Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Life Magic Department’s room is dyed golden-orange by light of the waning sun.
Inside the room there is a coffee table and a U-shaped sofa large enough to accommodate three people.
To the left of the window is a bookshelf used to store book on magic, and in the interior portion of the room a counter for culinary purposes has been installed.
On the table lays one meager coin.

“… And that’s the situation. This is the departments entire budget for this year.” (Carr)

Saying sorry, Cutty Carr apologized to her members.

“Y-You don’t need to apologize, Professor.” (Reeone)

Reeone Stavf looks over her shoulder as she prepares tea at the counter. She has chestnut-colored shoulder length brown hair and gentle features. She is adorned with an emerald-colored robe — the Life Magic Department’s uniform.

“No, Professor went to the budget meeting as our department’s representative. Having been unable to obtain money for our budget, it’s only natural she would apologize. She is not mistaken.” (Souko)

Sitting opposite of Carr on the sofa, Souka Inaba, a young fox-tribe girl, shakes her head.
Above her long white hair two fox ears stand straight up. Because her face is covered by a fox mask, her facial expression cannot be read.
However, even though her tone was soft, her anger was clearly visible by the ruffled state of her tail.

“Wha-, Souko-chan!?” (Reeone)
“Well, even if she apologizes, the situation won’t change for the better. So, I think this should be enough.” (Kenny)

Sprawled out on the innermost portion of the U-shaped sofa, a male student waves his hand carelessly.
He has unkempt black hair grown long enough to hide his eyes, and in addition to his slow and carefree way of speaking, his whole body exudes a unmotivated feeling.
His name is Kenny D’rack
Reeone, Souko, and Kenny — all three are second year students, and including Carr they make up the entirety of the Life Magic Department.

“Even Kenny-kun!?” (Souko)
“Uuuuuugh… I’m so pathetic. I wish I could become a clam and live at the bottom of the sea.”

Though no one is particularly blaming her, Professor Carr’s mood sinks in the sullen atmosphere.

“D-Don’t feel down, professor. I’ve finished preparing the incense tea. Here, have some.”

Having separated herself from the counter, Reeone removes the teacups from the tray and arranges them on the coffee table.
Following behind her carrying a cookie jar is a thin, pitch-black silhouette — her shadow familiar.
“Thank you… Stavf-san… thank you too, Shadow-chan.” (Carr)
“At any rate, our meager budget is already a done deal. We have to think about what were going to do from now on.” (Souko)
“If only we at least had last year’s budget… well, it’s just a waste of time. Just opposing the decision sounds troublesome.” (Kenny)

Souko and Kenny discuss things together.
These two are the brains of the Life Magic Department.

“However, just taking things lying down isn’t my style. Or rather, this is frickin’ irritating.” (Souko)
“Uuuuuuh-huuuh. I also don’t like this. That’s why I think we should discontinue some of our department’s activities. How about it?” (Kenny)
“Yes, of course. They’re activities that don’t count towards our department’s accomplishments or achievements after all. We have don’t have any obligation to cooperate. Oh, Reeone. Since that’s how it is, we won’t be opening Cafeteria Hall No4.” (Souko)
“Eeeh!?” (Reeone)

In response to the Souko’s sudden declaration, Reeone and Shadow both spring up.
Cafeteria Hall No4 is a school cafeteria opened by the Life Magic Department during the lunch hours.
As their names suggest, Cafeteria Halls No1 through No3 are cafeterias run by the academy, but Cafeteria Hall No4 is a new cafeteria managed by the Souko and the other members of the department, established with the aim of allowing real-life application of their life magic studies.
Compared to the other three cafeteria halls, it has lower prices and even has a small school store selling peculiar magic tools. It’s quite popular among the teachers and students alike.
All member of the department have their own roles within Cafeteria Hall No4: Souko conducts all the backend business and management;  Kenny makes the food and magic tools; Reeone prepares the food and serves customers. Though this is the general division of roles among the students, it doesn’t mean that Souko and Kenny never participate on the frontend, preparing meals and serving customers.
What Souko was suggesting shutting down is this establishment.

“Of course — since we don’t have any funds. We can’t buy ingredients or condiments.” (Souko)
“W-we’ve made some profit up until now, haven’t we?”

Reeone meagerly attempts to offer some resistance.
However, Souko curtly rejects it.

“Only an insignificant amount. If we had taken into account our labor fees, the possibility of profit wouldn’t even exist. You should know that too.” (Souko)
“And from creating new menu items, developing and producing new magic tools, and conducting taste research through focus groups those earnings have been virtually exhausted.” (Kenny)
“Uuu… I can’t deny it.”

Reeone understands that even if a profit were made, it would only be enough to barely scrape by.

“So for that reason, as of today Cafeteria Hall No4 will be closed.” (Souko)
“As of today!?” (Reeone)

Reeone springs up a second time.

“No matter how you look at it, this is too abrupt!!” (Reeone)
“No. Unless we want to start digging our own financial grave, the sooner we close it the better. After that, we’ll should think of a more efficient way to earn money.” (Kenny)

Kenny expresses his approval of Souko’s suggestion.

“At least until we’ve earned an amount comparable to that of standard budget with which our normal activities could be properly funded, we’ll just have to endure it — or better yet, an amount comparable to that of a generous budget.” (Souko)
“A quick way to make a lot of money — if that’s the case, then there’s something that comes to mind.” (Kenny)
“Ohh? Then by all mean, I would like you to tell me your idea, Kenny.” (Souko)
“First, Reeone, please gather all the funds we have on hand.” (Kenny)

Kenny gets up from the sofa, and Souko rises to her feet.
Together, the two of them head towards the door.

“Eh? You two, where are you going?”
“Just to go get some things set up for what we need to do. Since if we don’t do them now, it’ll be meaningless.”

Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive

Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive

Seikatsu Majutsushi-tachi, Dungeon ni Idomu, 生活魔術師達、ダンジョンに挑む
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
Due to pressure from the Magic Academy’s Combat Department, the LIfe Magic Department’s budget is reduced to nearly nothing. To get some quick cash its three members — Reeone, Souko, and Kenny — go dungeon diving. Meanwhile, at the academy several problems start popping up…!


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