Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive chapter 1

Chapter 1

Emelrode Royal Magic Academy is a school made to raise future magicians to act as court magicians in the military and in the royal palace, work conducting research at the Royal Sorcery Institute, and advance various advanced fields.
In addition to learning basic magic, students attending the school also affiliate themselves with a department that specializes in a particular field. In this world, in addition to monsters running rampant in the wild making it a dangerous place, war between man is not uncommon. For this reason, the most popular department is the Combat Department.
There are other departments like the Summoning Department, Spirit Department, Alchemy Department, Sorcery Department, Soul Department among others.
Today, representative instructors from each department — the department heads — gather together in the Great Conference Room to determine this year’s allocation of funds in the budget for each department. It could practically be said that the entirety of the budget is decided here.
A rough-looking man with a goatee clad in a crimson robe smiles with a triumphant look while a luscious-haired petite lady magician dressed in an emerald-colored robe bites her lip in frustration.
The magicians seated around the large round table have awkwardly averted their gaze, looking downwards in shame.
The summoning magician, as acting chairman, breaks the awkward silence.

“Th-then it’s been decided. The Life Magic Department’s budget this year will 5 Quad.”(Chairman)

The emerald robed female magician — the Life Magic Department’s head, Cutty Carr —  slammed her small hands onto the table.
Her department researches and develops life magic — quite literally magic that is useful in everyday life.

“Please wait a minute! Even if you say its decided, with that budget, we won’t be able to do anything.” (Carr)
“It’s already been decided Professor Carr.” (Osshi)

With a smile closer to a sneer stuck on his face , the Combat Magic Department’s department head Golias Osshi reclines in his chair.

“Professor Osshi…” (Carr)
“To begin with, the size of our departments are completely different. The Combat Magic Department has five-hundred-some-odd members. On the other hand, the Life Magic Department only has three members. Of course the budget would lean in our favor.” (Osshi)
“All the same, this much isn’t enough! We’d kiss our entire budget goodbye just buying lunch! And just one person’s meal at that!” (Carr)
“Aren’t you the Life Magic Department? Shouldn’t you be able to support yourselves.” (Osshi)
“That ‘s too unreasonable! To become self sufficient, money is also needed! And above all, what’s with the Combat Magic Department’s budget? You even seized our portion of the budget!” (Carr)
“That’s a false accusation, you know. It’s as I just said: our sizes were different from the start. You know, If you want to increase your budget you just need to increase the number of student in your department and produce some real results.” (Osshi)
“if it’s results we need, then you should know that we produce results every year.” (Carr)
“Oh yeah, what you do every year for the school festival. But other than that, you have no other memorable accomplishments. Am I wrong?” (Osshi)
“… that’s because its closely tied to daily life. It’s not very memorable by nature. So…” (Carr)

Osshi slammed his hands on the table, interrupting Carr.
Then in a theatrical manner, he spread his arms wide.

“With regards to accomplishments, my department is easy to evaluate! The number of monsters subjugated! The number of requests completed! The number dungeon floors explored! The number of graduates that make names for themselves as adventurers or court magicians. On the other hand, even if the Life Magic Department were to cease to exist, it wouldn’t particularly be any problem at all.” (Osshi)

Surely enough, Carr was not able to just ignore that statement.

“That’s going to far!  Admittedly, it may not be much of a problem to you, but without our ignition and water magic what do you think would happen to the people’s livelihood?… Do you not even understand that!?” (Carr)
“That was a slip of the tongue. I apologize. However, haven’t you for the most part run out of new life magic necessary in daily life? Furthermore, isn’t it true that while the Combat Department has produced hero-like people one after the other, the Life Magic Department hasn’t produced even one?” (Osshi)
“We haven’t… but… but, nevertheless this…” (Carr)
“Haaah, I’d like to help if I could, but I also have my own circumstances. And above all, as I said before, It’s already been decided. It’s really regrettable isn’t it, Professor Carr.” (Osshi)

With this, the talks concluded.
Osshi stood up from the table, and one after another, the other department heads stood and filed out of the room.
Carr dejectedly hung her head.

Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive

Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive

Seikatsu Majutsushi-tachi, Dungeon ni Idomu, 生活魔術師達、ダンジョンに挑む
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
Due to pressure from the Magic Academy’s Combat Department, the LIfe Magic Department’s budget is reduced to nearly nothing. To get some quick cash its three members — Reeone, Souko, and Kenny — go dungeon diving. Meanwhile, at the academy several problems start popping up…!


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