class teacher… seemed to know…

Fortunately, Gao Yifeng didn’t know. Xiaopang breathed a sigh of relief and secretly looked at Gao Yifeng. He was giving a lecture to a classmate, with his perfect profile, well-defined jawline, high nose bridge, and slightly raised ink-like eyebrows. His eyes were soft but slightly sharp. In fact, Xiaopang didn’t really know how to appreciate a person’s facial features, how good they look, or otherwise, but the combination of Gao Yifeng’s facial features made her feel he was extraordinarily beautiful, and every time she sees it, it would make her heart flutter. At first, she thought that she was seeing the beauty in the eyes of a lover. Later, when she saw the eyes of other girls looking at him, she was relieved. Fortunately, compared to other people, she was really normal.

Gao Yifeng would speak very fast, and the other party obviously didn’t understand, and his face was blank. Xiaopang shook her head pretentiously and sighed, ‘Handsome guy, do you think other people are as smart as you? I am a normal person, Ok?!’

Gao Yifeng suddenly raised his eyes to look at Xiaopang. Caught off guard, she hurriedly raised the book to cover her face, but she felt that the book was completely useless. Gao Yifeng’s gaze seemed to pass through the pages of the book, directly seeing through her.  Xiaopang rolled her eyes with nervousness… Handsome guy, your lethality is too great!

Gao Yifeng’s gaze stayed on Xiaopang’s hand for a second, and he raised the corner of his mouth and smiled.

In the self-study class, Xiaopang received a text message from Gao Yifeng with only a question mark. This person’s text messages were always simple and concise, sometimes so simple that Xiaopang had to waste a lot of brain cells to guess what he wanted to express. Again, do you think other people were as smart as you?!

One of the rare times, this time Xiaopang understood Gao Yifeng’s meaning from the simple and distorted punctuation, but she decided to pretend to be stupid. She was good at this. In Gao Yifeng’s words, she was already stupid enough. No pressure.

So Xiaopang replied: 【I want to eat braised pork for dinner.】

This indistinct remark was obviously a change of topic. Gao Yifeng did not reveal her intentions but replied:

【Is it for dinner? Sure enough, the taste is heavy.  = =】

【Xiaopang: My nickname is not a vain name.】

【Gao Yifeng: Actually, you are not fat.】

Xiaopang trembled a little while holding the phone. What did he mean by that? Was he just comforting her? Xiaopang knocked her head and settled down, and then she didn’t find a trace of ambiguous tone from this simple statement, it really was because she was thinking too much.

Despising herself, Xiaopang replied: 【It is not easy to open your eyes and tell a lie, thank you for comforting me.  ^_^】

【 Gao Yifeng: You are only slightly masculine.】

Xiaopang: …

I knew it, I knew this kid didn’t hold any kind words. The most outrageous thing is that he can always find words that make people feel awkward but at the same time accurately hit you in your sore spot, such as- masculine!

Xiaopang had to admit that she was indeed a little bit “masculine” compared to the average girl. Her fatness did not come from excess fat, but the roundness brought about by a strong and healthy body. With a height of 1.68 meters, standing among girls was always stressful.

Therefore, in general, Xiaopang was not dissatisfied with her figure, she just lamented why she was not born in the Tang Dynasty.

When school was over, the two of them pushed their bicycles and walked out together. Gao Yifeng attracted the attention of girls on the road like a human-shaped magnet. Xiaopang was happy and sad, but on the surface, she pretended to be very calm and joked with him: “Hey, too much charm has its downsides.”

Gao Yifeng stopped suddenly, turned his face to look at Xiaopang seriously, with a serious expression.

Being stared at like this by the person she likes, Xiaopang was uncomfortable, she touched the back of her head with a guilty conscience, “Why aren’t you moving? The bicycle is broken?”

“No, I’m just curious, since I’m so attractive, don’t you have a point to express?”

Xiaopang’s heart sank, did he find out something? She looked at Gao Yifeng nervously and swallowed her saliva, but she still didn’t know what to say.

Gao Yifeng was a little bit dumbfounded, “Hey, just kidding, can you stop looking at me like this? I know you want to eat braised pork!”

Xiaopang breathed a sigh of relief. As expected, she was too sensitive. If Gao Yifeng didn’t say any nonsense one day, he wouldn’t even be able to sleep at ease.

Because of her nerves being too relaxed, Xiaopang said carelessly, “Actually…” She was suddenly shocked when she said these two words and swallowed the rest of the words again.

Gao Yifeng did not want to let her go. “Actually what? You have been coveting me for a long time, right?”

I do have thoughts, but I didn’t want to covet it… Sweat, what’s the matter ah? Xiaopang scratched her head and pulled her thoughts back, her face was unpredictable. “In fact, we are too familiar, I can not do it.”

Gao Yifeng happily said, “I don’t know how to do it either.”

The conclusion that “Gao Yifeng doesn’t like Xing Xue” had been proven by Xiaopang countless times, so today she came to this conclusion again, and it didn’t make Xiaopang feel depressed, instead she felt calm. In her consciousness, despite being together with Gao Yifeng every day, the distance between them was still very far away. Gao Yifeng had a high IQ, was handsome and popular, except for the occasional treacherous and poisonous tongue, he was almost perfect. Xiaopang looked too gloomy, she could hardly find a good point in her own body.

Never expecting Gao Yifeng’s feelings for her, naturally, she would not feel disappointed. In the evening, Xiaopang ate the braised pork that she couldn’t forget contentedly, and she did her homework with Gao Yifeng without a care in the world. However, Gao Yifeng seemed very preoccupied, staring at the exercise problems in front of him in a daze. Finally, he pushed the exercises to Xiaopang. “You can do it for me.”

After eleven years of slavery by Gao Yifeng, Xiaopang had already accepted it, doing homework for him was completely hard work, of course, her mathematics, physics, and chemistry achievements were all heavily relying on Gao Yifeng.

Xiaopang scribbled the answers into Gao Yifeng’s exercise book, and asked: “What’s the matter with you?”

Gao Yifeng replied in a dull voice: “You won’t understand even after I say it.”

Xiaopang: “Tell me about it.”

Gao Yifeng lazily said, “It’s going to be the third year of high school, it’s a lot of pressure.”

Xiaopang: “How stupid do you think I am that I don’t even understand this?”

Gao Yifeng: “You… are stupid!”

Xiaopang: “——”

Li’l Chubs

Li’l Chubs

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The cute love story between the ‘muscular’ (chubby) Xiaopang and the ‘manly’ Gao Yifeng.“You like me.”“!!!”Xiaopang didn’t know how he had noticed, she had obviously hid it well. Although Gao Yifeng had just spoken the truth, she instinctively blurted out: “You’re speaking nonsense!”“Really?” Gao Yifeng tilted his head to look at her. “Then, why don’t you want to be friends with me anymore? Do you want us to be in some other kind of relationship, such as… uh, lovers?”He clenched his fist and felt anxious as he shouted in his mindSay “yes”, idiot! You don’t need to talk, just nod your head…


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