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Tang Yan originally wanted to shoot that wild rabbit, but somehow a man’s shout came from the bushes.

Tang Yan was startled. He hurriedly ran to take a look.

A young swordsman dressed in clothing from the Western Regions lay dying on the ground. An arrow was in his body.

Tang Yan: “How are you?”

The Swordsman from the Western Regions: “I’m about to die.”

Tang Yan didn’t say anything else and examined him with his hand. The arrow pierced his arm in a non-life-threatening area.

The Swordsman from the Western Regions blinked his eyes: “There’s poison on your arrow.”

Tang Yan frowned. “No.”

The Swordsman from the Western Regions’ eyes moved: “But I’m dizzy and my heart is about to stop.”

Tang Yan looked at him: “……”

The Swordsman from the Western Regions sprawled onto the ground, shut his eyes, and pretended to be dead.

Tang Yan sighed. “Come with me to the Tang Sect to heal your injury.”

The Swordsman from the Western Regions maintained a shameless silence: “……”

Tang Yan: “Your body is too big. I can’t move you.”

The Swordsman from the Western Regions jumped up from the ground and patted his b.u.t.tocks. A pair of beautiful eyes curved, like a cat that succeeded in stealing. “Okay. Let’s go.”


The Swordsman from the Western Regions was named Lu Qing. His flesh wound quickly healed and didn’t affect his movement.

Tang Yan saw that Lu Qing was almost healed and wanted to kick him away.

Lu Qing hugged the bedpost pitifully: “I’m not leaving.”

Tang Yan coldly smiled: “What more do you want?”

Lu Qing: “I’m still a bit uncomfortable.”

Tang Yan waved his fist. “Do you believe that I will make you really uncomfortable?”

Lu Qing: “I have nowhere to go. Let me stay. I will do anything for you.”

Tang Yan sighed and his heart softened.


Since then, a tall servant followed behind Tang Yan.

The servant fetched tea and water and was at Tang Yan’s beck and call. He looked after Tang Yan meticulously. Tang Yan’s clothing was always clean and spotless. Tang Yan’s horse was taken care of and well-fed. Tang Yan’s Qianji Box was polished like it was new.

There was one problem. The person was clingy to death. He always got up in the middle of the night to stay by Tang Yan’s bedside to stare at him.

Tang Yan: “Don’t come over in the middle of the night. Every time I wake up at night, I’m scared into losing half my life by you.”

Lu Qing was aggrieved: “Oh……”

Tang Yan: “I’m going to the latrine. Don’t come with me.”

Lu Qing: “I also want to go to the latrine.”

Tang Yan: “Go after I go.”

Lu Qing: “Okay……”

Tang Yan: “When I take a bath, you cannot peek from the roof.”

Lu Qing: “We’re both men. What are you afraid of? So stingy.”


Tang Yan: “Also, you cannot follow me when I go out to complete missions.”

Lu Qing looked innocent: “I didn’t follow you.”

Tang Yan was irritated. “You followed me secretly.”

Lu Qing was surprised. “How do you know?”

Tang Yan: “I can smell the scent on your body.”

Lu Qing rubbed his nose. “I’m scared that you will be in danger.”

Tang Yan was as cold as ice. “That’s impossible. I never miss.”

Lu Qing: “Who says? If you didn’t miss, then how did you shoot me?”

Tang Yan grabbed his collar and roared, “You’re still pretending?! Your injury that day had nothing to do with me!”

Lu Qing blinked. He lowered his head and took the opportunity to kiss Tang Yan’s lips.

Tang Yan’s face turned red. “You……. What are you are doing?”

Lu Qing: “How did you know that I was lying to you that day?”

Tang Yan’s eyes shifted away. He looked at the ground. “…… My arrow looks different from the one that was in your arm.”


Lu Qing smiled and lowered his voice. “You knew that I was pretending, but you still brought me back to Tang Sect?”

Tang Yan fiercely glared at him. “I was feeling sorry for you!”

Lu Qing laughed and wrapped Tang Yan in his arms. “I don’t care.”

Tang Yan struggled. “Scoundrel.”

Lu Qing: “Your Life-Chaser shot me. You have to be responsible.”

Tang Yan: “No, it didn’t happen.”

Lu Qing: “Yes. It really happened, but not at that time.”

Tang Yan: “Which time is that?”

Lu Qing: “Did you forget? One year ago, on the battlefield on f.u.xiang Hill.”

Tang Yan coldly snorted. “My memory is very good. Don’t try to lie. It didn’t happen.”

Lu Qing: “It really happened.”

Tang Yan: “Where did I shoot you?”

Lu Qing’s eyes smiled. “My heart.”

The End